Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Western European Power Over Poland

Verhofstadt Full Fledged Belgian Nazis Bruyne de

For Rex and For Belgium, by Eddy deBruyne and Marc Rikmenspoel. 2004

Inadvertent Guy Verhofstadt Tutorial. Beyond Leon Degrelle and Collaboration: Full-Fledged Belgian Nazis Nowadays, images of Nazi collaboration remain topical. Belgian Europarliament leader Guy Verhofstadt has recently (November 2017) called Polish Independence Day marchers Nazis. Besides being an egregious…

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Verhofstadt Belgian Congo Genocide Vanthemsche


Belgium and the Congo, 1885-1980, by Guy Vanthemsche. 2012

Belgian-Caused Genocide in Congo: An Inadvertent—And Much-Needed--Lesson for Guy Verhofstadt Author Guy Vanthemsche is professor of contemporary history at Free University Brusses (Vrjie Universiteit Brussel). It is packed with information. INTRODUCTION: CURRENT EVENTS IN THE LIGHT OF THE CONGOLESE GENOCIDE…

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Verhofstadt Belgian Nazi Collaborators Conway


Collaboration In Belgium: Léon Degrelle And The Rexist Movement, 1940-1944, by Martin Conway. 1993

Guy Verhofstadt Lesson. The “German-Led New Order In Europe” Mentality Drove Old Nazi Collaboration AND Today’s European Union! It is easy to see that the author of this work is a careful thinker. For instance,…

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Germans Built Poland is a Myth MacInnes


While Still We Live, by Helen MacInnes. 1985

Polish Achievements Spite the "Poles Never Achieved Anything" German Chauvinism. This is a fictional account of the 1939 war and aftermath. However it has elements that are relevant to this day, and that is what I focus on. The chauvinistic Germans…

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Germans Built Poland is a Myth. Polish Law Came First. Piskorski


Historiographical Approaches to Medieval Colonization of East Central Europe, by Jan M. Piskorski (Editor). 2003

The "Germans Civilized the Poles" and "Germans Built Poland" Racist Polonophobic Myths Debunked This work discusses the medieval colonization of many European lands. The scholarly papers are in English and German. I focus exclusively…

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European Union Likeness (Mitteleuropa) Was Achieved Before the Third Reich. Zweig


Poland Between Two World Wars, by Ferdynand Zweig. 1944

Jewish Middleman Removed. Foreign Ownership of Infrastructure. Pre-WWII Nazi Germany Achieved Virtual European Union! Second Republic (1918-1939) Economic Achievements The Partitioning powers had left Poland destitute and with very little industry. To the contrary: They had sought to suppress these…

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European Union Drives Hatred Against Poland Hazony

The Virtue of Nationalism, by Yoram Hazony. 2018

Internationalist Movements Generate Hatreds More Than Nationalist Ones, With Poland Especially Vilified. European Union is Virtually the Fourth Reich. Inconsistency in Simultaneously Supporting Traditional Morality and the European Union (as by Pope JPII) Author Yoram Hazony identifies himself as a lifelong Jewish…

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European Union Germanocentrism Prefigured Zangwill


The Principle of Nationalities, by Israel Zangwill. 1917, 2010

Zionist Zangwill Pushed MITTELEUROPA (Now European Union). The Chairman (Not Zangwill!) Valued Polish Independentist Efforts, and Anticipated Nazi Germany This short book is a lecture given by the British Zionist Israel Zangwill. Speaking in 1917--towards the end of WWI—when many…

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European Union Germanocentrism Realized Laughland

The Tainted Source: The Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea, by John Laughland. 2016

Amazing Parallels Between Third Reich and EU! The European Union (EU): Germanocentric Policies Make It Effectively the Fourth Reich.  This eye-opening book has been translated into several languages, including Polish [with the title: Zatrute Zrodla Unii…

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Top Nazi: European Union Realizes the Third Reich! Nazis Despised Poles Nearly as Much as Jews. Rieger


Creator of Nazi Death Camps: The Life of Odilo Globocnik, by Berndt Rieger. 2007

Top Former Nazi Endorses European Union as THE Fulfillment of Old German Imperialistic Dreams Odilo Globocnik was of partial Slovenian ancestry. Like Hitler, he grew up with the belief that the Slavic and Jewish elements…

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European Union Harms Poland DEFINITIVE WORK Bosak

Suwerenny Narod w XXI Wieku, by Krzysztof Bosak, Witold Tumanowicz, Michal Wawer, i Robert Winnicki. 2016

The Many Ways That the European Union Has Harmed Poland. Polexit Needed! THE SOVEREIGN NATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY: THE PROGRAM OF THE NATIONAL MOVEMENT, is the title of this Polish-language nationalist treatise. It…

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