Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Understanding Nazi Germany

Versailles German Exculpation Debunked Mowrer

Balkanized Europe - A Study in Political Analysis and Reconstruction, by Paul Scott Mowrer. 2009

Polish Anti-Semitism Two Sides. "Polish" Vices. "Terrible" Versailles German Exculpation Debunked The author examines the numerous nations that had arisen after WWI, and other peoples (e.g., the Slovenes) who had not become separate nations. He…

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Psychoanalysis Freud Criticisms Valid Cocks

Psychotherapy In The Third Reich: The Göring Institute, by Geoffrey Cocks. 1984

Nazi German Attitudes on Freudian Psychoanalysis. They Have Parallels Today One striking feature of this book is the fact that many of the Nazi criticisms of Freud and psychoanalysis are still seriously voiced today—minus of course the fact…

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Poland Interwar Hyperinflation: German Exculpation Fails. Taylor


The Downfall of Money: Germany’s Hyperinflation and the Destruction of the Middle Class, by Frederick Taylor. 2013

Hyperinflation Exculpation for Nazism Fails. Poland and Many Other Countries Also Had Hyperinflation, Yet Never Produced a Hitler This work focuses not only on monetary issues, but also the entire history of…

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Nazi Racism Partly of Jewish Origin Myerson Goldberg


The German Jew, by Abraham Myerson, Isaac Goldberg. 1933

Nazi Racism Partly a Jewish Invention. The Prolific Contributions of German Jews to Germany This work was written in 1933 (my review based on the original 1933 edition), soon after Hitler had come to power. In fact, this book is…

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Nazi AntiSemitic Platform Not Christian Eckhart Verlag


Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany, by Eckhart Verlag. 2013

Don't Blame Christianity: The Actual Roots of the Popularity of the Nazi Movement, As Directed Against Jews, in Weimar Germany I approach this book for its historical value. [My review is based on a condensed, 31-page version of Eckhart’s “The…

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Nazi AntiSemitic Platform Not Christian Wiehe


Germany and the Jewish Question, by Friederich Karl Wiehe, Francis Dupont. 2014

Do Not Blame Christianity: A Detailed, Scholarly Nazi Analysis of the Jews of Weimar Germany Nowadays, academics (most of whom are leftists), and many Jews, are prone to blame the Nazi movement in general, and the Holocaust…

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Nazi Book Burning Symbolic Ranicki

The Author Of Himself: The Life Of Marcel Reich-Ranicki, by Marcel Reich-Ranicki. 2001

1938 Bentschen (Zbaszyn): The Sudden Nazi German Expulsion of “Polish” Jews. Zydokomuna Exculpation Fails. Extortionist/Benefactor Coexistence in the Same Person I mainly discuss particular issues. NAZI GERMAN BOOK-BURNING DID NOT MAKE UNDESIRABLE BOOKS UNAVAILABLE While focusing on…

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Nazism Austrian Overabundance Clark

Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600–1947, by Christopher Clark. 2006

Austrians Were Not Even 10% of the Population of the Third Reich After the Anschluss, Yet Were 50% of Top Nazi Killers I first focus on WWII, and then move on to earlier periods. TOP NAZIS WERE…

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Nazism Leftwing Not Rightwing Goldberg

Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, by Jonah Goldberg. 2008

Nazism Was Left Not Right. Defining Fascism, Correcting Misconceptions, Focus on the Culture War, Allusions to Cultural Marxism, and Anticipating the Critics Having read this work, and those of the…

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Mit Brennender Sorge: (With Burning Concern), by Pope Pius XI. 2018

Nazism Anti-Christian. MIT BRENNENDER SORGE Unequivocally Condemned Nazi Racism. It Affirmed the Equality of All Human Beings The encyclical of Pope Pius XI, MIT BRENNENDER SORGE (“With Deep Anxiety”), was issued on Passion Sunday, March 14, 1937. The reviewed…

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Nazism AntiChistian Steed

The Meaning of Hitlerism, by Wickham Steed. 1934

Especially Insightful on the Nazi Efforts to Re-Imagine and Redefine Christianity This book (review based on the original 1934 edition) is valuable, because it was written soon after Hitler came to power. Since it long predated WWII and the Holocaust, it offers…

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Nazism AntiChistian von Lang

Top Nazi: SS General Karl Wolff: The Man Between Hitler & Himmler, by Jochen von Lang, MaryBeth Friedrich (translator). 2005

Nazism anti-Christian. Nazism Did Not Promote Traditional Marriage. “Separate Peace” Fears No Valid Excuse For the Churchill-Roosevelt Sellout of Poland There is much more to this book than the life…

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Nazism AntiChistian Weikart

Hitler's Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich, by Richard Weikart. 2016

Hitler No Christian. Hitler the Pantheist (Essentially An Atheist). Hitler Redefines "God" One must understand this book in the context of the customary German guilt diffusion, in which blame for the Holocaust is shifted onto Christianity.…

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Nazism AntiChristian Lorimer

What Hitler Wants, by E.O.Lorimer. 1939

Nazism Anti-Christian. Nazism Before WWII. National Socialism as a Manifestation of Socialism This work has the advantage that it precedes WWII and the Holocaust, and so is not colored by these events. It does not spend much time on Nazi anti-Semitism. However, Hitler, in…

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Nazism AntiChistian Bartlett

Nazi Germany Explained, by Vernon Bartlett. 1933

The Neo-Pagan Aspects of German Nazism, Far From Being Marginal, Were Having a Major Impact on German Thinking Already by 1933 The author provides an early-1930s British perspective on the Nazi movement in Germany. Owing to the fact that it long precedes WWII…

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Nazism AntiChistian Billinger

Hitler Is No Fool (Classic Reprint), by Karl Billinger (Pseudonym), Paul W. Massing. 2018

Insights into Nazi Anti-Christianity. “Grave Injustice of Versailles” Exculpation Fails. Pre-WWII German Designs on Poland My review is based on the original 1939 edition. Author Karl Billinger is identified as a young German now living in…

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Nazism AntiChistian Cardinal Faulhaber

Judaism, Christianity and Germany, by Cardinal Faulhaber, Rev. George D. Smith (Translator). 1934

German Catholic Cardinal Opposes the Anti-Christian and Hateful Aspects of Nazism Some atheists have falsely argued that the Church did not care about the Nazi persecution of Jews and other racial “undesirables”, and was anti-Nazi only insofar…

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Nazism AntiChistian Kersten

The Kersten Memoirs, 1940-1945, by Felix Kersten. 1992

Nazism Anti-Christian and Anti-Sexual-Morality. Was Heydrich Jewish? This review is based on the original (1957) edition. Felix Kersten, Himmler's personal physician, had numerous heart-to-heart conversations with him. Historian Trevor-Roper credits Kersten's intervention with the saving of the lives of 60,000 Jews (p.…

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Hitler German Opposition Mixed Motives Fest

Plotting Hitler's Death, by Joachim Fest. 1996

Various Motives, Many of Them Utilitarian, For What Little German Opposition There Was to Hitler. Some German Christians Feared the Wrath of God on Germany This scholarly work provides a history of German opposition to Hitler. I focus on a few long-term relevant…

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German Guilt Diffusion Fails. Don’t Blame Christianity. MEIN KAMPF Hitler


Mein Kampf: My Struggle - The Official 1939 English Edition (Third Reich from Original Sources), by Adolf Hitler, Ralph Manheim (Translator), English Translation (Translator). 1922, 1939

German Guilt Diffusion Fails: Hitler Speaks (1923), and the German People Know That He Plans to Start a New World War. Polokaust in…

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