Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Thought Control: The Standard Narrative on Jews

Censored Investigative Journalist. Terezin Declaration Unseen Danger. Jedwabne German Crime. Sumlinski

Powrot do Jedwabnego, by Wojciech Sumlinski. 2019

The Banned Book That Many Jews Are Afraid Of: Holocaust Industry Terezin Tentacles, and The Jedwabne Lie is Unravelling: Bullet Casings Under Lenin Statue Prove German Guilt RETURN TO JEDWABNE is the title of this Polish-language book. Author Wojciech Sumlinski, in order to…

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Censored Holocaust Survivor Shows Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Greatly Exaggerated Gat

Not Just Another Holocaust Book, by Eli Gat. 2014

Suppressed Holocaust Survivor Book Shows the Insignificance of the Jews' Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Poles Betrayed Fugitive Jews in Ignorance The only United States library that owns this book, according to WorldCat, is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library in Washington.…

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Arendt and Edelman Censored. JUDENRAT Collaboration Exculpated. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Overhyped. Zertal


Israel's Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood, by Idith Zertal. 2005

The Legacy of the Holocaust on Israeli Society. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. The Kafr Qasim Massacre This work focuses on the Holocaust as the raison d’etre of the State of Israel. It discusses Holocaust survivors, Israel’s wars with her neighbors…

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Censorship By Creating Orwellian Unpersons Example Zimmerman

The Polish Underground and the Jews, by Joshua D. Zimmerman. 2015

Much Information in a Contextual Vacuum. Effectively a Censorship By Making Orwellian Unpersons Out of Unwelcome Scholars and Their Findings The sophisticated reader who is looking for something new--a book that candidly addresses both sides of Polish-Jewish antagonisms--can stop…

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Censorship By Jewish Peer Pressure SMOKING GUN Redlich

Together and Apart in Brzezany, by Shimon Redlich. 2002

Jewish Peer Pressure Enforces Polonophobia. Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in the 1939 German-Soviet Conquest of Poland Brzezany, in the former Kresy, located 80 km SE of Lwow and founded by a Pole (p. 5), was the home of Rydz-Smigly. (p. 22,…

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Censored Scholar Marek Jan Chodakiewicz Bojemski

O Polskich Studiach Historycznych w Stanach Zjednoczonych--Przypadek  Prof. Marka Jana Chodakiewicza, by John Radzilowski. 2010

The Censorship of Historian Marek Jan Chodakiewicz in Academia---All Because He Dissents From the Prevailing Standard Narrative on Polish-Jewish Relations The following is from an authorized English-language version of the following scholarly article: "O polskich…

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Censored Scholar Martin Hohmann Moses

German Intellectuals and the Nazi Past, by A. Dirk Moses. 2007

Censorship of Martin Hohmann For Questioning the Party Line on Jewish Innocence. Also, the Taboo on Realizing the Equivalence of Nazi and Communist Crimes. Polokaust Ignored in German “Repentance” The Nazi German extermination of 6 million Jews is fact.…

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Censored Scholar on Jews Norman Davies

God's Playground: A History of Poland, Vol. 1, by Norman Davies. 1982

Norman Davies—Noted British Professor Denied Tenure at Stanford University Because of His Objectivity on Polish-Jewish Events This 1982 book, now dated, is most remembered not for its content but for the shabby breach of academic freedom that surrounded…

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Censored Scholar Norman Finkelstein

Beyond Chutzpah, by Norman Finkelstein. 2005

Holocaust Industry and Holocaust Supremacism Condemned In this book, Finkelstein discusses the decades-old massacre of Arab civilians by Israelis at Deir Yassin as well as larger, lesser-known Israeli massacres of Arab civilians in the early days of the State of Israel (Lydda, 250 victims;…

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Censored Scholar Richard C Lukas

Did the Children Cry: Hitler's War Against Jewish and Polish Children 1939-45, by Richard C. Lukas. 2001

An Attempted-Censored Book--All Because It Dared to Compare the Sufferings of Polish Children With That of Jewish Children! This book is known less for its content than for the controversy that has surrounded…

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Censored Writer Solzhenitsyn Taboo Facts On Jews

The Crucifixion of Russia (Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together) by Columbus Falco. 2017

  A Controversial, Sometimes-Censored Book on Jewish Conduct in Eastern Europe and the USSR This repeatedly-suppressed classic is more relevant than ever. There has been a large media wave of Jewish Polonophobia (early-mid 2018 so far) designed to…

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Censored Scholar Ewa Kurek

Polish-Jewish Relations: Beyond the Limits of Solidarity, by Ewa Kurek. 2012

Ewa Kurek: A Courageous, Censored Polish Holocaust Scholar on Jewish Topics Author Ewa Kurek has recently (2018) been subject to censorship. She was disinvited to an event because of complaints from some Jews that she does not toe the…

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Understanding Jewish Influence Censored Scholar Kevin MacDonald

Understanding Jewish Influence (Fenomen Zydowski? in Polish. 2017), by Kevin B. MacDonald. 2004

Censored Scholar Kevin MacDonald Takes on a Very Politically-Incorrect, VERBOTEN Subject. He Also Understands Polish-Jewish Conflicts This book is an anthology of articles. These have subsequently been included in a larger volume: Click on, and see my…

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Censored Scholar Krzysztof Jasiewicz. Jewish-Soviet Collaboration 1939-1941 Proved. Few Katyn Jews

Rzeczywistosc Sowiecka 1939-1941 w Swiadectwach Polskich Zydow. 2009

A Courageous, Censored Polish Scholar Examines the Forbidden Subject of Jewish-Soviet Collaboration in 1939 Eastern Poland THE SOVIET REALITY 1939-1941 ACCORDING TO THE TESTIMONIES OF POLISH JEWS, is the title of this Polish-language scholarly work. The bulk of the content of this…

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Censored Holocaust Discourse Examples Judt Mearsheimer

The Israel Lobby and U. S. Foreign Policy, by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt. 2008

Widespread Censorship in the “Land of the Free”, Including Interference in Polish-Jewish Dialogue, and the Control of Holocaust-Related Discourse This book expounds, in great detail, on how the Israeli Lobby in the USA…

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Censored Pogroms Jews Against Jews Grodzinsky

In the Shadow of the Holocaust, by Yosef Grodzinsky. 2004

Lifting the Veil on Censorship: Unmasking the Censored Fact of Zionist Jew-on-Jew Violence in the DP Camps of Postwar Germany Yosef Grodzinsky is (or was) Professor of Psychology at Tel Aviv University, and Professor and Canada Research Chair in Neurolinguistics…

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Censored Scholars Bogdan Musial and Krzysztof Jasiewicz Barkan

Shared History, Divided Memory by Elazar Barkan (ed.) 2008

Censorship of Independent-Thinking Scholars: Now it is Bogdan Musial and Krzysztof Jasiewicz The most important content of this book inadvertently highlights the stifling of academic freedom in academia. The censure (or worse) of historians who deviate, from the party line, on Polish-Jewish…

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