Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

The Genocides of Poles

Gassing Poles at Treblinka Seen By This Jewish Eyewitness. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Wiernik

A Year in Treblinka: An Inmate who Escaped Tells the Day-to-Day Facts of One Year of His Torturous Experience, by Jankiel Wiernik. 1944

The Gruesome Workings of the German Nazi Death Camp of Treblinka Jankiel (Yankiel) Wiernik is one of the few Jewish forced laborers at Treblinka to have escaped…

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VOLKSDEUTSCHE and Policja Granatowa Bacall-Zwirn

No Common Place, by Alina Bacall-Zwirn. 2000

VOLKSDEUTSCHE. Polish Police” (POLICJA GRANATOWA) Commonly German-Led The author recounts her experiences in a form of interviews given in the 1990's, some fifty years after the events. She also expresses anger over those who deny that the Holocaust ever happened, and lists some…

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Slav Genocides By Nazis Summarized Wytwycky

The Other Holocaust, by Bohdan Wytwycky. 1980

A Short Summary of the Nazi Holocausts of Gypsies and Slavs; Eventual Nazi Murder of Hundreds of Millions of Slavs The author, a Ukrainian, summarizes the fates of 9-10 million non-Jews (mostly Slavs) who were murdered alongside the 5-6 million Jews. He does…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Detail Poprzeczny

Odilo Globocnik: Hitler's Man in the East, by Joseph Poprzeczny. 2015

The Polokaust: "Operation Zamosc" a Practice Run of GENERALPLAN OST--The Eventual Extermination of Tens of Millions of Poles and Other Slavs In this book, there are numerous biographical details given about Globocnik, especially his early life, but these are…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Polish Guerrilla Counteraction Gmitruk

Chlopi w Obronie Zamojszczyzny, by Janusz Gmitruk (ed.) 1985

Striking Back at the Polokaust: Polish-Guerrilla Peasant Battalions (BCh) Against the German-Nazi and OUN-UPA Genocides in the Zamosc Area PEASANTS IN DEFENSE OF THE ZAMOSC REGION is the title of this Polish-language anthology. It combines valuable information on the Polish Underground…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Guerrilla Counteraction Gmitruk2

Powstanie Zamojskie, by Janusz Gmitruk (ed.) 2003

Organized and Patriotically-Active Polish Peasantry. The Polokaust Partly Thwarted Locally: The “Zamosc Uprising” by Polish BCh (Peasant Battalion) Guerrillas THE ZAMOSC UPRISING, a Polish-language book, is the most recent in a series of BCh (Bataliony Chlopskie) studies Janusz Gmitruk, all reviewed by me.…

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Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Frank

In the Shadow of the Reich, by Niklas Frank. 1991

Why the Polokaust Destroyed "Only" 10% of Ethnic Poles: Hans Frank Complained That He Was Not Given Sufficient Manpower To Exterminate All the Poles! Jews remind us that, whereas 90% of Poland's Jews fell victim to the Holocaust, "only" 10%…

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Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Fritz

Ostkrieg, by Stephen G. Fritz. 2011

Polokaust Not More Severe Because USSR Didn't Collapse. France Could've Helped 1939 Poland. Red Army Could've Taken Warsaw in Mid-1944 For Warsaw Uprising THE POLOKAUST WAS NOT WORSE OWING TO MILITARY EVENTS True to the title, Fritz goes beyond military events and focuses on…

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Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Giziowski

The Enigma of General Blaskowitz, by Richard Giziowski. 1996

Why the Polokaust Did Not Proceed to the Complete Extermination of the Poles: Insufficient German Manpower to Put Down the Expected Polish Resistance! "Hans" Blaskowitz was descended from a family of recently-Germanized Slovenians that had settled in East Prussia. (p. 18).…

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No Polish Collaboration. Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Piotrowski

Hans Frank's Diary, by Stanislaw Piotrowski. 1961

Top SS Man Schongarth: Virtually No Polish Collaboration! Why the Polokaust Did Not Exterminate All Poles: Need of Forced Laborers. For Shame: Nazi German Candor on Polish Suffering Exceeds Jewish Recognition of the Same Stanislaw Piotrowski, the only Polish delegate at the Nuremberg…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Detail Kozaczynska

Losy Dzieci Zamojszczyzny Wysiedlonych, by Beata Kozaczynska. 2006

The Polokaust in the Zamosc Region of German-Occupied Poland. Many Poles Just as Dead as the Jews Who Went to the Gas Chambers. Mass Sterilization of Slavs Planned  My review is based on the original Polish-language edition, whose title I had earlier…

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Polokaust Palliation By Polish Guerrillas. Stop Holocaust Railroads Myth Debunked. Jekielek

Bataliony Chlopskie w Malopolsce i Na Slasku, by Wojciech Jekielek. 1987

Polish Guerrillas Counter the German-Sponsored Alcoholism, Confiscations of Feedstuffs, and Polish Collaborators. The Mythical Possibility of Death-Camp-Bound Trains Destroyed By the Polish Underground Title: THE PEASANT BATTALIONS IN THE MALOPOLSKA REGION AND IN SILESIA: A CALENDAR. This work follows…

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Polokaust Population Transfers Hryciuk

Wysiedlenia, Wypedzenia, i Ucieczki, 1939-1959 by Grzegorz Hryciuk et al. (eds.) 2008

Not Only Jews Lost Property. Millions of Poles Were Translocated During and After World War II POPULATION TRANSFERS, EXPULSIONS, AND ESCAPES, 1939-1959 is the title of this Polish-language annotated encyclopedic atlas. Every imaginable form of population relocation that…

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Polokaust Summary of Losses Poland Survey

Statement on War Losses and Damages of Poland in 1939-1945, by Bureau Odszkodowan. 1947

The Polokaust: Early Post-WWII Polish Government Survey. Staggering Polish Losses. The Myth of Jewish Deaths Ignored, or Mixed Up With, or Hidden Among, Polish Deaths Since this Polish government report was published before the Soviet puppet…

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Polokaust Passive Genocide and Wearing Letter P Knab

Wearing the Letter P, by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab. 2016

Parallelism Between the Experiences of Poles and Jews in Nazi Germany. Forced Labor as Passive Genocide--Part of the Polokaust Author Knab cites German historian Ulrich Herbert. He stated that over 7.6 million foreign workers were registered for the territory of the…

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Polokaust Outline Of Events Jewish Star No Worse Than Polish “P” Epstein

Model Nazi, by Catherine Epstein. 2010

The Polokaust: Artur Greiser and the Mass Murder of Polish Intelligentsia, Cultural Genocide, Passive Biological Genocide, and Eventual Postwar Extermination. Not All Poles Wear "P" Because Too Many of Them, Not Because Nazis Favored Them Over the Jews This work presents a great deal…

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Polokaust Driven By LEBENSRAUM. Poles Too Were Scapegoats. Hitler

The Words of Hitler, by Adolf Hitler. 1942

Lebensraum. Hitler Blaming Jews and Blaming Poles. Nazism Clashed With Both Capitalism and Communism This book is full of quotes from Hitler. For example: DRIVE FOR LEBENSRAUM CAUSED WORLD WAR II Hitler made it obvious that his main geopolitical orientation was not…

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Polokaust Long Term By Mass Sterilization Lengyel

Five Chimneys, by Olga Lengyel. 2011

At Auschwitz. The Eventual Full-Fledged Polokaust By Mass Sterilization. The Nazis Were Not Consistently More Cruel to Jews Than to Non-Jews THE ONGOING NAZI GERMAN MURDER OF POLISH PRIESTS AND OTHER POLES Large numbers of Polish clergy were sent to Auschwitz in the early…

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Polokaust Long Term By Mass Sterilization Spitz

Doctors From Hell, by Vivian Spitz. 2005

German Guilt Diffusion Rejected: No Dichotomy Between Nazis and "Ordinary" German Doctors. Himmler: Long-Term Polokaust By Mass Sterilization The reader of this book quickly learns that the gruesome experiments conducted against helpless victims were not just done by a few "warped" Nazi ideologues,…

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GENERAL PLAN OST Polokaust Slow Holocaust Fast the Only Difference Weiss-Wendt

Racial Science in Hitler's New Europe, 1938-1945, by Anton Weiss-Wendt and Rory Yeomans (eds.) 2013

The Ubiquity and Sophistication of Nazi Racial Concepts and Practices. The Polokaust: Slav-Exterminatory Implications of GENERALPLAN OST This work is an anthology of scholarly articles dealing with the practical, rather than theoretical, aspects of Nazi…

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Polokaust KL WARSCHAU Death Camp(?) Trzcinska

KL Warschau w Swietle Dokumentow, by Maria Trzcinska. 2007

Biala Plama (Orwellian Memory Hole): A Nazi German Death Camp, for Ethnic Poles, in Warsaw Itself? This controversial book has now supposedly been discredited. However, owing to the near-hysterical reaction of some Jews to it, based on the threat to Holocaust…

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Polokaust LEBENSBORN Child Kidnapping Goggin

Death of a Jewish Science, by Eileen Brockman Goggin and James E. Goggin. 2000

German Psychologists Kidnap Polish Children for the LEBENSBORN Program. Frankfurt School (Neo-Marxist) USA Legacy This is primarily a book on psychoanalysis. Goggin and Goggin suggests that the Nazi ideology concerning the VOLKSGEMEINSCHAFT (the people’s community) denied…

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Polokaust German Individuals’ Material Gain Mass Thievery of Polish Property Aly

Hitler's Beneficiaries, by Gotz Aly. 2008

Individual Germans Profited From Confiscated Polish Property as Well as Confiscated Jewish Property. Will Germans Pay Property Restitution to Poles? Alternative Title: Hitler’s Satisfied Thieves: Actually, the Case for Nazi German Larceny-and-Genocide Policies can be Made Stronger German author Gotz (Goetz) Aly describes National…

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Polokaust Good Overall Introduction Lukas

The Forgotten Holocaust, by Richard C. Lukas. 1997

Though a Bit Dated, Still an Excellent Primer on the Forgotten Holocaust of Poles [Now Known as the Polokaust] This work, written decades ago, still serves as an excellent, comprehensive introduction to this subject. Owing to the fact that Jews have now…

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Polokaust Early a Summary Poland. Germans Wanted Polish Quisling. Polish Ministerstwo

The German New Order in Poland, by Ministerstwo Informacji. 1942

The First Few Years of the Polokaust: A Detailed and Graphic Summary This book addresses the German rule over Poland--but only from September 1939 through the end of June 1941, which is just when Operation Barbarossa had begun. There were…

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Polokaust GENERALPLAN OST Details Madajczyk

Vom GENERALPLAN OST, by Czeslaw Madajczyk (ed.) 1962

The Polokaust if Totally Fulfilled: Initial Blueprint for Nazi German Extermination of at Least Tens of Millions of Slavic Peoples My review is based on the English-language article: GENERALPLAN OST, published by historian Czeslaw Madajczyk in the 1962 issue of POLISH-WESTERN AFFAIRS,…

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Polokaust DEFINITIVE WORK Up to 8 Million Poles Perished Materski

Polska 1939-1945, Straty Osobowe..., by Wojciech Materski. 2009

The Definitive Work on the Polokaust (Polonocaust). Not "Only" 1.5--3.0 Million Ethnic Poles Died in World War II. Even 8 Million is Possible! The usually-Judeocentric books in the West tend to minimize the Nazi German genocide of ethnic Poles during WWII. In…

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Polokaust Details Operation Zamosc Why Poles Not Exterminated Cultural Marxism Buchheim

Anatomy of the SS State, by Hans Buchheim (ed.) 1968

The Polokaust From a German Perspective. Jews and Poles Exterminated Differently--For Tactical Reasons. Thought Control From Cultural Marxism: A Warning This anthology, written by German scholars, provides invaluable information about German Nazi policies and conduct. THOUGHT CONTROL IS MORE IMPORTANT…

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Early Polokaust. A Wannsee For Poles. Poles Not Just Killed For Cause. German Secretiveness. Matthaus

War, Pacification, and Mass Murder, 1939, by Jurgen Matthaus. 2014

The Early Polokaust: The Systematic Nazi German Mass Murders of Poles in 1939. Nazis Also Used PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU This work surveys the murders of Polish and Jewish civilians during the 1939 war, and in the remaining two months of 1939.…

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Polokaust By Starvation. Interwar Land Reform Fallacies Refuted. Taylor

The Economic Development of Poland 1919-1950, by Jack Taylor. 1952

Polokaust By Starvation. Seldom-Told Polish Achievements (1918-1939) Debunk Communist Propaganda This scholarly work begins with portioned Poland, and then moves on to the resurrected Polish state and the interwar period. It then discusses conditions under the German Nazi occupation followed…

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Polokaust By Starvation. Was Thwarted By Black Market. Brzeska

Through a Woman's Eyes: Life in Poland Under the German Occupation, by Maria Brzeska. 1944

The Unfolding Polokaust in Eyewitness Detail. Exposes the Holocaustspeak Nonsense of "Poles as Spectators and Bystanders", "Polish Complicity in the Holocaust", etc. Nowadays, the Nazi German genocide of Poles (Polokaust) is all but forgotten in…

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Polokaust By Starvation Thwarted By Black Market. Fake Epidemic Fools Germans. Lazowski

Private War: Memoirs of a Doctor Soldier 1933-1945, by Eugene Slawomir Lazowski. 1991

Gross Overabundance of Jews at Universities Provoked the Ghetto Benches. The Polokaust By Starvation German Plan Was Largely Thwarted By Courageous Polish Black Market Activity. Fake Epidemic Fools the Germans The author, a medical doctor, starts with…

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Polokaust Cultural Genocide Example Warsaw Kuhn Ludewig

Displaced Books, by Maria Kuhn Ludewig. 1999

A Taste of the Culture Genocide Aspect of the Polokaust: The Systematic German Burning of Warsaw's Libraries and Archives After the Fall of the Soviet-Betrayed Warsaw Uprising My review is of the 1999 edition of this book, which is 99 pages long. Owing…

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Polokaust As Exterminatory in Character as Holocaust Majer

"Non-Germans" and the Third Reich, by Deimut Majer. 2003

The Unfolding Polokaust. The Same Nazi German Exterminationist Philosophy Behind the Holocaust Was Also Behind the Polokaust. Wannsee Protocol: Polish Death Camp Lie is Ironic This scholarly work (1,033 pages long) presents an immense amount of information, largely based on archival…

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Polokaust As Exterminatory in Character as Holocaust Tooze

The Wages of Destruction, by Adam Tooze. 2008

The Polokaust: Includes Fascinating Insights into GENERALPLAN OST as Vast and Systematic Planned Nazi Extermination of Slavs Without necessarily intending to, this work soundly puts Holocaust supremacism to rest. VERSAILLES DEMYTHOLOGIZED: THE MYTH OF INORDINATELY PUNITIVE REPARATIONS ON DEFEATED WWI GERMANY Conventional…

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Polokaust A Genocide Lemkin Updated Confino

Foundational Pasts, by Alon Confino. 2011

Lemkin “Updated” on the Polokaust as Genocide. The Presumed Exceptionality of the Holocaust is Not Self-Evident. It is a Decades-Later Post-WWII Invention! Author Alon Confino is a professor of history, and a specialist on the Holocaust. My main interest is the justice customarily denied…

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Polokaust A Genocide Recognized Classic Lemkin

Axis Rule in Occupied Europe, by Raphael Lemkin. 1944

The Term Genocide Coined, and Applied Not Only to Jews (Now: Shoah or Holocaust) But Also to Poles (Now: Polokaust) Raphael (Rafal, Rafael) Lemkin, a Polish Jew, is well known for coining the term genocide. This reprint of his 1944 classic…

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Polokaust By Starvation and Cultural Genocide Nicholas

The Rape of Europa, by Lynn H. Nicholas. 1995

The German Plunder of Poland, and the Planned Extended Polokaust Author Lynn Nicholas traces the plunder of cultural treasures Nazi Germany followed the Allies' efforts to locate and return the booty. The Germans also engaged in the wanton destruction of others'…

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Polokaust Already in 1939 War Datner

Crimes Committed by the Wehrmacht During the September Campaign, by Szymon Datner. 1962.

The First Stages of the Polokaust: A Summary of German (Not “Nazi”) Crimes During Their 1939 Conquest of Poland This small book represents a summary of detailed ongoing research on the German Army’s (not only SS and…

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Polokaust Antecedent German Thinking Baranowski

Nazi Empire: German Colonialism and Imperialism From Bismarck to Hitler, by Shelley Baranowski. 2010

The Deep, Pre-Nazi German Roots of the Polokaust. GENERALPLAN OST and the Death of Tens of Millions of Slavs The roots of modern German genocidal imperialism followed not only the unification of Germany, but also her…

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Polokaust Antecedent German Thinking Cultural Marxism Kolnai

The War Against the West, by Aurel Kolnai. 1938

Germany and LEBENSRAUM. Nazism vs. Christianity. Nazism Anticipated Modern Western Hedonism (Cultural Marxism) My review is based on the original 1938 edition. Owing to the fact that this work precedes WWII and the Holocaust, it has the advantage of not being…

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Polokaust Antecedent German Thinking Kopp

Germany's Wild East, by Kristin Kopp. 2017

Antecedents To the Polokaust and Nazi Dreams of LEBENSRAUM: Centuries of German Racist and Imperialist Thought Against Poles The informed reader may be struck at just how unoriginal were the thoughts, against Poles and Poland, of Hitler and the other Nazis. They went…

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Polokaust An Introductory Summary Biskupski

The History of Poland, by Mieczyslaw B. Biskupski. 2000

An Overview of the Polokaust: The Staggering Losses Inflicted By the Nazi Germans on Poland The author generally provides a balanced account of Polish history. This book encompasses pre-Partition Poland, Poland under foreign rule, the resurrection of the Polish state (1918)…

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Polokaust 75% of Poles Lost Close Loved Ones. Poles Died Because It Was War Debunked. Gorski

Warszawa w Latach 1944-1949: Odbudowa, by Jan Gorski. 1988

Polokaust: >75% of Young Poles Had Lost at Least One Close Loved One. Germans Massively Pillage Poles, and Not Only the Jews We Keep Hearing About. Warsaw: The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes THE REBUILDING OF WARSAW IN THE YEARS 1944-1949…

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Early Polokaust. Phony Indignation: Non-Ethnographic PreWWII Boundaries of Poland. Evans


The Nazi New Order in Poland, by Jon Evans. 1941

The Early Polokaust: An Overview of the First Two Years of the German Occupation of Poland. “Non-Ethnographic Poland” Bogus Issue The title of this book is a bit Orwellian: It creates the impression that Nazism was some kind of…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Lukas

Forgotten Survivors: Polish Christians Remember the Nazi Occupation, by Richard C. Lukas (ed.) 2004

Implications of the Preeminence of the Holocaust Over All Other Genocides. Nazi Concentration Camps Little Better Survivorship Than Death Camps. An Introduction to the Polokaust Owing to obvious misunderstandings, the very title of this book needs…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Maciuszko

Poles Apart, by Jerzy Janusz Maciuszko. 2013

Nazi Death Camps Were Not Much Deadlier Than "Ordinary" Concentration Camps. Warsaw Uprising Daring Raid This book is an anthology of Poles and their experiences during WWII. They are mainly those who are relatives of the author, and mainly are Poles from the…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Malak

Shavelings in Death Camps, by Fr. Henry Maria Malak. 2012

No Valid Polarity in the Nazi Treatment of Jews and Non-Jews, or Between Death Camps and Concentration Camps. Poles Gassed at Dachau. High Concentration Camp Mortality Rate (86%) This book presents much seldom-known or appreciated information. I focus on some…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Garlinski

Hitler's Last Weapons, by Jozef Garlinski. 1978

Espionage Thriller: Poles Steal Fallen German V2 Rocket. Nazi Concentration Camps and Death Camps: Comparable Mortality. Yalta Inexcusable This book provides a detailed history of the German Nazi development of the V1 and V2 weapons, and the role of the Allies (notably the…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship. Leniency on Mischlinge. Kogon

The Theory and Practice of Hell, by Eugen Kogon. 2006

Forget the Death Camps: Low Survivorship in Many "Ordinary" Nazi Concentration Camps. Jews Not Necessarily Treated Worse Than Poles Eugen Kogon, the author or this book, was a left-wing German political prisoner at Buchenwald concentration camp. Throughout this book, he…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Levi

Survival in Auschwitz, by Primo Levi. 1995

Death Camps Not Special: "Ordinary" Nazi German Concentration Camps Had 90%-98% Mortality. Animosities Between Western Jews and the OSTJUDEN. Italian Jew and author Primo Levi wasn't sent to or near the gas chambers and crematoria. Instead, he was diverted into forced labor…

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Gassing Poles At Auschwitz Pilecki

The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery, by Witold Pilecki and Jarek Garlinski. 2012

Not Only Jews: Poles Were Also Gassed at Auschwitz. German Death Penalty Deterred Underground Action as Well as Aid to Fugitive Jews. Double Genocide (Nazi=Communist) Affirmed. Instead of repeating information presented by other reviewers, I mainly focus mainly…

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Gassing Poles Why Not Done More Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Czech

Auschwitz Chronicle 1939-1945, by Danuta Czech. 1997

Auschwitz: Slow Non-Gassed Polish Deaths Just as Significant as Fast, Gassed Jewish Deaths. Tactical Reasons For Germans Not Using Mass Gassing to Kill Poles. Low Auschwitz-Inmate Survivorship Auschwitz was originally opened, in 1940, for Poles. In 1942, it became a tool for the…

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Genocides of Poles Summarized Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Snyder

Bloodlands: Poland Between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy Snyder. 2012

The Polokaust, and Long-Suppressed Genocides Under Communism and the Jewish Complicity in Them. A Rare Break From the Customary Judeocentric Holocaust Monopoly The single-volume work is very detailed and scholarly. It goes a long way towards redressing the almost-exclusivist attention…

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Genocide Soviet Poles 1937 Jewish Complicity DEFINITIVE WORK Sommer

Operacja Antypolska NKWD 1937-1938, by Tomasz Sommer. 2014

The Definitive Work on the Communist Genocide (Yes) of Soviet Poles During the Great Terror (1937-1938), and the Jewish Complicity in It THE ANTI-POLISH OPERATION OF THE NKVD, 1937-1938 is the title of this Polish-language book on the mass murder of hundreds…

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