Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Soviet Communism Imposed on Poland

ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters Wieliczka Szarkowa

Żołnierze wyklęci. Niezłomni bohaterowie, by Joanna Wieliczka-Szarkowa. 2013

Polish Irregular Fighters for Freedom Against the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet Government THE CURSED SOLDIERS: INDOMITABLE HEROES is the title of this Polish-language work. It focuses on the post-WWII Polish anti-Communist guerrilla movements, with the book organized according to chapter on 33 specific…

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ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters Zebrowski

Zolnierze Wykleci, by Grzegorz Wasowski and Leszek Zebrowski. 1999

A Photo-Filled One-Volume Encyclopedia on the Polish Guerrilla Resistance Against Soviet Rule THE CURSED SOLDIERS: THE ANTI-COMMUNIST ARMED UNDERGROUND AFTER 1944 is the title of this Polish-language book. It features almost exhaustive biographical detail about Underground guerrilla personages. There is far…

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ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters. Geographic Details. Instytut Pamieci Narodowej


Atlas polskiego podziemia niepodległościowego 1944-1956/The atlas of the independence underground in Poland 1944-1956, by Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (IPN). 2007

The Zolnierze Wykleci: A Superb, Very Detailed Atlas and Compendium of Polish Guerrilla Action Against the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet Government THE ATLAS OF THE INDEPENDENCE UNDERGROUND IN POLAND 1944-1956 is…

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ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters Kurek

Zaporczycy w Fotografii 1943-1963, by Ewa Kurek. 1995

The Zolnierze Wykleci: A Fascinating Photo-Album of Polish Guerrillas Who Fought Against the Nazis and Communists. Decades-Long Combat! THE ‘ZAPORCZYCY’ [MAJOR ZAPORA’S MEN] IN PHOTOGRAPHS 1943-1963, is the title of this 2009 Polish-language book. It has a huge collection of photographs. The…

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Wilno 1920 Seizure Myth. Poland the Aggressor Myth. Bogus Plebiscites. Pilsudski


Year 1920, by Józef Piłsudski. 1972, 1924 [translation of Rok 1920]

Bogus Border-Deciding Plebiscites. Wilno 1920 Polish "Seizure" a Myth. Poland Not the Aggressor in the 1920 Polish-Soviet War This work, originally published in 1924 in Polish, is loaded with facts, tables, and maps. The latter are large-scale, foldout…

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Polish Collaboration With 1940 Soviet Communists Very Rare. Sword


Deportation and Exile: Poles in the Soviet Union, 1939-48, by Keith Sword. 2014

A Comprehensive Analysis of 1939-1941 and 1944-on Deportations. Clarifies Jewish Deportees and the “Fear of the Nazis” Zydokomuna Exculpation This work by a British author provides details of not only the deportations and “amnesty”, but also…

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Round Table Agreement 1989 Deception Gontarczyk

Najnowsze Klopoty z Historia, by Piotr Gontarczyk. 2013

Revealing Information on Communist Agent Lech Walesa, the Round Table Agreement, and Jan T. Gross' Attacks on Poland

THE NEWEST TROUBLES WITH HISTORY is the title of this Polish-language book, written by historian Piotr Gontarczyk. It is an anthology of various articles…

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Polish Soviet War 1920 Facts. Poles Were Not the Aggressor. Pilsudski-Petlyura Alliance. Zamoyski


Warsaw 1920: Lenin’s Failed Conquest of Europe, by Adam Zamoyski. 2008

An Outstanding Work That Addresses Common Misconceptions About the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War The Soviet Union was the aggressor, and there is no contradiction between the wartime emaciation of Russia and her expansionist ambitions. To the contrary: The commentary…

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Polish Collaboration With 1920 Soviet Communists Very Rare Wandycz


Soviet Polish Relations, 1917-1921, by Piotr Stefan Wandycz. 1968, 2013

Very Low Rates of Polish Collaboration Demonstrated. Poland Not the Aggressor in the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War This work is overflowing with biographical and historical information. Owing to its comprehensiveness, I limit my review to a few issues. THE EARLY…

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Poland Communized By Force. Jews in Communist GL-AL Gontarczyk

Polska Partia Robotnicza. Droga do Wladzy 1941-1944, by Piotr Gontarczyk. 2015

Early Stages of the Soviet-Imposed Communization of WII Poland. Includes Revolutionary Banditry. Jews in Communist GL-AL 

THE POLISH WORKERS’ PARTY: ITS RISE TO POWER 1941-1944 is the title of this Polish-language book. This work combines the use of archival…

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Poland Communized By Force Vast Crimes Zebrowski

W Szponach Czerwonych: Komunizm I Postkomunizm w Polsce po 1944, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2015

The Crushing Scale of the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet Government on Poland (1944-on). Never-Punished Communist Crimes

IN THE TALONS OF THE REDS, COMMUNISM AND (POST)COMMUNISM IN POLAND AFTER 1944, is the title of this book by historian…

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Kuklinski Espionage: Prevented Poland From Becoming a Sacrificial Lamb in a NATO-Soviet War. Weiser


A Secret Life: The Polish Officer, His Covert Mission, And The Price He Paid To Save His Country, by Benjamin Weiser. 2005

Move over, James Bond! Ryszard Kuklinski Prevented Poland From Being Incinerated in The Event of a Soviet-NATO War Those who ask if Kuklinski was a patriot or…

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Kresy Rightfully Polish. Then-Low Ukrainian National Consciousness. Grabski


Polish-Soviet Frontier, by Stanislaw Grabski. 1944

The Case For the Kresy Rightfully Belonging to Poland Stanislaw Grabski summarizes the Polish claims to the Kresy. Besides the Polish cultural dominance and significant ethnic Polish minority status, the Polish presence in the Kresy, and further east, is illustrated by the large…

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Kresy Confiscation Real Reason a Weakened Poland Kemp-Welch


Stalinism in Poland, 1944-56: Selected Papers from the Fifth World Congress of Central and East European Studies, Warsaw, 1995, by A Kemp-Welch (Editor). 1990

Kresy Confiscated: Real Reason Was a Weaker Poland. Collective Farming, Under the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet, Encounters Successful Polish Resistance This work has many papers. Owing…

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Communization of Poland. Cultural Marxism: Historical Inevitability Slogan. Staar


Poland, 1944-1962: The Sovietization of a Captive People, by Richard Felix Staar. 1975

Zydokomuna "Jews Were Poor" Exculpation Fails. Parallels Between Communism and Neo-Marxism. The Historical Inevitability Tool Although this book was written over 50 years ago, when Poland was ruled by a Soviet-imposed Communist puppet, it remains relevant…

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Communist Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II West


The Third Secret: The CIA, Solidarity & the KGB's Plot to Kill the Pope, by Nigel West. 2001

Communism at Its Best: The Soviet-Sponsored Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981 There is so much information packed into this little book! Its title comes from the third…

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Betrayals: Teheran Yalta Warsaw Uprising All Confronted By Solzhenitsyn


The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, Books I-II, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Thomas P. Whitney (Translator), Georgi Plekhanov (Quoted), Leon Trotsky (Quoted). 1974

Eminent Russian Writer Aleksander Solzhenitsyn Confronts and Condemns the 1944 Soviet Betrayal of the Warsaw Uprising and the Teheran-Yalta Sellout of Poland This monumental…

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