Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Post-WWII (1945-on) Polish-Jewish Relations

Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Smolen


State Museum in Oswiecim Auschwitz Birkenau Guide-Book, by Kazimierz (translator: Lee, Stephen) Smolen. 1965

Once Again Debunks the Myth That Polish Authorities Tried to Hide Jewish Deaths. [Is It a Jewish-Promoted Role-Reversal, a Diversion From Jews Hiding Polish Deaths?] According to a well-worn Polonophobic meme, Poles, in the first…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Chrostowski


Extermination Camp Treblinka, by Witold Chrostowski. 2004

Hiding Jewish Deaths Myth. The Polish Underground (ARMIA KRAJOWA) Helped the Jewish Escapees After the Treblinka Revolt Chrostowski's work is a concise overview of the planning, construction, and modus operandi of the Treblinka death camp. An extensive bibliography is provided for further…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Ciborowski


Warsaw: A City Destroyed and Rebuilt, by Adolf Ciborowski. 1964

No Attempt to Hide Jewish Deaths! Warsaw Rebuilt in Painstaking Detail Virtually every imaginable detail is provided on the reconstruction of Warsaw following her razing by the Germans during WWII. There are also countless photographs, many of them showing…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Datner


Genocide 1939-1945, War Crimes in Poland, by Szymon Datner. 1962

Jewish Victims Explicitly Identified as Jews. A Polokaust Primer This book, though dated (1962), and of course tainted by the Communist censorship of the time, has good basic information. THE HIDING JEWISH DEATHS MYTH Contrary to recent allegations about…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Friedman

This was Oswiecim: The Story of a Murder Camp, by Filip Friedman.1946

Very Early Post-WWII Auschwitz Account Debunks the Hiding Jewish Death Myth of Which Poles are Accused Modern Holocaust fare commonly accuses the Polish authorities, in the years and then decades after WWII, of trying their best to hide…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Gumkowski


Treblinka, by Janusz Gumkowski. 1961

Debunks the Hiding Jewish Deaths Myth. At No Time Were Murdered Jews Lumped With Murdered Poles In recent years there has been the curious argument which posits that, until recently, Polish books and media used to treat the Nazi policies towards Jews and Poles…

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Poles Had Long Ignored Holocaust A Total Myth Haltof

Polish Film and the Holocaust, by Marek Haltof. 2012

Debunks the Oft-Repeated Holocaust Myth That, Until Recently, Poles Had Disregarded or Marginalized the Jews' Holocaust In this review, I focus not on Holocaust filmography, but on historical trends. THE "JEWS WERE IGNORED" MEME: AN INTRODUCTION The Communist puppet state, the…

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Poland Too Judeocompliant Michalkiewicz Sommer

Nie Bojcie Sie Prawdy, by Stanislaw Michalkiewicz and Tomasz Sommer. 2009.

A Variety of Politically-Incorrect Truths About Poland Today. ZYDOKOMUNA is a Legitimate Term. GAZETA WYBORCZA Agenda DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH is the title of this Polish-Language book. This work overlaps that of a more recent book…

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Poland’s Heroic Narrative Even Nazis Admired. Iranek-Osmecki


The Unseen and the Silent: Adventures From the Underground Movement Narrated by Paratroops of the Polish Home Army, by Kazimierz Iranek-Osmecki. 1954

No "National Myths" or "Heroic Narrative": The German Enemy Gives More Credit to the Polish Underground Than Do Many Jews and LEWAKS The title of this book…

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Poland’s Heroic Narrative Long Derided By Jews. Keane


Skamander: The Poets and Their Poetry 1918-1929, by Barry Keane. 2004

Poland's So-Called Heroic Narrative Has Long Been Under Attack, Especially By Certain Jews. Why Endeks Did Not Think Much of Assimilated Jews Becoming Poles This book is mainly about poetry and poetic themes. However, since this is not…

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Pogroms Drove PostWWII Polish Jews Away Myth Debunked. Brant


The New Poland, by Irving Brant. 1946

Mass Post-WWII Jewish Flight From Poland Planned Long Before Kielce. Communist-Apologist Tract Has Revealing Comments on Red Staging of Krakow Pogrom and Kielce Pogrom, etc. This short book was clearly written by a Communist or Communist sympathizer. Because of this, the factual…

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Pogroms Drove postWWII Polish Jews Away Myth Debunked. Property-Ownership Changes. Redlich


Life In Transit: Jews In Postwar Lodz, 1945-1950 (Studies In Russian And Slavic Literatures, Cultures And History), by Shimon Redlich. 2010

Zionists, and Not Polish Anti-Semitism or Pogroms, Drove Most Holocaust-Surviving Jews From Post-WWII Poland. Property Losses: Not Only Jews The author elaborates on his experiences in Lodz in…

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Piotr Rybak: Effigy of a Jew Hullabaloo and Irony. Mirsky


Rav Kook: Mystic in a Time of Revolution (Jewish Lives), by Yehudah Mirsky. 2014

Litvaks. Anti-Christian Memes. Piotr Rybak Effigy Double Standard: Jews Burned in Effigy Without Any Outcry. Organized Draft Dodging This work is much more than biography. It offers a pulse of the state of Judaism in…

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Kielce Pogrom Soviet Staged. Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Poles and June 1967 War. Irwin Zarecka


Neutralizing Memory: Jew in Contemporary Poland, by Iwona Irwin-Zarecka (Editor). 1990

Loaded Title: WHOSE Memory is Being Neutralized? Kielce Soviet-Staged. Poles and June 1967 War The title of this book is biased. It implies that a neutralization of Jewish memory had taken place. This is nonsense. Neutralization is not…

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Early Polish Warnings of Holocaust Praised. Kielce Pogrom Soviet-Staged Clue. Giladi


Ben-Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews, by Naeim Giladi. 2006

Did David Ben Gurion Ignore Polish Warnings on Doomed Jews? The Kielce Pogrom: Part of a Larger Terrorize-the-Jews Communist-Zionist Program? Naeim Giladi presents a variety of information on the conduct of David Ben Gurion, and…

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Kielce Pogrom Essential Facts and Coverup. Kakolewski

Umarly Cmentarz, by Krzysztof Kąkolewski. 2008

Kielce Pogrom Coverup, Secrecy, and Long-Term Tool in Propaganda Against Poland THE CEMETERY THAT DIED is the English-language translation of this Polish-language book (review based on the 2004 edition). The title refers to a cemetery in Kielce, where Jewish and Polish victims of Nazism…

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Kielce Pogrom Inconvenient Facts Sledzianowski

Pytania Nad Pogromem Kieleckim, by Jan Sledzianowski. 1998

Kielce Plot Thickens: Agent Provocateurs in Action. Long-Term Death Threats Against the Onetime "Kidnapped Boy". Greatly Exaggerated Participants and Onlookers (Surprise) QUESTIONS ABOUT THE KIELCE POGROM is the title of this Polish-language work. The author, Jan Sledzianowski, is a Catholic priest who…

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Kielce Pogrom Jews Steal Children Some Factual Basis. Wiacek


Zabic Zyda: Kulisy i Tajemnica Pogromy Kieleckiego 1946, by Tadeusz Wiacek. 1996

So-Called Kielce Pogrom: Much Not Known. "Jews Steal Children" Factual, and Not Just an Atavistic Medieval Legend KILL THE JEW! SCENES AND SECRETS OF THE 1946 KIELCE POGROM, is the title of this Polish-language work. [Review based…

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Kielce Pogrom Soviet Staged Chodakiewicz

After the Holocaust, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. 2003

Kielce Pogrom: Soviet Staging Indicators. Jews as Well as Poles Engaged in Collectivist Reprisals in Which Innocent People Were Killed The imposition of a Soviet puppet government was a painful chapter in Poland's history. In response to the usual anti-Polish bias of…

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Kielce Pogrom Circumstantial Evidence. Jewish Candor on Zydokomuna. Checinski


Poland, Communism, nationalism, anti-semitism, by Michael Checinski. 1982

So-Called Kielce Pogrom: Circumstantial Evidence Points to Soviet Involvement of Some Kind The tale of the Kielce Pogrom is well known. Someone started a rumor that a Polish boy had been kidnapped by Jews and killed for his blood to be…

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Kielce Pogrom Circumstantial Evidence For Soviet Guilt. Mikolajczyk


The Rape of Poland: Pattern of Soviet Aggression, by Stanislaw Mikolajczyk. 1948, 2010

Kielce Pogrom Staging: The Circumstantial Evidence. Why Poles Were Not Thrilled When Holocaust-Surviving Jews Came Back to Reclaim Their Property This work is a classic. I focus on a few issues that have relevance to this…

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Kielce Pogrom Circumstantial Evidence Wat


My Century, by Aleksander Wat, Richard Lourie (Translator), Czesław Miłosz (Foreword). 2003

Anti-Semitism (What Else?) in Anders Army Debunked. Kielce Pogrom Staged: Circumstantial Evidence. Red=Brown Affirmed The author, a Jewish Communist, had a large number of opinions of various prominent individuals and nationalities. Since the reader is likely to…

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Jews 1968 Facts. AntiSemitism! A Silencing Tool. Muravchik

Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel, by Joshua Muravchik. 2014

Refreshing Candor on Jews, Communism, the Events of 1968 in Poland, and "Anti-Semitism" as a Shaming and Silencing Weapon I focus on matters that go far beyond the State of Israel and its conduct. FRANKNESS ABOUT…

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Zolnierze Wykleci. Communist Terror. Jews 1968 Got Taste of Their Own Medicine. Kowalski


Korpus Bezpieczenstwa Wewnetrznego a Zolnierze Wykleci, by Lech Kowalski. 2016

Jews 1968 Complaints Irony: Jews First Offenders. Rampant Communist Terror. Guerrilla Heroism. Post-WWII Looting (Not Only of Jews) Completely Normal THE INTERNAL SECURITY CORPS AND THE CURSED SOLDIERS is the title of this Polish-language work. However, it is about…

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Jews 1968 Misconceived Wolak


Forced Out: The Fate of Polish Jewry in Communist Poland, by Arthur J. Wolak. 2004

Some (Not All) Jewish Communists Lost Their Privileges to Ethnic Polish Communists. A Double Standard of Concern? Author Arthur J. Wolak realizes that, in the “purge” of 1968, not all Jews were removed from…

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Jews 1968 DEFINITIVE WORK Zebrowski

O Najnowszej Historii Polski 1939-1989, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2018

At Last: The Truth About March 1968. The Accused Killing of Jews By NSZ, and During the Warsaw Uprising (1944), is Debunked

ON THE NEWEST HISTORY OF POLAND 1939-1989, is the title of this Polish-language work. Author and historian Leszek Zebrowski…

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Jews 1968 Detailed Facts. Germany Buys Forgiveness of Jews. Polish Association in Great Britain


Jews in Poland (Yesterday and Today), by Polish Association in Great Britain. 1969

German Guilt Diffusion. Seldom-Appreciated Facts on March 1968, Including Jewish “Cosmopolitanism” and “Zionism”. Jewish Disloyalty Even to Communist Poland Nowadays, on the 50th anniversary, the events of 1968 are usually presented in a simplistic, accusatory, context-free…

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Jews 1968 Double Standard. Polokaust Losses. Woods


Poland: Eagle in the East: A Survey of Modern Times, by William Howard Woods. 1968

The Myth of Jews as Special Victims of Intra-Communist Turmoil in 1968. Causes of "Polish" Vices This British author is generally well informed about Poland's history and sufferings during WWII. He also has an…

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Jews 1968 Ephemeral Poles Polonsky


Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 4: Poles and Jews: Perceptions and Misperceptions (Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry #4), by Antony Polonsky (Editor), Władysław Bartoszewski (Editor). 2004

Modern Polish Jews, Upon Leaving Poland, Very Soon Stop Being "Poles". Egregious Mischaracterization of Endeks This book offers disappointingly little that is…

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Jewish Survivorship Poland Can Be Over 100,000. Dreifuss

Changing Perspectives in Polish-Jewish Relations During the Holocaust, by Havi Dreifuss. 2012

Widely-Contradictory Estimated Numbers of Jews Who Survived the Holocaust Because of Polish Help: 20,000 to Over 100,000 Author Havi Dreifuss is identified as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University and the…

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Jedwabne: Why No Jewish Self Defense? Issue Substantiated. Zipperstein


Pogrom: Kishinev and the Tilt of History, by Steven J. Zipperstein. 2018

Jedwabne Pole-Blaming Narrative Inadvertently Discredited by Kishinev Pogrom Jewish Self-Defense This most interesting part of this book deals with the way that Jews defended themselves when attacked at Kishinev. (p. 68, 86-91, 132). Some Jewish defenders used…

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Jedwabne Poland Guilty Unless Proven Innocent Forecki

Reconstructing Memory: The Holocaust in Polish Public Debates, by Piotr Forecki. 2013

What Magnificent Justice! Poland is Guilty of Jedwabne Unless Proved Innocent This book is almost entirely a rehash of things written many times before. I give it two stars because of its comprehensiveness and its relatively objective portrayal…

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Jedwabne IPN Details: Polish Guilt Nor Proven. Polonsky


The Neighbors Respond: The Controversy over the Jedwabne Massacre in Poland, by Antony Polonsky, Joanna B. Michlic (Editor). 2009

The Investigative IPN Commission Did Not "Prove Jan T. Gross Right" on Jedwabne. Nor Did It Prove That Germans Had Nothing To Do With the Burning of Jews Alive in…

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Jedwabne IPN Findings Ambiguous Responsibility Machcewicz

Wokol Jedwabnego, by Pawel Machewicz and Krzysztof Persak (eds.) 2002

This Investigative IPN Polish Commission Did NOT Exculpate the Germans or Inculpate the Poles For Burning the Jews in a Barn at Jedwabne. A Forensic Dig Was Prematurely Terminated Because of Jewish Pressure Here is a direct quote from the…

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Jedwabne LEWACTWO Tool For Self-Flagellation. Gross Gutman


Thou Shalt Not Kill: Poles on Jedwabne, by Jan Tomasz Gross (Contributor), Israel Gutman (Introduction), Antoni Macierewicz (Contributor), William Brand (Translator). 2001

Jedwabne a Tool of Polish Left (LEWAKS) For Pushing Polish Self-Flagellation. Selective Indignation on Boycotts. Manipulated Evidence For Anti-Polish Agendas One lasting value of this anthology is…

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Lomza Area: Many Jedwabnes Unproven Kosmala

Facing the Catastrophe, by Beate Kosmala. 2011

“Many Jedwabnes” Unproven. Evidences of Extensive German Responsibility for Jedwabne This book covers topics as diverse as Holocaust denial, Nazi-occupied France and Poland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, etc. Owing to its breadth, my review is necessarily limited to a few topics. As usual, there…

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Jedwabne Neighbors Pack of Lies. Gross


Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, by Jan Tomasz Gross. 2002

Relies Primarily on One Source: Consider the Source! Ignored Jewish Sources (Quoted Below) Finger the Germans, and Not the Poles, as the Main Killers of Jews at Jedwabne It is never wise to construct…

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Jedwabne: Why No Jewish Self Defense? Crusader Pogroms Exaggerated. Abulafia


Religious Violence Between Christians and Jews: Medieval Roots, Modern Perspectives, by Anna Sapir Abulafia (Editor). 2002

Jewish Self-Defense in Russian Pogroms Discredits Jan T. Gross’ Tale of Poles and Jedwabne. Crusader Pogroms Against Jews in Perspective This book is essentially two books. The first one is primarily about the…

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Jedwabne Eyewitnesses Speak: Germans Were Responsible. Marciniak


Jedwabne w Oczach Swiadkow, by Eugeniusz Marciniak. 2001

Jedwabne Eyewitnesses Debunk the Falsehoods of Jan T. Gross. Sensational Numbers Persist Today (2018) JEDWABNE AS SEEN BY EYEWITNESSES is the title of this Polish-language book, whose author is a Polish priest. When the Soviets invaded the area in 1939 as…

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Jedwabne Findings Suppressed Baginski


Jedwabne Massacre, by Marian Baginski. 2014

Ignored and Censored Facts About the Jedwabne Massacre, Including the Research of Andrzej Kola The author’s father lived in Jedwabne. (p. 149). This book assembles a great deal of information about this subject. Owing to the fact that much has been already…

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Jedwabne Jewish-Acknowledged German Deed Maik

Deliverance, by Michael Maik. 2004

Jewish Source: Jedwabne Murderers Germans, Not Poles Author Michael Maik writes, “Refugees from Jedwabne and Radzilow arrived, who were coincidentally saved from death, and who saw with their own eyes and felt the hell on their flesh. With the help of local farmers, the Germans…

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Jedwabne Jewish-Acknowledged German Deed Zissman

The Warriors, by Harold Zissman. 2005

This Jewish Source Affirms the Germans, and Not the Poles, as the Main (or Even Sole) Killers of Jedwabne's Jews The author writes, “Later on, some Jews who had fled Jedwabno [Jedwabne] for Derechin told us when the Germans first entered their town, they…

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Jedwabne: How Jan T. Gross Manipulates Facts. Chodakiewicz

The Massacre at Jedwabne, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. 2005

Noted Historian Debunks the Media Narrative of Unquestionable and Solitary Polish Guilt for Jedwabne In recent years, neo-Stalinist Jan T. Gross' books, especially NEIGHBORS, FEAR, and GOLDEN HARVEST, have been widely publicized and quoted as fact by media and historians despite…

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Jedwabne and Politicized Trials. Kufr Qassem Massacre Suppressed. Bilsky


Transformative Justice: Israeli Identity on Trial, by Leora Y. Bilsky. 2004

Politicized Trials (Implications for Jedwabne). The Suppressed Kufr Qassem Massacre (Israeli Forces Murdered Arab Civilians) This work features the trails of Kasztner, Eichmann, and Israeli murderers at Kufr Qassem, and Yigal Amir (the assassin of Prime Minister Yitzhak…

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Jedwabne Apology Blame Selectivity Nowak

Kogo Musza Przeprosic Zydzi? by Jerzy Robert Nowak. 2001

The Perpetual Jedwabne Apology Game, With Almost-Complete Silence on Jewish Crimes This book, written by noted historian Jerzy Robert Nowak, although written almost 20 years ago, remains as relevant as ever. The truth about Jedwabne is being suppressed by the refusal…

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Jedwabne a Coverup DEFINITIVE WORK Kurek

Jedwabne: Anatomia Klamstwa, by Ewa Kurek. 2018

The Jedwabne Coverup: An Obstruction of Justice. Rebuking the Polish Government for Its Timidity (Corruption?) in Refusing a Long-Overdue Proper Forensic Exhumation at Jedwabne THE ANATOMY OF THE LIE SURROUNDING JEDWABNE: A WHITE BOOK OF CENSORSHIP AND LAWLESSNESS OF THE POLISH GOVERNMENT 2001-2017…

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Jedwabne a German Crime DEFINITIVE WORK. Less Than 100,000 Jews Fled the Ghettos. Longerich


Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews, by Peter Longerich. 2009

Jedwabne: This Holocaust Scholar Recognizes German Primary GERMAN GUILT! Fugitive Jews, Allegedly Denounced By Poles, Have Been Greatly Exaggerated. The Nazi German Polokaust, Just like the Holocaust, Had Been Racially Motivated German Holocaust historian Peter Longerich…

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Jedwabne a German Crime: Father Kebinski Testimony. Nowicki


Between Falsehood And Truth, by Stefan Nowicki. 2003

Jedwabne a German, Not Polish, Crime. Anti-Polish Accusations Are Endlessly Repeated If you are interested in an introduction to the truth about Polish-Jewish relations before and during WWII, this book is for you. Stefan Nowicki, who went through the war and…

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Jedwabne Exhumation Coverup Zebrowski

Zatruwania Pamieci, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2014

The Jedwabne Coverup, and a Survey of Common Falsifications of History Regarding Poles, Jews, and WWII THE POISONING OF MEMORY: JEDWABNE, NALIBOKI, KONIUCHY (1941). THE POLITICIZATION OF HISTORY IN THE THIRD (POLISH) REPUBLIC is the title of this Polish-language work. Historian Leszek Zebrowski points…

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Jedwabne 1949 Lomza Trials Dubious. Polokaust. Tiptoing Around Holocaust Establishment? Winstone


The Dark Heart of Hitler's Europe: Nazi Rule in Poland under the General Government, by Martin Winstone. 2014

Relative Fairness to: The Polokaust, Jew Killing By Poles, Paid Polish Rescuer "Greed"-Not, and Jedwabne. Veiled Censorship of This Author A RARITY: THE POLOKAUST GIVEN ALMOST EQUAL TIME TO THE JEWS'…

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Jedwabne 1949 Lomza Trials Dubious. Soviet Archives Unreliable. David Fox


The Holocaust in the East: Local Perpetrators and Soviet Responses, by Michael David-Fox (Editor), Peter Holquist (Editor), Alexander M. Martin (Editor). 2014

Unreliability of Soviet Archival Information. Unreliability of the 1949 Lomza Trials on Jedwabne Massacre. Egregious Holocaust Supremacism. Invalid, Canned Zydokomuna Exculpations Most of this anthology is about…

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Jedwabne and Gardelegen Barn Size Constraint No Last-Minute Nazi Killing of Only Jews Blatman

The Death Marches, by Daniel Blatman. 2011

The Gardelegen Massacre (German Barn-Burning of 1,016 Mostly Non-Jewish Captives) Shows a MAXIMUM Hundreds (Not 1,600 or 3,200) Jedwabne Victims This work presents a wealth of information, and I focus on some particularly relevant items. THE GARDELEGEN MASSACRE CONSTRAINS THE NUMBER OF JEDWABNE…

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Jedwabne and Katyn Blame False Equivalence. Early Katyn Book. Katyn Equals Holocaust. Mackiewicz


The Katyn Wood Murders, by Józef Mackiewicz. 1951

Polish Rejection of Blame for Jedwabne is in NO Sense Comparable to the Soviet Rejection of Blame for Katyn. Can Katyn Be Equated With the Holocaust? Yes! Published 11 years after the Katyn genocidal crime (1940) and 8 years after…

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Graffiti Poland Abundance Cultural. Zydokomuna “Real Jews” in Jewish Cemeteries. Webber


Rediscovering Traces of Memory: The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia, by Jonathan Webber, Chris Schwarz (Photographer). 2009

Poles Do a Lot of Graffiti. Abundant Anti-Semitic Graffiti? Poles Not Atypically Anti-Semitic. Members of Zydokomuna Buried in Jewish Cemeteries The area in question is western Galicia, in southern Poland. (Eastern Galicia…

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Graffiti Poland Irony: AntiSemitic Graffiti in Israel. Holocaustianity Critiqued. Burg


The Holocaust Is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes, by Avraham Burg. 2008

A Devastating Jewish Critique of Holocaust Supremacism. Antisemitic Graffiti in Poland: The Double Standard Avraham Burg appears to be a post-Zionist. The tone of his book is one of criticism of Israeli preoccupation with the…

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No Double Standards! Jews Too Must Come to Terms With the Past. Hoffman


After Such Knowledge: Where Memory of the Holocaust Ends and History Begins, by Eva Hoffman. 2004

No Double Standard: Jews, Too, Must “Come to Terms With the Past”. [But, Here We Are 14 Years Later, and This is Not Happening] The author was born in 1945, in a village…

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Carmelite Convent Auschwitz. Especially Egregious Accusations. Rittner


Memory Offended: The Auschwitz Convent Controversy, by Carol Rittner (Editor), John K. Roth (Editor). 1991

The Jewish Point of View on Auschwitz: Traducing Christians and Poles The Jewish attempt to monopolize Auschwitz occurred over 30 years ago, and is repeated again today (2020). Some things never change! The strongest…

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Carmelite Convent Auschwitz Unwarranted Polish Concessions Pajak


Strach Byc Polakiem, by Henryk Pajak. 1999

Especially Good on the Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Controversy and the Unwarranted Unilateral Polish Concessions WHAT A HORROR TO BE A POLE is the title of this Polish-language work. This is a small book, but don’t let its size fool you. It is…

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Carmelite Convent Auschwitz Ashes Racist Dualism Zubrzycki


The Crosses of Auschwitz: Nationalism and Religion in Post-Communist Poland, by Genevieve Zubrzycki. 2006

Strong Judeocentric Bias. Evidently the Ashes of Jews are Sacred and the Ashes of Poles are Not The Jewish attempt to monopolize Auschwitz occurred over 20 years ago, and is repeated again today (2020). Some…

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Carmelite Convent Auschwitz. Standard Judeocentric Narrative. Berger


The Continuing Agony: From the Carmelite Convent to the Crosses at Auschwitz, by Alan Berger. 2002

An Extensive Collection of Judeocentric Essays on the Carmelite Convent and Cross Controversy The Jewish attempt to monopolize Auschwitz occurred over 20 years ago, and is repeated again today (2020). Some things never…

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Carmelite Convent Auschwitz. “Hiding Jewish Deaths” Hoary Myth Repeated. Huener


Auschwitz, Poland, and the Politics of Commemoration, 1945–1979, by Jonathan Huener. 2003

Holocaust Supremacism and Auschwitz: Why the Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Controversy The Jewish attempt to monopolize Auschwitz occurred over 20 years ago, and is repeated again today (2020). Some things never change! Much of this book simply repeats…

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Carmelite Convent Auschwitz: Jews Do Victimhood Competition. Bartoszewski

The Convent at Auschwitz, by Władysław Bartoszewski. 1991

A Rather Poorly-Reasoned Apologetic for the Jewish Position on the Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Controversy Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski repeats some whoppers. He repeats the myth of Saint Kolbe's prewar anti-Semitic writings (p. 8), and implicitly denies the fact that the Nazis planned eventually…

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Auschwitz No Valid Jewish Monopolization. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Even at Moment of Death. Hoess


Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz, by Rudolf Höss, Steven Paskuly (Editor), Andrew Pollinger (Translator). 1996

No Valid Jewish Auschwitz Monopolization. Poles Were Also Victims of Auschwitz. Holocaust Supremacist Arguments Refuted This work not only gives insight into the mind of the leader of perhaps…

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