Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Polonophobic Memes. Trends in anti-Polonism

Polonophobic Memes Repeated Jedwabne Bikont

The Crime and the Silence: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Poland, by Anna Bikont. 2016

Obsolete and Incomplete Information. Polonophobic To the Core. Ignores the Other Side of the Coin: Jewish Murders of Poles Bikon't book is merely a translation of articles written way back in 2000-2001—with a…

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Polonophobic Memes Ritual Murder Tokarska Bakir

Pogrom Cries, by Joanna Tokarska-Bakir. 2019

A German-Published, Holocaust-Industry, Gross-Grabowski Rerun. Ritual-Murder Pole-Blaming Narrative Avoids Facts and Similar Jewish Beliefs The very title of this book is misleading and inflammatory. (Very little of this book is actually about pogroms). To make the point, imagine this alternative title: POLISH-INMATE CRIES IN…

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Polonophobic Meme Carousel Warsaw Ghetto Burning Borowski


This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, by Tadeusz Borowski, Barbara Vedder (Editor/Translator), Jan Kott (Introduction), Michael Kandel (Translator). 1959, 1992

Attempted Entertainment Under Horrible Conditions: Repudiates Anti-Polish Accusations About Poles Enjoying Themselves on a Carousel (Made Famous by Czeslaw Milosz in His CAMPO DEI FIORI) While the…

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Polonophobic Meme Carousel Warsaw Ghetto Burning. German Fifth Column. Holocaust Was “Rational”. Hart


I Am Alive, by Kitty Hart. 1975

Auschwitz Jewish Survivor Indirectly Debunks the Polonophobic Meme of Poles Enjoying Themselves on a Carousel While Jews Suffered and Died. Recreation Despite the Horrors Is Completely Normal! This book predates political correctness, and includes fascinating perspectives that upend certain anti-Polish Holocaust myths.…

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Polonophobic Meme Carousel Warsaw Ghetto Burning. Jews Promote Nazi Propaganda. Szarota

Karuzela na Placu Krasińskich. Studia i szkice z lat wojny i okupacji, by Tomasz Szarota. 2007

The Polonophobic Legend of the Heartless, anti-Semitic Poles Enjoying Themselves on a Carousel While the Near Warsaw Ghetto Burned THE CAROUSEL AT KRASINSKI SQUARE is the title of this Polish-language book. The author, Tomasz…

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Polonophobic Memes Only Poles Were Prejudiced Cala


The Image of the Jew in Polish Folk Culture, by Alina Cala. 1995

Typical Superficial Blame-Poles "Analysis" That Avoids the Fact of the Reciprocity of Jewish-Polish Antagonisms and the Underlying Realities of the Huge Jewish Presence in Pre-WWII Poland This book repeats and reinforces the standard Polonophobic memes,…

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Polonophobic Memes Propounded. Extreme Polish Starvation. Deak Gross


The Politics of Retribution in Europe: World War II and Its Aftermath, by István Deák, Jan Tomasz Gross (Editor). 2000

Combines Facts and Gross Mischaracterizations (Pardon the Pun). Attempted German Hunger-Genocide of Poles. Two chapters of this book detract from whatever is worthwile in the rest. They repeat the…

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Polonophobic Memes Repeated Selective Indignation on Injustices Holc

The Politics of Trauma and Memory Activism, by Janine Holc. 2017

“Confronting Injustice”? Same-Old Song: Everything Blamed on Poles and Catholics. Judeocentric anti-PiS Politics The same small circle of authors is behind books of this nature. Thus, for example, author Janine Holc has especial thanks for Brian Porter-Szucs, whose views…

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Polonophobic Memes. Pedagogika Wstydu. Mystification of the Holocaust. Communist Propaganda Recycled By Gross


Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz: An Essay in Historical Interpretation, by Jan Tomasz Gross. 2006

Recycled Old Communist Propaganda from Polonophobic Jewish Author Shnayderman (Shneiderman) The reader of this book will be hard-pressed to avoid thinking that he or she is reading Shnayderman's 1947 pro-Communist screed, BETWEEN FEAR…

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Polonophobic Memes Old Pogrom Stories Dusted Off Hagen

Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914-1920, by William W. Hagen. 2018

Revived 1918-Era Pogrom Tales. Much Ink About a Few Poles Knocking Around a Few Jews. Holocaust Industry. Is Predictably Silent About Earlier Jewish Violence to Poles This book has one finding of value: THE MYTH OF THE JEW AS THE…

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Polonophobic Memes Fugitive Jews Killed Facts and Fantasies Engelking

Such a Beautiful Sunny Day, by Barbara Engelking. 2016

Much Ado About Normal Wartime Behavior. Same Media-Quoted Fantastic Numbers of Fugitive Jewish Deaths In every war, some members of the population act in a dishonorable manner. This is nothing new. It is also very easy for those who have never…

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Polonophobic Memes. Owellian Unperson Scholars. Bashing Poland’s Heroic Narrative. Gross


Holocaust in Occupied Poland: New Findings and New Interpretations, by Jan Tomasz Gross (Editor). 2012

Misleading Title (Nothing New). Unwelcome Scholars Disregarded. Sham Communist Trial Results as Truth. Polish Sufferings Discounted. Standard Polonophobic Memes The reader, having seen the catchy title, and expecting something novel (as I initially did),…

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Polonophobic Memes Holocaust. Hollowness of Polish-Jewish Dialogue. Kozlowski


Difficult Questions In Polish Jewish Dialogue, by Mariej Kozlowski. 2006

The Same Canned Judeocentric and Endlessly-Repeated Polonophobic Memes. So-Called Polish-Jewish Dialogue This book is in a question-and-answer format, encompassing very basic matters, with answers that don't go deep. For instance, the 1968 expulsion of Jews is barely connected to…

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Polonophobic Memes Jews Never Wrong Forecki

World War II and Two Occupations: Dilemmas of Polish Memory, by Anna Wolff-Poweska and Piotr Forecki (eds.) 2016

The Zydokomuna (Judeo-Bolshevism) Whitewashed and Exculpated. OUN-UPA Genocide Relativized Let me begin saving the reader some time. A much better book, on this overall subject, is FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST, by Lukas. The very…

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Polonophobic Memes Antisemitism (What Else?) Blobaum


Antisemitism and Its Opponents in Modern Poland, by Robert Blobaum (Editor). 2005

The Standard Blame Everything on Poles Narrative. Overlooks Essential Facts Let me begin by saving the serious reader some time. The reader who is interested in a balanced Jewish viewpoint of Polish-Jewish relations, and Polish anti-Semitism, should…

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Polonophobic Memes Antisemitism (What Else?). Blames Poles For Jewish Separatist Choices. Michlic


Poland's Threatening Other: The Image of the Jew from 1880 to the Present, by Joanna Beata Michlic, Blake Allmendinger. 2006

Very Polonophobic. Hatchet Job on Poles Ignores Mountains of Contrary Evidence, Some of Which I Present To correct the countless errors and partial-facts of this book would require a…

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Polonophobic Memes AntiSemitism (What Else?) Accusations of Intolerance Can Backfire. Michnik vel Szechter


Against Anti-Semitism: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Polish Writings, by Adam Michnik (Editor). 2017

Stale, Rehashed Accusatory Anti-Polish Memes—Coming From Morally-Disqualified Critics. Much Better Works Available (Listed) This is mostly a set of old articles, originally in Polish, translated into English. Some of the authors are real winners. For instance,…

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Polonophobic Memes Poles Are Bad…Bad…Bad…By Adam Michnik vel Szechter


In Search of Lost Meaning: The New Eastern Europe, by Adam Michnik, Irena Grudzińska-Gross, Roman S. Czarny. 2011

Adam Michnik vel Szechter, Still Failing To Do Any Moral Reckoning Over the Crimes of His Unrepentant Stalinist Half-Brother Stefan Michnik, Waxes Eloquent in His Polonophobic Dump Adam Michnik (vel Aaron…

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Jan T. Gross Copied This Communist Propaganda. Kielce Pogrom Hostile Witness. Shnayderman (Shneiderman)


Between Fear and Hope, by Shemu'el-Leyb Shnayderman. 1947

This Post-WII Pro-Communist Jewish Author Evidently Served as a Template for Jan T. Gross (FEAR) and His Attacks on Poland Today. Uncanny Similarities! See for yourself. Read this 1947 book by Shneiderman (Shnayderman) and then read Jan T. Gross 2007 book,…

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Polonophobia Russian. Pilsudski: Injuries Forgiven But Insults Not. Russia Dumps Jews on Poland. Gillie


Joseph Pilsudski: The Memories of a Polish Revolutionary and Soldier, by Jozef PIlsudski, Darsie Rutherford Gillie. 1931

Joseph Pilsudski Grew Up With a Love for Poland and a Passionate Hatred of Poland's Enemies. Oppression of Poland Was Bad Enough, But Contempt for Poland Was Unbearable English woman D. R.…

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Polonophobic AntiCatholic Memes But Assorted Valuable Information Modras


The Catholic Church and Antisemitism ... Poland 1933-39, by Ronald Modras. 1994

Blames Everything on Poland's Catholicism. A Mile Wide and Inch Deep. Confessedly Cherry-Picked Data. No Context or Significant Analysis Provided This work flits from topic to topic, making it a many-topic compendium that is lengthy but very…

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Polonophobic Holocaust-Related Memes Answered Lukas

Out of the Inferno: Poles Remember the Holocaust, by Richard C. Lukas. 1989

A Book Degraded, By Some Jews, Because It Does Not Fit the Standard Narrative That Blames Everything on the Poles Richard C. Lukas has provided a detailed anthology of Poles that had undergone the brutal German conquest…

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Polonophobic Memes Virulent AntiCatholicism Porter Szucs

Faith and Fatherland, by Brian Porter-Szucs. 2011

Cultural Marxism: One Long, Rather Scurrilous, Hatchet Job On Polish Roman Catholicism The author consistently oversimplifies the views with whom he disagrees, and fails to provide the reader with the kind of in-depth analysis needed to understand properly the topic. BLAMING THE VICTIM…

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Hollywood AntiPolonism Reasons Biskupski

Hollywood's War With Poland 1919-1945, by Mieczyslaw B. Biskupski. 2009

The Hollywood Left, and to a Lesser Extent Some Hollywood Jews, Were Behind the Anti-Polish Tone of Quite a Few Movies The author has examined numerous WWII-era Hollywood films, evaluated them for their content on Poland (usually absent, seldom neutral…

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AntiPolonism Centuries Old Memes Still Repeated Today Boswell

The Survival of Polish Civilization, by Alexander Bruce Boswell. 1941

The “Poland is Unworthy of Others’ Esteem or Self-Esteem” Centuries-Old Polonophobic Memes. The Attempted Delegitimization of Poland, Then and Now Author Alexander Bruce Boswell was Professor of Russian at the University of Liverpool at the time of this work (1941).…

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