Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Polish-Ukrainian Relations

Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Stepanska Huta Piotrowski

Krwawe Zniwa, by Czeslaw Piotrowski. 1995

The Ukrainian OUN-UPA Genocide of Volhynian Poles. Fall of Stepanska Huta. Decades-Later Visits BLOODY HARVESTS BEYOND THE STYR, HORYN, AND SLUCZ RIVERS is the title of this Polish-language book (Review based on 2nd edition, 2004). It describes the unfolding WWII Ukrainian fascist-separatist OUN-UPA genocide…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Very Unlike Operation Wisla Zurek

UPA w Bieszczadach: Straty Ludności Polskiej Poniesione z Rąk Ukraińskich w Bieszczadach w Latach 1939-1947, by Stanisław Żurek. 2007

Do Not Relativize Operation Wisla With the Earlier OUN-UPA Genocide of Over 100,000 Poles! Title: THE UPA IN THE BIESZCZADY MOUNTAINS. This scholarly book traces the course of the Ukrainian fascist-separatist…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Volyn Today Siemaszko

Wolyn Naszych Przodkow, by Ewa Siemaszko. 2010?

Poland's Jews are Not the Only Vanished Communities! The Poles of Wolyn (Volyn, Volhynia) Are a Forgotten Vanished Community. The Ukrainian OUN-UPA Genocide of Poles, the Teheran/Yalta Acquiesed Soviet Confiscation of the Kresy, and the Soviet-Directed Expulsions of Poles Title: VOLYN OF OUR…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Apologists Debunked Poliszczuk (Polishchuk)

Falszowanie Historii Najnowszej Ukrainy: Wolyn 1943 i Jego Znaczenie. 1996.

All Exculpations for the Ukrainian (OUN-UPA) Genocide of Poles Are Completely Demolished THE FALSIFICATION OF HISTORY BY MODERN UKRAINE: VOLYN 1943 AND ITS MEANING, is the title of this Polish-language book. Ukrainian author Poliszczuk (Polishchuk) shows how, ever since the…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Counteracted Dziemianczuk

Polish Self Defence In Volhynia, by Wladyslaw Dziemianczuk. 1999

How Poles Fought Back Against the Ukrainian (OUN-UPA) Genocide of Poles in Volyn (Wolyn) This is one of the few English-language books on this little-known genocidal event. During the German occupation of prewar eastern Poland during WWII, Ukrainian collaborators massively assisted…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Ethnographic Lands Myth Jastrzebski

Ludobojstwo Nacjonalistow Na Polakach Lubelszczyznie W Latach 1939-1947, by Stanislaw Jastrzebski. 2007

The OUN-UPA Genocide in Post-WWII Poland, Operation Wisla, and the Myth of THE Genocide Driven By “Rightful Ukrainian Ethnographic Territories” Title: THE GENOCIDE CONDUCTED BY THE UKRAINIAN NATIONALISTS ON THE POLES OF THE LUBLIN REGION IN 1939-1947. Consider…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles. Tarnopol. Komanski

Ludobojstwo Dokonane Przez Nacjonalistow Ukrainskich Na Polakach W Wojewodztwie Tarnopolskim 1939-1946, by Henryk Komanski. 2006

Encyclopedia of the OUN-UPA Genocide of the Jews and Poles of Tarnopol (Ternopil) Voivodship This comprehensive work follows a county-by-county, village-by-village format, giving a summary of local events from 1939-1946. Based upon the testimonies of…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles English DEFINITIVE WORK Piotrowski

Genocide and Rescue in Wolyn, by Tadeusz Piotrowski. 2008

The Best English-Language Work on the  OUN-UPA Genocide of the Poles of Volhynia (Wolyn, Volyn) During WWII Scholar Tadeusz Piotrowski's work remains the best-known English language work on this sordid crime. In view of the fact that the UPA butchers are…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles DEFINITIVE WORK Siemaszko and Siemaszko

Ludobójstwo dokonane przez nacjonalistów ukraińskich na ludności polskiej Wołynia 1939-1945, by Władysław Siemaszko and Ewa Siemaszko. 2002

A Magisterial Work That Details the OUN-UPA Genocide of the Poles of Wolyn (Volhynia, Volyn) Under the German Occupation During WWII Title: The Genocide Conducted by Ukrainian Nationalists on the Polish population of…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked. Skrzypek


The Problem of Eastern Galicia, by Stanislaw Skrzypek. 1948

The Myth That Ukrainians Had it Bad in Interwar Poland (1918-1939): Fascinating Facts Nowadays, Poland's onetime possession of the Kresy is portrayed as something intrinsically unworkable that was inevitably doomed to failure. This book features seldom-t0ld corrective information: THE ANCIENT…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked Snyder

Sketches From a Secret War, by Timothy Snyder. 2005

Henryk Jozewski. Ukrainians Had It Bad in Poland Myth: The Many Ways That Poland Benefitted Ukrainians. OUN Separatism, and Planned Genocide, and the Necessary Polish Pacification Response The life of Henryk Jozewski spanned much of modern Polish history. It included the…

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Ukrainians in Poland the Facts Felinski

Ukrainians in Poland, by M. Felinski. 1931

Population Statistics. Ruthenian Nonsynonymous With Ukrainians. Austrian-Driven 1918 Polish-Ukrainian War. Bilingual Schools Much of what is published in the West on this subject is slanted towards a Ukrainian nationalist-separatist pan-Ukrainian view. This book provides somewhat of a counterbalance. However, it is no apologist…

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Ukrainian Culture Stifled in Poland Debunked Paprocki

Minority Affairs and Poland, by Stanislaw J. Paprocki. 1935

"Ukrainians Oppressed in Poland" Soundly Debunked. Despite NUMERUS CLAUSUS, Jews Still Overrepresented at Polish Universities This work surveys Jews, Ukrainians, Germans, Muslim-Tartars, Karaites, Russians, and others. The most interesting details are on the Ukrainians. The facts on Ukrainian cultural growth are…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Apologists Debunked Filar

Wołyń 1939-1944. Historia, pamięć, pojednanie, by Władysław Filar. 2009

The OUN-UPA Genocide of the Poles of Wolyn (Volhynia): All the Canned Exculpations Examined and Refuted This scholarly work utilizes Polish, Ukrainian, German, Jewish, and Soviet sources. Far from being anti-Ukrainian, it acknowledges past Polish wrongs against Ukrainians (p. 26-on), and…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked. Kresy History. Ukrainian Separatism Very Recent. Edwards


The Polish Captivity, Vol. 2 of 2: An Account of the Present Position of the Poles in the Kingdom of Poland, and in the Polish Provinces of Austria, Prussia, and Russia (Classic Reprint), by Henry Sutherland Edwards. 1863, 2015

A Fascinating Briton’s Observations in 1860's Partitioned Poland. Poles Did…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked. Persistent Ukrainian Backwardness. Lutoslawski


The Ruthenian Question in Galicia, by Wincenty Lutoslawski, Stanislaw Stronski, Eugeniusz Romer. 1919, 2011

Well-Substantiated Facts: Ukrainian Backwardness; Proofs of Austrian-German (Then Soviet) Intrigue in Turning Ukrainians Against Poles; OUN-UPA Genocide Implicitly Prophesied! This short book (review based on original 1919 edition) is packed with information. Far from being…

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Nobility Polish Kresy Landowner Myth. Stop Awfulizing the Ukrainian Experience in Poland. Zoltowski


Border of Europe, by Adam Zoltowski. 1950

Polish Nobility Landlords Half-Truth. Early Eastern Galician Ukrainian Separatism. Minorities Treaty Special Separatist Rights For Jews This work provides a good deal of information about Poland's eastern half, which was confiscated by the Soviet Union in 1939 (and reaffirmed in 1944). Zoltowski…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Khmelnitsky Uprising. Graetz


History of the Jews, Vol. V (in Six Volumes): From the Chmielnicki Persecution of the Jews in Poland (1648 C.E.) to the Period of Emancipation, by Heinrich Graetz, Bella Lowy (Editor). 1895

The Truth About Jews and the Khmelnitsky Uprising (1648-1657). Do Not Blame Everything on the Polish Nobility!

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Ethnographic Boundaries Poland Phony Indignation. Has Some Flaws. Kochanski


The Eagle Unbowed: Poland and the Poles in the Second World War, by Halik Kochanski. 2012

The Phony Indignation About Pre-WWII Poland Lacking Ethnographic Boundaries. A Detailed Broad-Based Analysis of Poles and Poland During WWII—Marred by Major Inaccuracies The author, Halik Kochanski, is a Briton born to Polish parents.…

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Bug Dniester Not Eternally Ukrainian Anthony


The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World, by David W. Anthony. 2007

Includes Details on the Prehistory of Eastern Europe: Bug-Dniester Not Eternally Ukrainian The author repudiates attempts to misuse the study of prehistory in order to make territorial…

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