Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Polish Nationalism Clarified

Polish Nationalism: No Martyrdom-Centeredness. No Blind Authoritarianism. Jachymek


More Than Independence: Polish Political Thought 1918-1939, by Jan Jachymek. 2003

Debunks Many Myths About the Interwar Polish Right. Endeks Were in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi This anthology features many authors and political movements. Owing to its breadth, I focus on a few items. CONSERVATISM IS NOT SYNONYMOUS…

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Undemonizing Polish Nationalism. Jews Must Accept Their Share of Blame. Rose


Polish Memoirs, by William John Rose, Daniel Stone (Editor). 1976

Polish Nationalism Undemonized and Clarified. The Jewish Share of Blame. Teschen 1938 Justified. Age-Old German Polonophobia William John Rose was a Canadian from Winnipeg who visited Poland around the time just before WWI. He learned much about Poland. Soon…

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Undemonizing Polish Nationalism. Not Jingoism. Super


Twenty-Five Years With the Poles, by Paul Super. 1951

Poland's Interwar Achievements. Undemonizing Polish Nationalism. Teschen/Cieszyn 1938. YMCA in Poland The author arrived in Poland in 1922. At that time, Poland was afflicted with hyperinflation, and would be for at least another two years (for details, see p. 55).…

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Undemonizing Dmowski Zionist Counterpart Kaplan


The Jewish Radical Right: Revisionist Zionism and Its Ideological Legacy, by Eran Kaplan. 2005

Undemonizing Dmowski: The Zionist Jabotinsky Believed (For Jews) Very Much the Same As Dmowski Did (For Poles) The title of this work is a little misleading, if not pejorative, as the Zionist Revisionist movement, according…

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Undemonizing Endeks: Being AntiExploitation Not AntiSemitic Franklin

African Americans and Jews in the Twentieth Century: Studies in Convergence and Conflict, by V.P. Franklin (Editor), Nancy L. Grant (Editor), Harold Kletnick (Editor). 1999

Jewish/African-America Cooperation and Conflict, With Unmentioned Endek Parallels in Pre-WWII Poland This scholarly anthology consists of many articles, of which I discuss a few. One…

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Clarifying Endeks on Partial Expulsion of Jews. Dmowski Accepted Some Jews. Bonsal


Suitors and Suppliants: The Little Nations at Versailles, by Stephen Bonsal. 1946

Soundly Debunks the Myth of Dmowski Wanting All Jews to Leave Poland. Dmowski Actually Believed That the Jews' Liabilities Were Partly Situational, and That Some Jews Could Become a Part of Poland By way of introduction, author…

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Endeks on Partial Expulsion of Jews–Just Like Zionists Expelling Arabs! Finkelstein


Knowing Too Much: Why the American Jewish Romance with Israel Is Coming to an End, by Norman G. Finkelstein. 2012

Most Israeli Jews Want Israeli Arabs Expelled, Just as Pre-WWII Endeks Wanted Poland's Jews (Partly) Expelled This book is primarily about certain Jews' objections to the conduct of the…

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Jewish Foreign Nationals Exempt From Nazi Persecution. Endek-Proposed Partial Expulsion of Jews: A Widely-Held Position. Segal


The New Order in Poland, by Simon Segal. 1942

Some Jews Spared From Nazi Persecution. Mass Emigration of Jews Supported By VARIOUS Poles and Jews! Prewar Poland Had Achieved Much in Agriculture. Because this book was written just before the Holocaust, its analyses were not colored by it.…

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Undemonizing Polish Nationalism Not Fascism Chodakiewicz

Spanish Carlism and Polish Nationalism, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz and John Radzilowski (eds.) 2003

Undemonizing Nationalism: Neither Polish Nationalism Nor Spanish Nationalism Had Been Forms of Fascism. Essential Differences From Fascism Reader: Prepare to learn a lot of things you will never get from the leftmedia or the mostly-leftist academia!…

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Dmowski Confronts 1912 Duma Elections, Judeopolonia, and Jewish Disloyalty in 1920 War. Phillips


The New Poland, by Charles Phillips. 1923

Exonerating Dmowski: Seldom-Told Facts About the 1912 Duma Elections. Judeopolonia. Jewish Disloyalty in the 1920 War The author had been a member of the American Red Cross Commission to Poland. Every imaginable aspect of Polish life is featured in detail in this…

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Undemonizing Dmowski Sorely Needed By Porter

When Nationalism Began to Hate, by Brian Porter. 2000

Left-Wing Hatchet Job on Polish Patriotism. Better Title: When Brian Porter Began to Hate. In Fact, Positions Used By Porter to Demonize Dmowski Were Commonly Held By Jews Themselves! WARNING: Cultural Marxism UWAGA: Kulturowe Marksizm BACKGROUND: Author Brian Porter-Szucs has a…

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Understanding Dmowski. Updating Him. Poles: Stop Serving Others! Ziemkiewicz

Mysli Nowoczesnego Endeka, by Rafal A. Ziemkiewicz. 2012

How Poles Too Often Retain a Creole Mentality--That of a Colonized People Whose Job is To Serve Foreign Interests. Why Dmowski Opposed Jews This book, now a little dated, was written before the election of the PiS (PRAWA I SPRAWIEDLIWOSC) government by…

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Attacking Dmowski: Self-Refuting Statements. Ury

Barricades and Banners: The Revolution of 1905, by Scott Ury. 2012

Jew-on-Jew Violence. Jewish Social Problems. Roman Dmowski Undemonized. Endek Activism and Boycotts of Jews CASUISTRY IN ACTION Scott Ury provides unusual, and sometimes arcane, detail on the social dislocations caused by the rapidly growing Jewish population of Russian-ruled Warsaw…

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Dmowski: The Truth. In No Sense Was He a Hater. Just the Opposite. Wolikowska


Roman Dmowski: Czlowiek, Polak, Przyjaciel, by Isabella Wolikowska. 1961

Roman Dmowski Was a Very Different Man From the Portrayal By His Critics ROMAN DMOWSKI: PERSONAGE, POLE, AND FRIEND is the title of this book in English-language translation. [My review is based on the original 1961 edition.] It was published…

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Blaming Dmowski AND Blaming Jews. Minnen


Van Loon: Popular Historian, Journalist, and FDR Confidant, by Cornelis van Minnen. 2005

Early 20th Century Dutch Journalist: Both Jews and Poles Were at Fault. Dmowski Pro-Russian a Myth This work begins with a biography of Hendrik Willem van Loon, and moves on to his early life in Holland,…

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Contrary to Critics, Dmowski Did Not Believe in Jewish Conspiracy Theories. Dmowski

Polityka polska i odbudowanie państwa, by Roman Dmowski. 1925, 2009

Dmowski Vs. Jews: The Seldom-Told Dmowski Side of the Story. Dmowski Rejected PROTOCOLS-Style Jewish World-Control Conspiracy Theories POLISH POLITICS AND THE REBUILDING OF THE NATION is the title of this 2-volume Polish-language book. (Review based on 2nd, 1937 edition, reprinted…

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Undemonizing Dmowski on Jews Wapinski


Roman Dmowski, by Roman Wapiński. 1979

Undemonizing Dmowski: Reacting Intellectually, and Not Emotionally, to His Statements on Jews This work analyzes the Endek leader, and includes many seldom-published photos of the same. [Review based on 392-page 1988 edition]. The extensive quotations from Dmowski, including from his relatively obscure works,…

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Dmowski Was in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi. Dmowski1


Wybór pism. Tom 1 (Wybór Pism #1), by Roman Dmowski. 2014

Roman Dmowski Was in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi A SELECTION OF THE WRITINGS OF ROMAN DMOWSKI is the title of this compilation of 29 Polish-language articles originally published between 1893 and 1934. THOUGHTS OF A MODERN-THINKING POLE…

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Dmowski Was in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi. Dmowski2


Duch Europy, by Roman Dmowski. 1938

Dmowski Comments on Nazi-Style Racism--In No Sense Embracing It THE SOUL OF EUROPE is the title of this 45-page book. It was originally published, to a small audience, by Dmowski in 1938. This was less than one year before his death. It is…

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Understanding Dmowski on the New Poland. Strong Jewish Separatism. Dmowski


Problems of Eastern and Central Europe, by Roman Dmowski. 1917

Polish Statesman Dmowski Clarifies Polish Successes Against the Overbearing Prussians, the Kresy, Poland's Boundaries, Jewish Separatism and Overcrowding, etc. This small book packs quite a punch. For example: “COLONIZATION”: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN For a long time,…

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Dmowski and His Well-Reasoned Position on Jews. Minorities Treaty Hypocrisy. Dillon


The Inside Story of the Peace Conference, by Emile Joseph Dillon. 1920

A Non-Pole Rationally Assesses Roman Dmowski and His Well-Thought-Out Position on Jews This book (review based on original 1920 edition) covers many topics, and I focus on a few of them. The author is remarkably even-handed with…

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Dmowski Classic: He Contronts Polish Defeatism. Jews and Poles Have Clashing Interests. Dmowski

Myśli Nowoczesnego Polaka, by Roman Dmowski. 1903, 1933

Dmowski Inveighs Against Polish Passivity and Defeatism. Dmowski's True Views of Jews: Tactical Anti-Semitism Owed to Clashing Polish-Jewish Interests THOUGHTS OF A MODERN-THINKING POLE is the title of this Polish-language book. Originally published in 1903, its 4th edition, the subject of this…

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Jewish: Self-Imposed Apartheid, AntiPolonism, Germanophilia, Zydokomuna. Dmowski


Separatyzm Zydow i Jego Zrodla, by Roman Dmowski. 1909

Some Jews Polish Patriots. Jewish Germanophilia and Identification With Partitioning Powers. Yiddishist Movement. Disloyalty to Poland By Assimilationist as Well as Anti-Assimilationist Jews JEWISH SEPARATISM AND ITS CAUSES is the title of this 19-page Polish-language booklet. Originally published as an…

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Jews Made Into Scapegoats a Myth. Poles are Too Trusting of Moral Correctness. Dmowski


Niemcy, Rosja i Kwestya Polska, by Roman Dmowski. 1908

Roman Dmowski's Sophisticated View of Jews. Poles Partly to Blame. Jews Do Not Take All the Blame in Dmowski's Thinking GERMANY, RUSSIA, AND THE POLISH QUESTION is the title of this Polish-language book, originally published in 1908. It describes a…

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Dmowski Correct on Jewish Cosmopolitanism and Ephemeral Jewish Loyalties. Kolarz


Myths and Realities in Eastern Europe, by Walter Kolarz. 1972

Roman Dmowski Was Right: In Eastern Europe, Jews Have Generally Weak and Often Ephemeral Attachments to the Nations in Which They Live The author surveys the claims of nations and nationalities in some detail. I focus on a few…

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Clarifying Balicki’s National Egoism. The Lewak Bogeyman of Nationalism Soundly Debunked. Grott


Zygmunt Balicki: Ideolog Narodowej Demokracji, by Bogumil Grott. 1995

A Selection of The Original Writings of Pioneering Endek Thinker Zygmunt Balicki (1858-1916). Undemonizing Belicki’s “National Egoism” ZYGMUNT BALICKI: NATIONAL DEMOCRAT IDEOLOGUE, is the title of this two-part book. In the first part, Bogumil Grott analyzes Balicki (pp. 5-80). In…

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1912 Duma Elections: Jewish Usurpationist Politics Countered by Dmowski. Corrsin


Warsaw Before the First World War: Poles and Jews in the Third City of the Russian Empire, 1880-1914, by Stephen D. Corrsin. 1989

Includes Corrective, Seldom-Mentioned Details on 1912 Elections to the Duma, and the Much-Condemned Dmowski-Led Boycott of Jews This work provides much data on the development of…

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Understanding Dmowski on Duma Elections. Effective Polish Pushback Against German Rule. Jones


The New Poland, by Paul V. B. Jones. 1919

DUMA Elections Importance. Especially Good on the Effective Polish Pushback Against Prussian Rule Over Northwest Poland This 16-page pamphlet discusses several issues related to Poland’s regaining of independence in 1918. THE PARTITIONS WERE NOT INEVITABLE Author Paul Jones realizes the…

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Background: Dmowski on Duma Elections. Reciprocity of Jewish-Polish Nationalist Antagonisms. Levin


The Third Duma, Election and Profile, by Alfred Levin. 1973

Important Usually-Omitted Information on the Much-Mischaracterized 1912 Duma Election and Retaliatory Dmowski-Led Boycott of Jews This work requires an in-depth knowledge of the political process in the early 20th-century Russian Empire. It focuses on political parties and personages. This…

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An American Historian’s Fair Treatment of Dmowski. Fountain


Roman Dmowski, by Alvin Fountain. 1980

Dmowski's Essential Political Thought. Poles Push Back Against Jewish Separatism and Economic Dominance Author Alvin Fountain is no "Polish nationalist". He is an American historian. This book covers Dmowski's thinking in 1895-1907, well before Poland's regaining of independence (1918). NEITHER ETHNONATIONALISM NOR CIVIC…

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Polish Nationalism Never Imperialist. Double Genocide Valid. Jewish Victimhood Politics Rejected. Arendt


The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt. 1973

Rejecting the Cult of Jewish Suffering. The 1937-1938 Slaughter of Soviet Poles Was An Act of Genocide. The Nazi Polokaust Was Not Utilitarian. Polish Nationalism Correctly Understood Hannah Arendt was a German Jew who wrote many political works of enduring interest.…

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Pilsudski the Visionary Leader. Pilsudski Repeatedly Compared to Washington. Humphrey


Pilsudski: Builder of Poland, by Grace Humphrey. 1936

Excellent Detail About the January 1863 Insurrection, Pilsudski as a Revolutionary, etc. This book devotes considerable attention to the failed January 1863 Insurrection, in which a small force of Poles took on the tsarist armies. The severe Russian repressions in the…

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NSZ-ONR Rejects Nazi Policies on Jews. NSZ-ONR Members Rescued Jews. Chrzanowski

Związek Jaszczurczy i Narodowe Siły Zbrojne na Pomorzu 1939-1947: nieznane karty pomorskiej konspiracji, by Bogdan Chrzanowski. 1997

Polish ONR Anti-Semitism Not Nazi-Like. Amazingly, ONR-NSZ Guerrillas Functioned Effectively Even in Polish Territory Annexed By the Third Reich The literally-translated title of this Polish-language work is: THE ORDER OF LIZARDS AND NATIONAL…

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ONR Openly Repudiates Nazi Policies on Jews. Assimilated Jews Can Remain Hostile to Poland. Hartglas


Na Pograniczu Dwoch Swiatow, by Apolinary Hartglas. 1996

Far From Being Nazi-Imitating, the ONR Defiantly Told Off the Nazis on Jews! Assimilated Jews Can Retain a Hostility to Poland IN THE NO-MAN’S-LAND BETWEEN TWO WORLDS is a nonliteral, but perhaps the most informative, translation of this Polish-language work. It…

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ONR Never Fascist or proNazi Muszynski

Duch Mlodych, by Wojciech Jerzy Muszynski. 2011

Contrary to the Smears of Leftists and Certain Jews, the Polish Patriotic ONR Was Never Fascist or Pro-Nazi. Nor Was it "Reactionary" or Ethnonationalist THE SPIRIT OF THE YOUNG: THE POLISH NATIONAL RADICAL CAMP IN THE YEARS 1934-1944: FROM STUDENT REVOLTS TO CONSPIRACY…

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ONR Not Unilaterally AntiMinority Kawecki

Dzialalnosc i Mysl Spoleczno-Polityczna Obozu Narodowego-Radykalnego ABC 1934-1939, by Krzysztof Kawecki. 2013

A Short Introduction to the Polish “Far-Right” ONR (Oboz Narodowo-Radykalne). In No Sense Fascist or Pro-Nazi, as Alleged by LEWAKS (Leftists) and Certain Jews. ONR Not a Monolith. Complex Relationships With Poland’s Minorities THE SOCIO-POLITICAL THOUGHT AND POLICIES…

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ONR Not Unilaterally AntiMinority. Loyal Minorities Tolerated. Rudnicki


Oboz Narodowo-Radykalne, by Szymon Rudnicki. 1985

The ONR (OBOZ NARODOWO-RADYKALNE) Was in No Sense Fascist or Nazi-Imitating. Even Extreme Polish Nationalists Were Not Unilaterally Anti-Minority Author Rudnicki wrote this book while Poland was still under Communist rule, and this colors it. However, it does provide a short introduction to…

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NSZ-ONR Not Unilaterally AntiMinority Nor Pro-Wealthy. Nazi Solutions Decisively Rejected. Siemaszko

Narodowe Siły Zbrojne, by Zbigniew S Siemaszko. 1982

ONR Platform: Not Fascist or Nazi-Imitating, Not Pro-Privileged, Not Unilaterally Anti-Minority, and Not an Advocate of Imperialistic Nationalism THE NATIONAL ARMED FORCES is the title of this Polish-language book, although it gives few details about the WWII combat operations of the NSZ…

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ONR Classic: Reasons For Antisemitism Elaborated By Author Gluzinski (Rolicki)


Zmierzch Izraela, by Henryk Rolicki. 1933

An ONR Perspective on Jewish History--From Antiquity Until the Pre-WWII Period. Jews’ Holocaust Anticipated THE MEASURE OF ISRAEL is the title of this Polish-language work (review based on 1933 edition). The author, aka Tadeusz Gluzinski, was a leading thinker in the ONR (Oboz…

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Odra Nysa Boundary DEFINITIVE WORK. German Revanchism Debunked. Giertych


Poland and Germany, by Jedrziej Giertych. 1958

Combatting German Revanchism Regarding the Odra-Nysa (Oder-Neisse) River Eastern Boundary of Germany. The Polish Landlord Myth This book is quite lucid, and I focus on a few issues: ONGOING RELEVANCE OF THE RECOVERED TERRITORIES At times, Poland has come under attack for…

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ONR Anti-Jewish Violence Rare. German Minority Had It Bad Myth Debunked. Segal


The New Poland and the Jews, by Simon Segal. 1938

Atypicality of Anti-Jewish Violence, Privileges of the German Minority, and Rarity of "Polish Settlers" in the Kresy This Jewish author is quite hostile to Poland. For this reason, the facts he presents, and which I quote, are not likely…

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Nationalism Polish Detailed Facts and History Chodakiewicz

Polska Dla Polakow! Kim Byli i Sa Polscy Narodowcy? by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Jolanta Mysiakowa-Muszynski, i Wojciech Muszynski. 2015. 

A One-Volume Encyclopedic Analysis of Polish Nationalism, Old and New. The Truth at Last. Endek Thinking is Demystified


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Polish Nationalism: Completely Unlike Fascism. Why Rooted In Catholicism. Grott

Nacjonalizm chrześcijański: narodowo-katolicka formacja ideowa w II Rzeczypospolitej na tle porównawczym, by Bogumił Grott. 2006

Polish Christian Nationalism Clarified and Demystified. Is Very Different From Fascism Title: CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM. In modern politically-correct times, nationalism has become a dirty word, unilaterally and thoughtlessly condemned as intolerant, and confused with fascism and…

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Modern Polish Nationalism DEFINITIVE MANIFESTO Bosak

Suwerenny Narod w XXI Wieku, by Krzysztof Bosak, Witold Tumanowicz, Michal Wawer, i Robert Winnicki. 2016

Fixing Poland: A Polish Nationalist Manifesto. The Many Ways That the European Union Has Harmed Poland. Polexit Needed THE SOVEREIGN NATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY: THE PROGRAM OF THE NATIONAL MOVEMENT, is the title…

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Endek Practical Activism DEFINITIVE WORK. Peasant Lowliness and Not Absence of National Consciousness. Wolsza


Narodowa Demokracja Wobec Chlopow w Latach 1887-1914, by Tadeusz Wolsza. 1992

Endeks Driven Not By Hatred, But By Practical Initiatives to Elevate the Polish Peasantry, Resist Poland's Oppressors, Free Poland From Jewish Economic Hegemony, and Prepare Poland For Eventual Independence THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATS IN RELATION TO THE PEASANTS IN…

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Endek Thinkers: An Anthology of Authors and Works. Nuance on Jews. Peasant National Consciousness. Torunczyk


Narodowa Demokracja: Antologia mysli politycznej “Przegladu Wszechpolskiego” (1895-1905), by Barbara Toruńczyk. 1981

Primary Sources on Endek Thought: Jan Ludwik Poplawski, Roman Dmowski, etc. On Jews, Ukrainians, Freemasonry, etc. Finnish and Irish Nationalism as Models for Polish Nationalists to Emulate THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT FROM THE…

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Boycotts of Jews Yet Never Violence: Dmowski. Duff


Russian Realities and Problems, by James Duff Duff (editor), Roman Dmowski, Pavel Milyukov, Peter Berngardovich Struve, Harold Williams, Aleksandr Lappo-Danilevskī. 1917

Poles Out-Achieve the Prussians, and Thwart Them. Boycotts Necessary, But Roman Dmowski Consistently Opposed Violence Against Jews This anthology not only discusses the situation in Russia just before…

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Boycotts of Jews Necessary Owing to Jewish Enmity to Poland. Dmowski


Swiat Powojenny i Polska, by Roman Dmowski. 1931

Roman Dmowski on Jews: Boycotts of Jews Were Necessary. Jewish Poverty Not Poles' Fault THE POSTWAR WORLD AND POLAND is the title of this Polish-language book. [Review based on original 1931 2nd Edition]. This work covers the role of Russians, Germans,…

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