Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Poland in World War II

Witold Pilecki And His Mission. Poles Were Also Gassed at Auschwitz. Koch

A Captain’s Portrait, by Adam J. Koch. 2018

A Comprehensive Work on the Life and Heroism of Witold Pilecki This book begins with an overview of Polish history before moving to the main subject. Now, Pilecki is best remembered for surviving Auschwitz, and for being tortured and murdered by the…

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WWII Humor. Nazis Ridiculed. German Imperialism Mocked. Lipman


Laughter in Hell: Use of Humor During the Holocaust, by Steve Lipman. 1991

Humor Directed Against Nazi Germany, Nazi Personages, and German Policies This work is not just a collection of jokes. It also traces their purposes, and the psychology behind them. Some jokes were forms of satire, and…

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WWII Not Preventable Because of German LEBENSRAUM. Holocaust Supremacism. Rosenfeld


Hi Hitler!: How the Nazi Past Is Being Normalized in Contemporary Culture, by Gavriel D. Rosenfeld. 2014

Holocaust Supremacy Still Reigns. Buchanan Wrong on WWII Being Preventable. LEBENSRAUM was the Key The reader may erroneously get the impression that this book is primarily about the trivialization of the Holocaust,…

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Warsaw Uprising 1944 Soviet Betrayal. Nazi-Communist Collaboration. Falsified 1947 Elections. Blazynski

Mówi Józef Światło. Za Kulisami Bezpieki I Partii 1940 1955, by Zbigniew Błażyński. 1985

Jewish Communist From Poland Defects(?) to the USA. Jewish Complicity in the Soviet Betrayal of the Poles' 1944 Warsaw Uprising JOZEF SWIATLO SPEAKS is the title of this Polish-language work. It features Jozef Swiatlo (Izaak Fleischfarb,…

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Warsaw STARE MIASTO Destroyed and Rebuilt Zarzad Muzeow


Stare Miasto w Warszawie: Odbudowa, by Poland, Zarzad Muzeow. 1956

POLAK POTRAFI: Warsaw’s Historic Center Re-Created Almost From Scratch after WWII THE REBUILDING OF THE OLD TOWN OF WARSAW is the title of this Polish-language work. Warsaw’s Stare Miasto had many centuries-old buildings. Many of them were destroyed during…

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Warsaw Uprising 1944 Soviet Innocence Two Uprisings Fallacies Countered Zebrowski

Warszawa '44: Krew i Chwala, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2018

How the Soviet-Betrayed 1944 Warsaw Uprising Continues To Be Misused By Those Who Harm Poland Book title: PROPAGANDA SURROUNDING THE UPRISING AS A TOOL OF OLD AND CONTEMPORARY POLITICS Historian Leszek Zebrowski reminds us that, "History is a tool of politics."(p.…

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Warsaw Uprising 1944 Soviet Betrayal Strongly Condemned By RAF Marshal Slessor


The Central Blue: Recollections and Reflections, by John Slessor. 1956

Sir John Slessor, Air Marshal of the RAF, Squarely and Forcefully Confronts the Perfidy of the Soviet Betrayal of the Poles’ 1944 Warsaw Uprising, and the Persistent British Softness on Communism This thick volume raises many topics, and includes…

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Spy Thriller: Poles Crack ENIGMA Code. Garlinski

The Enigma War, by Józef Garliński. 1983

Spy Thriller! R. V. Jones, ENIGMA-Codebreaking Participant, Affirms the Crucial Pioneering Successes of the Poles This fascinating book is of enduring value. Nowadays, British films and articles about Enigma typically downplay or ignore the pivotal role of the Poles, or overemphasize the work…

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Spy Thriller: Poles Crack ENIGMA Code. Kahn


Seizing The Enigma: The Race To Break The German U-boat Codes, 1939-1943, by David Kahn. 1998

Non-Polish Author Gives Unstinting Credit for Cracking ENIGMA To Where It Belongs—The Poles Nowadays, many British productions ignore or downplay the Polish achievement in cracking Enigma. The focus is customarily on gay British…

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Polish Guerrillas Too Distant To Aid By Allied Airdrops Myth Debunked. Forczyk


Warsaw 1944: Poland’s bid for freedom, by Robert Forczyk. 2009

Debunks the "Poland Too Far Away To Aid" Myth, With a Concise History of the Soviet-Betrayed Warsaw Uprising (1944) in Outline Format This work is quite compact. There are separate chapters on the origins of the campaign, the opposing…

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Poles and Jews in Palestine. Westerplatte and Hel 1939. Polish Navy: WILK and ORZEL. Pruszynski

Poland Fights Back, by Ksawery Pruszyński. 1944

Fills-in the Gap Between the 1939 War and the 1940 Battle of Britain. Jewish-Polish Relations in WWII Palestine

This gem of a book covers a lot of ground, and I focus on a few items.


Here is a direct quote:


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Monte Cassino Taken By Poles. Majdalany


Cassino: Portrait of a Battle (Cassell Military Classics), by Fred Majdalany. 2004

British Eyewitness: Poles Took Monte Cassino Author Majdalany begins with a history of the monastery at the top of Monte Cassino. The Benedictines put it there not only for religious purposes, but also because they realized that…

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Not Only ENIGMA: Many Polish WWII Espionage Achievements. Stirling


Intelligence Co-operation between Poland and Great Britain during World War II: The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee Volume 1, by Tessa Stirling (Editor). 2005

The Many Polish Espionage Successes in WWII. Poland's Reward? Betrayal The average reader not have imagined half of the information contained in this first…

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Katyn Aerial Photography Alone Debunks Russian Apologists. Fox


God's Eye: Aerial Photography and the Katyn Forest Massacre, by Frank Fox. 1999

Aerial Photography Alone Debunks the Soviet Blame-Shifting to Germans. Jewish Victims of Katyn This work honors the work of Polish-American photo-interpreter Waclaw Godziemba-Maliszewski, whose painstaking work was exploited by others without proper attribution or credit. Aerial…

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Katyn: A Detailed American’s Analysis. The Sikorski “Accident”. Paul


Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Triumph of Truth, by Allen Paul. 2010

Katyn Was Genocide. The Sikorski Airplane “Accident”. Kresy Misconceptions Need Correction Allen Paul not only discusses the genocidal Katyn massacre itself in considerable detail, but also gives a thorough review of Polish history in WWII and the…

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General Sikorski Murdered British Coverup. Continued Obstruction of Justice. Piekalkiewicz


Secret agents, spies & saboteurs: secret missions of the Second World War, by Janusz Piekalkiewicz. 1969

The Probable Murder of General Sikorski (and Ongoing British Obstruction of Justice). A Captured German V2 Rocket--A Spectacular Polish Intelligence Coup This work consists of numerous, separate chapters, each of which describes a…

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ARMIA KRAJOWA Well Paid: A Jan T. Gross Myth. Szymanski


Warsaw Aflame, by Leszek Szymanski. 1973

Unfolding Polokaust. Polish Guerrilla Achievements. ARMIA KRAJOWA Well-Paid Debunked Of the authors, Tadeusz Bielecki was a participant in the Home Army (Armia Krajowa; AK or A.K.). This work provides a year-by-year chronology of events, with special attention devoted to besieged Warsaw in the…

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ARMIA KRAJOWA: Why Few Jews. Polish Jew-Killing From Jewish Banditry. Hilberg


Perpetrators Victims Bystanders: The Jewish Catastrophe 1933-1945, by Raul Hilberg. 1900

Polish Blue Police Not Collaborationist. Why Few Jews in ARMIA KRAJOWA. Holocaust "Church Silence" Myth Raul Hilberg has written a generally balanced and thoughtful account. The only obvious shortcoming of this book is his over-reliance on tendentious sources…

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ARMIA KRAJOWA: Why Few Jews. Jewish Properties Easily Recovered by Owners. Zuker


Liliana's Journal: Warsaw 1939-1945, by Liliana Zuker-Bujanowska.

Why Jews Seldom Accepted Into AK (ARMIA KRAJOWA). Re-Acquisition of Jewish Property After the War In common with countless Jewish and Polish eyewitnesses, the author describes the indiscriminate bombing and strafing of defenseless Polish civilians, by the Luftwaffe, during the German-Soviet conquest…

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AntiSemitism Anders Army Bogus. Davies

Trail of Hope, by Norman Davies. 2015

Outstanding Mini-Encyclopedia on Polish KRESY Deportees. Holocaust-Related Statements on Poland Countered By way of introduction, author and British historian Norman Davies has written fairly about Poland before, and has gotten in academic trouble for it. See my review of his GOD'S PLAYGROUND. -----…

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AntiSemitism Anders Army Bogus. Stalin Called Jews “Poor Soldiers”, Not Anders. Kot


Conversations With the Kremlin and Dispatches From Russia, by Stanislaw Kot. 1963

Polish General Wladyslaw Anders Did NOT Say That “Jews are Poor Soldiers”. Stalin Did. Katyn Crime Begins to Emerge Nazi Germany had suddenly attacked her erstwhile Soviet ally in 1941, though both had jointly conquered Poland in…

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AntiSemitism Anders Army Bogus. Zydokomuna Candor. Sarner


Anders and the Soldiers of the Second Polish Corps, by Harvey Sarner. 1998

Jewish Author Debunks Polonophobic Falsehoods of Significant Anti-Semitism in General Anders Army Very rarely have I encountered an author as this one, who makes every effort to be scrupulously objective, especially in often emotionally-charged issues. Author…

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AntiSemitism Anders Army Irony. Mass Jewish Desertion. Zamorski


Telling the Truth in Secret: The Story of Two Polish Army Research Units, by Kazimierz Zamorski. 1994

The Soviet “Amnesty” of the 1939-1941 Polish Deportees in the USSR. For Some Jews, Nothing Could Shake Their Pro-Communist Orientation In 1941, Nazi Germany suddenly turned against its erstwhile Soviet Communist ally.…

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1939 War Myths: On To Berlin Slogan Clarified. British Sell Few Weapons To Poland. Read


The Deadly Embrace: Hitler, Stalin and the Nazi-Soviet Pact, 1939-1941, by Anthony Read, David Fisher. 1989

“Poles to Take Berlin” Was Political Posturing: Hitler Did It Too. British Emboldened Hitler By Showing, Long Before WWII, That Their Military Promises to Poland Were Not Serious This work is loaded with…

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1939 War Myths: Polish Air Force Destroyed First Days. Bekker


The Luftwaffe War Diaries: The German Air Force in World War II, by Cajus Bekker, Frank H. Ziegler (Translator), Paul Deichmann (Designed by). 1994

German Scholar Debunks the Canard of the Polish Air Force Destroyed, Largely on the Ground, in the First Two Days of the 1939 War Other…

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1939 War Myths: Polish Air Force Destroyed First Days. French Eat Crow. Knoblock


With Great Sacrifice and Bravery..., by Glenn A. Knoblock. 2008

The 1939 War Canard of the Polish Air Force Destroyed on the Ground. The French Have to Eat Their Words After They Had Run-Down Poland Contrary to the myth of the Polish Air Force (PAF) being largely destroyed on…

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1939 War Poland Betrayed: German General Manstein Condemns


Lost Victories: The War Memoirs of Hitler's Most Brilliant General, by Erich von Manstein, B.H. Liddell Hart (Foreword by), Martin Blumenson (Introduction). 2004

The 1939 German Conquest of Poland, and the West’s Unexpected Betrayal. The German Enemy Showed More Respect For Poland Than Did the French and British Allies.…

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1939 Govt Evacuation Was Preplanned. Warsaw Uprising Futility Rebuttal. Peszke


The Polish Underground Army, the Western Allies, and the Failure of Strategic Unity in World War II, by Michael Alfred Peszke, Piotr Stefan Wandycz (Foreword). 2009

1939 Polish Government Abdication Was Planned (Not Chaos), and It Remotely Ordered the Surrender of Warsaw. Stop Quibbling About the Wisdom of the…

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1939 War Myths: France and England Couldn’t Help. Jodl


Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal Volume 15, by International Military Tribunal. 1949, 2010

None Other Than Top Nazi Alfred Jodl Testifies About the Reality and Crucial Significance of the French and British Betrayal of 1939 Poland This volume consists largely of interviews of…

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1939 War Myths: Jews Mistreated. Bryan


The Colors of War: The Siege of Warsaw in Julien Bryan's Color Photographs, by Julien Bryans (Photographs). 2012

An American Eyewitness to the 1939 German Terror Bombing and Strafing. Poles Mistreating Jews a Falsehood This book, published in 1940, has inestimable historical value. It includes a large collection of…

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1939 War Myths: The Polish-Imagined German Fifth Column. Polish Ministry…


The German Fifth Column in Poland, by Polish Ministry of Information, Aleksandra Rohde (Editor). 1941

The Undeniable Military Significance of the German Fifth Column in 1939 Poland This small 1941 book is packed with facts: POLAND'S GERMAN MINORITY (LIKE POLAND'S JEWISH MINORITY) HAD FALSELY WHINED ABOUT HOW BAD THEY…

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1939 War Myths: The Polish-Imagined German Fifth Column. Langer


The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt, by Rulka Langer. 2009

Insights into the 1939 Siege of Warsaw, the Early German Occupation of Conquered Poland, and the Beginnings of the Polokaust I am delighted to see this book back in print (but my review is of the original 1942 edition). It…

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1939 War Myths: Polish “Intransigence”. In Fact, Poland Until Recently Was Praised By Hitler


My New Order, by Adolf Hitler, Raoul De Roussy De Sales (Editor). 1973

A Profusely-Indexed Source on Hitler’s Speeches (1918-1941). 1939 Pretexts For Attacking Poland Were Not Even Internally Consistent Of all the works I have read on the subject of the Fuhrer, this one is the most profusely…

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1939 War: French Eat Their AntiPolish Scorn in 1940. Kurcz


The Black Brigade, by F. S. Kurcz. 1943

French Scorn of Poland, and Then French Just Deserts. Polish Army Combat Action in 1939 Poland and 1940 France This book on the 1939 campaign is unusual in a number of respects. First of all, it describes the war against the…

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1939 War: German General Credits Poles. Nazi-Soviet Pact a Real Alliance. Guderian

Panzer Leader, by Heinz Guderian, B.H. Liddell Hart (Foreword by), Kenneth John Macksey (Introduction). 1951, 2001

Nazi-Soviet Alliance Was Real. Nazi German General Gives Credit to Poles. Warsaw Uprising Betrayed. Hitler 1944 Bomb Plot Had No Chance of Success This book touches on several important issues, which I discuss: THE…

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1939 War Myths: Bydgoszcz Polish Massacre of Innocent Germans. Serwanski


Dywersja Niemiecka i Zbrodnie Hitlerowskie w Bydgoszczy..., by Edward Serwanski. 1984

German Fifth Column at Work: September 3, 1939: BLUT SONNTAG (Bloody Sunday) Myth of Polish Massacres of German Civilians. Wehrmacht Murder of 10,000 Poles Title: THE GERMAN FEINT AND HITLERITE CRIMES AT BYDGOSZCZ IN THE LIGHT OF THE…

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1939 War Myths: Polish Cavalry Charging German Tanks. Williamson


Poland Betrayed: The Nazi-Soviet Invasions of 1939, by David G. Williamson. 2009

A New Look at Poland’s 1939 Defensive War against Nazi Germany This comprehensive book discusses such things as the background to WWII, the Poles’ cracking of the ENIGMA Code, Polish alliances and preparations for war, the Polish…

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1939 War Myths: Polish Cavalry Charging German Tanks. Zaloga


Poland 1939: The birth of Blitzkrieg, by Steven J. Zaloga, Ramiro Bujeiro (Illustrator), Howard Gerrard (Illustrator). 2002

Poland's Defense Against Nazi Germany's Aggression, Against Impossible Odds, and Furthermore While Betrayed by Her French and British Allies. The Immortal Polish Cavalry Charging German Tanks Canard There are several good reviews…

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1939 Defeat: Not Only Jews Blamed. Cynk


History of the Polish Air Force, 1918-1968, by Jerzy B Cynk. 1972

An Encyclopedic Analysis of the Polish Air Force. 1939 Myths Debunked. Not Only Jews Were Blamed for Poland's Defeat in 1939 This comprehensive work is based on many sources, notably the archived Polish information in England. Polish…

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1939 Defeat Rapidity Jewish Role Possible. Melzer


No Way Out: The Politics of Polish Jewry 1935-1939, by Emanuel Melzer. 1997

Were Jews Partly To Blame For Poland's Rapid Defeat in 1939? Zydokomuna Not Marginal. SCHECHITA Law. Good Detail: Numerus Clausus at Polish Universities The author surveys Polish-Jewish relations in pre-WWII Poland that had following the…

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