Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Poland Complicit in Holocaust? No!

Polish Blue Police Not Collaborationist Frydel

Collaboration in Eastern Europe during the Second World War and the Holocaust, by Peter Black et al. (eds.). 2019

No Polish Complicity in the Holocaust: The POLICJA GRANATOWA (“Polish” Blue Police) My review is limited to two articles by Tomasz Frydel, beginning with: Ordinary Men? The Polish Police and the…

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Polish “Jews Getting Burned Like Bugs” Used By Poles on Themselves! Jewish Collaborators Deadly. Cyprys


A Jump for Life: A Survivor's Journal from Nazi Occupied Poland, by Ruth Altbeker Cyprys. 1946, 1997

The “Poles Rejoiced at Jewish Deaths” Myth: The Much-Misrepresented “Jews Are Getting Burned Like Bugs” Remark, During the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Then Applied By Poles To Themselves in THEIR Uprising (1944)! Originally…

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Polish Rejoicing at Jewish Deaths a Myth Ehrenburg


The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry, by Ilya Ehrenburg, Vasily Grossman. 1980, 2003

The Myth of Poles Mixing Up Polish and Jewish Deaths. Jedwabne Unclear. Non-Cheering of Jewish Deaths. Substantial Polish Aid to Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This book provides considerable detail on the German murders of Jews in…

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No Polish Quisling Because Poles Unworthy Fallacy Kay

Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front, by Alex J. Kay. 2014

Post-Barbarossa Genocides. The Term Holocaust Politicized. The Fallacy of "No Polish Quisling Because The Germans Thought Poles Too Low To Deserve One" This work takes the position that Hitler’s invasion of the USSR was doomed from the start. Within…

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Polish Rejoicing at Jewish Deaths During Warsaw Ghetto Uprising a Myth Borowiec


Destroy Warsaw!: Hitler's Punishment, Stalin's Revenge, by Andrew Borowiec. 2001

The Myth of Poles Cheering at Jewish Deaths During the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising One especially valuable aspect of this book is its detailed introduction to the beginnings of the Polish Underground. Concrete Polish guerrilla strategy was planned even before…

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Jewish Survivorship Unrelated to Locals’ AntiSemitism Snyder

Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning, by Timothy Snyder. 2016

AntiSemitism Irrelevant to How Many Jews Survived the Nazis. Has Orwellian-Unperson Historians, and Major Distortions and Omissions of Important Facts on Jedwabne, Nazi Collaboration, Exclusive Jewish Innocence, and 1938 Teschen/Cieszyn The informed reader, familiar with Holocaust-related works, will…

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Occasional Polish Collaboration Perhaps But No Polish SS Stein


Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-1945, by George H. Stein. 1984

Guess Which Major German-Ruled European Nation Had No SS Units. Give Up? It’s Those Leftmedia-Maligned “Fascist” Poles Probably the most eye-opening contribution of this scholarly and comprehensive book is the list of non-German nationalities represented in…

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Polish Collaboration Sporadic Ezergailis

The Holocaust in Latvia, by Andrew Ezergailis. 1997

German Guilt Diffusion: The Nazi and Soviet (Now Jewish) Blame-the-Locals Holocaust Tactic. So Germanless Holocaust. Implications for Jedwabne. No Organized Polish Collaboration in the Holocaust Author Andrew Ezergailis is a Holocaust scholar. My review is limited to the implications of Ezergailis’s findings…

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Polish Collaboration Very Rare Holocaust Supremacism in Action Polonsky

New Directions in the History of the Jews in the Polish Lands, by Antony Polonsky (ed.) 2018

No Significant Polish Collaboration With the Nazis. The Rest of the Volume is the Standard Judeocentric Narrative on Jews and Poles This volume is hardly “new directions” as advertised, but does have a…

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Polish Blue Police Not Collaborationist Friedman

Martyrs and Fighters, by Filip Friedman.1954

The Peripheral Role of the Polish Blue Police in the Suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This book cites numerous sources published soon after the war. Commonly-available ones, notably those of Marek Edelman, Yitzhak Zuckerman, Bernard Goldstein, and Emmanuel Ringelblum, were or are to…

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Polish Blue Police POLICJA GRANATOWA Not Collaborationist Hempel


Pogrobowcy Kleski, by Adam Hempel. 1990

The Polish Police, Under the Nazi German Occupation, Were Not a Collaborationist Force The 40,000-strong (p. 23) Polish Police (hereafter PP) acquired the appellation Blue Police (POLICJA GRANATOWA) from the color of its uniforms, and primarily from the partly-justified taint of collaborationism. PASSIVE…

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Polish Blue Police Not Collaborationist Pinkus


The House of Ashes, by Oscar Pinkus. 1990

As at Warsaw, THE Polish Blue Police (POLICJA GRANATOWA), at Losice, Was Not Trusted By the Germans for Collaborationist Purposes Against Jews Oskar Pinkus is a Polish Jew who lived in Losice, located 85 miles east of Warsaw and 10 miles…

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Polish Collaboration an Excellent Introduction Piotrowski

Poland's Holocaust: Ethnic Strife, Collaboration With Occupying Forces, and Genocide in the Second Republic, 1918-1947, by Tadeusz Piotrowski. 1997

A Solid, Objective Introduction to the Second Polish Republic (1918-1939), and to WWII Collaboration By All Nationalities. Polish-Jewish Relations: In 20 Years Nothing Has Changed This book, now written over twenty…

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Polish Collaboration Driven By German Tortures Przesmycki


The Sold Out Dream: Memoirs of a Polish Freedom Fighter, by Julius F Przesmycki. 1991

The 1939 War, Zydokomuna Enmity, Radio-Hiding (vs. Jew-Hiding), Polish Nazi Collaboration By Poles Broken By German Tortures, A.K. Guerrilla Combat, Permanent-Exile Status, etc. The title of this comprehensive English-language book refers to the selling…

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Polish Collaboration Like That of Jews. The Psychology Behind It. Gondek

Polska Karząca 1939-1945: Polski podziemny wymiar sprawiedliwości w okresie okupacji niemieckiej, by Leszek Gondek. 1988

The Psychology of Collaboration (Like Poles Like Jews): Seeking Power in the Face of Powerlessness. Doesn't Forget That Polish Blackmailers of Jews Also Blackmailed Poles.

PUNITIVE POLAND 1939-1945 is the title of this Polish-language book.…

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Poles Were AntiNazi But AntiSemitic Like Jews Were AntiNazi But AntiPolish. Haar


German Scholars and Ethnic Cleansing, 1919-1945, by Ingo Haar (Editor). 2005

Poles Anti-Nazi Yet Anti-Semitic? Big Deal. Jews Anti-Nazi Yet Anti-Polish. Endeks Not Nazis or Fascists. Operation Zamosc. No Valid Nazi/German Dualism Consider some salient facts: A POLE CAN BE ANTI-NAZI AND STILL ANTISEMITIC. SO WHAT? A GERMAN JEW…

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NSZ. Jew Killing WWII By Poles–When Real–Was Justified. Forged Communist Documents. Zebrowski

Narodowe Sily Zbrojne: Dokumenty, Struktury, Personalia (3 Volumes), by Leszek Zebrowski. 1994

  The Polish Underground NSZ--Dealing With Communist and Jewish Propaganda This Polish-language book, NATIONAL ARMED FORCES, focuses mainly on the SN (Stronnictwo Narodowe--NATIONAL PARTY) and its guerrilla-arm NSZ, whose positions overlap those of the ONR, as elaborated in…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Only Jews Matter Levine


Fugitives of the Forest: The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War, by Allan Levine. 2008

ARMIA KRAJOWA (A. K.) Killing Jews: Better Than Most Jewish Authors, But With a Frankly “Only Jewish Lives Matter” Approach Other reviews already inform the reader about the…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Warsaw ’44 Myth Zebrowski

Paszkwil Wyborczej, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2013

Michal Cichy Unmasked: False Accusations of Poles Killing Jews During the Soviet-Betrayed 1944 Warsaw Uprising THE SLANDER BY GAZETA WYBORCZA is the title of this Polish-language work. This work is a sequel to the author's 1995 work of the same title, Paszkwil Wyborczej. This…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified By German Terror Meed


On Both Sides of the Wall, by Vladka Meed, Feigele Peltel Miedzyrzecki, Steven Meed (Translator), Elie Wiesel (Introduction). 1999

When Poles Were Justified in Denouncing or Killing Fugitive Jews: It’s Either My Life (a Pole) or Your Life (a Jew). Otherwise, is the Life of a Jew More…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified. Jewish Passivity. Sakowicz


Ponary Diary, 1941 - 1943: A Bystander's Account Of A Mass Murder, by Kazimierz Sakowicz, Yitzhak Arad, Laurence Weinbaum (Translator). 2005

Jedwabne Nonmention Doesn't Absolve the Germans. Polish Killings of Fugitive Jews Well Justified. Jews Betray Other Jews The diary of the Pole, Kazimierz Sakowicz, is unique in that…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Repeats Nazi Propaganda. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Donat


The Holocaust Kingdom, by Alexander Donat. 1978

Modern Jew-Killing Accusations Against Poles a Repetition of Nazi Propaganda. Looting and Grave Robbery Done By Jews as Well as Poles Alexander Donat recounts his experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (notably the role of the Z.Z.W.; pp. 107-108…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Not By Underground Glazar


Trap with a Green Fence: Survival in Treblinka, by Richard Glazar, Roslyn Theobald (Translator), Wolfgang Benz (Foreword). 1995

Jew-Killing Done By Bandits, Not the Polish Underground. Polonophobic Jewish Preconceptions Limited Jews Saved (But Nowadays Only Poles Get Blamed For It) Richard Glazer, a Czech Jew, mentions his life in…

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NSZ. Jew Killing WWII By Poles Contextualized. Women Saved From Fiery Death. Zebrowski

Brygada Swietokrzyska NSZ w Fotografiach i Dokomentach. 2017

A Polish NSZ Guerrilla Brigade Fights the Germans, Traverses Czechoslovakia, and Frees Women About to Be Burned Alive By the Germans at a Concentration Camp (Holyszow)


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Grabowski JUDENJAGD Wanton-Jew-Killing Debunked Frydel

The Holocaust and European Societies, by Frank Bajohr and Andrea Low (eds.) 2016

  The German-Terror Object Lesson at Podborze: The REAL Reason That Poles Started Killing Jews My review is limited to the eye-opening chapter Tomasz Frydel, titled “The PAZIFIZIERUNGSAKTION as a Catalyst of Anti-Jewish Violence. A Study of…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Because Jews Denounced Polish Rescuers. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Tushnet


To Die With Honor: The Uprising of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, by Leonard Tushnet. 1965

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis. Substantial Polish Aid Recognized. Rescued Jews Denounced Polish Rescuers This book touches on several issues that are relevant to Polish-Jewish relations, and I discuss some of them: CAPTURED…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Demystified in Detail DEFINITIVE WORK Frydel

Microhistories of the Holocaust, by Claire Zalc and Tal Bruttmann (eds.) 2018

  Direct, Very-Specific German Terror, and Not "Polish Anti-Semitism" is What Induced Poles to Denounce or Kill Fugitive Jews My review is limited to Tomasz Frydel and his chapter: “The ‘Hunt for the Jews’ as a Social Process,…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Frivolous Accusations Example Donat


The Death Camp Treblinka, by Alexander Donat. 1988

Frivolous Jew-Killing Accusations Against Poles. Jews, and Not Only Poles, Blackmailed Jews This book is a compilation of six eyewitness accounts from Treblinka escapees, an English translation of Rachel Auerbach's investigation, and description of the 1960's trails of Treblinka Nazis in…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified Because of Banditry Klukowski

Diary From the Years of Occupation, 1939-1944, by Zygmunt Klukowski. 1959, 1993.

Corrected Misquotes of Jan T. Gross and Jan Grabowski. Poles Started Killing Jews in Order to Protect Themselves From Jewish Banditry. Otherwise, Some Poles Denounced and Killed Fugitive Jews Just Like They Denounced or Killed Other Poles This…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified. Other Jew-Killing Stories Are Farfetched. Kuperhand


Shadows of Treblinka, by Miriam Kuperhand, Saul Kuperhand. 1998

Polish Killings of Fugitive Jews Were Justified. Zydokomuna "Fear of Nazis" Excuse Doesn't Hold This account of Treblinka escapees Miriam and Saul Kuperhand (hereafter MK and SK), contains seldom-told ancillary details about Polish-Jewish relations during the German-made Holocaust. THE ZYDOKOMUNA:…

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NSZ. Dealing With Collaborators. Jew Killing WWII By Poles: Why Children Were Sometimes Killed. Kolacinski

Miedzy Mlotem a Swastyka, by Wladyslaw Kolacinski "Zbik". 1961, 2018

INSTRUCTIVE! Why Polish Guerrillas Were, in Rare Circumstances, Forced to Kill Innocent Relatives of Collaborators [Including Potentially Jewish Ones]. NSZ Combat Against the Nazi German Occupant and the Communist GL-AL Bands and Their " Revolutionary Banditry"


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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Bogus Order Blamed on AK Leader Bor Komorowski


The Secret Army, by Tadeusz Bór Komorowski. 1951, 1984

The Falsehood of Commander Bor Komorowski Giving an Order For Poles to Kill Fugitive Jews. The Soviet-Betrayed Warsaw Uprising Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski was, after the capture of Grot Rowecki by the Germans, the head of the entire AK (ARMIA KRAJOWA) Underground…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Contextualized. AntiSemitism Accusations Double Standard. Appleman


Alicia, by Alicia Appleman-Jurman. 1989

Wartime Looting Universal. Jew Killings From Protection of Homesteads. Double Standard on anti-Semitism. Canned Polonophobic Memes Alicia was born in Buczacz, Tarnopol area, eastern Galicia. While growing up, she did not classify her friends as Jews or gentiles. Her family did not experience anti-Semitism…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Contextualized. General “Grot” Captured. Williamson


The Polish Underground 1939-1947, by David G. Williamson. 2012

Finally! Polish Denunciations and Killings of Fugitive Jews are Contextualized. No Death Penalty Fear Double Standard. Comparing Danish and Polish Rescuers is Ridiculous This single volume covers major developments and actions of the Polish Underground State, largely from a British…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Exaggerated Hirschfeld


The Policies Of Genocide: Jews And Soviet Prisoners Of War In Nazi Germany, by Gerhard Hirschfeld. 2014

Counterintuitively-High Survival Rates of Treblinka Escapees in German-Occupied Poland This book is primarily about the EINSATZGRUPPEN shootings of Jews and Russians in the wake of Operation Barbarossa. However, there is something else…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Nixed Paulsson


Secret City: The Hidden Jews of Warsaw, 1940-1945, by Gunnar S. Paulsson. 2003

Upends the Media Narrative of 10% Jew-Escape Rates--The Foundation of the Fantastic "200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed by Poles”. Fact: No Consensus on Fugitive-Jew Escape Rates From Even the Best-Studied Large Concentration of Jews—the Warsaw Ghetto--Let Alone…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Declared and Promoted By Grabowski


Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland, by Jan Grabowski. 2013

Anti-Polish Hatchet Job Makes Mountains Out of Molehills. Ignores Wartime Context. "200,000 Jews Killed By Poles" Voodoo Numbers UPDATE (Nov. 2017). A new scholarly book soundly debunks the "Polish Complicity in the Holocaust" canard. See…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Source Datner


Las Sprawiedliwych, by Szymon Datner. 1968

These Completely-Misquoted Works Are the Ultimate Origin of the Fake News That Poles Killed 150,000 or 200,000 Fugitive Jews During WWII (LAS SPRAWIEDLIWYCH. Title in English: The Forest of the Righteous--is an allusion to the then-new Yad Vashem). Author and Holocaust scholar Szymon…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Spun. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Ringelblum


Polish-Jewish Relations During the Second World War, by Emmanuel Ringelblum, Joseph Kermish (Editor), Yad Vashem (Editor), Shmuel Krakowski (Editor), Dafna Allon (Translation), Danuta Dąbrowska (Translation), Dana Keren (Translation). 1992

Jew Killing By Poles: Has Voodoo Numbers That Have Since Been Exploited By Those Who Attack Poland Today The main…

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NSZ. Jew Killing WWII By Poles, By AK and NSZ, Mostly a Myth Tec


In the Lion's Den: The Life of Oswald Rufeisen, by Nechama Tec. 1990

Rejecting the Accusation That the ARMIA KRAJOWA (AK) and the NARODOWE SILY ZBROJNE (NSZ) Commonly Killed Fugitive and Postwar Jews, and Without Reason This book contains a number of items of lasting relevance. For example: POLISH…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles AK and NSZ: The Factor of Faulty Information. Willenberg

Surviving Treblinka, by Samuel Willenberg. 1989

Polish Killing of Fugitive Jews Potentially Driven By Faulty Intelligence Samuel Willenberg is one of the few Jews who escaped from the Treblinka death camp. He provides gruesome details of what took place there. About 870,000 Jews were gassed or shot. The bodies were…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles in the Context of Postwar Lawlessness Klukowski


Red Shadow: A Physician's Memoir of the Soviet Occupation of Eastern Poland, 1944-1956, by Zygmunt Klukowski, Andrew Klukowski (Editor), George Klukowski (Translator). 1997

Extensive Postwar Looting and Sporadic Killings All Around, Not Something That "Poles Did to Jews" That Had Survived the Holocaust This work is a natural sequel…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles Explained. In-Your-Face Zydokomuna. Kaminski

Reflections On The Kielce Pogrom, by Łukasz Kamiński. 2006

Poland' s Holocaust-Surviving Jews Publicly Backed Soviet-Imposed Communism in a Very Overt Manner. Postwar Jew-Killings By Poles Contextualized This book is of variable quality: Hence the 3-star rating. Unfortunately, none of the authors attempt to come to grips with the manifold…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Arbitrary Figure Zimmerman

Contested Memories: Poles and Jews During the Holocaust and Its Aftermath, by Joshua D. Zimmerman et al. 2003

Pick Your Arbitrary Numerical Figure of Fugitive Jews in German-Occupied Poland: 300,000? 200,000? Or Maybe 100,000 (Or Less)? So How Many of These Imagined Jews Were Killed or Denounced by Poles? Most…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Nixed Berendt

Zydowski Uciekinierzy i Tulacze w Okupowanej Polsce, by Grzegorz Berendt. 2017

Noted Historian Debunks the Media-Promoted Falsehood of 200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles in WWII Accusations of Poles killing 200,000 Polish Jews were popularized by Jan Grabowski in his media-touted JUDENJAGD (Hunt for the Jews). They also have been…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Nixed Gutman


Unequal Victims: Poles And Jews During World War Two, by Israel Gutman, Shmuel Krakowski

Inadvertently But Soundly Discredits Jan T. Gross’ and Jan Grabowski “200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles” Fantastic Numbers Szmuel Krakowski had been a long-term Jewish Communist functionary in Soviet-ruled Poland. Most of this book consists…

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Jew Killing Post-WWII: Jews Also Kill Jews. Unreliability of Holocaust Survivor Testimony. Lubling


Twice-Dead: Moshe Y. Lubling, the Ethics of Memory, and the Treblinka Revolt, by Yoram Lubling. 2007

Not Only Poles Sometimes Killed Holocaust-Surviving Jews: Jews Also Sometimes Killed Holocaust-Surviving Jews. We Never Hear About That Yoram Lubling is the son of Holocaust-survivor Pinchas Lubling and the grandson of Treblinka-revolt leader…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles Contextualized. Nazi-Soviet 1939-1941 Alliance Was Real. Applebaum


Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956, by Anne Applebaum. 2012

Atypical Jewish Fairness to Poles on the Question of Postwar Killings of Jews By Poles Applebaum examines many different matters related to the imposition of Communism: the wartime devastation, Yalta, religion, culture, and much more. THE NAZI-COMMUNIST…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles Parczew Pogrom Full Story Bechta

Pogrom Czy Odwet? by Mariusz Bechta. 2014

  The ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI in Action. The Truth About the So-Called Parczew Pogrom in Post-WWII Poland. Fighting the Communists and the Jews That Served Them POGROM OR REPRISAL? is the title of this scholarly, Polish-language work. This work is timely. The LEWACTWO and…

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Jew Killing BOMBSHELL Why Jews ASSUME Pogroms Grubsztein


Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust, by Meir Grubsztein (Editor). 1971

BOMBSHELL: Why Jews Are Quick to Assume Pogroms. Polokaust To Destroy Polish Population. Polish Aid to Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Was Sincere and Substantial This book, based on a conference in 1968 and published back in 1971, clarifies much anti-Polonism.…

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Engelking and Grabowski Polish Jew Killing Debunked DEFINITIVE WORK Domanski

Korekta Obrazu? by Tomasz Domanski. 2019

The Nazi German Occupation of Poland as It Really Was: A Brilliant and Long-Overdue Scholarly Expose of the Falsehoods of Grabowski, Engelking, and Other Media-Touted Poland-Bashing “Authorities” A CORRECTION TO THE NARRATIVE? is the title of this research work. It systematically examines and deconstructs…

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Holocaust Blame Now It’s The Turn For American Jews Schreiber


Explaining the Holocaust: How and Why It Happened, by Mordecai Schreiber, Mordecai Paldiel (Introduction). 2015

A Strong Indictment of Diaspora Jews and Their Indifference to Jews Dying During the Holocaust Author Mordecai Schreiber is a rabbi. His book raises many topics, including the fact that the Jews of the…

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Grabowski JUDENJAGD Debunked in Detail Musial

Krwawe Upiory, by Adam Kazimierz Musial. 1993

A Superb, Detailed, and Objective WWII History of Dabrowa Tarnowska County is Head and Shoulders Better Than JUDENJAGD (by Jan Grabowski) THE BLOODY GHOSTS is the title of this Polish-language book. The geographic setting of this work is the same as that of…

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DALEJ JEST NOC Jew Killing Pole Accusations Debunked Gontarczyk

Czy Bracia Hryc Byli Polskimi Mordercy Zydow?, by Piotr Gontarczyk. 2018

Bogus Accusations of Poles Killing Jews: On the Misuse of Archival Data Barbara Engelking WERE THE HRYC BROTHERS POLISH MURDERERS OF JEWS? is the title of this Polish-language investigation Piotr Gontarczyk, a Polish historian. He addresses Barbara Engelking and…

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DALEJ JEST NOC Jew Killing Pole Accusations Debunked Muszynski Gontarczyk


Miedzy Nauka a Mystifikacje by Jerzy Muszynski (ed.)  2019. Glaukopis Nr 36

  A Brilliant Scholarly Expose, Using Archival Information, of the Distortions and Fake News of the Media-Promoted Holocaust Writers Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking My review is limited to the aptly-named BETWEEN SCHOLARSHIP AND MYSTIFICATIONS section of…

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Complicity in Holocaust By Poland Debunked Browning


Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland, by Christopher R. Browning. 1993

Scholarly Work Effectively Refutes the Media “Polish Complicity in the Holocaust” Spin and the Widely-Mischaracterized New Polish Law Although this book was now written many years ago, it is very timely in…

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Betrayers Poles Chose Collaboration Over Death Pattinson


War in a Twilight World: Partisan and Anti-partisan Warfare in Eastern Europe, 1939-45, by Juliette Pattinson. 2010

Poles Collaborating With the Germans Had Usually Been Broken By Gestapo Tortures, and Then Been Given the Choiceless Choice Between Death or Collaboration With the Nazis This book examines three areas of…

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Betrayers Poles Chose Collaboration Over Severe Privations. Dutch Honor Poles. Koskodan


No Greater Ally: The Untold Story of Poland's Forces in World War II, by Kenneth K. Koskodan. 2009

The Much-Unappreciated Polish Military Contribution to the Allied Victory in WWII. Occasional Acts of Polish Collaboration Driven By the Extreme German-Caused Circumstances This is one of the most comprehensive works on…

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Why Number of Jewish Physicians Restricted. Betrayals of Jews By Poles Contextualized. Hirszfeld

The Story of One Life, by Ludwik Hirszfeld. 1946, 2010

Famous Polish Jew Clarifies Why: Jews Self-Isolated, Boycotted, Betrayed; "Greedy" Poles, Jewish Problem Solved, BAUDIENST, POLICJA GRANATOWA Ludwik Hirszfeld (Hirschfeld), who came from an assimilated Jewish family, converted to Catholicism about 1920, out of a love for Poland. (p. 412).…

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Betrayals Poles Also Blackmailed and Betrayed Poles. Paid Polish Rescuers Not Greedy. Reicher


Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland, 1939-1945, by Edward Reicher, Magda Bogin, Elisabeth Bizouard-Reicher. 2013

In the Lodz and Warsaw Ghettos. Polish Betrayers Blackmailed Not Only Jews But Also Poles. Debunking the Polonophobic Holocaust Myth of the Antisemitic Greedy Paid Polish Rescuer of Jews This work includes…

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Betrayals. Even Polish Noncompliance RE Jews Incurs German Death Penalty. Kulski


The Color of Courage: A Boy at War: The World War II Diary of Julian Kulski, by Julian E. Kulski. 2014

Failure to Denounce Fugitive Jews Alone Incurred German Death Penalty. Paid Polish Guerrilla Jan T. Gross Myth. Black Market Risk. Church “Silence” on Holocaust Julian E. Kulski (born…

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Betrayers Liquidation VERY Difficult. Guerrilla Movements NOT All the Same. Bukalska


Years of Turmoil: From Early Years in Lodz through the Ghetto, the Underground, and the Warsaw Uprising, to Israel's Wars: A Life, by Patrycja Bukalska, Stanislaw Aronson. 2010

The Grave Difficulties of Identifying and Liquidating Nazi Collaborators: The Definitive Work. A. K. Guerillas Were Not Bandits Stanislaw Aronson ("Staszek",…

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Betrayers Liquidation VERY Difficult. Jewish Banditry Provokes Jew-Killings. Iranek Osmecki


He Who Saves One Life, by Kazimierz Iranek-Osmecki. 1971

Betrayals of Jews Hard to Stop. Jew-Killing Because of Banditry Although this book was published nearly 50 years ago, its information is timely because the same tired accusations against Poles, answered in this book, keep being repeated to this day.…

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Polish Betrayer Could Also Be a Benefactor. At Individual Level, Poles and Jews Equal Victims. Zylberberg


A Warsaw Diary, by Michael Zylberberg. 2005

Betrayers of Fugitive Jews: Not Black and White. There Also Were Jewish Denouncers The author lived in the Warsaw Ghetto, described in detail his experiences with Janusz Korczak, and then escaped from the Ghetto and benefited from a series of Polish benefactors…

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Betrayals Jews By Polish Children Reason Hanson


The Civilian Population and the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, by Joanna K. M. Hanson. 2004

Poles (Including Children) Betrayed Fugitive Jews Out of the Demoralization Caused By German Brutality During WWII, Poland suffered proportionately the greatest losses in life among all nations--at a rate of 220 per 1,000 inhabitants…

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Betrayals Not Needed For Nazis To Find Jews. Polish Rescuers Ashamed Myth. Berenstein


Assistance to the Jews in Poland, by Tatiana Berenstein. 1963

Individual AND Collective Polish Aid to Jews. The Myth of Poles Subsuming Jewish Deaths as "Polish Citizen Losses". No Betrayers Needed By Germans to Find Fugitive Jews! This book, published in 1963, describes the Nazi German persecution of the…

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Betrayals Not Needed For Nazis To Find Jews. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Burakowski


Hidden Gold: A True Story of the Holocaust, by Ella Burakowski. 2015

The Myth of the Greedy Paid Polish Rescuer. Jewish Nazi Collaboration. Betrayer-Less German Arrests of Fugitive Jews. German-Imposed Death Penalty Decisive Author Ella Burakowski, born long after the war, is the daughter of Shoshana and her sister…

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Betrayals of Jews By Poles Bogus As Quoted By Grabowski. Not Even About Jews! Kubalski


Niemcy W Krakowie: Dziennik 1.IX.1939-18.I.1945, by Edward Kubalski, Jan Grabowski, and Zbigniew R. Grabowski. 2010

Has a Diary Entry Misused by Jan Grabowski, in His JUDENJAGD, To Demonize Endeks and To Falsely Accuse Poles of Denouncing Fugitive Jews Edward Kubalski was a long-term secretary to the Krakow magistrate. During…

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Betrayals Jews By Poles Bogus Accusation By Engelking

"Szanowny Panie Gistapo", by Barbara Engelking. 2003

Denunciations of Polish Citizens Other Polish Citizens BEFORE the German-Made Holocaust. Used Misleadingly By Jan Grabowski in His JUDENJAGD DEAR MR. GESTIPO [GESTAPO] is the title of this Polish-language book. It features some surviving anonymous denunciation letters written to the Gestapo, from 1940-1941,…

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Betrayals of Jews By Poles Encouraged By Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Lazar Litai


Muranowska 7: Warsaw Ghetto Rising, by Chaim Lazar Litai. 1970

Jewish Nazi Collaboration Bred Polish Betrayals of Jews. So Did the Draconian German Terror The author provides background to the Betar movement, and praises Ze'ev Jabotinsky. He thinks that religious and ethical issues had stood in the way of…

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Betrayals Jews By Poles From German Collective Reprisals Sledzinski


Governor Frank's Dark Harvest, by Waclaw Sledinski. 1946

1939 Zydokomuna in Action. Poles Denounced Poles (and Jews) Out of Fear of Collective German Terror-Reprisals Waclaw Sledzinski was an eyewitness to many tragic events which transpired between fall 1939 and spring 1942, after which he escaped to the west. NOT…

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Betrayals Jews By Poles In Ignorance Example Cosby


Quiet Hero, by Rita Cosby. 2010

Polish Unawareness of the German Gassing/Cremation of Jews (Adds to the Nonsense of "Polish Complicity in the Holocaust"); Polish Guerrilla Life; Warsaw Uprising, etc. Instead of repeating other reviewers, I focus on matters of direct historical significance. This is based on the testimony…

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Betrayals Jews By Poles In Ignorance Gat

Not Just Another Holocaust Book, by Eli Gat. 2009

Suppressed Holocaust Survivor Book Challenges Zionist Spin. Poles Betrayed Fugitive Jews in Ignorance The only United States library that owns this book, according to WorldCat, is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library in Washington. D. C. (USHMM), and they refuse…

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Betrayals Jewish and Polish Motives Engelking

Holocaust and Memory, by Barbara Engelking. 2001

Jewish as Well as Polish Denouncers: Various Motives This 2001 book harkens back to a time before author Barbara Engelking had taken a hard turn to the neo-Stalinism of the likes of Jan T. Gross and Jan Grabowski. A CATEGORIZATION OF JEWISH AS…

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Betrayals Jewish More Common Than Polish! Church Indifference to Holocaust Debunked. Bieberstein


Zaglada Zydow W Krakowie, by Aleksander Bieberstein. 1959, 1985

Holocaust Eyewitness: Polish Denouncers of Jews Were Uncommon. Jewish Denouncers Were More Common Than Polish Denouncers! Jan T. Gross Falsehoods Debunked THE DESTRUCTION OF THE JEWS OF KRAKOW. This Polish-language book is a gem. [I thank courageous Polish historian Jerzy…

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Betrayals Jews By Jews and By VOLKSDEUTSCHE Bednarczyk


Zycie Codzienne Warszawskiego Getta, by Tadeusz Bednarczyk. 1995

Do Not Make Sweeping Accusations of Poles Betraying Jews When Many Betrayers Were Jews Themselves and VOLKSDEUTSCHE (Polish-Speaking Germans) EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE WARSAW GHETTO is the title of this Polish-language book. The author grew up with Jews in pre-WWII Poland,…

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Betrayals Jews By Other Jews. Ukrainian Backwardness: Stop Blaming the Poles. Bartov


Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz, by Omer Bartov. 2018

Author Identifies Alleged Ukrainian Backwardness. During the Holocaust, Jews Sometimes Betrayed Other Jews Since most readers likely lack specialized knowledge on Polish-Ukrainian-Jewish relations in the Kresy, I instead focus on a few…

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Betrayals Jews By Poles AND By Jews. Death Penalty Double Standard Rejected. Natan Gross


Who are you Mr. Grymek?, by Natan Gross, William R. Brand. 2001

On Polish Blackmailers (Szmalcowniki) of Jews. Some Semitic-Looking Fugitive Jews Lived Openly Without Threat of Denunciation This autobiographically-centered book focuses on the experiences of Grymek, the false gentile name of Natan Gross, a fugitive Jew in German-occupied…

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Betrayals Jews By Poles AND By Jews. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Schoenfeld


Holocaust Memoirs: Jews in the Lwow Ghetto, the Janowski Concentration Camp, and As Deportees in Siberia, by Joachim Schoenfeld. 1985

1939 Zydokomuna Exculpation Fails. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Not Just Choiceless Choices. Jewish Denouncers as Well as Polish Denouncers. No Finger-Pointing This work covers a lot of experiences, and I…

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Bad Pole Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. German Repentance Insincere. Stangneth


Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer, by Bettina Stangneth, Ruth Martin. 2014

German “Repentance” Forced and Insincere. Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Nazism Anti-Christian and Anti Sexual Morality This work is about much more than Adolf Eichmann. The student of WWII may be astonished by the…

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Bad Pole Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable Wieviorka


The Era of the Witness, by Annette Wieviorka. 2006

Jewish Holocaust Testimonies Unreliable. They Should Be Subject to the Same Skeptical Vetting Process As Are All Other Testimonies This French author, a Holocaust historian, surveys the history of Shoah-related memorial writing, beginning during WWII. This includes Jewish diarists and…

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BAUDIENST Not Polish Nazi Collaborators. Zolnierze Wykleci. Slaski


Żołnierze Wyklęci, by Jerzy Slaski. 1996

BAUDIENST Not a Collaborationist Unit. The ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI ("Cursed Soldiers") in the Light of the Forced Communization of Poland THE CURSED SOLDIERS is the title of this Polish-language book. It emphasizes the Lublin area. [My review is based on the original 1996 printing.]…

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Betrayals By Jews Of Polish Benefactors Pat


Ashes and Fire, by Jacob Pat, Leo Steinberg. 1947

Grave Robbery: Jews By Jews. German-Imposed Death Penalty Drove Both Polish AND Jewish Betrayals of Fugitive Jews. Captured Jews Identified Polish Benefactors, Causing Their Deaths This work (review based on original 1947) edition is helpful in understanding how the Jewish…

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Bad Poles and Good Poles: Like Bad Jews and Good Jews. Magal


From Miracle to Miracle: A Story of Survival, by Alicia Fleissig Magal. 2011

Treats Poles and Jews as Individuals, Not as Members of Groups This short book is written in an unusual format. It involves an adult daughter eventually acquiring an interest in her mother’s experiences, and then, upon…

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Bad Pole From Holocaust Survivor Imagination. Jews Themselves Affirm the “Myth” of Zydokomuna. Walker


Hidden: A Sister and Brother in Nazi Poland, by Fay Walker, Caren Schnur Neile, Leo Rosen. 2002

The Malevolent Pole: Admitted Fugitive Jews’ Imagination. Jews Themselves Affirm Zydokomuna. Canned Fear-of-Nazis Zydokomuna Exculpation Fails The title, unfortunately, has Orwellian Polonophobic connotations. There was no such thing as Nazi Poland. It…

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Bad Pole Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Don’t Assume Malevolence of Poles. Bielawski


The Last Jew From Wegrow: The Memoirs Of A Survivor Of The Step By Step Genocide In Poland, by Shraga Feivel Bielawski, Louis W. Liebovich. 1991

Jewish Economic Privileges in Pre-WWII Poland. Rare Candor About the Danger of Jumping to Blame-Poles Conclusions, Despite the Author's Vindictive Polonophobic Mindset Bielawski…

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Bad Pole Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Jewish Collaboration. Browning


Collected Memories: Holocaust History and Postwar Testimony, by Christopher R. Browning. 2003

Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. It Needs to Be Subject to the Same Vetting Process, For Accuracy, as Is All Other’s Testimony This work contains very timely information. For example: UNCRITICALLY-BELIEVED HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR TESTIMONIES—NOT THE HOLOCAUST DENIERS—ARE THE…

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Bad Pole Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Ignored. Dawidowicz


The Holocaust and the Historians, by Lucy S. Dawidowicz. 1981

No Polish Death Camps. Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Jewish Nazi Collaboration a Legitimate Issue (But To Be Postponed For Another Generation!) THE POLISH DEATH CAMP CANARD REPUDIATED Lucy Dawidowicz comments, (quote) The Germans used Poland as their gigantic laboratory…

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Bad Pole Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable Sereny


Into That Darkness: An Examination of Conscience, by Gitta Sereny. 1983

Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Polokaust to Follow Holocaust. Ukrainians Searched the Countryside for Fugitive Jews, So Don’t Automatically Blame Betrayals on the Poles Consider some interesting information: UNRELIABILITY OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR TESTIMONY—AND THAT OF OTHERS IN WWII Sereny…

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AntiSemitism Polish Doesn’t Equal Murder of Jews. Fair to Poles. No Blame of Christianity. Marrus


The Holocaust in History, by Michael R. Marrus. 1989

Relative Fairness to Non-Jews. AntiSemitism is Not Synonymous With Desiring the Murder of Jews! No German Guilt Diffusion One feature of this book is its Jewish author's obvious attempt to be impartial in controversies, and to present both sides. He…

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AntiSemitism Polish NOT the Cause of German Shoah Success. DEFINITIVE WORK. Kren


The Holocaust and the Crisis of Human Behavior, by George M. Kren. 1989

Polish Anti-Semitism, Whatever Its Severity, Was NOT the Cause of Germany Succeeding in Murdering Over 95% of Accessible Polish Jews This work presents many topics, and I discuss a few. NAZISM WAS NOT RIGHT WING It…

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