Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Poland (1918-1942) and the Jews

Zbaszyn 1938 Jewish Expellees Facts. Jews in Weimar Germany. Bryant

Unfinished Victory, by Arthur Bryant. 1940

A Non-Nazi View of Jews in Weimar and Early Nazi Germany. Clarity on 1938 Zbaszyn (German Jews Expelled to Poland)

The British author wrote this book just before the Second World War broke out. For this reason, it provides a unique perspective- one that…

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Zbaszyn 1938 Jewish Expellee Details. Earlier Jews Pro-Prussian. Tartakower


Jewish Refugee, by Aryeh Tartakower. 1944

Insights Into Polish Policies Towards THE Third-Reich Jews Dumped at Bentschen (Zbaszyn) 1938 This heavily-documented work contains many facts and figures on the early-middle WWII-related movement of Jews across, Europe, Palestine, the USSR, and other nations. In terms of historical development, the authors…

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Schechita Law 1937 Demythologized. So-Called Minorities Treaty. Orlicki


Szkice z Dziejow Stosunkow Polsko-Zydowskich, 1918-1949, by Jozef Orlicki. 1983

Insights into the 1918 Pogrom Horror Stories, the So-Called Minorities Treaty, and the 1937 Schechita Law ESSAYS ON POLISH-JEWISH RELATIONS, by Joseph Orlitzky, is the English-language citation of this Polish-language work. My review is based on the original 1983…

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Poland Mistreats Minorities: Propaganda Used By Hitler, and Reused Nowadays. Hitler


The Speeches Of Adolf Hitler, April 1922--August 1939: An English Translation Of Representative Passages, by Adolf Hitler. 1942

Hitler Blackened Poland Over "Horrible Treatment of Minorities" Just Like Cultural Marxists, and Certain Jews, Do Today. Nazism Was Leftist, Not Rightist. German LEBENSRAUM Ambitions, and Not "Polish Intransigence", Caused WWII

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OZON Government Didn’t Imitate Nazi Germany. Jewish, German, Ukrainian Minorities All Chided. Buell


Poland - Key to Europe, by Raymond Leslie Buell. 1939

Interwar Poland: The OZON Government's anti-Jewish Policies Were NOT an Imitation of Those of Next-Door Nazi Germany In this mini-encyclopedia of Poland (1918-1939), [review based on 1939 edition], one learns about matters as diverse as the Polish achievement in…

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OZON Gov’t Didn’t Try To Expel All Jews. Cieszyn 1938 Reasonable. 1939 Govt Evacuation Was Preplanned. Beck


Final Report, by Józef Beck. 1957

Jozef Beck’s Memoirs: Polonized Jews Not To Be Expelled; Teschen (Cieszyn) 1938 Detail; Nonaggression Pacts; 1939 Myth on "Chaotic" Government Evacuation Corrected This work provides Jozef Beck’s perspective on such things as the Pilsudski coup of 1926, interwar Poland, international diplomacy and Poland’s…

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OZON Government Was Not Fascist. Not Only Jews: Slavs as Scapegoats Until the Very End! Nolte


Three Faces Of Fascism: Action Francaise, Italian Fascism, National Socialism, by Ernst Nolte.

This Scholar Censored Because Crimes of Nazism are Like Those of Communism. Verboten! Pre-WWII Polish Government Was in No Sense Fascist German scholar Nolte first points out that the term fascist has been widely over-used, and…

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NUMERUS CLAUSUS at Universities Necessary Dyboski

Poland, by Dyboski, Roman. 1933

Why Sunday Closing Law Was Necessary. Why NUMERUS CLAUSUS at Universities was Necessary. Polish Insurrections Had Value Even Though They Failed This single volume is a mini-encyclopedia on pre-WWII Poland, and I can only touch on a few issues. There is much detail on notable…

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Narutowicz Assassination Early Politicized Krynski

Politics and Poetry: The Case of Julian Tuwim, by Magnus J. Krynski. 1973

Julian Tuwim and the Skamanders in the Light of Their Endek Critics. Endeks Were in No Sense Nazis or Nazi-Like. Early Politicization of the Narutowicz Assassination Author Magnus J. Krynski, attempts to defend Julian Tuwim from Endek…

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Narutowicz Assassination: A Minorities Bloc Provocation. Jewish Economic Dominance. Mendelsohn


The Jews of East Central Europe Between the World Wars, by Ezra Mendelsohn. 1987

The Minorities' Bloc, the Antecedent to the Narutowicz Assassination, Was Admittedly a Grave Provocation. Jewish Economic Hegemony: Why Endek-Led Boycotts Were Necessary Owing to the breadth of the topics covered by this work, my review…

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Narutowicz Assassination Politicized Blame Game Example Brykczynski

Primed For Violence: Murder, Antisemitism, and Democratic Politics in Interwar Poland, by Paul Brykczynski. 2016

A Revival of the Decades-Old Politicization of Political Assassinations. Obvious Parallels With Old Communist Propaganda

This book is telling nothing new. The authors whom Brykczynski admires or cites (p. xiii, pp. 202-208) are themselves instructive.…

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Minorities Treaty 1918: A British Political Tool. Narutowicz Assassination Clarified. Giertych


Dmowski Czy Pilsudski?, by Maciej Giertych. 1995

Why Not Dmowski AND Pilsudski? Insights on the Much-Politicized Narutowicz Assassination DMOWSKI OR PILSUDSKI is the title of this Polish-language book. It contains helpful timelines of major events in the lives of both Dmowski and Pilsudski. (pp. 131-133). The author sees Dmowski…

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Minorities Treaty 1918 Expansive and Unworkable. Double Standards. Miller


My Diary at the Conference of Paris, With Documents, by David Hunter Miller. 1924

The Definitive Work on the So-Called Minorities Treaty (1918), and Its Expansive Provisions for Unprecedented Separatist Rights for Jews, at Poland's Expense This prodigious diary consists of 21 thick volumes. They feature the implications of…

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Medical Schools Cadaver Affair 1920s Poland. Talmudic Racism. Bleich


Contemporary Halakhic Problems, by J. David Bleich. 1995

Jewish Teachings Behind the Medical-School “Cadaver Affair” in 1920s Poland (Jewish Medical Students Dissected Only Polish Cadavers): A Dual Morality Governing the Jewish Dead and the Non-Jewish Dead This work discusses many topics, of which I mention a few. There is…

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Latin Civilization Poland. Plurality of Civilizations Classic. Koneczny


The Plurality of Civilizations, by Feliks Koneczny. 1935, 1962

A Fascinating Taxonomy of Civilizations. Poland is the Eastern Output of Latin Civilization This work, originally published in 1935 in Polish and reprinted in this 1962 English-language edition, contrasts with the "all peoples are basically the same" thinking of modern…

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Jews To Madagascar Idea Not Polish. Zionists Invented It. Eichmann


Eichmann Interrogated: Transcripts from the Archives of the Israeli Police, by Adolf Eichmann, Claus Sybyil (Editor), Jochen von Lang. 1999

Jews To Madagascar Idea Originated Not From Poles But From the Pioneering Zionist Teodor Herzl This book contains assorted interesting information. I focus on a few matters of lasting…

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Jews Confront Jewish Prostitution: A Conference


Official Report of the Jewish International Conference on the Suppression of Traffic in Girls and Women, by Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls and Women. 1910

Jews as Victimizers and Victims of Prostitution: A 1927 International Conference My review is based on the 1927 edition. In a…

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Jews and Draft Dodging. Militant Jewish Separatism. Hoffman


The Revolution of 1905 and Russia's Jews, by Stefani Hoffman (Editor). 2008

Jews and Military Service. Jewish Separatism: The Yiddishist Movement This is a very “meaty” book, not for the casual reader that goes far beyond the 1905 Revolution. Owing to the wealth of information presented, I touch on…

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Jewish Poverty Not Poles’ Fault: Jews Especially Hard-Hit By the Great Depression. Statkowski


Poland Old and New, by Jozef Statkowski. 1938

May 3, 1791 Constitution Details. 1926 Pilsudski "Coup". Jewish Occupational Structure. Jewish Poverty Not the Poles' Fault This book begins with a good description of Polish tales, such as the ones surrounding the Krak, Wanda, Popiel, etc. It affords a broad…

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Jewish Overcrowding in Poland: Emigration Absolutely Necessary If No Shoah. No Polish “Intransigence”. Retinger


Facts About Poland, by Jozef Retinger. 1941

Jewish Economic Hegemony Harmed Both Poles and Jews: Why [Absent the Holocaust] Mass Jewish Emigration Was Essential. Polish “Intransigence” in 1939 Debunked This work, written shortly after the fall of Poland in 1939, is essentially a mini-encyclopedia of interwar Poland. It includes…

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Jewish Overcrowding Intensifies Jewish Economic Hegemony. Nazis Exploit It. Arad


The Einsatzgruppen Reports: Selections from the Dispatches of the Nazi Death Squads' Campaign Against the Jews July 1941-January 1943, by Itzhak Arad, Itzhak Arad. 1989

The Holocaust By Bullets. How Nazi Germans Exploited the Pre-Existing Jewish Advantages and Wrongs to Locals, In Order to Secure At Least Passive…

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Jewish Civilization CLASSIC. Koneczny


Jewish Civilization, by Feliks Koneczny. 1975

A Classic. Monotheism Vs. Monolatry. The Talmud. Modernized Jewish Messianism Behind Communism. Judaism and Nazism JEWISH CIVILIZATION is the title of this Polish-language work (review based on original 1943 Polish-language edition, not the abridged English-language translation). There is such a wealth of…

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Jewish Civilization Koneczny Essentially Correct: Leading British Jew Montefiore


Liberal Judaism: An Essay, by Claude Goldsmid Montefiore. 1903. 2015

Leading British Jew Confirms Feliks Koneczny on Jewish Monolatry and Monotheism Claude G. Montefiore (1858-1938) was a leading British Jew. This work, originally published in 1903, provides a snapshot of liberal Jewish thinking that existed before the defining events…

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Interwar Poland Undemocratic a Myth Biskupski

The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy, by Mieczyslaw B. Biskupski et al. (ed.) 2010

A Survey of Polish Democracy. Too Much LEWACTWO in This Anthology This anthology of scholarly articles requires the reader to have a deep understanding of Polish politics in order to appreciate and evaluate fully. The articles…

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Interwar-Poland Undemocratic? Hardly. Pilsudski the Dictator A Myth. Ethnonationalism A Bogeyman. Patterson


Pilsudski: Marshall of Poland, by Eric James Patterson. 1934

The Fairy Tale of Pilsudski the Dictator: Poland's Democracy Was Never Abolished This delightful book spans the life of Pilsudski from before his birth, his revolutionary days in tsarist-Russian occupied Poland, the resurrection of the Polish state, and the Polish…

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International Jewry 1918 Harmed Poland: The Details. Kruszynski


Zydzi a Polska, by Jozef Kruszynski. 1921

Jewish Disloyalty to Poland at Her Re-Founding (1918). How International Jewry Harmed Poland JEWS AND POLAND, published in 1921, traces part of the path by which Jews came on a collision course with Polish national aspirations. It facilitates the undemonizing of Roman…

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Hitler Monument Endorses Holocaust Canard. British-Polish Alliance a Provocation Nonsense Exposed. Lipski

Diplomat in Berlin 1933-1939, Papers and Memoirs, by Josef Lipski and Waclaw Jedrejewicz. 1968

Monument to Hitler: The “Lipski Endorsed Holocaust” Canard. 1938 Teschen (Cieszyn) and Bentschen (Zbaszyn) Facts. Hitler: British 1939 Aid to Poland a Joke, Not a Provocation. German Guilt Diffusion, Blame-the-Victim, Already Early Post-WWII Jozef Lipski practically…

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Henry Ford–Say What You Will About Him–Was Right About Polish Jewish Relations. Ford

The International Jew, by Henry Ford. 1920

Henry Ford Was Very Perceptive About Polish-Jewish Relations: Bogus 1918-Era Pogroms and Their Modern Counterparts. Unilateral Sympathy for Jews, at Polish Expense, and Jews Largely Control the Narrative Henry Ford advocated PROTOCOLS-style conspiracy theories involving Jews. To him, Jewish conduct itself was proof…

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Ghetto Benches A Fight For Polish Opportunities. Black Market Risk. Fake Epidemic. Lazowski


Private War: Memoirs of a Doctor Soldier 1933-1944, by Eugene Slawomir Lazowski. 1991

Gross Overabundance of Jews at Universities Provoked the Ghetto Benches. The Polokaust By Starvation German Plan is Largely Thwarted By Courageous Polish Black Market Activity The author, a medical doctor, starts with life in late 1930’s…

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Ghetto Benches Irony Dynner

Men of Silk, by Glenn Dynner. 2006

The Hasidic Movement in Old Poland. Ghetto Benches Irony. Zydokomuna Ran in Families This is a very detailed work which contains much technical detail. The title, MEN OF SILK (Kitajcy), stems from the fact that Hasidim commonly wore silk in order to avoid…

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Cieszyn Teschen 1938 Facts Szonert

World War II Through Polish Eyes, by Maria Szonert. 2002

Teschen (Cieszyn) 1938. Very Few Poles Released From Auschwitz. "Creeping Egalitarianism" (My Term): Polish Nobility Reached 15% of the General Population This work describes the events surrounding WWII through the eyes of specifically-named Polish individuals who experienced the events, or…

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Bereza Kartuska a Bogeyman. Two Sides to Polish-Jewish Relations. Hetherington


Unvanquished: Joseph Pilsudski, Resurrected Poland, and the Struggle for Eastern Europe, by Peter Hetherington. 2011

Excellent Mini-Encyclopedia About Pilsudski Authored by a Non-Pole. Bereza Kartuska: Much Ado About Almost Nothing Very rarely does someone who is not Polish acquire a productive fascination with Polish issues and personages. Such is…

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1930s Poland Jewish Economic Hegemony Harms Non-Jews. Abramsky


The Jews in Poland, by Chimen Abramsky (Editor), Antony Polonsky, Maciej Jachimczyk. 1991

Awfulization of the Jewish Experience, in 1930s Poland, Rejected. Jewish Economic Hegemony Harmed Non-Jews. Seldom-Appreciated Facts on Betrayers and Rescuers of Jews Of the numerous authors in this anthology, this review focuses on those that bring…

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1930s Poland Jewish Economic Hegemony Persists. German Minority Whine. Dyboski


Ten Centuries of Polish History, by Roman Dyboski. 1937

1930's Poland: Debunking the "German Minority Has it Bad" Selective Indignation. Improving Polish-Ukrainian Relations. Continued Jewish Economic Hegemony Thwarts Jewish-Polish Reconciliation This brief book touches on the main features of Polish history, and then summarizes major events in interwar Poland.…

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Why More Jews Did Not Emigrate: Jews Didn’t Want To! Candor on Zydokomuna. Mendelsohn


On Modern Jewish Politics, by Ezra Mendelsohn. 1993

Atypically Even-Handed and Objective. Frankness on the Zydokomuna. Pre-WWII Zionism Had Limited Success Because of Jewish Choices This insightful book packs a wealth of information. For example: THE LITVAK PROBLEM WAS VERY REAL The Litvaks (Litwaks, LITVAKES in Yiddish) were long…

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1930s Poland: Anti-Jewish Discrimination Was Necessary. Steven


The Poles, by Stewart Steven. 1983

Polish Jewish-Restricting 1930s Policies Clarified: Boycotts, Discrimination, Numerus Clausus at Universities. Dmowski Never Said Remove All Jews. Left-Wing Mythology Unmasked Like Norman Davies, Steven is an Englishman who is married to a Polish woman. Unlike Norman Davies, Steven is not a historian. He…

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