Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Pogrom Myths and/or Selective Indignation

Przytyk Pogrom: Jews Were the First To Resort to Murder. Gontarczyk

Pogrom? Zajscia Polsko-Zydowski w Przytyku 9 Marca 1936, by Piotr Gontarczk. 2000

The Przytyk Pogrom: What Actually Happened? First and Foremost a Homicidal Jewish Riot The English-language title of this book is: Pogrom? The Polish-Jewish Incident at Przytyk on March 9, 1936. Myths, Facts, and Documents. It contains an English…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Halkin


Jabotinsky: A Life (Jewish Lives), by Hillel Halkin. 2014

Pogroms—Jews Against Jews. Insights into Jabotinsky, the Betar, and Revisionist Zionism In history books, we hear a lot about pogroms. How about some attention to another kind of pogrom—that of Jew against Jew. This book does so. A SAMPLE OF…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Jewish Disloyalty to Poland Confronted. Hoffman


Shtetl: The Life and Death of a Small Town and the World of Polish Jews, by Eva Hoffman. 1998

Jewish Loyalty and Disloyalty to Poland Through 1918 and 1920. Bialystok Sedition. Internecine Jewish Violence. Jewish Gestapo Agents. No Polish Death Camps Hoffman traces the experience of Jews in pre-modern…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Fear-of-Nazis Zydokomuna Excuse Fails. Pomerantz


Run East: FLIGHT FROM THE HOLOCAUST, by Jack Pomerantz, Lyric Winik. 1997

Pogroms in Context, Including Jewish Pogroms Against Other Jews. Zydokomuna Fear of Nazis Exculpation Fails This book touches on several relevant issues, and I discuss them: LONG-SIMMERING TENSIONS BETWEEN POLES AND JEWS COULD TOUCH OFF POGROMS Nowadays,…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Fear-of-Nazis Zydokomuna Excuse Fails. Tracy


To Speak for the Silenced, by A. Tracy. 2007

Jew Against Jew Pogroms in 1939. Zydokomuna. Poles NOT Condemned For Refusing To Risk Their Lives to Save Jews The author lived in a shtetl at Skala, on the Zbrucz River. He describes: The Soviet and Nazi occupations, the latter's…

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Pogrom Propaganda of 1918 Harmed Poland. Fisher


America and the New Poland, by H. H. Fisher. 1928, 2007

1918 Massive Pogrom Falsehoods Harmed Poland (as Intended). Consequences of Jewish Separatism. Poles Thwart Prussian Designs This book devotes considerable detail to the history of the Polish nation since the early part of the 20th century. [Review based…

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Pogroms in Poland Were Rare. Jewish Passivity. Holocaust Supremacism Repudiated. Baron


History and Jewish Historians, by Salo Wittmayer Baron. 1964

Beyond the Cult of the Perpetual Jewish Victim: Jewish-Christian Relations Usually Harmonious. Polish Pogroms Way Overblown Jewish historian Salo Baron has much to say about such things as the definitions of a Jew, the Bible, medieval Judaism, Jewish-Muslim relations, Jewish-Christian…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Anti-Polish Selective Indignation. Fishman


East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914, by William J. Fishman. 2005

Seldom-Told Jew on Jew Pogroms: Atheist Jews and Religious Jews Fight It Out. Double Standards: If Poles Did Such Acts To Jews, We Would Not Hear the End of It! The usage of the term pogrom, in customary reference…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Bund Steeped in Communism. Goldstein


Twenty Years with the Jewish Labor Bund: A Memoir of Interwar Poland, by Bernard Goldstein. 2016

The Bund and Communism: Little Practical Difference. Jew-on-Jew Violence Dwarfs Pole-on-Jew Violence. The Militant Atheism of the Bund This work is the memoir of Bernard Goldstein (1889-1959). He also wrote THE STARS BEAR…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Roosevelt’s Sycophantic Pro-Soviet Attitude Discerned. Lerski


Herbert Hoover and Poland: A Documentary History of a Friendship, by Jerzy J. Lerski. 1977

On Polonophile Herbert Hoover. Bogus 1918 Pogroms Unmasked. Insights into Capitalists Supporting Communists. Yalta Alternative History? This work details some of the deeds Herbert Hoover did for Poland. The reader soon realizes that they…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News Morgenthau


All In A Life-Time, by Henry Morgenthau Sr., 1922, 2007

1918-Era “Massive Pogroms in Poland” Fake News Debunked by Wilson-Administration Investigator Morgenthau. Pogrom an Orwellian Term. Both Sides Blamed for Polish-Jewish Antagonisms This review is limited to Jewish-American Morgenthau's 1919 mission to Poland (pp. 348-384) and his report on…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Haller’s Blue Army. Valasek


Haller's Polish Army in France, by Paul S. Valasek. 2006

WWI-Era Emerging Poland, the 1920 Polish-Soviet War, and the Media-Mythologized So-Called Pogroms. Polish Nobility Clarified This work informs the reader of many aspects of Haller's Army. It includes statistics, testimonies, descriptions of battles, reprints of 1920s-era reports, and much…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Persistent Jewish Separatism. Corwin


The Political History of Poland, by Edward H. Lewinski-Corwin. 1917, 2015

Nowadays-Called Fake News of 30,000 Jews Killed By Poles (1918). [Like 200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles Fake News in 2018]. Jewish Separatism is What Caused Endek Anti-Semitism Lewinski-Corwin covers a lot of Polish history and, owing to…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Haller’s Blue Army. International Pogrom Hysteria. Haller


Józef Haller Pamietniki, by Józef Haller. 1964

Jozef Haller Refutes Jewish Accusations of Pogroms and Beard-Cutting By His Men. He is Beset By Confrontational Jewish Groups, and Gives Them a Sound Rebuff MEMOIRS WITH A SELECTION OF DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOGRAPHS is the title of this Polish-language book. To this…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Morgenthau Ostracized by Fellow Jews For Telling the Truth. Kapiszewski


Conflicts Across The Atlantic: Essays On Polish Jewish Relations In The United States During World War I And In The Interwar Years, by Andrzej Kapiszewski. 2004

Horrible Poland! Nowadays-Called Fake News of 30,000 Jews Killed By Poles (1918). [Like 200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles Fake News in 2018]

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Khmelnitsky Pogrom Greatly Exaggerated Petrovsky-Shtern

Polin Vol. 26, by Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern and Antony Polonsky (eds.) 2014

Includes Especial Insight into the Large-Scale Jewish Complicity in the HOLODOMOR. On Another Subject, the 17th-Century Khmelnitsky Pogrom Has Been Greatly Exaggerated This book spans ancient times to the present, and focuses on historical, social, political, and literary events.…

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Judeopolonia WWI Kielce Pogrom Pogonowski

Jews in Poland, by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski. 1998

The Reality of a WWI Judeopolonia. The Soviet-Staged Kielce Pogrom: Why and How This 1998 edition contains several articles not found in the original hardback edition. The authors trace many mischaracterizations of Polish-Jewish history in the American press. The informed reader can…

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Bogus Massive Pogroms Are Common: Iconic “6 Million Figure” Predates WWII. Heddesheimer

The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I, by Don Heddesheimer. 2003

Beyond Holocaust Denial. Easily-Verifiable Proof That Jews Have Often Greatly Exaggerated Pogrom Death Tolls. Implications for Old and New Accusations Against Poland The author presents an impressive set of WWI-era…

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Haller’s Blue Army and the Jews: The Facts. Trawinski


Odyseja Polskiej Armii Blekitnej, by Witold H. Trawinski. 1989

At Last. The Truth About General Haller's Army and the Jews. No Black and White THE ODYSSEY OF THE POLISH BLUE ARMY is the title of this Polish-language work. The author, Witold Hilary Trawinski (1894-1976) was one of the combatants,…

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Hate (HEJT): Jews Against Jews. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Goldberg


Running Through Fire: How I Survived the Holocaust, by Zosia Goldberg, Hilton Obenzinger, Paul Auster (Introduction). 2004

Against the Awfulization of Polish Jewish Experience. Zydokomuna Not Marginal. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Like Poles Like Jews in Suffering Zosia Goldberg traces her experiences in prewar Poland, war-torn Poland, and then wartime Germany…

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Pogrom: An Amorphous, Emotional, and Orwellian Term. Deadly Ethnic Riots Universal. Dekel-Chen


Anti-Jewish Violence: Rethinking the Pogrom in East European History, by Jonathan Dekel-Chen (Editor), David Gaunt (Editor), Natan M. Meir (Editor), Israel Bartal (Editor). 2010

Pogrom is an Orwellian Term. Not Only Jews Died in Deadly Ethnic Riots! Poles Did Too (Nobody Talks About THAT) I focus on a few…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. AntiAssimilationist Irony Dreyfus. National Polish Committee


Jews in Poland: Official Reports of the American and British Investigating Missions, by National Polish Committee of America.1920

Debunking the Fake News About Massive Pogroms in Poland. Jews Favored Poland's Enemies, and Their Own Separatism. Alfred Dreyfus Irony I focus on Samuel and Wright. See also the Peczkis reviews…

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1930s Poland AntiJewish Violence is Way Overblown: 14 Jews Dead. Zyndul


Zajscia Antyzydowskie w Polsce w Latach 1935-1937, by Jolanta Zyndul. 1994

1930's So-Called Pogroms Greatly Exaggerated. Breaking Jewish Economic Hegemony. Schechita Law, Medical-School Cadavers, etc ANTI-JEWISH INCIDENTS IN POLAND IN THE YEARS 1935-1937 is the title of this Polish-language book. Author Jolanta Zyndul got her information from various newspapers,…

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