Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

No Valid Dialectic: Jews Partly at Fault

Universalism Jewish a Recent Development Sears

Compassion for Humanity in the Jewish Tradition, by Dovid Sears. 1998

Jewish Universalism Mostly a Recent Development. Cheating the GOYIM: Immoral or Unwise? This work is an impressive collection of positive Jewish statements about gentiles. For instance, righteous non-Jews deserve a place in the World to Come (SANHREDRIN 105a). (p.…

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Talmud AntiChristian Deutsch

Toledot Yeshu ("The Life Story of Jesus") Revisited: A Princeton Conference, by Yaacov Deutsch (Editor), Michael Meerson (Editor). 2011

Venomous Jewish “Counter-Gospel”: It Led to Martin Luther’s Retaliatory Venom Against Jews. (Why is Only Luther Blamed Today??) This work contains numerous scholarly articles on TOLEDOT YESHU, and includes historical background…

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Talmud AntiChristian Schafer

Jesus in the Talmud, by Peter Schäfer. 2007

Very Scholarly: Includes an Ironic Counterpart to Christian Charges of Jewish Deicide Agree with this author or not, he is no intellectual lightweight. He teaches Judaic studies at Princeton University, and Rabbi Burton L. Vizotzky (on the outside book cover), calls Schaefer…

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Talmud Anti Christian Frydland

When Being Jewish Was A Crime, by Rachmiel Frydland. 1978

Candor on the Talmud Against Jesus Christ, the Admission of GOYIM to the Temple for Prayer, and the ALEINU The author lived in Lesniczowka, near Chelm. (p. 97). He was an Orthodox Jew. One of the yevishas he attended, in…

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Talmud Uncensored Attacks On Jesus Christ Teppler

Birkat Haminim, by Yaakov Teppler, Susan Weingarten (Editor). 2007

The Uncensored Talmud Condemning and Cursing Jesus Christ--Which Started Long Before Christians Started to Persecute Jews The core of BIRKAT HAMINIM derives from the Babylonian Talmud (Berakhot 28b-29a). (p. 2). It was written in the Yavneh period, after the Second Temple,…

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Talmudic Racism GOYIM as Virtual Animals Rubenstein

The Culture of the Babylonian Talmud, by Jeffrey L. Rubenstein. 2003

The Contempt of Ancient Babylonian Rabbis for Non-Rabbinic Jews Parallels That Against the GOYIM. Both Were Virtual Animals A major theme of this work is that the traditions of the Palestinian Talmud had a much more favorable view of…

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Talmudic Racism Wrestled With Assaf

Untold Tales of the Hasidim: Crisis and Discontent in the History of Hasidism, by David Assaf. 2010

Not Only Christian Authorities Censored Jews: Jewish Authorities Also Censored Jews. Talmudic Racism Confronted This work focuses on the often-disagreeable and sometimes violent antagonisms between different factions of Jews. This includes conflicts between…

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Talmudic Racism Wrestled With Carlebach

New Perspectives on Jewish-Christian Relations, by Elisheva Carlebach (Editor), Jacob J. Schacter (Editor). 2011

Includes Insights on Menahem Ha-Meiri and His Medieval Disavowal of Talmudic Antigoyism Towards Christians This work is more technical than the usual works on this subject. Because it presents so much information, I focus on a…

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Talmudic Sequels Also Contain Racism Blank

Experience of Jewish Liturgy: Studies Dedicated to Menahem Schmelzer, by Debra Reed Blank (Editor). 2011

The ALEINU (a Jewish Prayer) and Its Confessedly anti-Christian and Racist Implications This work is an anthology of many topics. For instance, Neil Gillman repeats the argument that the belief in the immortality of the…

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Talmudic Sequels Also Contain Racism Mahler

Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenment, by Raphael Mahler. 1984

Jewish Racism in Parts of the Midrash and the Kabbalah. Jewish Prosperity in Poland This work focuses on how the Hasidic movement developed, and how it interacted with other Jews, and gentiles. It also provides insight into the situation facing Jews…

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Talmudic Sequels Also Contain Racism Katz

Exclusiveness and Tolerance: Studies in Jewish-Gentile Relations in Medieval and Modern Times, by Jacob Katz. 1983

Talmudic Antigoyism Didn't Die Out in the Talmudic or Medieval Period: It Persisted to Recent Times! Jews and Christians each had stereotypical views of each other (p. xiv), and Jewish views of Christianity were…

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Talmudic Maledictions Against Christians Langer

Cursing the Christians?: A History of the Birkat Haminim, by Ruth Langer. 2011

The Long History of Jewish Malediction Against Christianity--Even Before Christians Were in a Position to Persecute Jews This is a fascinating, technical book. The author traces the history of the BIRKAT HAMINIM from antiquity, through the Middle…

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Talmudic Parallels to DER GIFTPILZ Wasserman

Jews, Gentiles, and Other Animals, by Mira Beth Wasserman. 2017

A Fascinating Work That Confronts the Racist Aspects of the Talmud. Dual Morality Tacitly Accounts for the Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Controversy Author and Rabbi Mira Beth Wasserman is Assistant Professor of Rabbinical Literature at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. This work is…

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Talmudic Racism and Universalism Cohen

Everyman's Talmud, by Abraham Cohen. 1949

Addresses Talmudic Racism and Universalism. Jewish Chosenness. Antigoyism: Torah Umbrella Exculpation There is a wealth of information in this detailed work by Talmudic scholar Abraham Cohen, and I focus on a few items of lasting interest. My review is based on the original 1949…

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Talmudic Racism and Universalism Stern

Jewish Identity in Early Rabbinic Writings, by Sacha Stern. 1997

British Jewish Scholar Analyzes Talmudic Racism and Universalism. A Talmudic Basis For Some Forms of Holocaust-Related Jewish Anti-Polonism The author is Professor of Rabbinic Judaism at University College London. He identifies himself as an Orthodox Jew. (p. xxii). In his…

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Talmudic Racism Examples Cohen

The Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Berakot, by Abraham Cohen. 1921

Racist Memes in the Talmudic Tractate Berachoth (Berakot): Stars Were Created Only for the Jews, and the GOYIM as Virtual Animals My review is based on the original 1921 edition. Talmudic scholar Abraham Cohen provides the reader with the entire Tractate…

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Talmudic Apologetic Presented Cohon

Why Do the Heathen Rage?, by Samuel Solomon Cohon. 1939

A Talmud Apologetic With Considerable Speculation and Special Pleading. Deals With Jews and GOYISCH Life and Property Consistent with my Judeorealist position (which strives to avoid the extremes of philosemitism and antisemitism), I examine both sides of controvertial issues, such…

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Talmudic Apologetic Presented Katz

From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti-Semitism, 1700-1933, by Jacob Katz. 1982

Includes an Inadequate Talmud Apologetic This book is primarily about anti-Semitism, but the author's treatment of the Talmud overshadows everything else. For this reason, as well as the fact that other reviews already inform the reader about the general contents…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Fraade

From Tradition to Commentary: Torah and Its Interpretation in the Midrash Sifre to Deuteronomy, by Steven D. Fraade. 1991

Talmudic Dual Morality Governing Jews and the GOYIM: “It Depends on Whose Ox is Gored” The foregoing teaching appears not only in the Talmud, but in other rabbinical literature. By way…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Katz

Tradition and Crisis: Jewish Society at the End of the Middle Ages, by Jacob Katz, Bernard D. Cooperman. 1994

Jews and the GOYIM: Candor About the Ongoing Implications of Talmudic Dual Morality. Jews and Commerce: Why Endek-Led Boycotts Were Necessary This work is mostly about the internal affairs of Jewish…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Oz

Jews and Word, by Amos Oz, Fania Oz-Salzberger (Goodreads Author). 2012

Insights Into Chutzpah, What "Whoever Saves One Soul" Really Means, and Talmudic Dual Morality The authors are identified as a father and daughter--one a historian and the other a writer and literary scholar. (p. ix). This volume is a…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Silberstein

The Other in Jewish Thought and History: Constructions of Jewish Culture and Identity, by Laurence J. Silberstein (Editor). 1994

Rabbinic Dual Morality Governing Jews and Gentiles: A Real Issue. Futility of Exculpations Of this anthology, I focus on the scholarly work of Steven D. Fraade. He squarely faces the double…

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Muslims in Old Poland Loyal Unlike Jews Bohdanowicz

Muslims in Poland, Their Origin, History, and Cultural Life, by Leon Bohdanowicz. 1942

Early Polish Muslims, Unlike the Jews, Were a Minority Group Very Faithful to Poland This was originally an article in the October 1942 issue of the JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY. It features Poland’s indigenous Muslims,…

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Minorities Can Be Wrong Efron

Ultra-Orthodoxy in Urban Governance in Israel, by Yosseth Shilhav. 1998

Minorities are Not Always Right. The Haredim, in the USA and Israel, and Public Policies. Implications for 1918 Minorities Treaty: Jews in Conflict With Poland This work does not provide many details about the positions of the haredim on various…

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Minorities Can Be Wrong Effron

Real Jews: Secular Versus Ultra- Orthodox: The Struggle For Jewish Identity In Israel, by Noah J. Efron. 2003

Inadvertent Model for Polish-Jewish Relations: Pushy Minority Vs Majority Rather Than Aggrieved Minority Vs Intolerant Majority Although this is not a book on Jewish-Polish relations, I write this review from that vantage…

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Minorities Can Be Wrong Flanzbaum

The Americanization of the Holocaust, by Hilene Flanzbaum (Editor). 1999

Should Minority Groups Be Exempt From Criticism? Jews, Holocaust Preeminence, and The Politics Behind the Construction of the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) This anthology of articles emphasizes the Holocaust in literature and the arts. I focus on a…

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Judaism NonPersecutory No Credit to Jews Brown

Confronting Scandal: How Jews Can Respond When Jews Do Bad Things, by Erica Brown. 2010

The Long History of Jewish Nonviolence Is Not Necessarily of Moral Credit to the Jews This book examines such things as Jewish gangsters in early 20th century USA, financial scandals involving Jews (e. g, Bernie…

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Judaism NonPersecutory No Credit to Jews Laursen

Beyond the Persecuting Society: Religious Toleration Before the Enlightenment, by John Christian Laursen (Editor), Cary J. Nederman (Editor). 1997

Judaism Non-Persecutory By No Choice. Medieval Rabbi Moses Maimonides, a Progressive for His Time: Punish Christians as Idolaters! This work consists of a series of essays on the subject of religious…

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Jewish Self Criticism Candor Rubinstein

My Young Years, by Arthur Rubinstein. 1973

A Polish Patriotic Jew Who Stood Up for Poland. Includes Candid Jewish Self-Criticism Rubinstein, an assimilated Polish Jew, is beloved by Poles for his spontaneous display of patriotism. He played the Polish National Anthem, at the very first meeting of the United Nations…

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Jewish Self Criticism Candor Schechtman

Fighter and Prophet: The Last Years, by Joseph B. Schechtman, Adolph Gourevitch (Afterword).

Violence: Jews Against Jews. Politics of Assassinations. Candid Jewish Self-Criticism This book contains seldom-mentioned information. For example: POGROMS: JEWS AGAINST JEWS The author has an interesting commentary on Jew-on-Jew violence. When Jabotinsky spoke, he often faced well-planned…

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Jewish Self Criticism Excoriated. Dissent to Holocaust Supremacism Slammed. Alexander


Jews Against Themselves, by Edward Alexander. 2015

Immoderate Criticisms of Jews Who Dissent From Jewish Anti-Polonism and the Preeminence of the Holocaust Author Edward Alexander uses strong terms against modern Jews that do not act in the way that he thinks they should be acting. He refers to them…

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Jewish Self Criticism Candor Gessner

Some Of My Best Friends Are Jews, by Robert Gessner. 1936

Some Jewish Self-Criticism: Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany in the Eyes of French Jews The author, Robert Gessner, identifies himself as an American Jew. (p. 3). His travels took him to Europe (including Nazi Germany soon after Hitler came…

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Jewish Self Criticism Candor Kahane

Lvov Ghetto Diary, by David Kahane. 1990

Some Jewish Self-Criticism. God’s Punishment of the Jews Entertained. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Addressed This work discusses the German entry into the Lwow (Lviv) area in 1941, the first wave of killings, the Janowska concentration camp, the local massacres, and the dispatching of Jews to…

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Jewish Self Criticism Candor Kermish

To Live with Honor, to Die with Honor: Documents from the Warsaw Ghetto Underground Archives, by Joseph Kermish (Editor). 1999

Includes Rare Jewish Self-Criticism. Jews as Well as Poles Looted. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Confronted, Not Exculpated Those readers who are steeped in modern political correctness are advised to avoid this book.…

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Jewish Self Criticism Candor Korczak

Ghetto Diary, by Janusz Korczak. 2003

Includes Candid Jewish Self-Criticism. Polish Scholar Ewa Kurek Was Right About “Normal” Jewish Behavior, Which Was Quite Comparable to "Normal" Polish Behavior Owing to the fact that Korczak cared for children, it is not surprising that much of his diary is devoted to this…

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Jewish Collaboration Reflection. Jewish Fault Admitted. German Not “Nazi” Guilt. Perechodnik

Am I a Murderer?, By Calel Perechodnik. 1996

No German Guilt Diffusion. Jewish Self-Criticism and Candor. Polish Anti-Semitism Exaggerated. Zydokomuna. Poles Weren’t Glad That Hitler Killed Jews The author was a Jewish ghetto policeman at the Otwock Ghetto. His testimony is unusually fair and lucid. THE GERMANS DID THE HOLOCAUST--NOT…

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Jewish Polish Relations Two Sides Harring

Poland under the dominion of Russia, by Harro Harring. 2015

An Early Mid-19th Century Snapshot of Russian-Ruled Poland. Polish Nobility Not Feudal. Two Sides on Jews My review is based on the original 1831 English-language edition, a translation from the original German. I focus on a few themes. The author…

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Jewish Polish Relations Two Sides Lehmann

Symbiosis And Ambivalence: Poles And Jews In A Small Galician Town, by Rosa Lehmann. 2001

Poles and Jews: No Black and White. Poles Rejoicing at the Holocaust a Myth This book covers the vicissitudes of pre-WWII Polish-Jewish relations in the town of Jaslicka, SW Poland (post-WWII boundaries), from a few…

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Jewish Polish Relations Two Sides Parkes

The emergence of the Jewish problem, 1878-1939, by James William Parkes. 1970

Includes an Unusually Clarified and Even-Handed Analysis of Pre-WWII Polish-Jewish Relations Though not published until 1946, this book was written just before the Holocaust, and thus presents a Holocaust-eve analysis of Europe's Jews. I focus on Poland's Jews.…

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Jewish Polish Relations Two Sides Pennell

The Jew at Home, Impressions of a Summer and Autumn Spent with Him .., by Joseph Pennell. 2018

A Middle View (Judeorealist View) of the Polish Jew and His Conduct Author Joseph Pennell was an Englishman who visited Partition-era Poland and adjacent areas of Eastern Europe. My review is based…

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Jewish Polish Relations Two Sides Stachura

Poland Between The Wars, 1918 1939, by Peter D. Stachura (Editor). 1998

Organized Jewish Hostility to Poland, Then and Now This book addresses many topics. I focus on a few of them. LEFTISTS AND JUDEOCENTRISTS DON'T LIKE HIM, SO THEY--SURPRISE--CALL THE AUTHOR A NATIONALIST This book has been mischaracterized as…

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Jewish Polish Relations Two Sides Baskerville

The Polish Jew: His Social and Economic Value (Classic Reprint), by Beatrice C Baskerville. 2018

Polish-Jewish Relations: Two Sides. Jewish Economic and Now Political Dominance. Ritual-Murder Beliefs and Pogroms Condemned by the Church. Eventual Dmowski-Led Boycotts This British author's understanding of Jews is quite different from that of westerners [review…

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Jewish Chosenness Exculpatory Deflection Morris

Judaism as Creed and Life, by Joseph Morris 1848-1930. 2015

The Hellenization of Jews; Jewish Chosenness; Hellenization (Implications for Endek Policies) My review is based on the sixth edition, published 1929. This work begins with basic issues surrounding the nature of God, faith, humanity, Israel's mission, etc. It then provides…

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Jewish Chosenness Itself Reckoned Christians Idolaters Harris

The Pride of Jacob: Essays on Jacob Katz and His Work, by Jay M. Harris (Editor), Elisheva Carlebach (Contributor), Richard I. Cohen (Contributor), David Ellenson (Contributor), Immanuel Etkes (Contributor), Moshe Halbertal (Contributor), David N. Myers (Contributor), Michael K. Silber (Contributor) , Israel Ta-Shma (Contributor). 2002

Jewish Chosenness Itself Requires That…

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Jewish Chosenness Racialized Kohler

Jewish Theology - also includes an annotated bibliography on select works associated with Jewish Literature and History, by Kaufmann Kohler, Georgia Keilman (Editor). 2011

Racialized Jewish Chosenness Preceded Nazi Racialism My review is based on the original 1923 edition. The author thinks of Judaism as a community invested in the…

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Jewish Chosenness Repudiated Reconstructionist

Sabbath Prayer Book: With a supplement containing prayers, readings and hymns and with a new translation, by Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation. 2017

Jewish Reconstructionist Prayer Book Repudiates “Jews are Chosen People” This book (review based on the 1945 edition) contains prayers for many different occasions. Many of the prayers are Psalms.…

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Jewish Chosenness Repudiated Scult

The Radical American Judaism of Mordecai M. Kaplan, by Mel Scult. 2013

Jews Transform Societies. Jewish Chosenness (Including Its “Benevolent” Form) Repudiated. Polonophobia. Judaism Nondogmatic Myth In order to form my own opinion of Mordecai Menahem Kaplan without being influenced by that of anyone else, I first read Kaplan myself.…

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Jewish Chosenness Analyzed Deconstructed Kaplan

Judaism as a Civilization: Toward a Reconstruction of American-Jewish Life, by Mordecai Menahem Kaplan. 1994

Jewish Chosenness Deconstructed: An In-Depth Analysis This work (review based on original 1934 edition) covers many topics, and I consider a few of them. I especially focus on Jewish Chosenness. For more on this specific…

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Jewish Chosenness Confronted Kaplan

The Future of the American Jew, by Mordecai Menahem Kaplan. 1948

Confronting Jewish Chosenness. Jews Once Found Germany Worthy and Poland Unworthy of Jewish Assimilation Rabbi Mordecai Menahem Kaplan, the author, presents a wealth of ideas. I focus on a few themes. AMERICAN JEWS ALREADY VERY SECULAR IN 1948 The…

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Jewish Chosenness Exculpatory Deflection Beker

The Chosen: The History of an Idea, the Anatomy of an Obsession, by Avi Beker. 2008

Jewish Chosenness: An Exculpatory Deflection. Corrections Provided This book is a disappointment. The analysis of Jewish Chosenness is quite shallow and rather exculpatory in tone. The most important practical aspect of the concept of…

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Jewish Complicity Admitted For Koniuchy Massacre Lazar


Destruction and Resistance, by Chaim Lazar Litai. 1985

Massive Jewish Banditry Provokes Polish Reprisals. Jewish Complicity in the Koniuchy Massacre of Poles. Jewish Gestapo Agents. Double Standards The author came from Vilna (Wilno, Vilnius) and survived the mass shootings of Jews at Ponary. (pp. 30-31). POLES ACTUALLY TRIED TO…

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Jewish Complicity Naliboki Massacre Zebrowski

Mity Przeciwko Polsce, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2012

NSZ Combat, Jewish Massacres of Poles at Koniuchy and Naliboki. Communist Subjugation of Poland MYTHS DIRECTED AGAINST POLAND: JEWS, POLES, AND COMMUNISM 1939-2012 is the title of this Polish-language book. It presents a wealth of information, only some of which I can discuss.…

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Atrocities Jewish Deir Yassin. Collateral Civilian Deaths Debunked: Arab Civilians Were Murdered. Ellis


Remembering Deir Yassin: The Future of Israel and Palestine, by Daniel McGowan and Marc H. Ellis (eds.) 1998

The Undeniable Slaughter of Arab Civilians by Jewish Soldiers We hear a lot, in the media, about Poles and Jedwabne. We never hear about Jewish massacres of non-Jews. So let's once…

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Atrocities Jewish Kfar Kassem Massacre Lucas

The Modern History of Israel, by Noah Lucas. 1975

Features the Deir Yassin and Kfar Kassem Massacres I let the author speak for himself: -----The following, except for the ALL-CAPS titles, are direct quotes-------------- THE MASS MURDER OF ARAB CIVILIANS AT KUFR QASSEM The events leading to this extraordinary trial…

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Koniuchy Massacre Jewish Complicity Proved by Three Nations’ Archives Chodakiewicz

Intermarium, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. 2016

Media-Silent Fact: The Koniuchy Massacre, Where Jews Murdered Poles. An Inescapable Historical Fact Supported By Multiple Nations' Archives The title of this work refers to the lands between the Baltic and Black Seas—the territories that belonged to Poland well before the Partitions. Chodakiewicz begins…

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Atrocities Jewish Complicity Admitted for Koniuchy Massacre Kowalski


A Secret Press in Nazi Europe, by Isaac Kowalski. 1978

Heavy Jewish Complicity in the Murders of Polish Civilians at Koniuchy Acknowledged: Proferred Exculpations Fall Apart This work is centered on the presence of Jewish bands in the area of Vilna (Wilno, Vilnius), and discussion of the press is…

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AntiSemitism Without Jews Accusatory Meme a Retort Wolniewicz Sommer


Wolniewicz, Zdanie Wlasne, by Tomasz Sommer. 2012

A Prominent Polish Philosopher, and Atheist, Upholds Polish Roman Catholic Civilization, and Opposes Cultural Marxism WOLNIEWICZ: HIS VIEWS is the title of the Polish-language work. Author Tomasz Sommer interviews Boguslaw Wolniewicz, a high-level Polish intellectual. The latter does not believe in a…

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Armenians in Poland Congenial Unlike Jews Lilien

Thoughts of a Polish Jew, by Artur Lilien-Brzozdowieczki. 2019

Armenians and Jews: Two Entrepreneurial Minority Groups. Unlike Jews, Armenians Were Unswervingly Loyal to Poland, and So Earned Full Acceptance Into Polish Society The setting of this book is Galicia, beginning with Austrian rule and ending with the author’s flight from…

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AntiSemitism Polish Real Causes Simeon

The Travel Accounts of Simeon of Poland, by Simeon, George A. Bournoutian. 2007

A 17th-Century Polish Armenian Describes Poland’s Armenian Community, and Critiques Jewish Conduct Simeon was an Armenian who was born and raised in Poland. (p. 16). His travels took him to Constantinople, the Ottoman coastline, Venice, Rome, Alexandria…

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AntiSemitism Polish Real Causes Super

The Polish Tradition: an Interpretation of a Nation, by Paul Super. 1939

A Super Job (Pardon the Pun). Polish Anti-Semitism Real Causes. Why Boycotts Were Necessary. Poland Overcrowded With Jews. Significance of Poland's Kresy (Borderlands) Author Paul Super, an American of Dutch-German descent (p. 107), who had lived a long…

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AntiSemitism Polish Real Causes Johnston

Travels Through Part of the Russian Empire and the Country of Poland: Along the Southern Shores of the Baltic (Classic Reprint), by Robert Johnston. 2018

Don’t Blame Everything on Poles. British Visitor to 19th-Century Partitioned Eastern Poland Comments On the Everyday Behavior of Poland’s Jews My review is based on…

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AntiSemitism Polish Real Causes Konopczynski

A Brief Outline of Polish History: Polish Encyclopedic Publications, by Ladislas Konopczynski, Francis Benett (Translator). 2016

Russian-Made Litvak Problem, and Jewish Separatism, Drove Polish Anti-Semitism. Exceptionally Detailed on the Foreign Rule Over Partitioned Poland The content of this book (review based on original, 2nd edition, published in 1920) starts with…

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AntiSemitism Polish Real Causes Laudyn

A World Problem: Jews-Poland-Humanity; A Psychological and Historical Study. / Translated from Polis - Scholar's Choice Edition, by Stefanja Laudyn. 2015

Why Polish Antisemitism. Jewish: Economic Dominance, Usury, Liquor Trade, Germanophilia, Chronic Bad Press for Poles, Bogus Pogrom Accusations, Minorities Treaty Special Rights, etc. Nowadays, books on Polish-Jewish relations adhere…

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AntiSemitism Polish Real Causes Moltke

Poland: An Historical Sketch, by Helmuth von Moltke, Emma Sophia Buchheim. 2013

Prussian Helmuth Moltke: In Poland, Jews Exploit Peasants The elder Helmuth Moltke wrote this book in 1832 (p. v), at a time when Poland's partitions, at the hands of her neighbors, had been a relatively recent development, and…

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AntiSemitism Can Be Rational Nordau Weinbaum

A Marriage of Convenience, by Laurence Weinbaum. 1993

Anti-Semitism Can Be Rational. The Endek and Zionist Agreement on the Fact of Jewish Overpopulation of Pre-WWII Poland, and Joint Efforts to Solve It. Polish Ambassador Lipski Never Endorsed the Holocaust! The author touches on Jewish life in Poland. Although he does…

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AntiSemitism Can Be Rational Russell

Poland Revisited, by Sir Edward J. Russell. 1937

A British-Eye Analysis of Pre-WWII Poland. Anti-Semitism is Irrational in Britain, But is Rational in Poland In this short booklet of 39 pages, Russell, a Briton, touches on several aspects of interwar Poland. The title refers to the author’s visits to Poland…

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AntiSemitism From Jealousy of Jews A Canned Dodge Berger

The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference, by David Berger. 2001

The “Hatred-Jealousy” Accusation Used to Silence Critics. Jewish anti-Christian Memes Still Operate to the Present Day There are already many reviews of this book that spell out its essential content, and I will not repeat them.…

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AntiSemitism in Poland Phony Indignation Bemporad

Becoming Soviet Jews: The Bolshevik Experiment in Minsk, by Elissa Bemporad. 2013

Jewish Communists Unequivocally Remain Jews. Jews Suffer From Soviet Communism (Yet Only Blame Polish Anti-Semitism). 1920 War Jews Back Reds. Jewish Leadership of Belarussian NKVD Elissa Bemporad, a Professor of East European Jewish History at Queen’s College of…

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AntiSemitism in Poland Phony Indignation Pinchuk

Shtetl Jews Under Soviet Rule: Eastern Poland On The Eve Of The Holocaust, by Ben-Cion Pinchuk.

Rather Egregious Double Standards on Anti-Semitism, Dependent Upon Whether it is Polish or Soviet This is one of the few books, written by a Jewish author, which acknowledges the fact that large numbers of…

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AntiSemitism Accusation a Silencing Tactic. Selective Indignation. Raina


Ksiadz Henryk Jankowski Nie Ma Za Co Prszepraszac, by Peter Raina. 1997

An Object Lesson on How Charges of Anti-Semitism are Reflexively Made in Order to Chill Free Speech. Multiple Double Standards FATHER HENRYK JANKOWSKI HAS NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR is the title of this book. Although Father Jankowski…

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Antigoyism Confronted Biale

Hasidism: A New History, by David Biale, David Assaf, Benjamin Brown, Uriel Gellman, Samuel Heilman, Moshe Rosman, Gadi Sagiv, Marcin Wodzinski, Arthur Green (Afterword). 2017

The "Christian" Concept of Redemptive Suffering, as Applied to the Holocaust, Has Definite Parallels in Hasidic Judaism This magisterial work is a single-volume encyclopedia on…

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Antigoyism Confronted Heilman

Defenders of the Faith: Inside Ultra-Orthodox Jewry, by Samuel C. Heilman. 2000

A Peek Into the Onetime Religious-Based Jewish Separatism and Antigoyism That Once Dominated Polish-Jewish Relations The author, a descendant of Polish Jews, became interested in what the Jews of Poland must once have been like. However, he realizes…

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