Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

No Consistently-Special Nazi Enmity to Jews

Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Nazis Persistently Ambivalent on Extermination or Expulsion. Weissberg

Desperate Mission: Joel Brand’s Story, as told by Alex Weissberg. 1958

Kill Jews or Exile Jews? A Proposed Nazi Amnesty of 100,000 and Eventually 1,000,000 Jews; Nazis Actually Spare 18,000 Jews It was the last year of the war. The Allies smelled victory and the Nazis faced defeat. Over 5…

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Polokaust Holocaust Intertwined. Polish Smugglers Important. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Lewin


A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto, by Abraham Lewin, Christopher Hutton (Translator). 1989

Polish Smugglers Crucial. Holocaust and Polokaust Intertwined. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Abraham Lewin kept a diary from early 1942 through early 1943. He focused on the mass deportation of Warsaw's Jews to their deaths…

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Polokaust Holocaust Intertwined. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Rhodes


Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust, by Richard Rhodes. 2003

The Polokaust and the Holocaust Were Intertwined in Nazi Ideology and Practice This book mixes theory and history. It covers the development of Nazi ideology, details about the Einsatzgruppen operations in the wake of…

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Same Nazi Racist Contempt for Poles as For Jews. Polish Quisling Attempt Fails. Goebbels


The Goebbels Diaries, 1939-1941, by Joseph Goebbels. 1982

Polokaust and Holocaust: Nazi anti-Semitic, anti-Polish, and anti-Christian Attitudes (1939-1941) This review can only briefly address a little of the wealth of information herein. Shortly after the German-Soviet conquest of Poland (Fall 1939), Goebbels paid the Poles a backhanded compliment for…

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Polokaust Holocaust Intertwined. Efficacy of Polish Guerrilla Warfare. Housden


Hans Frank: Lebensraum and the Holocaust, by Martyn Housden. 2003

No Dichotomy Between the Fates of Poles and Jews. The Polokaust and the Holocaust Were Theoretically and Practically Intertwined at Numerous Successive Levels This book contains one-of-a-kind information. GERMANS, STOP WHINING. IT WAS THE GERMANS THAT SET THE PRECEDENT…

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Polokaust: Cultural Genocide at Warsaw. Poles Also Persecuted Europe-Wide (Not Only Jews). Lorentz

Walka o Dobra Kultury Warszawy 1939-1945, by Stanislaw Lorentz. 1970

Holocaust Uniquenss Myth (Only Jews Persecuted All Over Europe) Upended. The Polokaust: Detailed Focus on the Cultural Genocide of Poles. Afterwards, Poles Loot Poles, and Not Only Jews THE FIGHT TO SAVE WARSAW' S CULTURAL GOODS, 1939-1945 is the title…

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Polokaust as Significant as Holocaust According to Genocide Scholars Lemkin and Bloxham

The Oxford Handbook of Genocide Studies, by Donald Bloxham (ed.) 2013

The Original Definition of Genocide (Raphael Lemkin) Recognized the Equality of Genocides of Poles and Jews--the “Universal Targeting” of Jews Notwithstanding. HOLODOMOR Was Genocide This book presents thought-provoking information. For example: HOLOCAUST SUPREMACISM, BY ITS VERY NATURE, DIMINISHES ALL…

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Not Only Jews: Poles Also Nazi Scapegoats Until the Very End! Yalta Presciently Anticipated. Goebbels


Final Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels, by Joseph Goebbels. 2008

Jews and Poles Remain Scapegoats; Goebbels Perceives Actual Soviet Intentions That Culminated at Yalta  In the closing weeks of the European component of WWII, Goebbels’s attitude towards the Jews remained unchanged: (April 3, 1945): “The Jews have…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles As Racial Enemies of the Third Reich. Rossino


Hitler Strikes Poland: Blitzkrieg, Ideology, and Atrocity, by Alexander B. Rossino. 2003

Similar German Attitudes to Poles and Jews. Leading Nazis Openly Rejected Christianity. “Poles Nazi-Sympathetic on Jews” Turned Around. Early Polokaust NAZISM ANTI-CHRISTIAN. MANY LEADING NAZIS HAD SPECIFICALLY REPUDIATED CHRISTIANITY Nowadays, Christianity is sometimes blamed for the Jewish…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies. Nazism anti-Christian. Rich


Holocaust Perpetrators of the German Police Battalions: The Mass Murder of Jewish Civilians, 1940-1942, by Ian Rich. 2018

No Polokaust Negationism: Nazi German Attitudes To Poles and Jews Were Very Similar. Nazi Killers Reject Religion: Do Not Blame Christianity For the Holocaust This work is largely Judeocentric, and its…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies To Be Exterminated. Black Market Facts. Warfield


Call to Witness: A Polish Chronicle, by Gaither and Hania Warfield. 1945

American Eyewitness German-Occupied Poland. Poles and Jews--No Dualism. Myths on Looting, Black Market, Blue Police, Debunked Author Gaither Warfield was the pastor of a Methodist Church in Poland, and Hania was his wife. Both were American citizens.…

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Nazis Treated Jews and Poles Similarly. Nazi Respect Polish Heroic Narrative. Winiewicz


Aims and Failures of the German "New Order", A Study, by J. M. Winiewicz. 1943

The DRANG NACH OSTEN. Nazis Admired Polish anti-Prussian Successes. The Early Polokaust: Largely Passive Genocide To avoid charges of pro-Polish bias, author Jozef Winiewicz bases his work almost entirely on German sources. (p. 1).…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies. A Final Solution For Poles After All. Breitman


The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution, by Richard Breitman. 1992

Victimhood Competition: Holocaust Vs. Polokaust. Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly Unfortunately, Breitman repeats the Nazi-propaganda canard of Poles killing several thousand Germans, at Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) as fact (p. 70). Otherwise, this book seems to be…

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Wannsee Clarified. All Jews Die a Myth. Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm. Rees

The Holocaust: A New History, by Laurence Rees. 2017

De-Mystifies the Holocaust. Implicitly Challenges Holocaust Preeminence and the All-Jews-Must-Die Argument for Holocaust Supremacism. Wannsee Demystified. Cold Water on Danish Jew-Rescue At the end of his book, Laurence Rees repeats the standard line about Jews being in the core of Nazi…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Comparative Victimhood Details. Fulbrook


A Small Town Near Auschwitz: Ordinary Nazis and the Holocaust, by Mary Fulbrook. 2012

Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly, and Showed It In Their Actions. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Once Treated Just Like Any Others' Collaboration This work centers on the Jews of Bedzin (Bendzin). It touches on pre-WWII…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Germans Persecute Catholic Church. Hlond


Persecution of the Catholic Church in German Occupied Poland, by August Hlond. 1941

The Early Polokaust: The Systematic Annihilation of Polish-Ness in the German-Occupied Territories Annexed to the Reich. Nazis Treated Jews and Poles Similarly Readers accustomed to think of Jews as the only victims of the Nazis are…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Both Jews and Poles Faced Abject German Terror. Huneke


The Moses of Rovno: The stirring story of Fritz Graebe, A German Christian who risked his life to lead hundreds of Jews to safety during the Holocaust, by Douglas K. Huneke. 1990

The Holocaust By Bullets. No Dividing the Dead: A "Good" German Affirms the Terror Experienced by Poles…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Germans Hated Poles More Than Jews! Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Kaplan


Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan, by Chaim Aron Kaplan, Abraham I. Katsch (Translator ). 1999

No Polish Quisling. Anti-Jewish Riots. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Confronted. Similar Nazi Attitudes Towards Poles and Jews. Early Polish Warnings of Shoah This classic if full of fascinating information. Its…

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Nazis Interested In Not Only Overseas Jews But Also Overseas Poles Burleigh


Germany Turns Eastwards: A Study of Ostforschung in the Third Reich, by Michael Burleigh. 1990

Anti-Polish Nazi German Propaganda Re-Used By Modern Holocaust Narratives. For Shame. Nazis Monitored Overseas Poles, and Not Only Overseas Jews as Told By the Media This work, which focuses on German scholars in the…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies. Black


Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Ideological Soldier of the Third Reich: Ideological Soldier of the Third Reich, by Peter R. Black. 1984

No Mystification of Nazi Anti-Semitism: It was Comparable to Old Germano-Austrian Anti-Slavism This book is an excellent antidote to the usual tendency of portraying the Nazi hatred of Jews as…

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Jews Treated Worse and Poles Treated Worse By Nazis Chylinski


Poland Under Nazi Rule 1939-1941: A Report by Thaddeus Chylinski, American Vice Consul in Warsaw, by Thaddeus Chylinski. 1941, 2018

Jews Treated Worse: Poles Treated Worse. Declassified Late-1941 CIA Document on the Unfolding Polokaust in Nazi German-Occupied Poland. Polish Pogrom Nazi Propaganda (Still Repeated Today). POLICJA GRANATOWA Details The…

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All Jews Die Myth: Jewish Survivorship Through Labor For Nazis Diner


Beyond the Conceivable: Studies on Germany, Nazism, and the Holocaust (Weimar and Now: German Cultural Criticism), by Dan Diner. 2000

The Nazis Did Not Murder All Jews, Even When They Easily Could Have Done So. Surprisingly-High Survival Rates of Some Jews in Nazi German Forced Labor This book raises…

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Holocaust Irrationality? Katyn Also Irrational Swianiewicz


In the Shadow of Katyn: Stalin's Terror, by Stanislaw Swianiewicz. 2002

The Irrationality of the Katyn Genocidal Crime. Not Only the Jews' Holocaust Was "Irrational". Katyn-area Locals: "FORGIVE US, POLES!" This book, originally published in Polish (1976), and made available to Poland (1990), was eventually translated into Russian and…

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Holocaust Exceptional? No. Shoah Harmed Germany Militarily or Econimically is a Myth. Gruner


Jewish Forced Labor Under the Nazis, by Wolf Gruner. 2006

Holocaust Uniqueness Myths Upended: Genocide of Jews Was "Rational" (Harmless to Germany). Extermination AND Exploitation of Jews Freely Coexisted as Nazi Policies Many popular Shoah misconceptions have entered both common and academic thinking. Holocaust-uniqueness advocates would have us believe…

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Holocaust “Rational”. Efficacy of Polish Guerrilla Warfare In Ameliorating German Starvation-Genocide. Gerlach


The Extermination of the European Jews, by Christian Gerlach. 2016

Atypical Justice to the “Non-Jewish Victims of the Nazis”. Holocaust-Uniqueness Misconceptions Countered NOT ONLY JEWS SUFFERED UNDER THE NAZIS: POLISH SLAVES FOR NAZI GERMANY Consider the forced laborers in the Third Reich. Author Gerlach confirms earlier Polish and German…

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Poles Germanized But Jews Not? Holocaust Exceptional Myth on VOLKSDEUTSCHE. Olejnik


Zdrajcy Narodu: Losy Wolksdeutchow w Polsce Po Drugiej Wojnie Swiatowej, by Leszek Olejnik. 2006

Holocaust Meme False: Actually Polonized Germans Become Re-Germanized, Not “Poles Allowed to Become Germans” TRAITORS TO THE NATION? THE FATE OF THE VOLKSDEUTSCHEN AFTER WORLD WAR II is the title of this Polish-language book. The…

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All Jews Die Myth: African Jews, etc., Spared. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Seidman


The Warsaw Ghetto Diaries, by Hillel Seidman, Yosef Israel (Translator). 1997

Holocaust Uniqueness Contradicted by the Facts. Cardinal Hlond Correct. Two-Way Polish-Jewish Boycotts This work is rich in Jewish terminology, traditional Jewish ideation, and cries to God and man for deliverance during the unfolding Holocaust. In contrast to most…

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Holocaust Exceptional Only Jews Die Last Minute a Myth Tomaszewski


Inside a Gestapo Prison: The Letters of Krystyna Wituska, 1942-1944, by Irene Tomaszewski. 2006

Pre-Lemkin Realization of German Policies Against Poles as Genocide. Holocaust-Uniqueness Myth: Last-Minute Nazi Killings Only of Jews This book contains a variety of relevant information, and I discuss some of it: EARLY NATION-DESTROYING ACTS IN…

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Holocaust Exceptional Politics Not Factuality. It Drives Victimhood Competition. Moses


Conceptual Blockages and Definitional Dilemmas in the ‘Racial Century”: Genocides of Indigenous Peoples and the Holocaust. PATTERNS OF PREJUDICE 36(4)7-3,  by A. Dirk Moses. 2002

The Presumed Exceptionality of the Holocaust Has No Factual Basis. It is Instead Based on Philosophy, Metaphysics, and—Especially—Politics. It is Inherently Divisive, Inconsiderate of…

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Holocaust Exceptional Common Misconceptions Promoted and Countered Hayes


Why?: Explaining the Holocaust, by Peter Hayes. 2017

Some Good Information, But Also Considerable Distortion. Alternative Scholarly Sources Provided Popular author Peter Hayes makes some dubious statements. Consider the following correctives: The Nazi German extermination of 5-6 million Jews is a fact: The Nazis-were-out-too-kill-every-single-Jew (the usual talking point for…

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Holocaust Exceptional Extinct Race Museum a Myth Veselska


"The Museum of An Extinct Race”—Fact Vs. Legend. JUDAICA BOHEMIAE 44(2)41-85, by Magda Veselska. 2016

“The Museum of An Extinct Race” Legend. No Evidence That the Nazis Ever Planned Any Such Museum: A Postwar Invention Commandeered to Promote the Presumed Exceptionality of the Jews’ Holocaust Author Magda Veselska uses…

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Wannsee Demystified Holocaust Exceptional FALSE According to Genocide Scholar Bloxham

The Final Solution, by Donald Bloxham. 2009

A Much Larger Polokaust Thwarted Only By Events. Wannsee Clarified. The Holocaust Was NOT “Special” in Any Objective Sense of the Word, According to This Genocide Scholar and Author! Author Donald Bloxham is identified as Professor of Modern History at Edinburg University, and…

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Holocaust Exceptional Gassing Only of Jews a Myth. Holocaust was “Rational”. Friedlander


Origins of Nazi Genocide, by Henry Friedlander. 1997

Ambivalence on Holocaust Supremacism. Nazi Gas Chambers Were Originally For the Handicapped, and Only Later For Jews. Holocaust Was As “Rational” As All Other Genocides This book has much to say about the Third Reich’s targeting of the handicapped,…

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Holocaust Exceptional Gassing Only of Jews a Myth. Poles the First Victims of Auschwitz. Kogon


Nazi Mass Murder: A Documentary History of the Use of Poison Gas, by Eugen Kogon. 1994

Mass Gassings Not Only in Death Camps, But Also in “Ordinary” Concentration Camps. Poles Were the First Non-German Victims of Systematic German Gassing As part of the mystification of the Holocaust, the large-scale…

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Holocaust Exceptional Lampooned Finkelstein


A Nation on Trial: The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical Truth, by Norman G. Finkelstein, Ruth Bettina Birn. 1998

Norman G. Finkelstein Lampoons Holocaust Exceptionalism, Which Does in Fact Minimize all the Genocides of Non-Jews, and Which Serves Certain Political Agendas This book is mostly a critique of Daniel Goldhagen's…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth. Thousands of Aryanized and Spared Jews! Rigg


Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military, by Bryan Mark Rigg, Theodore A. Wilson (Editor). 2004

Nazi-Spared Half-Jews and Full-Jews Destroy the Main Pillar of the Preeminence of the Holocaust Over All Other Genocides> WHO IS A…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth. Nazi-Freed Jews. Shulman


The Case of Hotel Polski, by Abraham Shulman. 1982

The Myth of Nazis Intending to Kill All Jews: Hotel Polski Affair Freed at Least 170 Jews After the fall of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943) and the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, there were still some 10,000—30,000 Warsaw Jews…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Nazis Themselves End the Holocaust. Wallace


In the Name of Humanity: The Secret Deal to End the Holocaust, by Max Wallace. 2017

Bombshell! Nazi Germany Herself, and Not the Victorious Allies, Unilaterally Put an End to the Holocaust 6 Months Before the Defeat of the Third Reich! The chief argument advanced for the elevation of…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth. Nazis Rule World a Myth. No Jews in the Future a Myth. Hitler


Hitler's Table Talk, 1941-1944, by Norman Cameron (Translator), R.H. Stevens (Translator), Hugh Trevor-Roper (Introduction). 2000

Holocaust Exceptionalism Upended. Hitler Never Envisioned the Global Extermination of All Jews, Not Even in the Distant Future! This book is revealing in a number of ways. I discuss some of these. HOLOCAUST EXCEPTIONAL—FALSE.…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth. Nazis Rule World a Myth. Wetzel Clarified on Jews and Poles. Mazower


Hitler's Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe, by Mark Mazower. 2008

A Fallacy: Nazis Were to "Conquer the World" and Thereby Kill ALL Jews. Polokaust Detailed, Including GENERALPLAN OST The author uses many scholarly sources. For example, he praises historian Marek Jan Chodakiewicz's BETWEEN NAZIS AND SOVIETS as a…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth. Not Only Jews: Slavs Were Also Scapegoats Until the Very End! Hoffmann


Hitler's Personal Security: Protecting the Führer, 1921-1945, by Peter Hoffmann. 2000

Not All Known Jews Were Targeted by the Nazis for Extermination: Honorary Aryan Emil Maurice. Hitler's Last-Minute Obsessions With Slavs, and Not Only Jews My review is based on the original 1979 edition. IMPLICATIONS OF THE STANDARD “ALL…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Aryanized and Spared Jews. Langer


Mind Of Adolf Hitler, by Walter C. Langer. 1972

Very Freudian. Affirms the Fact of Nazi-Spared Jews, Redefined as Aryans The Nazi Holocaust of 5-6 million Jews is factual: Its special status is not. Nowadays, we keep hearing that every single Jew was targeted for death by the Nazis,…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Jews in the SS. German Atrocities Warsaw Uprising. MacLean


The Cruel Hunters: SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger Hitler's Most Notorious Anti-Partisan Unit, by French L. MacLean. 1998

Being Partly Jewish Not Necessarily an Impediment For Membership in the SS. Genocidal German Atrocities Against Polish Civilians in the Poles' Warsaw Uprising Among Germans at least, admission into the SS was forbidden to…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Western Allied Jewish POWs Spared. Morris


Untold Valor: Forgotten Stories of American Bomber Crews over Europe in World War II, by Rob Morris. 2006

Western Allied Jewish POWs Spared By Nazis: The Holocaust Was Neither Unique, Unprecedented, or Especially Irrational. Nor Was It Qualitatively Different From All Other Genocides The most fascinating part of the…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Aryanized and Spared Jews. Noakes


The Development of Nazi Policy Towards the German-Jewish “MISCHLINGE” 1933-1945. LEO BAECK INSTITUTE YEAR BOOK 34(1)291-354, by Jeremy Noakes. 1989

Internally-Inconsistent Nazi German Policies Towards Those of Mixed Jewish-German Ancestry. Deliberate Nazi Sparing of Certain German Jews By Re-Labeling Them Honorary Aryans Both the Nazis and the German Jews…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Details on Aryanized and Spared Jews. Rigg


Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: Untold Tales of Men of Jewish Descent Who Fought for the Third Reich, by Bryan Mark Rigg. 2009

Holocaust Uniqueness Myth Upended: Not All Jews Targeted. Includes Details on Full-Blooded Nazi-Spared German Jews In this sequel to his HITLER’S JEWISH SOLDIERS, Rigg focuses on…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Aryanized and Spared Jews. Abrams


Special Treatment: The Untold Story of Hitler's Third Race, by Alan Abrams. 1987

Numerous Nazi German Subterfuges for the Sparing of German Mischlinge and Full-Blooded Jews The Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews, commonly called the Holocaust or Shoah, is a fact. The “All Jews Were Targeted for Death”—the…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Jew-Release Deals. Frischauer


Himmler: The Evil Genius of the Third Reich, by Willi Frischauer. 1953

Nazis Did Not Require the Death of All Accessible Jews. Potential Deals for Sparing Jews This book includes both biographical and historical information on the thoughts and policies of Reichsfuehrer S. S. Heinrich Himmler. Although written decades…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Stated Nazi Equivocation. Expanding Polokaust. Efficacy of Polish Guerrilla Warfare. Goebbels


The Goebbels Diaries 1942-1943, by Joseph Goebbels. 1948

Holocaust Uniqueness (Not); Slav Genocide; Polish Guerilla Successes; Nazi anti-Christianity (1942-1943) It is commonly supposed, as through frequent retelling, that the Jews were the only people in history to be targeted for COMPLETE extermination. Limiting oneself to the contents of this…

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Final Solution DID Include Poles and Gypsies. Nazis Respected Poland’s “Heroic Narrative” More Than Do Many Jews. Noakes


Documents on Nazism, by Jeremy Noakes. 1975

Nazi Germany DID Speak of a “Final Solution” To the Gypsies and Slavs, and Not Only the Jews. Ironic Nazi German Credit to Today’s Jewish- and Leftist-Maligned Polish “Heroic Narrative” There are many documents, representing many different subjects, in this volume. Owing…

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African Mischlinge Treated Worse Than Jewish Mischlinge Pendas

Beyond the Racial State, by Devin O. Pendas (Ed.) 2017

Nazi German Definition of a Jew Was More Restrictive Than That of Jews Themselves! African-German Mischlinge Treated Worse Than Jewish-German Mischlinge This book shows that, not only were Nazi-made racial categories often contradictory, but that they did not even rest…

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