Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Modern Neo-Marxism in Action

Cultural Marxism. Tikkun Olam: Repair the World Misappropriated. Neumann

To Heal the World: How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism and Endangers Israel, by Jonathan Neumann. 2018

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World): An Ambiguous Phrase Coopted by Jewish Leftist Politics, Old and New This book is relevant to understanding not only Judeo-Bolshevism, but also the successor leftist ideologies, notably neo-Marxism.…

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White Privilege Myth Harms PolAms. Confronting AntiPolonism. Pienkos2


For Your Freedom Through Ours: Polish American Efforts on Poland's Behalf, 1863-1991, by Donald E. Pienkos. 1991

“White Privilege” Myth Applied To Polish Americans. Confronting Anti-Polonism and Holocaust Supremacism—Then and Now This comprehensive work details the life of Poles in America going back to colonial times. Much biographical…

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White Privilege Myth Harms PolAms Pienkos1


PNA Centennial History of the Polish National Alliance of the United States of North America, by Donald E. Pienkos. 1984

This book is a history of the PNA (Polish National Alliance). But it is much more than that. It is, to a certain extent, a history of Polish Americans…

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RADIO MARYJA Clarified Nowak

Alleluja i Pod Prad, by Jerzy Robert Nowak. 2009.

Information About, and Correct Understanding of, RADIO MARYJA. The Never-Ending Left-Wing Dream of Discrediting RADIO MARYJA ALLELUJA AND LET’S PROCEED UPSTREAM: WITNESSES TO RADIO MARYJA, is the title of this eye-opening book. It contains numerous statements of support of RADIO MARYJA…

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Postmodernist Attacks On Poland Porter-Szücs

Poland in the Modern World: Beyond Martyrdom, by Brian Porter-Szucs. 2014

Very Shallow Analyses. Partakes of Postmodernist Relativism. Dusts Off Old Myths. Belittles Poland’s History The content of this book is pedestrian. The book begins with the Partition period, proceeds through WWII, and then sort of peters out as it…

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Political Correctness Invented By Communists. Polish Collaboration Clarified. Milosz

The Captive Mind, by Czesław Miłosz, Jane Zielonko (Translator). 1990

Insights Into Wartime Demoralization as a Cause for Polish Betrayals and Killings of Jews. Political Correctness, Now Part of Cultural Marxism, Originated From Communism The author touches on many matters related to different periods of Polish history. For instance, he…

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PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU Vivid Example. Cultural and Classical Marxism. Great Chinese Famine. Jisheng


Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine, 1958-1962, by Yang Jisheng, Stacy Mosher (Translation), Jian Guo (Translation). 2012

Insights Into the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU. The Ideologically-Caused Great Chinese Famine (1958-1962), With Tens of Millions Dead, Dwarfs the Jews’ Holocaust For all the inordinate attention, in the West, to the Shoah, we rarely…

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PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU: Politics of Shame anti-Polish Example. Holocaust Industry Pushed. Meng

Shattered Spaces: Encountering Jewish Ruins in Postwar Germany and Poland, by Michael Meng. 2011

Poland’s “Guilt”: PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU (Politics of Shame) Yet Again. A Thinly-Veiled Support of the Holocaust Industry. Another Boring Re-Run of Jan T. Gross Having read and reviewed hundreds of works on Poland's Jews, being unfamiliar with…

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PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU: Shaming as a Political Tool. DEFINITIVE WORK. Friman


The Politics of Leverage in International Relations: Name, Shame, and Sanction, by H. Richard Friman (Editor). 2015

The Politics of Shame [What Poles Call the PEDAGOGIKA WSYTDU] is Not Only Real: It is a Fundamental Tool in International Politics! The promotion of adverse publicity against a group, in order…

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McCarthyism a Bogeyman. Molotov-Ribbentrop CP Flipflop. Horowitz


Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey, by David Horowitz. 1998

Jews in Communism, the McCarthyism Bogeyman, Political Correctness, and Cultural Marxism Owing to the fact that there already are many reviews that describe the main contents of this work, I do not repeat them. Instead, I focus on a few…

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Holocaust Exploited. Malign Equivalence and LEWACTWO. Alexander


With Friends Like These: The Jewish Critics of Israel, by Edward Alexander (Editor). 1992

This Israel-Centered Focus Has Inadvertent Implications for Polish-Jewish Relations. Implications of the Leftist Doctrine of Malign Equivalence Author Edward Alexander lumps the modern critics of Israel with past Jews who actually had advocated persecution of…

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LEWACTWO Egregious Example. Fascist! Fascist! Fascist! Minkenberg


The Radical Right in Eastern Europe: Democracy Under Siege?, by Michael Minkenberg. 2017

Tells Us More About Far-Left Ideology Than About the “Radical Right” Bogeyman in Eastern Europe The author gets one thing right as he admits that, “In the research on the radical right, definitions of right-wing radicalism…

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LEWACTWO Egregious Example. Media Darling Pankowski


Populist Radical Right in Poland: The Patriots, by Rafal Pankowski. 2010

A Far-Left Operative With Ties to the Notorious SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) Pankowski is idolized by the media as some kind of exquisite authority figure on (what else?) hate in Poland. He has ties to the SPLC…

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Dismantling Catholicism LEWAK Goal SMOKING GUN Gross

Poland and Polin: New Interpretations in Polish-Jewish Studies, by Irena Grudzinska-Gross and Iwa Nawrocki. 2016

No "New Interpretations". SMOKING GUN: The Leftist Goal of Dismantling Poland's Catholic Culture The title of this book is a bit misleading to the reader, as I belatedly found out. Only a fraction of its…

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Cultural Marxism Wars Against Catholic Church Nowak

Walka Z Kosciolem Wczoraj i Dzis, by Jerzy Robert Nowak. 1999

A Broad-Based Analysis of the Cultural Marxist Aggression Against the Catholic Church in Poland (and, Earlier, Mexico) THE WAR AGAINST THE CHURCH YESTERDAY AND TODAY is the title of this fact-filled Polish-language work noted historian Jerzy Robert Nowak. WARNING:…

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Culture of Death Then Nazism Now LEWACTWO. Polish Tooth Crowns Also Exploited. Aly


Cleansing the Fatherland: Nazi Medicine and Racial Hygiene, by Götz Aly, Peter Chroust, Christian Pross, Michael H. Kater (contributor), Belinda Cooper (translator). 1994

German Guilt Diffusion Spurned. Not Only Jews: Murdered Poles Were Also Exploited for Gold Crowns. The Culture of Death: Abortion and Euthanasia: Like Nazism Like Today's…

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Cultural Marxism in USA Satired Kahane


Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left at Its Own Game to Take Back America, by David Kahane. 2010

Dealing With Neo-Marxism: A Tongue-In-Cheek Advice to Conservatives, But With Some Depth and Perceptiveness Although the author’s style is rambling, he does present interesting information. He shows how Hitler was…

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Cultural Marxism Pushed By European Union. Golebiowska


The Many Faces of Tolerance: Attitudes Toward Diversity in Poland, by Ewa Golebiowska. 2014

European Union Pushes Cultural Marxism. This Book: All the Standard Leftist Shibboleths I give this book two stars because of the sociological results that this work presents. Otherwise, all the left-wing "givens" (LEWACTWO) are assumed…

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Cultural Marxism Recycles Old Communist AntiPolish Propaganda. Kusmirek


Stolen Lives, by Jan Kusmirek. 2010

"Poles are Fascists!" "Poles are Neo-Nazis!" Old Communist Propaganda is Now Revived, in the Western Press, By Cultural Marxists Consider the WWII-era Communist smear campaign against Poland. The author, as if in a conversation, stated, (quote) Now the Soviet propaganda paints all the…

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Cultural Marxism Roots in Weimar Germany. Nazi Book Burning. Book

An Eyewitness in Germany, by Fredrik Book. 1933

Hitler’s First Year (1933). Two Sides on Jews. Nazi Book Burning: A Long German Tradition: Symbolism Rather Than Censorship Author Frederik Book, a Dane, had lived in Germany in 1933. He provides a wealth of first-hand information. This book was originally published…

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Cultural Marxism Overall Warning Opinion-Forming Polonophobia Nowak

Zagrozenie Dla Polski i Polskosci, by Jerzy Robert Nowak. 1998

Cultural Marxists Make War Against Poland's Catholic and Patriotic Traditions THREATS TO POLAND AND POLISHNESS is the English-language translation of the title of this Polish-language book. There is certainly a culture war going on in Poland. Virtually every item dear…

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Cultural Marxism Warning Ryba


Odklamac Wczoraj i Dzisiaj, by Mieczyslaw Ryba. 2014

Feliks Koneczny. Postmodernism. German Guilt Diffusion. PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU REMOVING THE FALSEHOODS OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY is the title of this Polish-language book. It has more to do with setting the record straight than with exposing falsehoods per se. The book is…

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Cultural Marxism Directed at Poland Example Shibata


Discrimination for the Sake of the Nation: The Discourse of the League of Polish Families Against "Others" 2001-2007, by Yasuko Shibata. 2014

Cultural Marxism in Action: A Smear of LIGA POLSKICH RODZIN. German-Published Polonophobic Japanese Author Tells Us More About Ultra-Leftist Ideology Than About Polish “Intolerance” This is the…

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Cultural Marxism Global Sexual Revolution Kuby

The Global Sexual Revolution, by Gabriele Kuby et al. 2015

The Powerful Agenda-Driven International Movement to Destroy Sexual Morality and to Silence the Noncompliant. Cultural Marxism This German-language work has now been translated into English. It offers fascinating insights into how and why western societies have changed so much in…

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Cultural Marxism and Forced Immigration. Holocaust Supremacism. Marrus


Lessons of the Holocaust, by Michael R. Marrus. 2015

Cultural Marxism. Not Accepting Immigrants: Double Standard—Poland and Israel. The Holocaust-Related Belittling of Non-Jewish Heroism Most of this book is the standard, oft-repeated fare. My review focuses on what is especially interesting—what I call the “emanations and penumbras” of the…

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Cultural Marxism in the USA: Countering Leftist Myths About US History. Woods


The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, by Thomas E. Woods Jr. 2004

A Sound Debunking of American Cultural Marxists and Their Anti-American and Socialist Shibboleths Political correctness is one of the cornerstones of neo-Marxism. This book flouts political correctness by offering perspectives that are unpopular with the left-wing…

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Cultural Marxism and Pope JPII Jablonska


Wind From Heaven: John Paul II--The Poet Who Became Pope, by Monika Jablonska, Krzysztof Dybciak (Epilogue), Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz (Foreword). 2017

The Intellectual and Spiritual Depth of the Thinking of Saint John Paul II. Communism and Now Cultural Marxism Deify Man This delightful work makes it obvious that Pope…

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Cultural Marxism DEFINITIVE WORK Why AntiPolonism MacDonald

Culture of Critique, by Kevin B. MacDonald. 1998. [Kultura Krytyki in Polish, 2019]

Jews as Critics of Gentile Societies. Origins and Manifestations of Neo-Marxism (Cultural Marxism). Implications for Polonophobia By way of introduction, I am an independent thinker, and my review is unlikely to please either the fans or the…

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Cultural Marxism Forced Immigration. Pedagogika Wstydu. DEFINITIVE WORK. Murray

The Strange Death of Europe, by Douglas Murray. 2018

Death of Europe is Not Strange At All: Bestseller Fails to "Connect the Dots" to the Agenda of Globalism and Cultural Marxism Here's the agenda: Nations are to have their ethnic-religious cores weakened by massive immigration (by force if necessary) and,…

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Cultural Marxism Effects on Poland Chodakiewicz

Mysli Wolnego Polaka, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. 2016

Poland in the Modern World: Essays by a Historian. The LEWACTWO and Its War on Polish Religious and Patriotic Traditions. Nationalism Demystified. Gun Rights THOUGHTS OF A FREE POLE is the title of this Polish-language work. It is an anthology of articles,…

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Cultural Marxism Example: Accusations of Hate Speech. Equating Endeks With Nazis. Guesnet


Antisemitism in an Era of Transition: Continuities and Impact in Post-Communist Poland and Hungary, by Fran Guesnet. 2014

Cultural Marxism in Action. The Standard “Blame it on Everyone Else” Approach to Anti-Semitism. Trashes Everything Polish This book has both short-term and long-term implications. Poland and Hungary have recently been…

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Cultural Marxism Example Michnik Szechter

Michnikowszczyzna: Zapis Choroby, by Rafal A. Ziemkiewicz. 2006

Cultural Marxism: Adam Michnik Szechter and His Chronic Antipathy to Poland's Catholic and Patriotic Traditions "MICHNIKISM": THE ANATOMY OF A DISEASE, is the title of this Polish-language book. Author Ziemkiewicz has written an eye-opening book that covers many topics, a few of…

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Forced Communization of Poland. Cultural Marxism Analyzed in Detail. Jaroszynski Styrna


Poland Dares to Speak Up, by Piotr Jaroszynski, Krzysztof Zarzecki, H. McDonald, Pawel Styrna.

Communism " Elected" and How It Persists; the LEWACTWO and Its War on the Catholic Church, and Cultural Marxism Author Piotr Jaroszynski is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and Culture at the…

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Cultural Marxism Analyzed Zebrowski

Czerwona Trucizna, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2015

Poland After 1989, With Emphasis on the Legacy of Communism. Includes Rarely-Known Information on the Jedwabne Massacre THE RED POISON is the title of this Polish-language anthology. Author Leszek Zebrowski is a historian, and has been studying the relevant subjects for many years. THE…

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Cultural Marxism: Agendas Use Holocaust, as to Push Forced Immigration. Hansen-Glucklich

Holocaust Memory Reframed: Museums and the Challenges of Representation, by Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich. 2014

Effectively a Mini-Encyclopedia of the Mystification of the Jews' Holocaust. Enlisting the Holocaust to Promote Forced Immigration To Western Nations This book compares the Holocaust memorialization at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the Jewish Museum Berlin, and the…

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