Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Jews Not Owed. Holocaust Industry Exposed

NSZ. Looting Treblinka Site Facts. The NSZ on the Jews’ Holocaust: The Facts. Bechta Zebrowski

Narodowy Sily Zbrojny na Podlasiu, by Mariusz Bechta i Leszek Zebrowski (eds.) 1997

Insights into NSZ Guerrilla Warfare, the NSZ and Polish-Jewish Relations, Treblinka-Looting Punishments, etc THE NATIONAL ARMED FORCES IN THE PODLASIE REGION is the title of this Polish-language book. The geographic area in question is in the extreme…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Dwork

Auschwitz, by Deborah Dwork and Robert van Pelt. 2002

Severe Postwar Housing Shortage Explains Why Poles Were Not Delighted When Jewish Survivors (Owners) Turned Up Alive This book is much more than about Auschwitz. For example: IMPERIALISTIC NATIONALISM AND EMANCIPATORY NATIONALISM: A FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE "Nationalism" nowadays is often a dirty…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Lane

I Saw Poland Betrayed, by Arthur Bliss Lane. 1948

A True Friend of Poland. Postwar Housing Shortage (Why Poles Not Thrilled By Jewish Survivors). Kielce Pogrom No Spontaneous Anti-Semitic Riot. Poland Sold-Out by Churchill and Roosevelt This seminal work is nothing less than a one-volume history of Poland from 1944-1947.…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Vachon

Poland 1946, by John Vachon. 1995

Occasional Polish Hostility to Holocaust Survivors: the Real Reason (Postwar Housing Shortage). Pro-Communist Author is Candid on Poland's Wartime Destitution I give this work two stars because, while the photos are priceless, the text is of little value. The author comes across as a…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Zajaczkowski

Martyrs of Charity, by Waclaw Zajaczkowski. 1988

Why Jews Were Betrayed. Why Property Disputes. Kielce Pogrom Subterfuge at the USHMM. Thousands of Poles Lost Their Lives Aiding Jews In this painstakingly-detailed work, Zajaczkowski catalogues over 700 locations (listed alphabetically) where Germans murdered Poles for aiding Jews (pp. 119-291). In most…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Poles Picked Clean by Germans and Russians Johnston

Poland 1945: A Red Cross Diary, by Russell R. Johnston. 1973

An Eyewitness Account. Forced Communization of Poland. The Crushing Oppression of Postwar Poles and Rampant Disrespect of  Polish Property: Why Occasional Polish Reluctance to Return Post-Jewish Properties This diary covers the Middle East, Russia, and Poland. My review is…

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Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Hefty-Paid Rescuers. Unreturned Jewish Property. Yahil

Rescue of Danish Jewry, by Leni Yahil. 1984

Poles and Danes: Selective Indignation About Anti-Semitism, Paid Rescuers, Dangerous Informers, Nazi Collaborators, Underground Priorities, Refusals to Return Jewish Property This fascinating book is packed with information. Because Poland is often compared unfavorably with Denmark in terms of the rescue of Jews,…

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Poles to Returning Survivors “You Still Alive!” Statements Mischaracterized by Critics Richmond

Konin, by Theo Richmond. 1995

Pre-WWII Sunday Closing Laws Demystified. Have "You Still Alive!" Polish Remarks to Returning Holocaust Survivors Been Misinterpreted as Hostility When They Were Not? If you are interested in various arcane details about Jewish life in the past, this book is for you. This work is…

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Property Restitution Unjust Enrichment Jews Did Also To Other Jews Eldad

The First Tithe, by Israel Eldad. 2008

“Acquisitiveness” of “Post-Jewish” Property By Jews Themselves! Jewish Spies for USSR. Jews Desert Anders’ Army en Masse: No Concept of Loyalty to Poland The translator points out that Eldad was born in 1910 in Eastern Galicia, and his family lived in Lvov (p.…

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Property Restitution Unjust Enrichment Meme Pounded Into Eastern Europeans Desbois

In Broad Daylight: The Secret Procedures Behind the Holocaust By Bullets, by Patrick Desbois. 2018

Holocaust By Bullets. Veiled Holocaust Industry Claims. German Guilt Diffusion. Like Stalin Like Hitler. Blaming Christianity The subtle messages of this book must be examined—all the more so because it is very engaging, and well…

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Property Restitution US Courts Tool For Usually-Extralegal Pressure Goda

Rethinking Holocaust Justice, by Norman J. W. Goda (ed.) 2017

Holocaust Industry Uses the U. S. Legal System Against Its Targets, With Pressure to Settle Out of Court. Holocaust Industry’s Aggression Against Poland This book raises diverse topics, and I focus exclusively on so-called Holocaust restitution. Author Michael J. Bazyler…

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Property Restitution Warnings to Poland By Norman Finkelstein Niekrasz

Operacja "Jedwabne" Mity i Fakty, by Lech Niekrasz. 2001

Norman Finkelstein's Specific Warnings to Poland. Jedwabne Massacre: Little-Known Facts OPERATION "JEDWABNE": MYTHS AND FACTS, is the title of this Polish-language book. Owing to the vintage of this book, much of its information has been expanded upon, and will generally not…

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Property Restitution Primarily Benefits Jews Bazyler

Holocaust Restitution, by Michael J. Bazyler (ed.) 2005

The Holocaust Industry in Action: International Politics, Intimidation, Fundamental Inequality of Victim-Claims (With Jews Favored) This book highlights the cases involving Swiss Bank and German companies. It includes a testimony of Judge Edward R. Korman. However, the most interesting information is of…

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Holocaust Industry Did NOT Open the Door to Others’ Restitution Efforts Ludi

Reparations to Nazi Victims in Postwar Europe, by Ludi Regula. 2012

The False Notion of the Holocaust “Opening the Door” To Non-Jewish Restitution Efforts This book is quite French- and Swiss-centered on the question of non-German reparations to victims of the Nazi era. Its value is that it provides some…

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Property Restitution Europeans are Thieves Holocaust Industry Propaganda Beker

The Plunder of Jewish Property During the Holocaust, by Avi Beker (ed.) 2001

Effectively a Holocaust Industry Promo: It Lumps Nazi Germany and Nazi-German-Conquered Nations Together as “Robbers”, and "Jews are Owed" The very title of this book is Orwellian. It conflates ALL forms of acquisition, of post-Jewish property, regardless…

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Property Restitution Propaganda in Holocaust Textbook Cesarani

Final Solution, by David Cesarani. 2015

This Holocaust Textbook a Thinly-Veiled Promotion of the Holocaust Industry: Combines Insight and Orwellian Cant in Analyzing Locals’ Acquisition of Post-Jewish Property To begin with, what does Holocaust mean? Many Jewish historians say it refers exclusively to the Nazi German genocide of Jews, while…

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Holocaust Industry Property Restitution Propaganda: So Poles Feel Guilty, and Must Pay. Jan T. Gross

Golden Harvest by Jan T. Gross. 2012

Creatively Transforms Normal and Universal Wartime Behavior Into Polish Catholic Thievery and Villainy Neo-Stalinist Jan T. Gross has outdone himself. He gives us story after story of Poles acquiring post-Jewish property, effectively making Poland a nation of thieves, and the Jews a nation…

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Property Restitution Needy Holocaust Survivors Bait. Bullying Poland. Bazyler


Holocaust, Genocide, and the Law: A Quest for Justice in a Post-Holocaust World, by Michael J. Bazyler. 2016

The Shoah and Law. Holocaust Industry Update. French Railroad Settlement. Non-Submissive Poland Author Michael Bazyler is a Professor of Law, and a leading lawyer in Holocaust restitution cases. This book features…

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Property Restitution NonJews Paid For Tactical Reasons Wunberg

Restitution and Memory: Material Restoration in Europe, by Gotthard Wunberg (Editor), Dan Diner. 2007

Holocaust Industry: Only Some Monies Benefit Holocaust Survivors. Non-Jews Also Compensated In Order to Deflect Argument. Holocaust Supremacism Actively Promoted I focus on some notable themes in this otherwise-mundane book, dividing my review into three main…

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Property Restitution Only Certain Jews Are “Victim Enough” To Qualify Boum

The Holocaust and North Africa, by Aomar Boum (ed.) 2018

Holocaust Industry: The Built-in Inequities in Suffering-Compensation and Property-Restitution Claims. Which Victims Were “Victim Enough” to Qualify? Only Jews Collectively? Only Certain Jews? Why Not Muslims? Victimhood Competition in Detail This book presents a lot of information, and I focus…

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Property Restitution Only Certain Jews Qualify Slyomovics


How to Accept German Reparations, by Susan Slyomovics. 2014

Victimhood Competition and Restitution Monies: Which Jews are Worthy? Gentiles Excluded. Orwellian Notions Susan Slyomovics is the descendant of Czech Jews who had been under the Nazis. She focuses on the initial conflicts, faced by her mother, over the acceptance…

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Property Restitution Ownership Changed Multiple Times Cichopek Gajraj

Beyond Violence: Jewish Survivors in Poland and Slovakia, 1944-48, by Anna Cichopek-Gajraj. 2014

"Property Restitution"--Jewish Claims Convoluted. Zydokomuna Real. Postwar Jew Killings Contextualized. Post-Holocaust Jews Remain "The Other"--By Choice This book features seldom-available information. On the other hand, author Anna Cichopek-Gajraj drifts into many of the standard Judeocentric constructs, and…

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Property Restitution Poland Owes Jews Nothing Lisiak

Nie Musimy Placic Zydom!, by Ireneusz T. Lisiak. 2013

Holocaust Industry Update: The All-Bogus Jewish Property Restitution Claims Against Poland, and Ongoing Blackmail Attempts Against Her WE HAVE NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO THE JEWS! is the title of this Polish-language anthology. I focus on author Ireneusz T. Lisiak's articles on…

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Property Restitution Demands Devious. Weaken Poland’s Catholicism SMOKING GUN. Lehrer


Jewish Space in Contemporary Poland, by Erica T. Lehrer (Editor), Michael Meng (Editor). 2014

Holocaust Industry and The 1997 Communal-Property Restitution Law. Poland’s Jewish Revival Openly a Tool Against Poland’s Catholic Culture In my review, I focus on matters of the greatest importance in Polish-Jewish relations. HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY: UNCLEAR…

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Property Restitution Holocaust Industry Classic. Holocaust Supremacism Confronted. Finkelstein


The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, by Norman G. Finkelstein. 2000

Courageous Jewish Author Confronts the Property Restitution Extortion Racket and Holocaust Supremacism. Poland in the Crosshairs of the Holocaust Industry Although now written over a decade ago, this book is very timely. The trend…

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Jews Also Were Reluctant to Return Entrusted Possessions. Blame All Around. Soifer


Between Life & Death: History of Jewish Life in Wartime Poland, 1939-1945, by Ben A. Soifer. 1995

Zbaszyn 1938. Cardinal Hlond (1936) Right on Jews and Atheism. Just Like Poles: Post-Jewish Property Acquisition—By Jews Themselves! Polish Warnings Ignored This book is not an easy read, and the person who…

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Property Restitution Lack of Transparency. Jewish Influence is Key. Eizenstat


Imperfect Justice: Looted Assets, Slave Labor, and the Unfinished Business of World War II, by Stuart E. Eizenstat. 2002

Germans, Swiss, and French. Now the Holocaust Industry Targets Nazi-German-Victim Poland. Political Strong-Arm Tactics, and Lack of Transparency—Then and Now—in So-Called Property Restitution Claims My review focuses on items largely…

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Property Restitution Like Switzerland Like Poland Codevilla

Between the Alps and a Hard Place: Switzerland in World War II and the Rewriting of History, by Angelo M. Codevilla. 2000

Like Switzerland (1990s) Like Poland (2020): Tactics of the Holocaust Industry—Valuable Lessons for Today I focus on the machinations of the Holocaust Industry, as described in this 2000…

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Property Restitution and Polish Death Camps Lie are Connected Dean

Robbery and Restitution: The Conflict Over Jewish Property in Europe (War and Genocide), by Martin Dean (Editor), Constantin Goschler (Editor), Philipp Ther (Editor). 2008

SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE: Direct Connection of the Holocaust Industry With the "Polish Death Camps" Lie. Squatters Rights Disregarded in Property Restitution Claims The title of this…

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Property Restitution: Polish Guilt Myth. Polish Threats to Jews Greatly Exaggerated. Rice


What! Still Alive?!: Jewish Survivors in Poland and Israel Remember Homecoming, by Monika Rice. 2017

A Rather Prejudicial Title. Rest OK. Confutes Jan T. Gross on “Polish Guilt” For Acquiring Post-Jewish Property This book is a somewhat better than the standard Holocaust fare, except for the title, which is…

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Property Restitution an Introduction Jewish Racist Undertones Miszalski

Zydowskie Lobby Polityczne w Polsce, by Marian Miszalski. 2017

A Comprehensive Analysis of Polish-Jewish Relations to the Present. Holocaust Supremacism, Holocaust Industry. 1968 Jews THE JEWISH POLITICAL LOBBY IN POLAND is the title of this Polish-language book. This work focuses on specific Jewish organizations in Poland. However, this book goes…

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Property Restitution BOMBSHELL Jewish Law Contradicts Holocaust Industry Rosenbaum

The Holocaust and Halakhah, by Irving Rosenbaum. 2011

Bombshell! Jewish Law on Property Restitution is Diametrically Opposite of Today’s Claims of the Holocaust Industry Against Poland This work is centered on the Kovno ghetto in German-occupied Lithuania. The persecuted Jews had especially sought the advice of the highly regarded and…

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Property Restitution Built in Inequities. Strasbourg Court a Tool of Holocaust Industry. Kuti


Post Communist Restitution And The Rule Of Law, by Csongor Kuti. 2009

Trying to Get Poles to Pay For the Consequences of German Crimes, and For Decisions of Unelected Soviet-Imposed Polish Leaders. 1997 Law Foibles Without intending to, author Kuti alludes to the many problems and inequities that are…

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Property Restitution Claims Internally Inconsistent. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Often Voluntary. Levin


Walls Around: The Plunder of Warsaw Jewry During World War II and Its Aftermath, by Itamar Levin, Rachel Neiman (Translator). 2004

Poles AND Jews Did Grave Robbery. Holocaust Industry Claims Against Poland Are Not Even Internally Consistent. So-Called Property Restitution Demands Only Create New Injustices. This work presents…

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Property Restitution 1997 Law Baseless. Which Jew is “Victim Enough”? Jews 1968 BOMBSHELL. Tych


Jewish Presence in Absence: The Aftermath of the Holocaust in Poland, 1944-2010, by Tych Feliks & Adamczyk-Garbowska Monika Tych. 2015

Holocaust Industry 1997 Act is Legally Baseless. Polish-Jewish Two-Way Prejudices. 1968 Jew-Removal Insights--Not All the Fault of the Poles Most of this work is nothing new: It largely consists…

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Property Restitution 50 Million Uncompensated WWII Losers Hayes

How Was It Possible?: A Holocaust Reader, by Peter Hayes (Contributor). 2015

Not Only the Jews Lost Property. Did You Know That 50 Million Human Beings Became Homeless Because of WWII? The very title of this book partakes of the mystification of the Holocaust: It tacitly assumes that the Nazi…

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Property Restitution and Heirless Property “Issue” Bazyler

Searching for Justice After the Holocaust: Fulfilling the Terezin Declaration and Immovable Property Restitution, by Michael J. Bazyler et al. 2019

The Holocaust Industry is After Poland Big Time! Communal and Heirless Property "Issues" The authors repeat the canned meme that, whereas 90% of Polish gentiles survived, 90% of Poland's…

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Poles Refuse To Return Jewish Belongings Wartime Trauma Context Waddell

Through the Eyes of a Survivor, by Colette Waddell and Nina Morecki. 2007

Includes Rarely-Provided Wartime German-Terror Context for Poles Denouncing Fugitive Jews, Refusing to Return Jewish Belongings Entrusted to Poles, etc. Nina Gruetz-Morecki was a gentile-looking well-to-do Polish Jew from Lwow (Lvov, Lviv). Her experiences touch on several issues…

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Gassing Poles at Treblinka. Late Jewish Awareness of Holocaust. Why Poles Looted Jews. Zabecki


Wspomnienia Dawne i Nowe, by Franciszek Zabecki. 1977

Polish Underground Eyewitness Near Treblinka. The Polonophobic Myth of Poles Cheering Jewish Deaths. Local Poles, Driven By Destitution, Bought the Belongings of Murdered Jews RECOLLECTIONS OLD AND NEW is the title of this Polish-language book. Considering all the non-English Holocaust-related books…

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Looting Normal Wartime Conduct Crawley


Escape From Germany, by Aidan Crawley. 2015

Universality of Looting—Not Some Kind of Polish Disease Aimed at Jews. Fascinating Details on The Great Escape This work includes fascinating information. But first some media distortions that needs correction: UNIVERSALITY OF LOOTING. NOT ONLY JEWS WERE VICTIMS Crawley’s fascinating work provides…

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Looting Normal Wartime Conduct–Even for the “Disciplined” Germans. Irving

The Destruction of Dresden, by David Irving. 1963

The Dresden Firestorm. Wartime Looting is Common in Wartime, and Has Nothing to Do With Poles and Jews! This book focuses on the mass fires raised by Allied bombing in February, 1945. The German death toll, cited in this 1963 book by…

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Looting Normal Wartime Conduct. Nazi-Soviet Anti-Polish Cooperation after 1941. Khrushchev


Khrushchev Remembers, by Nikita Khrushchev. 1970

Includes NKVD-Gestapo Cooperation, Initial Jewish Lack of Fear of Nazis, Normalcy of Wartime Looting (Not Only Poles From Jews), etc. This work focuses on personages. It requires a good deal of background knowledge to fully appreciate. I discuss a few matters. Nikita Khrushchev…

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Looting Robbery Not Only Jews Were Victims Szwajger


I Remember Nothing More: The Warsaw Children's Hospital and the Jewish Resistance, by Adina Blady Szwajger. 1992

Not Only Fugitive Jews: Poles, Too, Were Subject to Robbery. Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Irony The author's work as a nurse gave way to that of a courier girl during the Warsaw Ghetto…

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Looting Wartime Jews Massively Robbed Palestinians Segev

1949 the First Israelis, by Tom Segev. 2018

Looting Was No More a Polish Disease Than it Was a Jewish Disease. Implications of the Deir Yassin Massacre. Early Israel and Communism—Their Relationship There is more to this eye-opening book that Palestinian-Israeli relations: LOOTING: A COMMON OCCURRENCE. JEWS DID IT TOO…

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Looting Jews Rob Deported Jews. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Klonicki


The Diary of Adam's Father, by Aryeh Klonicki, Avner Tomaschoff (Translator), Malwina Klonicki. 1973

Jews, Like Poles, Helped Themselves to the Belongings of Nazi-Murdered Jews. Grave Robbery: Jews as Well as Poles Aryeh (Leon) Klonitski (Klonicki), towards the end of the book, provides the reader some background on his…

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Looting: Jews Rob Poles. “All Jews Must Die” Argument Demonstrably False. Berg


The Diary of Mary Berg: Growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto, by Mary Berg, Norbert Guterman (Translator), Susan Lee Pentlin (Introduction), S.L. Shneiderman (Editor), Sylvia Glass (Translator). 2007

Looting a Common Wartime Event, Not Something That "Poles Did to Jews". Holocaust Uniqueness Argument (Universal Targeting of Jews) Clearly Invalid

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Looting Jews Rob Poles. Late Jewish Awareness of Holocaust. Katz


Gone to Pitchipoi: A Boy's Desperate Fight for Survival in Wartime, by Rubin Katz. 2013

Looting and Grave Robbery: Jews Also Did it to Poles. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust By way of introduction, the title "Gone to Pitchipoi", is based on a Yiddish phrase that means, "Gone…

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Looting Jews. Selling Post-Jewish Belongings. Why Poles Did It: Wartime Demoralization. Strong


I Saw The New Poland, by Anna Louise Strong. 1946

Extreme Wartime Brutalization Accounts For Poles Denouncing Jews As Well As "Polish Greed" for Post-Jewish Properties The only redeeming value of this pro-Communist post-WWII book [Review based on original 1946 edition] is its description of the aftereffects of the…

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Looting Murder Postwar Not Only of Jews. Unreliability of Soviet Archives. Naimark


The Establishment Of Communist Regimes In Eastern Europe, 1944-1949, by Norman M. Naimark (Editor). 1998

30,000 Poles Murdered During Forced Communization. Soviet Archives Unreliable. Looting and Murder All Around, and Not Just Something Poles Did to Jews This work has a chapter on almost every eastern European country. However,…

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Looting Jews Rob Deported Jews. Jewish Ghetto Police Could Disobey The Germans. Bender


The Jews of Bialystok During World War II and the Holocaust, by Sara Bender, Yaffa Murciano (Translator). 2008

Jews (and Not Only Poles) Looted Deported Jews. Germans Apprehended Fugitive Jews Without Locals' Help. Bialystok-Area Jews Didn't Support Poles' 1863 Insurrection Israeli historian Sara Bender traces the life of Bialystok's…

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Grave Robbery Virtually Universal. Double Standards on Collaboration Repudiated. Muzychenko


Jewish Ludmir: The History and Tragedy of the Jewish Community of Volodymyr-Volynsky: A Regional History, by Volodymyr Muzychenko. 2015

Post-Nazi Cemetery Repurposing, Looting of Sites of Jewish Dead, Occurred Not Only in Poland Author Volodymyr Muzychenko is head of the Jewish community of Ludmir. This book has been translated…

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Grave Robbery Virtually Universal. Katyn Was Genocide. Tumarkin


The Living And The Dead: The Rise And Fall Of The Cult Of World War II In Russia, by Nina Tumarkin. 1995

Not Only By Poles and Not Only From the Jewish Dead: Systematic Grave Robbery in the USSR. Also: Katyn Was Genocide A travelling display of a MATSEVA…

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Grave Robbery Common in Wartime. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Confronted. Tennenbaum


In Search Of A Lost People; The Old And The New Poland, by Joseph Tenenbaum, Sheila Tenenbaum. 1948

Grave Robbery Common, Not "Poles Did It To Jews". Pro-Communist Jewish-American Author on Jewish-Nazi Collaboration, German Guilt, Expanding Polokaust, Communist Property Expropriation POLES DID NOT PICK ON JEWS: EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY POLISH GRAVE…

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Grave Robbery Jews Robbed Jews. Szmalcowniki After Money, Not After Jewish Lives. Adler


In the Warsaw Ghetto, 1940-1943, by Stanislaw Adler. 1982

Not Only Poles Robbed Jewish Graves. Jews Did Too. Polish Blackmailers Generally Cared About Sparing Jewish Lives GRAVE ROBBERY WAS A COMMON WARTIME (AND NOT ONLY WARTIME) EVENT Nowadays, the media sometimes shows pit-ridden places of Jews' mass death, such…

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Grave Robbery Jews Robbed Jews. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Quite Communist. Borzykowski


Between Tumbling Walls, by Tuvia Borzykowski. 1976

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Steeped in Communism. Jews Loot Jews. Denouncers Include Jews. All-Ways Cruel Jokes This book is unusual in several respects. It contains a diary of life in Warsaw--not in the Warsaw Ghetto before the Jewish Uprising, but covert life in…

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Grave Robbery Jews Robbed Jews. Poles Hid Among Jews! Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Czerniakow


The Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow: Prelude to Doom, by Adam Czerniakow, Raul Hilberg (Editor), Stanislaw Staron (Editor, Translator), Josef Kermisz (Editor). 1998

Polish Smugglers Save the Jews. Grave Robbery of Jews Not Only By Poles, But Also By Other Jews Adam Czerniakow’s diary covers the period from the…

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Grave Robbery of Jews Justified By Extreme War-Related Want Rees

Auschwitz: A New History, by Laurence Rees. 2006.

Has Novel Information. Debunks Jan T. Gross’ GOLDEN HARVEST on Poles Looting the Jewish Dead Out of Greed and (What Else?) Anti-Semitism The most noteworthy items in this book are not about Auschwitz, but about other aspects of the Holocaust. I focus…

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Grave Robbery Universal: It Even Victimizes Archeological Sites Renfrew


Loot, Legitimacy and Ownership: The Ethical Crisis in Archaeology, by Colin Renfrew. 2000

The Living Profit From the Belongings of the Dead: Not Only Poles From Jews! The reader unfamiliar with archeology may be shocked, as I was, upon learning of the scale of looting of ancient artifacts. Jan…

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Grave Robbery as Old as Humanity Atwood


Stealing History: Tomb Raiders, Smugglers, and the Looting of the Ancient World, by Roger Atwood. 2004

Grave Robbery and Looting of Valuables: As Old As Human History. Not “Poles Did It to Jews” The phenomenon of exploitation of the dead has recently been brought to public attention by media…

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German Reparations and Valid Questions. Postwar Jews Feared Polish Antisemitism a Myth. Zweig


German Reparations and the Jewish World: A History of the Claims Conference, by Ronald W. Zweig. 2001

Holocaust Industry: Lacks Transparency. Post-WWII Polish-Jews-Feared-Poles Myth. Poland Targeted. Are "Needy Holocaust Survivors” a "Bait" For Emotional Appeal? Author Ronald W. Zweig is a researcher, on the Conference on Jewish Material Claims…

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German Reparations: Holocaustspeak on “Reparations”. Holocaust Survivors Get Little. Balabkins

West German Reparations to Israel, by Nicholas Balabkins. 1971.

Germans Voted-In Hitler. German Goods to Israel. Orwellian Constructs on Reparations. Holocaust Industry: Today's  “Compassion to Holocaust Survivors” is Mendacious

Although this work was published in 1971, it remains relevant. This owes to what nowadays is called the Holocaust Industry. It…

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Germany Not Poland a Nation of Thieves. Nazi Ghettos for Poles in a Way. Hellersperk


Lania: An American Woman in Nazi-Occupied Poland, 1939-1945, by Melania Kocyan Hellersperk. 1991

Germany, Not Poland, a Nation of Thieves (and Not Only Against Jews!). The Unfolding Polokaust. Poles Confined to Ghettos, Only Larger Ones The author and her husband were visiting Poland in the summer of 1939, but…

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Germans Despoiled Poland and Not Only Jews. SCHINDLER’S LIST anti-Polish Scene a Lie. Przygoda


The Way to Freedom, by Zdzislaw Przygoda. 1995

Wartime Looting in Perspective. The Systematic German Despoiling of Poland. The Mendacious Anti-Polish "Goodbye Jews!" Scene in SCHINDLER'S LIST Zdzislaw Przygoda was an assimilated Polish Jew who eventually joined the Underground Armia Krajowa (A. K., or AK). His job in the…

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Fugitive Jews Rob Other Fugitive Jews Klein


All But My Life: A Memoir, by Gerda Weissmann Klein. 1995

Inadvertent Attention to the Double Standard of Jews Robbed by Poles (a Big Deal) and Jews Robbed By Other Jews (Evidently No Big Deal) Gerda Weissman Klein grew up in Bielitz (Bielsko), Poland, near the Czech border. Consistent…

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COUNTERCLAIM Restitution 1939 Jews Got Polish Housing. Osadniks. Zydokomuna. Association…


Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Poland, by Association of the Families of Borderland Settlers. 2000

1939 Zydokomuna Massive. Abandoned or Confiscated Property (Not Only of Jews But Also of Poles) Naturally Becomes Squatter's New Property: Invalidity of Holocaust Industry This work is an anthology of over a hundred separate…

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COUNTERCLAIM Restitution 1863 Jews Got Polish Estates. Polonization of Ukrainians Benign. Chmielewski


The Polish question in the Russian State Duma, by Edward Chmielewski. 1970

Property-Restitution Questions--Against Jews This Time--on Russian-Confiscated Polish Landed Estates. Dmowski Not Pro-Russian This work has information of enduring relevance. I focus on that. BLOWBACK OF RUSSIAN DIVIDE ET IMPERA (DIVIDE AND CONQUER) TACTICS AGAINST POLES This work…

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COUNTERCLAIM Restitution 1900 Jews Got Polish Estates. Jewish Self-Imposed Apartheid. Butler


The New Eastern Europe, by Ralph Butler. 1919

Following Holocaust Industry Logic: Jews Guilty of Unjust Enrichment From German-Confiscated Polish Estates. So the Jews' Heirs Now Have to Pay The author is not sympathetic to Poles. He repeatedly regards them (and cites those who agree with him), as too…

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COUNTERCLAIM Restitution 1939 Jews Got Polish Estates Weiss


The Lemberg Mosaic, by Jakob Weiss. 2011

So Poles Got Post-Jewish Property [Big Deal]: 1939 Jews Got Post-Polish Property [No Big Deal] Jakob Weiss begins with a history of Austrian-ruled Lwow (Lviv, Lemberg). Considering especially the fact that the city in question was not called Lemberg during most of…

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COUNTERCLAIM Restitution 1939 Jews Got Polish Housing. Zolnierze Wykleci. Koprowski


Żołnierze wyklęci. Wspomnienia i relacje, by Marek A. Koprowski. 2018

1939 Zydokomuna Unjust Enrichment of Polish Property. Poland's Anti-Communist Freedom-Fighting Guerrillas (ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI): Some Testimonies Author Marek A. Koprowski is a historian, writer, and journalist. He specializes in the fate of Poles from the former Kresy (Soviet-confiscated eastern Poland),…

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Cemetery Repurposing Contextualized: Not Only Jewish Cemeteries! Merridale


Night of Stone: Death and Memory in Twentieth-Century Russia, by Catherine Merridale. 2002

An Inadvertent Counter to Jewish-Cemetery-Desecration Memes. Gravestones, Cemetery Lands (Not Only of Jews!) Were Freely Repurposed Recent Holocaust-related programs have falsely painted Poles a heartless, primitive people for not preserving long-abandoned Jewish cemeteries, and for repurposing…

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Cemeteries are Not Eternal: Cemetery Repurposing Not Anti-Jewish. Tribal Rights Unworkable. Iserson


Death to Dust: What Happens to Dead Bodies, by Kenneth V. Iserson. 2001

Cemeteries Are Not Eternal. Inadvertent Contextualization of Repurposed Jewish Cemeteries in Post-WWII Poland Following the German-Made Holocaust Author Kenneth V. Iserson has written a detailed book on every imaginable aspect of death and dying. I focus…

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Cemeteries Not Only Jewish Destroyed. De-Germanization of Nazis Confronted. Ceran

The History of a Forgotten German Camp: Nazi Ideology and Genocide at Szmalcówka, by Tomasz Ceran. 2014

Little-Known Nazi-German Genocide of Poles (Polokaust or Polonocaust). De-Germanized Nazis. Polish (and Not Only Jewish!) Cemeteries Destroyed Everybody has heard a million times about the 6 million Jews. Although this is not a…

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Cemeteries Not Only Jewish Destroyed: Polish Cemeteries Were Too. Zalewski


Galician Trails: The Forgotten Story of One Family, by Andrew Zalewski. 2012

Not Only Jewish Cemeteries Were Desecrated, Repurposed, or Destroyed. Poles' Were Too (But Nobody Talks About That) GALICIAN TRAILS includes interesting information. For instance, one learns that the Soviets used bulldozers to destroy the Polish cemetery, in…

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Cemetery Desecration Not AntiJewish. Some Gulags Like Nazi German Death Camps. Hochschild


The Unquiet Ghost: Russians Remember Stalin, by Adam Hochschild. 2003

The Especial Horrors of the Gulag in Kolyma. And Not Only the Remains of Jewish Dead Are Disrespected! Nowadays, in common Holocaust materials, Poles are blamed for looting the cremains of Jews and of insufficiently respecting the sites of…

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