Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Jews and Communism: A Strong Affiliation

Zydokomuna Denialism Backfires: Jews and Revolutionary Propaganda Spiewak

Zydokomuna: Interpretacje Historyczne, by Pawel Spiewak. 2012

“Refutation” of Jews in Communism Actually Supports It. Communist Propaganda Organs Were 75%-90% Jewish! Author Pawel Spiewak is Director of the Jewish Institute in Warsaw. He is a typical lewak. Everything bad in Polish-Jewish relations is the Poles’ fault, including the Jews’ turn…

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Zydokomuna Socialist Communist Fuzzy Boundary Fishman


The Rise of Modern Yiddish Culture, by David E. Fishman. 2005

Fuzzy Boundary Between Jewish Socialism and Jewish Communism. Yiddishists and Atheism In my review, I do not limit my analysis to the book itself. I extend the content to broader issues of lasting relevance. This work goes beyond…

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Zydokomuna Soviet Commissars. Undiscipline a Factor in Polish Pogroms. D’Abernon


The Eighteenth Decisive Battle of the World: Warsaw, 1920, by Edgar Vincent D'Abernon. 1931

The Decisive Polish Victory in the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War. The Significance of Jewish Commissars in the Red Army My review of this classic is based on 1931 edition. UNSTINTING CREDIT GIVEN TO POLISH HEROISM The…

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Zydokomuna Top NKVD Leaders DEFINITIVE WORK Petrov

Kto Rukovodil NKVD, 1934-1941? by Nikita Vasilevich Petrov and Konstantin V. Skorkin. 1999

The Massive Overrepresentation of Jews in the Leadership of the Dreaded Communist Secret Police—the NKVD The main source of information for the research article below is this Russian-language book: KTO RUKOVODIL NKVD, 1934-1941, by Nikita Vasilevich Petrov…

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Zydokomuna USA Jews Openly Support. Willful Blindness. Srebrnik

Dreams of Nationhood, by Henry Felix Srebrnik. 2010

Forget Conspiracy Theories. Forget "International Jewry". Open and Large-Scale American Jewish Support for Soviet Communism The amount of research for this work, in old American Yiddish publications, borders on the staggering. It unambiguously shows the vast extent of American Jewish support for…

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Zydokomuna in Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Why Poles Reluctant to Help. Goldstein


The Stars Bear Witness (Unerwünschte Bücher zum Faschismus #3), by Bernard Goldstein. 1949

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Tainted By Communism, For Which Reason Poles Were Reasonably Disinclined to Fully Support It Eyewitness Bernard Goldstein presents a variety of interesting information. For example: AMERICAN JEWISH INDIFFERENCE, AND LOCAL JEWISH-NAZI COLLABORATION The…

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Zydokomuna Permeated Jewish Political Life Arens


Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto: The Untold Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Moshe Arens. 2011

Communism Permeated Much of Pre-WWII Jewish Political Life. Holocaust Uniqueness Upended. The ZZW in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This work focuses on active hostility against the ZZW as the major cause of…

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Zydokomuna Rare Collective Liability Accepted. Talmudic Racism Confronted. Cohen

Insiders and Outsiders: Dilemmas of Eastern European Jewry, by Richard I. Cohen et al. (eds.), 2010

An Exotic Rarity: Jewish Scholar Accepts Collective Jewish Accountability for the Crimes of the ZYDOKOMUNA (Judeo-Bolshevism) In typical discourse, everything negative in past Polish-Jewish relations is reflexively blamed on the Poles. This book is…

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Zydokomuna Russian Revolution. Royal Family Murdered. Jewish First Soviet Government. Wilton


The Last Days of the Romanovs, by Robert Archibald Wilton. 1920

A Lasting Wound: How Jews Played a Leading Role in the Murders of Tsar Nicholas II and His Family. Jewish Leadership of First Soviet Government My review is based on the original 1920 edition. The author was a…

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Zydokomuna Socialist Communist Fuzzy Boundary Bacon


The Politics of Tradition, by Gershon C. Bacon. 1997

The "Polish Friendly" Agudists Were Nevertheless Separatists. Sunday-Closing Law. SCHECHITA Law. Fuzzy Boundary: Jewish Socialists and Communists. Cardinal Hlond Was Right NO BLACK AND WHITE IN POLISH-JEWISH RELATIONS The author begins with a middle view of Polish-Jewish relations, (quote) By…

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Zydokomuna Socialist Communist Fuzzy Boundary. Why 1968 Jews. Brossat

Revolutionary Yiddishland, by Alain Brossat and Sylvia Klingberg. 1983, 2016.

Jewish Democratic Socialists Effortlessly Shed Their Professed Democracy and Became Communists I focus on a few items of lasting importance. DEBUNKING THE SILLY EXCULPATORY ARGUMENT THAT JEWISH COMMUNISTS WERE "NOT REALLY JEWS" Authors Brossat and Klingberg write, "The massive…

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Zydokomuna Jewish Guerillas. Jews Feared Early Nazis a Myth. Porat


The Fall of a Sparrow: The Life and Times of Abba Kovner, by Dina Porat, Elizabeth Yuval (Translator). 2009

Polish Suspicions Confirmed: Jewish Guerrillas Were Steeped in Communism. Author Tiptoes Around Jewish Complicity in the Koniuchy Massacre This book covers Kovner's life in pre-WWII Vilna (Wilno, Vilnius), the Soviet…

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Zydokomuna Jewish Revolutionary Banditry Demonstrated Chodakiewicz

Tajne Oblicze GL-AL i PPR: Dokumenty, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Piotr Gontarczyk, i Leszek Zebrowski (eds.) 1997

Jew-Killing Shocker Unmasks the Tactics of the GL-AL Communist Bands in German-Occupied Poland. Poles Justified in Not Fully Supporting ZOB. Widespread Jewish Revolutionary Banditry Provoked Polish Reprisals THE SECRET FACE OF THE GL-AL…

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NSZ. Zydokomuna Jewish Revolutionary Banditry. Polish Guerrilla Counteractions. Szucki

Narodowe Sily Zbrojne, by Piotr Szucki (ed.) 1992

A 50th-Anniversary Scholarly Study of the Polish-Guerrilla NSZ. Jewish Revolutionary Banditry Provoked the Occasional (Never Systematic) NSZ Killings of Fugitive Jews THE NATIONAL ARMED FORCES is the title of this Polish-language anthology. It features articles by historians, notably by Leszek Zebrowski and…

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Zydokomuna Bloody Crimes: No Justice Done Pluzanski

Bestie Mordercy Polakow, by Tadeusz M. Pluzanski. 2011

Unfortunately, Sweden and Israel Are Dens of Unpunished Murderers of Poles WARNING: This Polish-language scholarly book is not for the politically correct. Nor is it for those steeped in the standard narrative, endlessly promoted by academia and media, of the innocent-victim Jew…

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Zydokomuna Opposes ANY Polish State Friling


A Jewish Kapo in Auschwitz: History, Memory, and the Politics of Survival, by Tuvia Friling. 2014

Double Standards on Jews and Poles? Also: Jewish Communists Oppose a Polish State of Any Kind I focus on the broad-based implications, which go far beyond the experiences of Auschwitz Kapo Eliezer Gruenbaum…

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Zydokomuna Opposes ANY Polish State Minc


The History of a False Illusion: Memoirs on the Communist Movement in Poland, 1918-1938, by P. Minc, Robert Michaels (Translator). 2002

The Zydokomuna, Along With Most Jewish Political Groupings, Opposed the Restoration of the Polish State This book is useful in understanding the "Trotskyite" form of Communism in Poland…

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Zydokomuna Influence Far Beyond Percentages. Aggressive Jewish Separatism. Gitelman

The Quest for Utopia: Jewish Political Ideas and Institutions Through the Ages: Jewish Political Ideas and Institutions Through the Ages, by Zvi Y. Gitelman (Contributor). 1992

Jewish Revolutionaries Had a Much Greater Impact Than Their Numbers Suggest. The Zydokomuna Wore Many Political Guises. Jewish Germanophilia This work is much more…

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Zydokomuna Influence Far Beyond Percentages. Who Was Intolerant? Lindemann


Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews, by Albert S. Lindemann. 2001

Especially Valuable in Understanding Jews in Soviet Communism. Their Significance Went Far Beyond Their Numbers This work is richly filled with facts. I focus on distinctive information. Other reviewers have already informed the reader…

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Zydokomuna Influence Far Beyond Percentages. Jews in Illicit Trade. Sarolea


Impressions of Russia, by Charles Sarolea. 1924

Early Soviet Communism: A Largely-Jewish Ruling Elite (Zydokomuna). Holocaust as Revenge Forecast Charles Sarolea (1870-1953) was Professor at the University of Edinburgh, and the Belgian Consul in Edinburgh. Part of this work overlaps the content of Sarolea’s outstanding work on Poland: See…

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Zydokomuna in Jewish Schools. Why Polish Non-Support. Jews and Physical Labor. Eisenstein

Jewish Schools in Poland, 1919-39: Their Philosophy and Development, by Miriam Eisenstein. 1950

Why Should Polish Government Have Supported Jewish Schools That Were Hives of Separatism, Sedition, and Communism? It Did Support Those Jewish Schools That Fostered Jewish Loyalty to Poland This work is important not only in terms of…

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Complicity Accusations. Victimhood Competition and Holocaustspeak. Beorn


The Holocaust in Eastern Europe: At the Epicenter of the Final Solution, by Waitman Wade Beorn. 2018

Are Polish Bystanders “Complicit in the Holocaust”? If So, Then Jewish Bystanders are Also Complicit in the Crimes of the Zydokomuna Author Waitman Wade Beorn is a historian with the University of…

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Bloody Felek DEFINITIVE WORK. Zydokomuna Enchants Dzierzynski and Could Have Been Larger Leggett

Cheka, by George Leggett. 1981

The Zydokomuna Enchants the Pole Dzierzynski, and Makes Him Into a Communist. Some Jewish “Racial Solidarity” in Communism. Overabundance of Jewish Leadership in Communism Could Actually Have Been Greater! This scholarly work presents a variety of interesting information. I focus on a few topics. DZIERZHINSKY…

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Zydokomuna Exculpation: Jews-Didn’t-Know-About-Violence Fails. Yizkor Books Questionable. Heller


Jabotinsky's Children: Polish Jews and the Rise of Right-Wing Zionism, by Daniel Kupfert Heller. 2017

Debunks the Exculpatory Myth That Jews Got Involved in Communism Without Knowing About Its Violent Character This book contains a wealth of information. I focus on a few salient matters. JEWS AND COMMUNISM (ZYDOKOMUNA):…

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Zydokomuna Exculpation: Jews-Didn’t-Know-Communism-Was-Totalitarian Fails. Mendelsohn


Essential Papers on Jews and the Left, by Ezra Mendelsohn (Editor). 1997

Zydokomuna "Poland's Jews Didn't Know Communism Was Violent and Totalitarian" Exculpation Debunked This book centers on personages and political movements. It features the philosophy of Moses Hess and Ber Borokhov, the anti-Semitism of the Jew Karl Marx,…

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Zydokomuna Exculpations Fail. Jews Feared Early Nazis a Myth. Wallach


Bitter Freedom: Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor, by Jafa Wallach. 2006

Zydokomuna Fear-of-Germans Exculpation Exploded: Jews Voluntarily Return to Nazi-Ruled Poland. Jewish Property Issues Not Black and White This work is moving, and includes a good deal of biographical detail. Owing to the fact that there are many reviews…

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Zydokomuna Exculpation: Jews-Had-It-Bad Fails. Jews in Journalism Crucial. Wilton


Russia's Agony (Classic Reprint), by Robert Wilton. Original 1918

On the Eve of Russian Revolution. “Jews Had It Bad” Refuted. Jews and Journalism. Insights Into Polish-Jewish Relations My review is based on the original 1918 edition. This work was written during the pivotal time when Russia’s future was uncertain--after…

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Zydokomuna Gulag Leadership Details Slezkine


The Jewish Century, by Yuri Slezkine. 2006

An Eye-Opening, Candid and Detailed Analysis of the Extensive Role of Jews in Soviet Communism. Jewish Leadership of GULAGS and the NKVD Jewish author Yuri Slezkine has compiled near-encyclopedic levels of information in one volume. It examines virtually every imaginable aspect of…

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Zydokomuna Denialism Backfires: Zydokomuna Elite INDISPENSABLE Gerrits

The Myth of Jewish Communism, by Andre Gerrits. 2009

An Attempt at Debunking the Zydokomuna Actually Validates It! The Indispensable Role of the Jewish Elite in Early Soviet and Soviet-Imposed Eastern European Communism Author Andre Gerrits is Professor of International Studies and Global Politics at The Hague. His work seeks…

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Zydokomuna Elite Poland 1944 Was the Majority Gradzka-Rejak

Elity i Przedstawiciele Spolecznosci Zydowskiej Podczas II Wojny Swiatowej, by Gradzka-Rejak et al. (eds.) 2017

  The Zydokomuna Comprised Over 50% of the Core of the Communist Puppet Government, Eventually Imposed Upon Poland, in 1944, on the Heels of the Red Army My review of this IPN work is limited…

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Zydokomuna Elite USSR. Jewish Separatism. Jewish Economic Hegemony. Hertz


The Jews in Polish Culture, by Aleksander Hertz, Lucjan Dobroszycki (Editor), Richard Lourie (Translator). 1988

Poland Harmed by Jewish Separatism, Jewish Germanophilia and Russophilia, and the Very Real and Substantive Zydokomuna This is a “meaty” book. Its vintage (1961) may be advantageous in terms of a unique perspective that…

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Zydokomuna Elite USSR Elaborated MacDonald

Stalin's Willing Executioners, by Kevin B. MacDonald. 2004

A Detailed and Thoughtful Analysis of What Sometimes is Called the Zydokomuna My review below is that of a review, by Kevin Macdonald, of Yuri Slezkine' s THE JEWISH CENTURY. The MacDonald review is currently available in .pdf online (as of January…

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Zydokomuna Elite USSR Unprecedented Sachar


A History of the Jews in the Modern World, by Howard M. Sachar. 2006

Zydokomuna: The Jewish Presence in the First Soviet Government Was Unprecedented in ANY Government This is a mini-encyclopedia of Jewish history beginning about the 17th century. Sachar's main emphasis is on the Jews of Europe.…

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Zydokomuna Communist Party Poland But Jewish Support for Communism Much Bigger Schatz


The Generation: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland, by Jaff Schatz. 1991

Jews in the Communist Party of Poland. Ignores Jewish Communism Outside the CP. Exculpations Fail Jewish author Jaff Schatz provides a great deal of information about the Zydokumuna (Jewish Communism in Poland), tracing…

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Zydokomuna Confronted By a Few Modern Jews Laskey


Night Voices: Heard in the Shadow of Hitler and Stalin, by Heather Laskey. 2003

Unusual Zydokomuna Candor: Modern Jews Confront the Jewish Over-Involvement in the Bezpieka (U. B.), the Dreaded Communist Secret Police The Jewish interviewees in this book were Jewish Communists whose lives began in pre-WWII Poland. Mention…

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Zydokomuna Crucial Role in Tsarist Russia Haberer


Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia, by Erich Haberer. 2004

Would Communism Have Died in Its Infancy, in Tsarist Russia, Were it Not For Jewish Revolutionaries (Zydokomuna)? The Jewish revolutionary activity, as discussed in this book, centered on revolutionary Populism. That based on Marxism was not to emerge until…

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Zydokomuna Deep Jewish Roots. Consistent Jewish Hostility to the Polish State. Jacobs


Bundist Counterculture in Interwar Poland, by Jack Jacobs. 2009

Polish Cardinal August Hlond (1936) Was Right: Poland's Jews Were Steeped in Communism, and Were Otherwise Hostile to the Polish Nation. Jewish Disloyalty in 1920 War Although this work does not approach the Bund from the viewpoint of its impact…

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Zydokomuna Deep Jewish Roots. Holocaust Blame Game. Jews are Adam. Porat


Israeli Society, the Holocaust and its Survivors, by Dina Porat. 2008

Holocaust Blame Game (Even Jews Against Other Jews). Zydokomuna Had Deep and Broad Jewish Roots This work begins with basic information on the Holocaust. The reader learns that, although the Nazi decision to exterminate the Jews was not…

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Zydokomuna Deep Jewish Roots. Communization of Poland’s Jewish Masses. Shulman


The Old Country, by Abraham. Shulman. 1974

The Zydokumuna Was Not Something Marginal: It Had Deep Roots in Judaism and a Broad-Based Following Among Poland's Jews The many pictures of this book, generally dating from the period 1860-1920, hearken back to a simpler time. They make it obvious that,…

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Zydokomuna Cause Jewish Elitism and Power Cohen


Jewish Radicals and Radical Jews, by Percy S. Cohen. 1981

Jewish Communism (Zydokomuna) Stems From Jewish Elitism and a Drive For Power, Not Some Special Jewish Sense of Oppression or Injustice The title of this book is a little off. The book is as much about the New Left…

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Zydokomuna Cause Jewish Elitism and Power Liebman


Jews And The Left, by Arthur Liebman. 1979

Jews Better Off Than Most People in Tsarist Russia. Zydokomuna Rooted in Jewish Elitism This work is much more than its title suggests. It includes details about Jewish life in late 19th-century tsarist Russia, and how it impacted the growth of…

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Zydokomuna Cause Mutated Messianism Petuchowski

Prayerbook Reform in Europe: The Liturgy of European Liberal and Reform Judaism, by Jakob J. Petuchowski. 1969

The Jewish Concept of An Earthly, Messianic Kingdom: A Readily-Mutable Antecedent of Modern Zionism and Communism (Zydokomuna) This book gives considerable detail on how early Reformed Judaism, in 19th-century Germany, changed some of…

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Zydokomuna Cause Special Rights Sought Estraikh


Yiddish and the Left: Papers of the Third Mendel Friedman International Conference on Yiddish, by Gennady Estraikh. 2017

The Yiddishist Movement (including in USA) and Its Deep Entanglement With Soviet Communism. Its Goal: Special, Separatist Rights for Jews Consider some salient points relative to the Zydokomuna which, as we…

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Zydokomuna Denialism Rests Largely on Holocaust Supremacism Hanebrink

A Spectre Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, by Paul Hanebrink. 2018

Self-Refuting. Evidently, "Coming to Terms With the Past” is Good for Non-Jews But Not For Jews: A Creative Dodge From the Undeniable Large Scale Jewish Complicity in Communism This book is of little value. Let us, however, begin…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Half Leadership Jewish Steinlauf

Polin Vol. 16, by Michael C. Steinlauf and Antony Polonsky (eds.) 2003

The Zydokomuna in Action: Jews Held Half the Managerial Positions in the Dreaded Post-WWII Communist Security Forces (U. B., or Bezpieka) of Soviet-occupied Poland I focus on a few pertinent issues: THE ZYDOKOMUNA UNDER EARLY SOVIET RULE Andrzej…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Leaders DEFINITIVE WORK Szwagrzyk

Aparat Bezpieczenstwa w Polsce 1944-1956, by Krzysztof Szwagrzyk. 2005

THE Definitive Work on the Communist Security Forces (U. B., or Bezpieka) in Soviet-Ruled Poland: Major Jewish Role THE SECURITY APPARATUS IN POLAND: ITS LEADING CADRES, Volume 1, 1944-1956, is the title of this scholarly Polish-language work. It is published the…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Leaders Szonert

Null and Void: Poland: Case Study on Comparative Imperialism, by M. B. Szonert. 2008

A Broad Overview of Recent Polish History. BEZPIEKA and Zydokomuna This work covers many topics: WWII battles, Katyn, the deportations of Poles into the USSR and Nazi Germany, the Soviet-betrayed Warsaw Uprising, the Roosevelt-Churchill betrayal of…

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Zydokomuna Brains Behind Communism. 1920 Polish-Soviet War. Dukes


Red Dusk and the Morrow: Adventures and Investigations in Soviet Russia, by Paul Dukes. 1922

British Eyewitness to the Aftermath of the Russian Revolution and the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War. The Jewish “Brains” Behind Communism The author, an official of the British intelligence service, visited the new Soviet Union, “not…

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Zydokomuna Brains Behind Communism. Invalid “Tiny Number” Talking Point. Fahey


The Rulers Of Russia, by Denis Fahey. 1938

Not Just High Numbers and Percentages: Jews as the Brains Behind Communism. Also Facts on Freemasonry, Nazism, etc. The author was an Irish Catholic priest. Whether in agreement with the author or not, the reader may be impressed by the vibrancy…

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Zydokomuna Capitalists No Contradiction. 1920 Polish-Soviet War. Pitt Rivers


The World Significance Of The Russian Revolution, by George Pitt-Rivers. 1920

No Contradiction in Jews as Capitalists and Jews as Communists. 1920 Polish-Soviet War: the USSR Was the Aggressor This book makes many interesting points, and I focus on these. [Review based on the original 1920 edition] DESPITE THE…

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Zydokomuna USSR Leadership Details. Promotion of Atheism. Pinkus


The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority, by Benjamin Pinkus. 1990

Refreshing Candor About the Zydokomuna in the USSR. Are Real Jews. Drivers of Militant Atheism, and Overall Soviet Leadership, For Decades After the Russian Revolution Israeli Jewish author Benjamin Pinkus begins with a…

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Zydokomuna Backed Molotov Ribbentrop Pact Frankel


Dark Times, Dire Decisions: Jews and Communism, by Jonathan Frankel (Editor). 2012

Zydokomuna in the USSR, Britain, USA, and in Other Nations. Jewish Communists Supported the Soviet Alliance With Nazi Germany! In the USSR (where Jews constituted 1-2% of the population): “Nonetheless, it was during the years 1918-1920 that…

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Zydokomuna Backed Molotov Ribbentrop Pact. German Guilt-Diffusion Repudiated. Hausner


Justice in Jerusalem, by Gideon Hausner. 1978

German Guilt Diffusion Soundly Rejected. Zydokomuna "We Were Idealists" Hypocrisy: Jewish Support for Nazi Germany During the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939-1941) Gideon Hausner, the chief Prosecutor at the trial of Adolf Eichmann, has produced this one-volume encyclopedia on the Holocaust. It includes countless…

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Zydokomuna Backed Molotov Ribbentrop Pact. Jewish-Christian Mutual Negation. Rubenstein


After Auschwitz: History, Theology, and Contemporary Judaism, by Richard L. Rubenstein. 1992

Jewish Communists Winked at Nazi Atrocities During the 1939-1941 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Planned Nazi German Extermination of Slavs I focus on items of lasting significance in my review: DEBUNKING THE EXCULPATORY MYTH OF THE ZYDOKOMUNA DRIVEN BY IDEALISM…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Examples Sack


An Eye For An Eye, by John Sack. 1993

Excessively Judeocentric and Especially Germanocentric. Most Victims of Jewish Communists In Poland Were Poles, Not Germans. Update Provided This is the work of a courageous Jewish-American journalist, and he covers the Jewish vengeance against Germans (not some nowadays-amorphous "Nazis") quite…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Jewish Atheism and Communism Go Hand-in-Hand. Biale


Not in the Heavens: The Tradition of Jewish Secular Thought, by David Biale. 2010

The Commonly-Condemned Polish Cardinal August Hlond Was Right About Jews and Freethought This book presents a good overview of its intended subject. SECULAR AND ATHEIST JEWS ARE FULLY JEWS The author cites the "non-Jewish Jew",…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Not Marginal. Jewish Complicity in the HOLODOMOR. Deutscher


The Non-Jewish Jew, by Isaac Deutscher. 1982

Jewish Communist Explodes the Exculpatory Myth That Jewish Communists Were "Not Really Jews". HOLODOMOR: Jewish Complicity. Zydokuma Not Marginal This is a thought-provoking book. The author teaches us what it means to be a non-traditional Jew, and a Communist, but nevertheless certainly…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Broad-Based Jewish Support. Use of Bribery. Kugelmass


From a Ruined Garden: The Memorial Books of Polish Jewry, by Jack Kugelmass (Editor), Jonathan Boyarin (Editor). 1998

Bribery in Action. Economic Rivalry. Evasion of Military Service. Poles Also Experienced WWI Pogroms (But It’s Never Called That). Post-WWII Killings of Unmentioned Poles as Well as Oft-Mentioned Jews This work,…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Judaism is Communized, Not Abandoned. Shternshis


Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939, by Anna Shternshis. 2006

An Inadvertent Riposte To The Rather Silly Exculpatory Argument That Jewish Communists Were “Not Really Jews” The eye-opening book upends the notion that Jews of the Soviet Union had been Jews in name only.…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews–The PINTELE YID (Spark of Jewishness) Always Remains. Telushkin


Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History, by Joseph Telushkin. 2014

Top Jewish Communist Lazar Kaganovicz Remains a Jew. A Rarity: The Rebbe Supported Public School Prayer. Talmud: Attacking a Jew Equals Attacking God A major theme of this book…

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Zydokomuna Atheism USSR Jews Pushed Husband


Godless Communists: Atheism and Society in Soviet Russia, 1917-1932, by William B. Husband. 1999

An Introduction to Soviet Communist Militant Atheism and the Main Drivers Behind It This work presents a good overview of this subject. I elaborate on a few major themes: MILITANT ATHEISM LARGELY POSTDATED THE RUSSIAN…

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Zydokomuna 1905 Provoked Pogroms Tsar Nicholas II Bing


The Secret Letters of the Last Tsar, by Edward J. Bing (Editor). 1938

Tsar Nicholas II: Jewish Revolutionaries Provoked the Pogroms of the Revolution of 1905 By way of introduction, the author was head of a special British Mission to the Bolshevik government. Earlier, he had attended the celebrations,…

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Zydokomuna 1939 Was Large Scale. The Nazi “All Jews Die” a Myth. Friedlaender


Nazi Germany and the Jews: The Years of Extermination, 1939-1945 (Nazi Germany and the Jews #2), by Saul Friedländer. 2007

Contrary to Holocaust-Uniqueness Contentions, the Nazis Let Some Jews Go Free. 1939 Zydokomuna Large. Eastern European Common Knowledge of Holocaust Not Until Late 1942 The comprehensive nature of this…

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Zydokomuna 1939 Was Large Scale. Some Jews Refuse Proferred Polish Help. Rosenfeld


From Lwow to Parma: A Young Woman's Escape from Nazi-Occupied Poland, by Klara Rosenfeld. 2005

1939-1941 Zydokomuna Was Not Marginal. It Was Huge The 1939 war caught Rosenfeld by surprise. She was in Lwow (Lviv) and found herself in a series of Luftwaffe bombing raids. In common with countless…

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Katyn Jewish Complicity Montefiore


Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, by Simon Sebag Montefiore. 2005

Crucial Jewish Complicity in the GULAGS, and in the Decision to Murder Tens of Thousands of Polish Officers at Katyn The author, a Briton of Jewish descent, minces no words about the Zydokomuna (Judeo-Bolshevism). One of the…

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Katyn Jewish Complicity Rees


Iron Lazar: A Political Biography of Lazar Kaganovich, by E.A. Rees. 2012

Lazar Kaganovich: The Chief of Stalin’s Willing Executioners. Highly Complicit in the Holodomor, Great Terror, and Katyn Massacre This work presents a great deal of information not only on leading Communist personages, but also on the functioning…

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HOLODOMOR Jewish Complicity. Ruthenians Not Synonymous With Ukrainians. Magocsi


Jews and Ukrainians: A Millennium of Co-Existence, by Paul Robert Magocsi, Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern. 2016

Lazar Kaganowicz Drove the HOLODOMOR. Babyn Yar. Mendel Beilis. Ruthenians vs Ukrainians

This picture-filled book can serve as an excellent introduction for the beginning reader interested in the shared Jewish-Ukrainian experience. It features history, culture,…

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HOLODOMOR Jewish Complicity Martin


The Affirmative Action Empire, by Terry Martin. 2001

Jewish Complicity in the HOLODOMOR. Soviet Political Correctness and Now Western Neo-Marxist Political Correctness Terry Martin's book is based primarily on Soviet sources. There are already several other reviews which inform the reader about the general features of this book. My…

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HOLODOMOR Jewish Complicity. USSR Communism Death Toll 20-25 Million. Yakovlev

A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia, Yakovlev, Alexander. 2002.

Lazar Kaganovich in the Spotlight. 20-25 Million Died Under Soviet Communism This book presents much information. I focus on some relevant items. LAZAR KAGANOVICH Yakovlev writes, "Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich: His entire political career is one of punitive action. Known for…

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