Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Jewish Complicity in the Holocaust

Jewish Collaboration Once Punished By Israel Porat

Bitter Reckoning: Israel Tries Holocaust Survivors as Nazi Collaborators, by Dan Porat. 2019.

Jewish Collaboration Not Only Recognized, But Actively Punished, in Early Israel. The Exculpatory “All Jews Were Victims” Came Later Immediately after WWII, the question of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis was a no-brainer. Jewish survivors of the…

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JUDENRAT Opposed Jewish Flight and Fight. Ewa Kurek Correct. Cholawsky

The Jews of Bielorussia [Belarus] During World War II, by Shalom Cholawski, Yehuda Bauer (Foreword), Shalom Cholawsky. 1997

The Ambivalent Attitude, of the JUDENRAETE, to Jewish Flight From the Ghettos, and To Fighting the Nazis. Media-Criticized Polish Scholar Ewa Kurek Was Right This book has a rather anti-Polish tone. However,…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration is a Legitimate Issue. It Was Confronted At One Time Stauber


The Holocaust in Israeli Public Debate in the 1950s: Ideology and Memory, by Roni Stauber. 2007

When Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis Was Grappled-With, Before It Became Excused and Explained Away My review is based on this 2007 English-language edition. The original edition had come out in 2000 in…

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JUDENRAT Congeniality to Germans. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Hilberg


The Politics of Memory: The Journey of a Holocaust Historian, by Raul Hilberg. 2002

Squarely Faces Jewish Congeniality to the Germans--Even Nazi Germans. Hilberg Implicitly Confronts German Guilt Diffusion for the Holocaust This work is semi-autobiographical in nature. It provides insights into how the Jewish author Hilberg developed and…

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JUDENRAT Early Model Tsarist Khappers. Solzhenitsyn Correct. Emerging Jewish Intelligentsia Anti-Polish. Stanislawski


Tsar Nicholas I and the Jews: The transformation of Jewish society in Russia, 1825-1855, by Michael Stanislawski. 1983

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn Was Right: Jews at First Generally Resisted Modernization, and Then Became Separatist (Jews as Nationality). Khappers: An "Early Judenrat" in Tsarist Russia When Tsar Nicholas I reigned (1825-1855), Poland…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Stock Exculpations Rejected. German Contrition Doubted. Arendt


The Jewish Writings, by Hannah Arendt, Jerome Kohn (Editor), Ron H. Feldman (Editor). 2007

”We’re All Eichmanns” German Guilt Dilution Repudiated. German Contrition Insincere. Judenrat Nazi Collaboration Exculpations Rejected Hannah Arendt’s Shoah-related statements are unwelcome to many, and, for this reason, she has been delegitimized by being called “only…

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JUDENRAT High-Level Collaboration Detailed. Inconsistent Nazi Killings of Jewish Laborers. Railroad Holocaust-Priority Myth. Silberklang


Gates of Tears, by David Silberklang. 2014

Squarely Faces Jewish-Nazi Collaboration in Significant Detail. Mischaracterizes Jedwabne and the JUDENJAGD (Hunt for the Jews) This work covers all phases of the German occupation of Poland, and its effect on Jews. It is best suited for the Holocaust-familiar reader. THE INTENSITY…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration SS Patronage Kasztner. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Bogdanor


Kasztner's Crime, by Paul Bogdanor. 2016

Jewish Complicity in the Holocaust: The JUDENRAT, and Nazi-Collaborator and Deceiver Kasztner—Exonerated by Platitudes. Hungarian Jews Long in Denial About the Unfolding Holocaust Equal justice for all peoples is my main concern, with no double standards for Jewish and non-Jewish collaborators with the…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Kasztner Inexcusable. Germans Buy Jewish Favor. Hecht


Perfidy, by Ben Hecht. 1961

German Guilt Diffusion and Rudolf Kasztner's Jewish-Nazi Collaboration This work indicts both non-Jewish and especially Jewish leaders (e. g. Yitzhak Gruenbaum: p. 50, 258) for having failed to have alleviated the Holocaust. THE CONVENIENT “SELF-HATING JEW” ACCUSATION AGAINST THE AUTHOR Hecht's critics do the…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Obey-or-Die Exculpation False. Goda

Jewish Histories of the Holocaust, by Norman J. W. Goda (Editor). 2014

Not Instant Death for Jewish Ghetto Police Disobeying German Orders to Ship Jews to the Death Camps

The reflexive response to Hannah Arendt (EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM), on the excessive obedience of the JUDENRAETE and Jewish Ghetto Police to…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans. Judenrat Were Rascals and Promoters of German Lies. Tenenbaum


Zloczow Memoir: 1939-1944 a Chronicle of Survival, by Samuel Tennenbaum. 2001

The “Jews Had It Bad in Poland” Myth. Not Only Poles: Jews Looted Too. Jewish Nazi Collaboration. Hitler and Big Capitalism: The Facts This book touches on many issues related to Polish-Jewish relations and of general interest. For…

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JUDENRAT a Decisive If Not Crucial Help to Germans In Holocaust Zuckerman

A Surplus of Memory, by Yitzhak "Antek" Zuckerman. 1993

Eyewitness Author Refutes the Notion That Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Had an Insignificant Outcome on the German-made Holocaust. The Polish Blue Police and the Jewish Ghetto Police: No Double Standard on German-Serving Poles and German-Serving Jews!  This work presents a wealth of information.…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Arendt Answers Her Critics. Jews Not Totally Powerless. Baehr


The Portable Hannah Arendt, by Hannah Arendt, Peter Baehr (Editor). 2003

Hannah Arendt--"Only a Philosopher" Owing to Her Unwelcome Findings on Jewish-Nazi Collaboration, Shows a Clearly Sophisticated Understanding of It, Putting Her Critics in Their Place Evidently, for some, whenever you dislike the message, go after the messenger. In…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Zeal And Cruelty Condemned. Abba Kovner Iconoclasm. Schonfeld


The Holocaust Victims Accuse, by Moshe Schonfeld. 1977

1933 Boycott. Questionable Zionist Actions. JUDENRAT Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Unequivocally Condemned Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld has written a hard-hitting book, one that inadvertently undermines many of the canons of modern Holocaust education. While he does repeat stereotyped criticisms of Christians, the Vatican, etc.,…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Once Single and Now Double Standards Jockusch


Jewish Honor Courts: Revenge, Retribution, and Reconciliation in Europe and Israel After the Holocaust, by Laura Jockusch (Editor), Gabriel Finder, et al. 2015

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis: How Jews Once Tried to Deal With It. Jewish anti-Christian Teachings A Jewish honor court was one that determined whether a…

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JUDENRAT Big Help Perhaps Crucial Help to Germans Classic. Full-Blown Polokaust Next. Arendt


Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, by Hannah Arendt. 1963

A "Controversial" Work Because It Told the Inconvenient Truth About Not-Always-Coerced Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis This classic provides a wealth of information, and upends many of the Holocaust myths that have accreted in the…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans Arendt Clarified MacDonald

Discriminations: Essays and Afterthoughts, by Dwight MacDonald. 1974

Hannah Arendt Clarified on Jewish Nazi Collaboration. Polish Historian Ewa Kurek is Correct, Notably on Some Jews Turned Over, By Jewish Leaders, for Death This is an anthology of essays by Dwight Macdonald, and I focus exclusively on his analysis of Hannah…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans. Only Gradual Jewish Realization of Unfolding Holocaust. Gutman

Patterns of Jewish Leadership in Nazi Europe, 1933-1945, by Yisrael Gutman (Editor). 1979

The Judenrat and the Jewish Ghetto Police: Various Motives of Jews Serving the Nazis. Same is Applicable to Polish Denouncers and Killers of Fugitive Jews

The highlight of this book, on Jewish leadership and the Shoah, is…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans: Power and Control. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Lubetkin


In the Days of Destruction and Revolt, by Zivia Lubetkin, Yehiel Yanay (Editor), Ishai Tubbin (Translator). 1981

Jewish Nazi Collaboration: No Softening the Blow. Jews Slow to Accept Fact of Holocaust. No Denouncers Needed: Germans Found Fugitive Jews Directly Themselves The author provides much detail on Jewish political movements…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans. Make Deportations Possible. Find Jewish Hideouts. No Exculpations. Ringelblum


Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto, by Emmanuel Ringelblum. 1952, 2006

Candor on Jewish-Nazi Collaboration and Its Big Help to the Germans in the Holocaust. The Canned Serve-or-Die Exculpation Fails This volume, written by a Jewish historian in hiding during the Shoah, is full of interesting information. IN THE FIRST…

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Jewish Passivity: Jews Guarded Less By Nazis Than Poles. Nuremberg Laws Not Pole-Protecting. Poliakov


Harvest of Hate: The Nazi Program for the Destruction of the Jews of Europe, by Léon Poliakov, Reinhold Niebuhr (Foreword). 1956

German Guilt Diffusion Confronted. Jewish Passivity. Ewa Kurek Right. Polish Death Camp Mendacity Irony. The Unfolding Polokaust Leon Poliakov, a French Jew and Holocaust scholar, provides the reader…

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Jewish Passivity. Jews Unguarded. Jewish Police Kill and Steal. Author Turns Communist. Gray


For Those I Loved, by Martin Gray. 2006

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis. Jewish Passivity (Germans Didn't Even Have to Guard Jews). Holocaust Long Disbelieved by Jews. Author Joins the GL-AL Some seldom-discussed information is included. For example: JEWISH NAZI COLLABORATION While in the Warsaw Ghetto, the Germans attempted…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents Inhibit Polish Rescuers Kurek

Your Life is Worth Mine: How Polish Nuns Saved Hundreds of Jews in German-Occupied Poland 1939-1945, by Ewa Kurek. 1997

The Much-Underappreciated Polish Rescue of Jews. The Danger of Jewish Gestapo Agents to Potential Polish Rescuers of Jews This book provides much detail about the sacrificial life of Catholic nuns…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Schindler Iconoclasm. Pankiewicz


The Krakow Ghetto Pharmacy, by Tadeusz Pankiewicz. 1947, 2016

Jewish Gestapo Agents. BAUDIENST Was Not a Polish Collaborationist Unit. Iconoclasm: Oskar Schindler Not a Hero My review is based on the 1985 English-language translation of the 1947 edition. This memoir of ghettoized Polish Jews (review based on the 1987…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents. Polish Death Camp Lie Logistics Basics. Wroblewski Halvorsen


Byc Zydem: Rozmowa z Dagiem Halvorsenem, by Andrzej Wroblewski and Dag Halvorsen. 1992

Addresses Many Common Misconceptions About Polish-Jewish Relations. Jewish Gestapo Agents TO BE A JEW: DISCUSSIONS WITH DAG HALVORSEN ABOUT JEWS AND THE ANTISEMITISM OF THE POLES. In this Polish-language book, Halvorsen asks many questions which reflect…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents Do Great Damage. Honorary Aryans (Aryanized Jews). Wyden


Stella: One Woman's True Tale of Evil, Betrayal and Survival in Hitler's Germany, by Peter Wyden. 1993

Jewish Gestapo Agent Stella Betrayed as Many as 2,300 Berlin Fugitive Jews! This work introduces the reader to Jewish life in pre-Nazi and Nazi Germany. Out of about 500,000 Jews in Germany,…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents. Double Collaboration. At Individual Level Poles Jews Equal Victims. Taubenschlag

To be a Jew in Occupied Poland: Cracow-Auschwitz-Buchenwald, by Stanisław Taubenschlag. 1998

Holocaust and Polokaust Overlapped. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration: Jewish Gestapo Agents in Action. Jewish (and Not Only Polish) Double Collaboration This WWII Jewish memoir is unusual in a number of respects. It is refreshingly free of Polonophobic innuendo. The author…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents. Jews Fear Other Jews As Much As They Fear Poles! Eber


The Choice: Poland, 1939-1945, by Irene Eber. 2004

Fugitive Polish Jews Feared Being Denounced by Jews As Much as They Feared Being Denounced by Poles Irene Eber first describes the idyllic life of herself and her family before the war. [Evidently, Poland was not the pit for Jews as…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents Feared by Jews. SZMALCOWNIKI Extortionists Not Jew-Killers. Ziemian


The Cigarette Sellers of Three Crosses Square, by Joseph Ziemian. 2005

Polish Blackmailers (SZMALCOWNIKI) Were Usually Petty Extortionists, Not Jew-Killers. Fugitive Jews Feared Jewish Gestapo Agents The story of the Jewish boys who sold cigarettes in the Polish side of Warsaw is a moving one. The Jewish boys met…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents: Their Baseness. “Few Poles Rescuers” Repudiated. Perks of the Zydokomuna. Frister


The Cap: The Price Of A Life, by Roman Frister, Hillel Halkin (Translator). 2000

Candor About Jewish Denunciations, Looting, and Almost-Insuperable Difficulties in Polish Rescue of Jews This Holocaust-survivor account is packed with seldom-told and often-unwelcome information. Even as late as 1941, Frister's mother didn't believe that the invading…

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Jewish Gestapo Agents Harmed Poles. Jews Did Not Anticipate the Holocaust. Rabinovici

Eichmann's Jews: The Jewish Administration of Holocaust Vienna, 1938-1945, by Doron Rabinovici. 2011

Holocaust, Like Other Genocides, Was Limited, and “Rational”. Austrian Jewish Informers Spied on Poland For the Third Reich. Strong Exculpatory Bias on Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis This work, written by a Viennese Jew, is about the…

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Jewish Collaboration Sought Jewish Autonomy Ewa Kurek Correct Katzenelson

The Song of the Murdered Jewish People, by Yitzhak Katzenelson. 1980.

German-Jewish Rapprochement, Early in WWII, Chilled Polish Sympathies. The German-Made Holocaust--and Jewish-Nazi Collaboration--In Fact and in Poetry Yitzhak Katzenelson considers the implications of the JUDENRAT. He then dwells on the forced evacuation of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the dispatch…

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Jewish Collaboration Selective Excuses. Knowledge vs. Internalized Knowledge of Holocaust. Bauer


Jews for Sale?: Nazi-Jewish Negotiations, 1933-1945, by Yehuda Bauer. 1994

Double Standards on Nazi Collaboration and Widespread Holocaust Awareness. Jewish Victimhood Absolutism. Newer Books Available (Listed) My review identifies and focuses on deeper issues, related to the Shoah, than the specific Jewish-Nazi negotiations for the release on some Jews.…

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Jewish Collaboration Not All Choiceless Choices. Jewish Collaborator Profiteering. Tory


Surviving the Holocaust: The Kovno Ghetto Diary,, by Avraham Tory. 1990

Jewish-Nazi Collaboration: Not All Choiceless Choices (Even Profiteering). Looting: Jews From Poles as Well as Poles From Jews. Germans Wanted No Polish Quisling--A Myth It would be a mistake for the uninitiated reader to suppose that this diary…

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Jewish Collaboration Not All Choiceless Choices Ungar


Destined to Live, by William Chanoff, David Ungar, David Chanoff. 2000

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis: Choiceless Choice and Save-One’s-Life Exculpations Fail. Jewish Ghetto Police Were "Cruel and Unscrupulous" This book has a variety of interesting information. For example: AT LEAST TWO SIDES TO POLISH ANTI-SEMITISM Author William Ungar's…

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Jewish Collaboration No Exculpations. Not Choiceless Choices. Beyond German Orders. Guterman

A Narrow Bridge to Life: Jewish Slave Labor and Survival in the Gross-Rosen Camps System 1940-1945, by Belah Guṭerman. 2008

Features Jewish KAPOS, With No Easy Exculpation For Their Nazi-Collaborating Behavior. Nazi Officials Kept Even Unneeded Jews Alive to Evade Service on the Russian Front (Implications for Oskar Schindler) The…

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Jewish Collaboration No Exculpations. Jews Also Refuse to Return Entrusted Jewish Belongings. Huberband


Kiddush Hashem: Jewish Religious and Cultural Life in Poland During the Holocaust, by Shimon Huberband, Jeffrey S. Gurock, Robert S. Hirt. 1987

No Exculpations For Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Zydokomuna Prominent. Jews as Well as Poles Engaged in Looting This work elaborates on the Germans burning synagogues during the 1939 German-Soviet…

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Jewish Collaboration DEFINITIVE WORK. Not All Save One’s Life. Not All Choiceless Choices. Finkel


Ordinary Jews: Choice and Survival during the Holocaust, by Evgeny Finkel. 2017

Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Candidly Analyzed (Not Merely Choiceless Choices). Earlier Jewish-Soviet Collaboration at Bialystok Evgeny Finkel’s analysis of Jewish-Nazi collaboration is quite good, and I discuss it first. JEWISH COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION WITH THE GERMANS (NAZIS): DEFINING THE…

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Jewish Collaboration Discussion About Is Repressed Ben Naftali


International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, by Orna Ben-Naftali. 2011

Israeli Trials of Jewish Kapos. Double Standards on Collaboration. Redefining "Nazi Collaboration", and Suppressing Information, In Order To Allow Jews to Summarily Escape Blame, While Non-Jewish Collaborators Remain Blamed The various authors of this work focus on…

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Jewish Collaboration Not All Choiceless Choices. Example: Jewish Kapos’ Lust for Money. Farbstein


The Forgotten Memoirs--Moving Personal Accounts from Rabbis who Survived the Holocaust, by Esther Farbstein. 2011

Jewish Nazi Collaboration Not Summarily Excused By the Extremity of Circumstances This is a collection, written by rabbis, of the unfolding Holocaust. The rabbis were from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and other eastern European…

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Jewish Collaboration Not All Choiceless Choices Gelissen


Rena's Promise: A Story of Sisters in Auschwitz, by Rena Kornreich Gelissen, Heather Dune Macadam. 1996

Jewish Nazi Collaborators: Not Just Choiceless Choices: Jewish Kapos Who Went Beyond the German Call of Duty Rena was a Polish Jew who hailed from Tylicz, which is located southeast of Krakow. Perhaps…

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Jewish Collaboration. Not All Choiceless Choices. Going Beyond German Orders. Goda


Jewish Histories of the Holocaust: New Transnational Approaches, by Norman J W Goda (Editor), Omer Bartov. 2014

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis: Jewish Ghetto Police at Kielce: Beyond Choiceless Choices. Holocaust Supremacism, Minimized Communist Crimes, and a Cavalier Dismissal of Scholars Who Disagree Two items in this anthology stand…

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Jewish Collaboration Not All Choiceless: Far Beyond Survival. Kulkielko


Escape From The Pit, by Renya Kulkielko. 2015

1939 German Terror Bombing. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Went Far Beyond Choiceless Choices. Jewish Banditry Renya Kulkielko was a Polish Jew who masqueraded as a gentile on Aryan papers, frequented the Kielce area (including Bendzin), and traveled at times to Warsaw. Her…

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Jewish Collaboration Not All Choiceless Choices. Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers Appreciated. Niewyk


Fresh Wounds: Early Narratives of Holocaust Survival, by Donald L. Niewyk (Editor). 1998

Jewish-Nazi Collaboration: Not All Choiceless Choices. Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth. Bentschen (Zbaszyn) 1938 This anthology features Holocaust survivors from Poland and a few other countries, including Germany. The experiences include those of Jews who fled the…

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Jewish Collaboration Even Profiteering Sierakowiak


The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak: Five Notebooks from the Lodz Ghetto, by Dawid Sierakowiak, Alan Adelson (Editor), Kamil Turowski (Translator). 1998

Jewish Complicity in the 1939 Poland-Destroying Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration and Profiteering in the Lodz Ghetto: “Save One’s Life” Exculpation Fails This Holocaust diary touches on quite a…

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Jewish Collaboration Expansive With Many Perks Wolgelernter

The Unfinished Diary: A Chronicle of Tears, by Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter. 2015

Sunday Closing Law. SCHECHITA Law. Prostitution. Draft Dodging. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Detailed. Nazi-Sponsored Auctions of Jewish Property This work has the title it does because the author of the diary, Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelertner, did not survive the Holocaust. He…

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Jewish Collaboration Ghetto Police Exculpations Wanting. Many Perks. Selfish Opportunism. Braatz


From Ghetto to Death Camp: A Memoir Of Privilege and Luck, by Timothy Braatz, Anatol Chari. 2011

Jewish Complicity in the Holocaust? Serving the Enemy to Better One’s Own Lot at the Expense of Others We hear a lot nowadays of “Polish complicity in the Holocaust” and so, in…

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Jewish Collaboration Ghetto Police Exculpations Wanting. Poles Also Faced Choiceless Choices. Drix


Witness to Annihilation: Surviving the Holocaust, by Samuel Drix. 2003

Jewish Ghetto Police Collaboration: Exculpations Rejected. Insights on Polish Rescuers Killing Their Jews The author was a Jewish doctor, and Holocaust survivor, from Lwow (Lviv). This book touches on the author’s experiences in pre-WWII Poland, the 1939 Communist-Nazi conquest…

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Jewish Collaboration Ghetto Police Exculpations Wanting. No Fears of Imminent Death: Late Jewish Awareness of Holocaust. Eisner


The Survivor Of The Holocaust, by Jack Eisner. 1996

Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Fear-of-Death Exculpation Fails. Jews in ARMIA KRAJOWA (A. K.) (Review based on 1980 edition). Author Eisner describes life in the German-made Warsaw Ghetto in some detail. Interestingly Jews, and not only Poles, had their superstitions. "She [mother] spat…

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Jewish Collaboration Ghetto Police Exculpations Wanting. Sordid Behavior Poles AND Jews. Zelkovitsh


In Those Terrible Days: Writings from the Lodz Ghetto, by Yosef Zelkovitsh. 2003

Like Poles Like Jews in Sordid Behavior, Denunciation For as Little as a Bag of Sugar, etc. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration NOT Dependent Upon Fear of Death Having read many diaries of the Polish Jews who had been…

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Jewish Collaboration Double Standards. Unequal Justice Favors Jewish Defendants. Bazyler

Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust, by Michael J. Bazyler and Frank M. Tuerkheimer. 2016

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis. Double Standards I offer an analytic perspective on this book. JEWISH COLLABORATION WITH THE NAZIS: AN EXCULPATORY APPROACH The most disappointing chapter in this book is the one on the Kapo…

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Jewish Collaboration Double Standards. Baseness of Jewish-Nazi Collaborators. Trunk


Judenrat: The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe under Nazi Occupation, by Isaiah Trunk, Steven T. Katz (Introduction). 1972

The JUDENRAT and Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Let's Have No Double Standards on Collaboration by Jews and by Poles This encyclopedic work (review based on 1972 edition) includes arcane details about the origins…

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Jewish Collaboration Especially Cruel. Jews Indifferent to Gypsies. Zionists Push Massive Jewish Emigration. Tushnet


The Pavement of Hell: 3 Leaders of the Judenrat, by Leonard Tushnet. 1972

Poles Indifferent to Jews? Dig This: Jews Indifferent to Gypsies. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Odious. Karaites Spared. Endeks and Jews Had Agreed That Most Jews Must Leave Poland This three-part book focuses on the lives of three top…

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Jewish Collaboration Even Profiteering. Beyond Choiceless Choices: German-Serving Diligence. Kruk


The Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania: Chronicles from the Vilna Ghetto and the Camps, 1939-1944, by Herman Kruk, Benjamin Harshav (Editor), Barbara Harshav (Translator). 2002

Jewish Nazi Collaboration Went Far Beyond “Choiceless Choices” or Desperately Trying to Save One’s Life. Incisive Details This extensive diary covers most…

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Jewish Collaboration Even Profiteering Robertson


Don't Go to Uncle's Wedding: Personal Stories from the Warsaw Ghetto, by Jenny Robertson. 2000

Touches on Pre-WWII Polish-Jewish Economic Rivalry. Candor on Jewish Nazi Collaboration (as Profiteering). "God's Will" For Not Helping Jews This work includes extracts from the works of Ringelblum, Lewin, Szpilman, and others. Quotations from…

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Jewish Collaboration a Rare Moral Reckoning. The Perks of Collaboration. Antigoyism. Opoczynski


In Those Nightmarish Days: The Ghetto Reportage of Peretz Opoczynski and Josef Zelkowicz, by Peretz Opoczynski, Josef Zelkowicz, David Suchoff (Translation), Samuel D. Kassow (Editor). 2015

Not Only Poles: Jews Robbed Jewish Dead. A Rare Jewish Moral Reckoning on Jewish-Nazi Collaboration This work features the written works of Peretz…

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