Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

How Jews Antagonized the Polish Nation

Judeopolonia: PostWWII. Ben Gurion


Ben Gurion Looks Back In Talks with Moshe Pearlman, by Moshe Pearlman and David Ben-Gurion. 1965

Ben Gurion Pro-Russian and Polish-Averse. Later, a British-Proposed Post-WWII Judeopolonia (East Prussia) There are many subjects raised in this book, and I focus on two distinctive ones. By way of introduction, David Ben…

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Judeopolonia: During WWI. Bodenheimer


Prelude to Israel, by Max Bodenheimer. 1963

No anti-Semitic Imagination: Zionist Bodenheimer Speaks: A WWI-Era German-Ruled Judeopolonia! This work includes Bodenheimer's conversations with fellow Zionists such as Teodor Herzl and Max Nordau, his ideas about such developments as the Jewish farming colony in Argentina, his interactions with top…

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Judeopolonia: Early Jewish Proposals. Mandel


The Militant Messiah: Or, The Flight From The Ghetto: The Story Of Jacob Frank And The Frankist Movement, by Arthur Mandel. 1979

Ennobled Jews. Russian Mystics Also Accused of Ritual Murder. Early Judeopolonia. Two-Way Polish-Jewish Prejudices This work provides a fine introduction not only to Jacob Frank and the…

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Judeopolonia: Example From Jewish Fiction. Holocaust a Political Weapon. Roth


Operation Shylock: A Confession, by Philip Roth. 1994

A Jewish Version of Jews Massively Moving Back to Poland, and Potentially Forming a Ruling Class (Judeopolonia) Many reviews already describe the main features of this book, and my review tackles it from a different angle. By way of introduction, some…

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Judeopolonia Model: Birobidzhan. Maroney


The Other Zions: The Lost Histories of Jewish Nations, by Eric Maroney. 2009

Soviet Birobidzhan as an Inadvertent Model for Judeopolonia Owing to the many topics addressed by this book, I focus on only a few, and, unlike the author, assess the significance of Birobidzhan beyond its immediate impact.…

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Judeopolonia Model: Birobidzhan. Weinberg

Stalin's Forgotten Zion: Birobidzhan and the Making of a Soviet Jewish Homeland: An Illustrated History, 1928-1996, by Weinberg. 1998

A Jewish Nation-Within-Nation (Birobidzhan) Did Happen. So Obviously a Jewish Nation-Within-Nation (Judeopolonia) Could Also Have Happened Birobidzhan is a territory, in the Soviet Far East, near the Sino-Soviet border, which became…

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Judeopolonia: Nazi German Lublin Reservation. Nazis Long Retained Jewish Bankers. Chernow


The Warburgs, by Ron Chernow. 1993

Cemeteries are Not Eternal; Lublin Reservation Judeopolonia. German Guilt Diffusion: No Valid Dichotomy Between Germans and Nazis. Nazi Leniency on German Bankers. German "Repentance" Insincere

Author Ron Chernow makes many Jewish-exculpatory statements with regards to the Warburgs,…

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Judeopolonia Advocated By Jews Themselves! Wysocki


Zydzi w Dziejach Polski, by Stanislaw Wysocki. 1995

Candor on Jewish Disloyalty to Poland. The Possibility of Judeopolonia Was Very Real: Some Jews Openly Advocated a Judeopolonia JEWS IN THE DEALINGS OF POLAND is the title of this Polish language book. It starts with the beginnings of the Jewish…

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Judeopolonia Out of Bialystok 1918. Outright Jewish Sedition. Kobrin


Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora, by Rebecca Kobrin. 2010

An Attempted Literal Judeopolonia Out of Bialystok. Organized Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in 1918-1920 Although this work is centered on the Jews of Bialystok, it is useful to the reader for understanding the situation facing Jews in Russian-occupied Poland. Less…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1944. Prayer-Removal Case in the USA. Ginsberg


The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, by Benjamin Ginsberg. 1993

Significance of the Zydokomuna in the USSR and in the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet Governments of Eastern Europe Ginsberg advances the notion that the Jewish-state embrace, designed to ameliorate the effects of anti-Semitism, has, paradoxically, exacerbated the latter: "Thus,…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1944. Historical Inevitability Leftist Tactic. Toranska

Them: Stalin's Polish Puppets, by Teresa Torańska. 1987

The Zydokomuna Was Unambiguously Real and Relevant This book is eye-opening in certain respects. It serves to debunk the myth of the myth of the Zydokomuna. JEWISH COMMUNISTS: "THERE ARE TOO MANY LEADING JEWISH COMMUNISTS!" While some commentators have tried to minimize…

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Jewish Disloyalty: 1945 BUND Endorsed Communist Subjugation of Poland. Blatman

For Our Freedom and Yours, by Daniel Blatman. 2003

Revealing: The Bund Wholeheartedly and Openly Supported the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet State in Post-WWII Poland By way of introduction, author Daniel Blatman has recently (late 2018) become the newly appointed chief historian of the 'Warsaw Ghetto Museum' in Poland. Ironic to…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War. Sabrin


Alliance For Murder: The Nazi-Ukrainian Nationalist Partnership, by B.F. Sabrin (Editor). 1991

1939 Zydokomuna. Impending Nazi Extermination of Slavs Most of this work rests upon Jewish eyewitness testimonies, not Soviet documents. Contrary to the title, Ukrainian-Nazi collaboration is a secondary issue. The main topic is the fate of the…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War. Spector


The Holocaust Of Volhynian Jews: 1941-44, by Shmuel Spector. 1990

Rare 1939 Zydokomuna Candor. OUN-UPA Genocide of Poles. ARMIA KRAJOWA Welcomed Jews This scholarly work was written by a Jewish author. It first describes the prewar life of Jews, and then focuses on the Soviet invasion of Wolyn (Volyn).…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War: Many Details. Szawlowski


Wojna Polsko-Sowiecka 1939, by Richard Szawlowski. 1986

Polish Combat in the 1939 Nazi-Soviet Conquest of Poland. Massive Jewish-Soviet Collaboration This detailed, two-volume Polish-language scholarly work, THE POLISH-SOVIET WAR OF 1939. It has a significant English-language summary. (Volume 2, pp. 265-270). Besides describing the battles in considerable detail, this work,…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War. Waydenfeld


The Ice Road: An Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps to Freedom, by Stefan Waydenfeld. 2010

1939 German Terror Bombing. 1939 Zydokomuna. Deportation to Siberia This review is based on the 2010 Aquila Polonica edition. The author of this book grew up in pre-WWII Poland. He came from…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War: Jews Even Side With Nazis. Weiss


From Oswiecim to Auschwitz: Poland Revisited, by Moshe Weiss. 1994

Includes an Example of Jewish-German Collaboration, Against Poland, in the 1939 War Much has been written about some Poles who, during the Nazi German occupation, had served the Germans at the expense of the Jews (the "Polish complicity in…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War: Many Details. Wierzbicki


Polacy i Bialorusini W Zaborze Sowieckim, by Marek Wierzbicki. 2007

Systematic Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in the 1939 German-Soviet Conquest of Poland: Outstanding Research POLES AND BYELORUSSIANS UNDER SOVIET CAPTIVITY: POLISH-BYELORUSSIAN RELATIONS IN THE NORTHEASTERN TERRITORIES OF THE SECOND REPUBLIC UNDER SOVIET OCCUPATION 1939-1941, is the title of this…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1920 Polish-Soviet War: Many Details. Szczepanski

Wojna 1920 Roku Na Mazowszu i Podlasiu, by Janusz Szczepański. 1995

Systematic Jewish Disloyalty to Poland During the Crucial 1920 Polish-Soviet War. Pogroms Demystified and Contextualized English-language title: THE WAR OF 1920 IN MAZOVIA AND PODLASIE Part of the Jewish population was consistently loyal to Poland. (p.104, pp. 230-231). However,…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1930 Gdansk. Wasserstein

On the Eve, by Bernard Wasserstein. 2012

Interwar Danzig (Gdansk) Jews Backed Nazi Germany Against Poland. The Much-Criticized Polish Cardinal August Hlond (1936) Was Very Right About Jewish Atheism The Jewish communities of both eastern and western Europe underwent many changes in the decades leading up to WWII, but the…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War: British Eyewitness. Anonymous


My Name Is Million: The Experiences of an Englishwoman in Poland (Classic Reprint), by Unknown. 1940

Eyewitness Englishwoman to the 1939 War, Good Polish-Lithuanian Relations, and Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in 1939 This book, originally published in 1940 by an anonymous Englishwoman who was married to a Pole, should…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War. Carolan


The Mass Deportation of Poles to Siberia: A Historical Narrative Based on the Written Testimony of the Polish Siberian Survivors, by Michael Carolan (Editor), Antoni Piechuta. 2009

Includes Eyewitness Accounts of Jewish-Soviet Collaboration against Poles. Does Not Minimize the Number of Polish Deportees This work consists of dozens of…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1939 War: Many Details. Cygan


Kresy W Krwi, by Wiktor Krzysztof Cygan. 2006

September-October 1939: Nazi Germany Attacks Poland; the Soviet Union Stabs Poland in the Back, and Then Jewish Irredentists Came Out of the Woodwork THE KRESY (EASTERN BORDERLANDS) IN BLOOD: THE DEFENSE OF NORTHEASTERN POLAND IN SEPTEMBER 1939, is the title of…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1918 Provokes Pogroms. Pilsudska


Pilsudski: A Biography, by Alexandra Pilsudska. 1941

Jewish Disloyalty in 1918-1920 Provoked Retaliatory Polish Pogroms, Which Pilsudski Tried to Stop Jozef Pilsudski’s second wife provides invaluable details about Polish history from the mid-19th-century until early WWII. Owing to the wealth of content in this work, I can only focus…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1918. Prusin


Lands Between: Conflict in the East European Borderlands, 1870-1992, by Alexander V. Prusin. 2010

Relatively Objective on Polish-Jewish Relations: No Black and White. Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in 1918 This book introduces its intended topic, beginning with the events leading up to the WWI-era disintegration of the central-European empires.…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1918 Was Systematic. Machray


Poland 1914-1931, by Robert Machray. 1932

Systematic 1918-Era Jewish Disloyalty to Poland. Bogus Pogrom Horror Stories (Like Today). 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War Anti-Polish Propaganda Refuted This powerhouse book has insights into Polish Politics, Pogrom Tales, Ukrainian-Polish Conflicts, the 1920 Polish-Soviet War, etc. NORTHWEST POLAND UNDER THE GERMAN BOOT The author…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1919 Uprisings Prybyla

When Angels Wept: The Rebirth and Dismemberment of Poland and Her People in the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century, by Jan Prybyla. 2010

Silesian Uprisings [Injuries Forgiven; German Contempt Not Forgiven]. Bereza Kartuska Demythologized. Auschwitz: Slow (Polish) and Fast (Jewish) Deaths The author, Jan S. Prybyla, is the nephew…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1920 War Bergmann

Narodowa Demokracja a Żydzi 1918-1929, by Olaf Bergmann. 2015

Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War. The Endeks Were Much Less Hostile to Jews Than The Way They are Usually Portrayed! THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATS IN RELATION TO THE JEWISH PROBLEM IN THE YEARS 1918-1929, is the title…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1920 War Heller

On The Edge Of Destruction: Jews Of Poland Between The Two World Wars, by Celia Stopnicka Heller. 1994

Very Polonophobic Tone. But Candor on Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in the Crucial 1920 Bolshevik War Celia Heller combines a great deal of detail on Jewish life in prewar Poland with an…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1912 Duma Elections: Jews Elect a Far-Leftist. Portnoy


Vladimir Medem: The Life and Soul of a Legendary Jewish Socialist, by Samuel A. Portnoy. 1979

Zydokomuna: Fuzzy Boundary Between Jewish Socialists and Jewish Communists, and Between Mensheviks and Bolsheviks. Why 1912 Duma Elections Meant Jewish Disloyalty to Poland This work covers the life of Vladimir Medem, from his…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1914 Levene

War, Jews and the New Europe: Diplomacy of Lucien Wolf, 1914-19, by Mark Levene. 2009

Various Manifestations of Jewish Hostility to the Resurrection of Poland. Counterintuitively, However, Dmowski was FLEXIBLE on Jews This book focuses on different political positions, personages, and developments concerning Jews during this pivotal time in history.…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1918 Brandon

The Shoah in Ukraine: History, Testimony, Memorialization, by Ray Brandon (Editor), Wendy Lower (Editor). 2010

Jewish Russophilia, Aloofness to Poland, and Economic Dominance. Zydokomuna and HOLODOMOR A number of features of this book stand out, and I elaborate on them below. JEWISH ECONOMIC HEGEMONY, AND ABSENCE OF ATTACHMENT TO POLAND…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1918 DEFINITIVE WORK Benson

The White Eagle of Poland (Classic Reprint), by E.F. Benson. 2018

Jewish Disloyalty to Poland Upon Her Regaining Independence (1918)--Motivated By Economic Opportunism. Jews Boycott Poles First My review is based on the original 1919 edition. This work provides much detail on the policies o f the major powers during…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1918. Minorities Treaty Deconstructed. Janowsky

The Jews and Minority Rights 1898-1919, by Oscar I. Janowsky. Forward by Judge Julian W. Mack. 1933

The So-Called Minorities Treaty (1918) Demanded Special, Separatist Rights For Poland's Jews--Rights That Were Not Even Imagined For the Polish Minority in Germany Jewish author Oscar Janowsky is quite even-handed on this subject.…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1890 Austrian-Ruled Poland. Ben Gurion Doubted the Value of Jewish Soldiers. Bermant


The Jews, by Chaim Bermant. 1977

Jews Were Not Forced Into Usury. Intolerance Flowed Both Ways. Jewish Disloyalty to Poland Because They Identified With the Stronger This book provides much detail, of which one review can only cover a little. Particularly interesting are items about Jewish successes in such…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1890 Example Klier

Imperial Russia's Jewish Question, 1855 1881, by John Doyle Klier. 2005

Jews Avoid Farming. Jewish Ambivalence About a Future Restored Poland. Jews Acquire Poles’ Landed Estates After Doomed January 1863 Insurrection. Jewish Elitism Colors Assimilation This work provides a variety of Russian and Jewish perspectives on the problems involving Jews…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1890 Russia Zimmerman

Poles, Jews, and the Politics of Nationality: The Bund and the Polish Socialist Party in Late Tsarist Russia, 1892–1914, by Joshua D. Zimmerman. 2003

Organized and Systematic Jewish Disloyalty to Polish National Aspirations in Tsarist Russia This work provides considerable detail on the relationship between Jewish and Polish socialist parties.…

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Jewish Disloyalty Around 1900 in Prussian-Ruled Poland. Polish Pushback Against Prussians. Tims


Germanizing Prussian Poland: The H-K-T Society And The Struggle For The Eastern Marches In The German Empire, 1894-1919, by Richard Wonser Tims. 2011

Poland's Successful Struggle Against the Prussian Boot. Jewish Complicity in the Prussian Oppression of Poles The author is either British or British-oriented. He refers to the…

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Jewish Pogroms of Poles and Jewish Disloyalty 1905 Confronted. Unszlicht

O Pogromu Ludu Polskiego, by Julian Unszlicht. 1912

Vicarious Jewish Violence Against Poles. Polish Jew Analyzes and Confronts Jewish Disloyalty, Under Tsarist Russian Rule, Towards Polish National Aspirations, That Long Preceded Dmowski's Pushback ON THE POGROMS AGAINST THE POLISH PEOPLE (THE ROLE OF THE SOCIALISTS-LITVAKS IN THE RECENT REVOLUTION) is…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1912 Duma Elections. Bogus Pogrom Accusations. Paderewski


The Paderewski Memoirs, by Ignacy Jan Paderewski. 1980

Russians, Not Poles, Delayed the Abolition of Serfdom. 1912 Duma Elections: Jewish Contempt for Poland; Dmowski Retaliates This book presents an angle that is seldom seen in today's largely Judeocentric approach to past events. BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS Ignace Jan Paderewski was born…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1830 Wandycz

The Lands of Partitioned Poland, 1795-1918, by Piotr Stefan Wandycz. 1975

Jewish Support for the November 1830 Insurrection (to the Extent That It Existed), Was Motivated By Antipathy to the Tsar Rather Than Loyalty to Poland This work is very detailed. It focuses on the political issues surrounding the attempts…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1830 and 1863. Jelenski and Dmowski Opposed Pogroms. Weeks

From Assimilation to AntiSemitism, by Theodore R. Weeks. 2005

Jewish Disloyalty To Poland in the November 1830 and January 1863 Insurrections Rabbi Ber Meisels, who was Orthodox and unsympathetic to assimilation, strongly supported the Poles in the events leading up to and including the January 1863 Insurrection. According to some…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1846 Stanislawski

A Murder in Lemberg: Politics, Religion & Violence in Modern Jewish History, by Michael Stanislawski. 2007

Jews as Orientals. German Culture Preferred Over Polish. Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in the 1846 Insurrection The author, Michael F. Stanislawski, is Professor of History at Columbia University. The stated inspiration for his research…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1848 Prussian-Ruled Poland. Endeks Elevate Poles. Hagen


Germans, Poles, and Jews: The Nationality Conflict in the Prussian East, 1772-1914, by William W. Hagen. 1980

German Imperialism and Colonialism. Strong Jewish Disloyalty to Poland This work is very detailed and technical. It requires an in-depth knowledge of this specific subject to evaluate fully. Hagen also has a…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1863. Opalski


Poles and Jews: A Failed Brotherhood, by Magdalena Opalski, Israel Bartal. 1992

Limited and Temporary Jewish Support for the Poles’ Ill-Fated January 1863 Insurrection. Jewish Profiteering in the Wake of Russian Repressions Against Poles This book surveys the attitudes of Jews and Poles to each other during the second…

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Jewish Disloyalty During the Swedish Invasion (1655). Dubnow


History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, by Simon Dubnow. 1916

Jewish Disloyalty to Poland: Swedish (1655), Napoleonic (1812) Invasions; (1830), (1863) Insurrections. Nowadays-Blamed Dmowski Despite Long-Preceding Militant Jewish Separatism The vast majority of "Russian" Jews were Polish Jews living in tsarist Russian-occupied Polish territories. (Review based on…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1794. Was Jozelewicz An Opportunist? Penslar


Jews and the Military: A History, by Derek J. Penslar. 2013

The Myth of the Violence-Averse Jew. Jews Celebrated Military Exploits--Their Own. Berek Jozelewicz an Opportunist? Derek J. Penslar is a historian who teaches (or who taught) at the University of Oxford. His work is a fascinating one, but…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1812 Napoleonic War. Friedlaender


The Jews of Russia and Poland: A Birds-Eye View of Their History and Culture, by Israel Friedlaender. 1915

Soon After the Partitions, Poland’s Jews Switched Their Loyalties To Poland’s Enemies My review is based on the original 1915 edition. Friedlaender begins with how bad the Jews had it in…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1812 Napoleonic War. Jews and Bribery. Rakeffet-Rothkoff


The Rav: The World Of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (Volume 2), by Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff. 1999

Insights Into Bribery, Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in 1812, Pitfalls of Jewish-Christian Dialogue, and Residual Talmudic Antigoyism The Rav was Rabbi Joseph Baer Soloveitchik (1903-1993). This book is a collection of biographical information, religious…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1830. Jewish Economic Hegemony. Boyarin

A Fire Burns in Kotsk, by Menashe Unger, Jonathan Boyarin (eds.), and Glenn Dynner. 2015

Hasidic Ideas. Hasidic Jews & Alcohol. Jewish Elitism. Patterns of Jewish Disloyalty to the Polish November 1830 Insurrection. Jewish Spies The setting of this book is at Kotsk (Kock), in Russian-ruled partitioned Poland, around 1825.…

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Jewish Disloyalty 1830 Margolis


A Partisan from Vilna, by Rachel Margolis. 2010

Jewish Disloyalty to Poland During the November 1830 and January 1863 Insurrections. Subsequent Pro-Russian Jewish Orientation. WWII German Death Penalty Appreciated Anthony Polonsky writes: "The Poles effectively lost power in the region after the Uprising of 1830 and after 1863 the…

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