Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Holocaust Over-Signification, Mis-Education

Jewish Influence Makes the Holocaust Dominate American Life: DEFINITIVE WORK. Other Nationalities Left Out. Novick

The Holocaust in American Life, by Peter Novick. 2000

Tells Politically-Incorrect Truths About the Holocaust and Its Preeminence This work packs some dynamite information. For example: ONCE UPON A TIME, GENOCIDE-RECOGNITION EQUALITY REIGNED Author Peter Novick rejects the notion that the belatedness of Holocaust preeminence stemmed from a trauma-induced temporary…

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Jews’ Holocaust Rules the British Classroom Foster

What Do Students Know and Understand About the Holocaust, by Stuart Foster et al. (eds.) 2016

BOMBSHELL DETAILED SURVEY: Slav Genocides Are Invisible in the British Classroom! Holocaust Supremacism Rules, as Does German Guilt Diffusion This work is a seldom-done detailed analysis of British children and teens, aged 11 to…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Myth of Long Duration. A Final Solution For Slavs. Reitlinger


Final Solution, by Gerald Reitlinger. 1953, 1987

"The Warsaw Ghetto Fought Longer Than the Polish Army” Myth. Polokaust Factored. Auschwitz Komandant Hoess Was NOT a Christian Reitlinger describes the extermination of Jews in great detail, arriving at a probable range of 4.2 to 5.7 million murdered Jews (p. 501),…

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Victimhood Competition: For Once Poles Beat Jews Pula


The Polish American Encyclopedia, by James S. Pula (Editor). 2010

Polish Activism Thwarted Holocaust Supremacism For Once. Bravo California Pol-Ams! This single volume packs in a great deal of information-- biographical data on major and minor Pol-Am personages of virtually every walk of life, Pol-Am cultural phenomena, reviews of…

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Victimhood Competition: Poles Beat Jews. Zygmunt


Polish Americans in California, Volume II, by Gene Harubin Zygmunt. 1995

Polish Activism Puts a Dent in Holocaust Supremacism, and Wins the Polokaust (My Term) a Measure of Coverage in California Public Schools This 1995 work is a sequel to the 1977 first volume. Please read the Peczkis review…

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Victimhood Competition: Ukes Beat Jews. Young


The Texture of Memory: Holocaust Memorials and Meaning, by James E. Young. 1994

Babi Yar Memorial Park in Denver: Ukrainian-Americans Push Back Against The Holocaust Monopoly. Also Jewish Cemeteries in Poland, With Unsubstantiated Accusations Against Poles This book includes details on the early-postwar memorialization of what became known as…

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Victimhood Competition: Provoked By Holocaust Supremacism. Aschheim


In Times of Crisis: Essays on European Culture, Germans, and Jews, by Steven E. Aschheim. 2001

Holocaust Supremacism, By Its Very Nature, Provokes Victimhood Competition. UPDATE (2018): Measured Proof That All Non-Jewish Genocides Are Still Marginalized Author Steven E. Aschheim is now Professor Emeritus of History at Hebrew University.…

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Victimhood Competition: Cambodians Beat Jews. Jinks

Representing Genocide: The Holocaust as Paradigm?, by Rebecca Jinks, Devin O. Pendas (Editor). 2016

Victimhood Competition: Cambodians Beat the Jews. Non-Jewish Genocides Have Admittedly Been Minimized Thanks to Holocaust Supremacism This book focuses on how non-Jewish genocides are sometimes understood and expressed through the Jews’ Holocaust. This fits-in with Michael…

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Victimhood Competition Jews Beat Ukrainians Govier

Victims and Victimhood, by Trudy Govier. 2015

Victim Olympics: Victimhood Competition. Jews Beat Ukes. Holocaust Supremacism: A “Second Wounding” of Peoples Whose Genocides Have Been Ignored or Marginalized The most interesting, and relevant, part of this work discusses the competitive victimhood, between Ukrainian-Canadians and Jews, over the exhibition, of their…

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USHMM Promotes Holocaust Supremacism. Orwellian Holocaustspeak Comedy. Linenthal

Preserving Memory: The Struggle to Create America's Holocaust Museum, by Edward Tabor Linenthal. 1995

Defining "Holocaust": An Orwellian Comedy. Now The Taxpayer-Funded Palace of Holocaust Supremacy (USHMM) Sits Right in the Nation’s Capital The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is the palace—open in 1993. The Nazi German genocide of…

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USHMM Polonophobic Staff. SCHINDLER’S LIST Goodbye Jews! Lie. Trofanenko


Beyond Pedagogy: Reconsidering the Public Purpose of Museums, by Brenda Trofanenko (Contributor), Avner Segall (Editor). 2014

Polonophobia is Alive and Well at the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) This otherwise-unremarkable book inadvertently calls attention to Holocaust-related anti-Polonism among the staff of the USHMM. But first I discuss, for…

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USHMM Slights Gypsies. Nazis Despised Jews, Gypsies, Russians, and Poles Alike. Crowe


The Gypsies of Eastern Europe, by David M. Crowe (Contributor). 1992

Nazi Genocidal Ambitions Against Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies. USHMM Slights Non-Jews, Including Gypsies My review of this anthology is largely limited to the Nazi genocide of the Gypsies (Sinti and Roma). This seldom-publicized genocide has a name: PORAJMOS…

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USHMM Holocaust Supremacism. Holocaustspeak. Berenbaum


The World Must Know: The History Of The Holocaust As Told In The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, by Michael Berenbaum. 1993

Correction: The World Must Know ALL Genocides, Not Just the Jews’ Holocaust Jeshajahu Weinberg informs the reader about the scope of the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial…

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Polokaust Slighted By Jews Admitted By Rabbi Sherwin


Sparks Amidst the Ashes: The Spiritual Legacy of Polish Jewry, by Byron L. Sherwin. 1997

German Guilt Dilution and the Jewish Slighting of the Polokaust Are Freely Acknowledged by This Rabbi Whether or not one agrees with everything he says, one can feel enlightened and uplifted by Sherwin's refreshingly-different…

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Polokaust Slighted By Media DEFINITIVE WORK Niechwiadowicz


German Camps, Polish Victims: The BBC coverage of German-occupied Poland, by Jan Niechwiadowicz. 2012

Polokaust Slighted: A Devastating Strongly-Supported Indictment of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and Its Distorted Portrayal of Poles During WWII If anyone has any doubt about the extent of Polonophobia in action, this work is…

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Polokaust Negationism: Poles Killed Only For Cause Myth. Polokaust. Gumkowski


Poland Under Nazi Occupation, by Janusz Gumkowski, Kazimierz Leszczynski. 1961

Holocaust and Polokaust: Not True That Jewish and Polish Deaths Were Lumped Together in the Communist-Ruled Era. Not True That Germans Only Murdered Poles Only "Because They Broke German Rules" About 3 million Polish Jews and 3 million Polish…

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Polokaust Negationism Poles Killed Only For Cause Myth Debunked. Mulley


The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville, by Clare Mulley (Goodreads Author). 2013

Understanding Poland’s Nobility. Contrary to Holocaust Myths, Poles Did NOT "Have to Do Something" To Be Put to Death By the Germans! The Espionage Adventure This fascinating book is much more than…

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Polokaust Negationism Refuted. Valuable Jewish Worker Arbitrary. Double Genocide Affirmed. Sofsky


The Order of Terror: The Concentration Camp, by Wolfgang Sofsky, William Templer (Translator). 1999

Soundly Debunks the Myth That “Jews Were Killed Because They Were Jews and Poles Were Killed Because It Was War”. Red=Brown: Double Genocide Affirmed. Holodomor Was Genocide The author, a German scholar, surveys the Nazi…

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Polokaust Orwellian Minimization: A Prelude to the Holocaust. Rutherford


Prelude to the Final Solution: The Nazi Program for Deporting Ethnic Poles, 1939-1941, by Phillip T. Rutherford. 2007

Orwellian Title Relegates the Polokaust To a "Practice Genocide" For the "Real" Genocide That Was to Come--That of the Jews' Holocaust The title of this book is not saying anything new.…

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Gross Polokaust Negationism and Gross Illogic by Jan T. Gross


Polish Society Under German Occupation: The Generalgouvernement, 1939 1944, by Jan Tomasz Gross. 1979

Nazi German Terror in Poland Made Into a Joke. I Provide Rebuttal By Polish Underground Leader Stefan Korbonski, Who, Unlike Gross, Actually Lived Under the Nazi German Occupation Neo-Stalinist Jan T. Gross, who later overtly…

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Holocaust Supremacism Arose Long After WWII. Auschwitz Belatedly Monopolized by Jews. Cole


Selling the Holocaust: From Auschwitz to Schindler, How History is Bought, Packaged, and Sold, by Tim Cole. 2000

The Gradual Development of the Holocaust “Myth”. Jews Started Monopolizing Auschwitz: The Carmelite Convent Controversy Author Tim Cole traces the development of popularization of the Holocaust in the US, Israel, and…

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Polokaust Disenfranchised By Holocaust. Germanless Holocaust. Jedwabne German Guilt. Plavnieks


Nazi Collaborators on Trial During the Cold War: Viktors ARājs and the Latvian Auxiliary Security Police, by Richards Plavnieks. 2017

How Holocaust Preeminence Has Disenfranchised Eastern Europeans. Germanless Holocaust! Jedwabne: German Guilt Substantiated Author Plavnieks describes the sympathy Americans felt for Latvians [and, of course, other Eastern Europeans] before…

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Polokaust Disenfranchised By Holocaust SMOKING GUN. Poles Shut Out of Academia. Cherry


Rethinking Poles and Jews: Troubled Past, Brighter Future, by Robert D. Cherry (Editor). 2007

SMOKING GUN: The Holocaust Establishment Disenfranchises Poles and Cultivates Polonophobia, Notably in Academia Robert Cherry is identified as Koppelman Professor in the Economics Department at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center at the City University…

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Mystification of Holocaust Extreme Example: Jan Blonski. Polonsky

My Brother's Keeper: Recent Polish Debates on the Holocaust, by Antony Polonsky (Editor). 1990

The Mystification of the Holocaust, by Jan Blonski, Taken to Rather Creative Extremes (Holocaustianity) WARNING: The reader of this book will experience a rather strong dose of the mystification of the Holocaust. It is part of…

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Holocaust Supremacism Marginalizes Other Genocides. Antigoyism is Alive and Well. Neusner


Stranger at Home: The Holocaust, Zionism, and American Judaism, by Jacob Neusner. 2003

Holocaust Supremacism Repudiated Because It Slights the Genocides of Non-Jews [Review based on 1981 edition.] Jewish author Jacob Neusner notes that modes of thinking and behavior may have originated from non-Jews, but "became Jewish" by being…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights Gypsies Lemarchand


Forgotten Genocides: Oblivion, Denial, and Memory, by Rene Lemarchand (Editor). 2011

Yes, Holocaust Preeminence Does Create a Zero-Sum Game (or Close To It). Numerous Long-Slighted Genocides This book discusses genocides which very few have heard of: Eastern Congo, Burundi, Herrero, Tasmanian Aborigines, Tibetan, Assyrian, and others. THE LONG-NEGLECTED NAZI…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights Poles Detailed Example Berenbaum


A Mosaic of Victims: Non-Jews Persecuted and Murdered by the Nazis, by Michael Berenbaum (Editor). 1992

Holocaust Dominance on Full Display: Attempts to Delegitimize the Genocides of Non-Jews Though Various Dubious Premises This book appears to be a bit of a fig leaf intended to cover what was planned,…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights Poles Example. Is Fused With Leftist Ideation. Alexander


Remembering the Holocaust: A Debate, by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Martin Jay (Contributor), Bernhard Giesen (Contributor), Michael Rothberg (Contributor), Robert Manne (Contributor), Nathan Glazer (Contributor), Elihu Katz (Contributor). 2009

Priceless! Polokaust is a “Sideshow” to the Jews’ Holocaust. So Are All Other Genocides—Thanks to Leftist Ideation and Jewish Influence INTRODUCTION:…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights Poles Example. Jewish Holocaust Mystified. Steinlauf

Bondage to the Dead, by Michael C. Steinlauf. 1997

Holocaustianity: The Mystification of the Holocaust Taken to Egregious Extremes. Polokaust Openly Belittled The "bondage to the dead" construct is racist on its face. It implies that Poles have some kind of bondage to the Jewish dead, while Jews have no…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights Poles PROOF. Wojciechowska


Waiting To Be Heard: The Polish Christian Experience Under Nazi And Stalinist Oppression 1939-1955, by Bogusia J. Wojciechowska. 2009

Ramifications of the Polokaust. It is Actively Marginalized by Holocaust Supremacism This extensive collection of written testimonies demonstrates the scale of Polish suffering at the hands of the German and…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights ALL NonJewish Genocides Example Morsink


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Holocaust, by Johannes Morsink. 2019

Not Human Rights: Holocaust Supremacism is on the Throne Even When Non-Jewish Genocides Are Freely Discussed This book focuses on human rights in the light of the Holocaust. However, “human rights” are not precisely defined, and…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights All NonJewish Genocides. DEFINITIVE WORK. Azrieli


US – Canada Holocaust Survey Comparison – Topline Results, by Azrieli Foundation. 2018

Proof Non-Jewish Genocides All Marginalized: Holocaust Supremacism Continues to Rule Over the American and Canadian Public Consciousness This review refers to: US – Canada Holocaust Survey Comparison – Topline Results, which is a survey of American…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights All NonJewish Genocides PROOF. Hovannisian

The Armenian Genocide: Wartime Radicalization or Premeditated Continuum, by Richard G. Hovannisian (Editor). 2007

Holocaust Supremacism Quantified: The Staggering Silence on All the Genocides of Non-Jews This anthology on the Aghet (Armenian Genocide) has a variety of perspectives, and includes little-known information, including an eye-opening Internet study on the dominance…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights Armenians Auron


The Banality of Indifference: Zionism and the Armenian Genocide, by Yair Auron, Maggie Bar-Tura (Translator). 2001

Holocaust Supremacism in Action: This Time Marginalizing the Armenian Genocide This book has items of deeper significance than just the question of how Jews reacted to the Armenian Genocide. MONOPOLIZING THE TERM HOLOCAUST—THIS…

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Holocaust Supremacism Slights Armenians. BOMBSHELL: The Politics of “Total Annihilation”. Dadrian


The History of the Armenian Genocide: Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus, by Vahakn N. Dadrian. 2003

Armenians Were Targeted For Total Genocidal Destruction, But This Fact Has Not Lessened Holocaust Supremacism Aghet is the term for the Armenian genocide. Vahakn N. Dadrian has written…

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Holocaust Supremacism: Same Arguments Marginalize Poles as Marginalize Gypsies Barsony


Pharrajimos: The Fate of the Roma During the Holocaust, by Janos Barsony (Editor). 2007

Holocaust Supremacism: The Same Arguments Used to Marginalize the Poles’ Genocide (POLOKAUST) Now Reused to Marginalize the Gypsies’ Genocide (PORAJMOS) This Hungarian-based work, now in the English language, provides interesting perspectives on the PHARRAJIMOS (PORAJMOS),…

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Holocaust Supremacism Pushed By European Union Pakier

The Construction of European Holocaust Memory, by Malgorzata Pakier. 2013

European Union Strongly Pushes Holocaust Preeminence. German Publisher. German Guilt Diffusion: Poles and Germans Now on the Same Side!

Author Malgorzata Pakier describes the crucial role of the European Union in the exclusivist promotion of the Jews' Holocaust, "In recent…

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Holocaust Supremacism Pushed Internationally. Dissent is Delegitimized. Bayer


Holocaust Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Images, Memory, and the Ethics of Representation, by Gerd Bayer (Editor), Oleksandr Kobrynskyy (Editor). 2015

Holocaust Memorialization Driven By International Pressure. Attempts to Delegitimize Dissent From Holocaust Supremacism This anthology can be of value insofar as it catalogues many Holocaust-related films. We also…

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Holocaust Supremacism Pushed Internationally Himka

Bringing the Dark Past to Light: The Reception of the Holocaust in PostCommunist Europe, by John-Paul Himka and Joanna Beata Michlic (eds.) 2013

A Prejudicial Orwellian Title. Holocaust Preeminence: A Near-Lament That Eastern Europeans Are Not Buying It! The only value of this book is the comprehensiveness of its treatment…

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Holocaust Supremacism Actively Pushed on Poles Ambrosewicz Jacobs

Why Should We Teach About the Holocaust, by Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs. 2004

Holocaust Supremacism in Action: Primarily About Promoting the Preeminence of the Holocaust, at Polish Expense, Than About Holocaust Education Per Se. Neo-Marxism Thrown In.  Unfortunately, there is almost nothing new in this book. Thus: THE INSTILLING OF SHAME IN…

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Holocaust Supremacism Rules Even NonJewish Memorial Museums. Beresniova


Holocaust Education in Lithuania: Community, Conflict, and the Making of Civil Society, by Christine Beresniova. 2017

Western Elitist Attempts to Control the Narrative of the Few Memorial Museums That Present the Genocidal Sufferings of Non-Jews This book presents information that some readers may find controversial. But is must be…

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Holocaust Supremacism Chills Dissent. Mintz

Popular Culture and the Shaping of Holocaust Memory in America, by Alan L. Mintz. 2001

Origins of Holocaust Preeminence in the USA, and the Intimidating Effect It May Have Towards Potential Dissenters The author identifies himself as Jewish- the grandson of Jews from Lithuania in the 1880s. (p. 168). He…

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Holocaust Supremacism: Uniqueness Debate. Rosenbaum


Is the Holocaust Unique?: Perspectives on Comparative Genocide, by Alan S. Rosenbaum (Editor). 2008

Very Chauvinistic Question. Answer: No This work directly deals with the issues surrounding Holocaust preeminence and Holocaust supremacism--the elevation of the Jews' Holocaust over the genocides of all other peoples. This question is not raised…

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Holocaust Supremacism in the Light of Marketing Principles. Ries


Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind: How to Be Seen and Heard in the Overcrowded Marketplace, by Al Ries, Jack Trout. 2001

Inadvertent Clues as To How to the Holocaust Became Dominant, and Remains Dominant, in the American Mind, Over All Other Genocides Although this book [my review based…

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Holocaust Supremacism Modern Disguise Example Rothberg

Multidirectional Memory: Remembering the Holocaust in the Age of Decolonization, by Michael Rothberg. 2009

"Multidirectional Memory": An Attempt to Deflect Argument, About the Pre-Eminence of the Holocaust Over All Other Genocides, By “Universalizing” It This book appears to be an attempt to mend fences, between the Jewish and African-Americans, in…

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Holocaust Supremacism Overt Manifestation. Lipstadt


Holocaust: An American Understanding, by Deborah E. Lipstadt. 2016

An Obvious PROMO for the Jews’ Holocaust. Totally and Egregiously Mischaracterizes (and Belittles) the Nazi German Genocide of Poles (Polokaust or Polocaust) A strength of this book is its history of the emergence of Holocaust dominance in the USA. Lipstadt…

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Holocaust Supremacism Poles Conciliatory Yet Attacked. Berman


Holocaust Agendas, Conspiracies and Industries?: Issues and Debates in Holocaust Memorialization, by Judith E. Berman. 2006

Issues in Holocaust Supremacism. No Blame-Christianity German Guilt Diffusion. Holocaustianity. Polonophobia Even Though Polish Acquiescence to the Standard Holocaust Narrative This book covers issues, among Jews and non-Jews, related to the legacy of…

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Holocaust Supremacism Admitted Racist Implications. Alexander


The Jewish Divide Over Israel: Accusers and Defenders, by Edward Alexander (Editor). 2006

Jews Against Jews: The PROTOCOLS as a Rhetorical Device Against Unwelcome Jewish Influence The strong and one-sided invective that typifies this book, directed against Jews who criticize Israel, has been discussed by other reviewers, and I…

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Holocaust Supremacism a Zero Sum Game. DEFINITIVE WORK. Wannsee Demystified. Churchill


A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust & Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present, by Ward Churchill. 2001

A Decisive Blow for Genocide-Recognition Equality: A Splendid Demolition Job on Holocaust Supremacism (a Zero Sum Game). Perceptive Understanding of the Polokaust The author, Ward Churchill, specializes on the genocides…

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Holocaust Supremacism Chills Dissent. Ineffective Pushback. Bazyler


Law and the Holocaust: U. S. Cases and Materials, by Michael J. Bazyler, Robert M. Jarvis. 2018

Implications of Genocide Recognition Inequality, So-Called Hate Crimes Legislation, and Ongoing German Culpability For WWII Crimes Against Poland This work is densely packed with interesting information. One learns, for example, the fact…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via the Most Visited Museums TEA


Theme Index/Museum Index 2016: Global Attractions Attendance Report, by Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), Economics practice at AECOM. 2017

In the USA and Europe: The Most-Visited Museums Perpetuate and Reinforce the Preeminence of the Jews’ Holocaust Over the Genocides of All Other Peoples My review is that of the 2017…

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Holocaust Polokaust Temporary Truce Auerbacher


Children of Terror, by Inge Auerbacher, Bozenna Urbanowicz Gilbride. 2009

A Rarity: Victimhood Competition Truce: Juxtaposed Polish and Jewish Suffering Without Obvious Jewish Objections This book is unusual in that it juxtaposes the Nazi-related sufferings of a Pole with that of a Jew. There was an earlier such juxtaposition:…

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Holocaust: A Powerful Political Instrument. DEFINITIVE WORK. Rosenberg


Testimony: Contemporary Writers Make the Holocaust Personal, by David Rosenberg (Editor). 1989

The Jewish Holocaust as a Powerful Political Instrument: Confessions of a Noted Jewish Writer The following are quotes from Jewish-American film critic and writer Phillip Lopate: “In its life as a rhetorical figure, the Holocaust is a…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via Israel Lobby. Smith


Big Israel: How Israel's Lobby Moves America, by Grant F. Smith. 2016

Outstanding, Well-Supported Research on the Reason Behind the Preeminence of the Holocaust On the back cover, author Grant F. Smith recounts the depth of his research. It also included some lawsuits to pry-loose the unwelcome information. This…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via Manipulative Symbols. Stier


Holocaust Icons: Symbolizing the Shoah in History and Memory, by Oren Baruch Stier. 2015

Iconized Images of the Jewish Holocaust. A Diminishing of Other Genocides? The icons discussed in this book include the railway cars, the shoes of the Jewish victims, the ARBEIT MACHT FREI sign, the 6 million…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via Selective Memorialization Maier


The Unmasterable Past: History, Holocaust, and German National Identity, with a New Preface, by Charles S. Maier. 1998

Inadvertently Shows the Unfairness of Overattention to the Holocaust and Not Enough to Other Peoples' Genocides Much of this book is an attack on German historian Ernst Nolte, especially for daring…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via Television Rosenfeld


The End of the Holocaust, by Alvin H. Rosenfeld. 2011

The Media is More Important in Promoting the Holocaust, Among Americans, Than Anything Else Virtually everything in this book has been said before. For instance, Rosenfeld brings up the old controversies about President Reagan’s visit to Bitburg, Germany. HOLOCAUST…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via Television Shandler


While America Watches: Televising The Holocaust, by Jeffrey Shandler. 1999

The Crucial Role of Television in the Elevation of the Holocaust Over All WWII Events and Over All Other Genocides This book provides a useful survey of Nazi crimes, as featured in American cinema and TV. It covers WWII…

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Holocaust Overexposure Leads to Fatigue. Dean


The Fragility of Empathy after the Holocaust, by Carolyn J. Dean. 2004

Features Holocaust Fatigue, and the Question About the Nazis and Homosexuality The title of this book is misleading. It makes the reader suppose that this book is about how the moral capital of Jews, caused by gentile…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Antidote: MANY Forgotten Genocides. Rummel

Death by Government: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900, by R.J. Rummel. 1997

The Endlessly-Publicized 6 million Jews and Their Holocaust. How Little Awareness Do You Have of the 100-200 Million Non-Jewish Victims of State-Sponsored Mass Murder? This volume is an excellent antidote to the Holocaust supremacism that permeates the…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via Control of the Narrative. Example: Muslims. Williams


Memorial Museums: The Global Rush to Commemorate Atrocities, by Paul D. Williams. 2008

It’s Not How Many Non-Holocaust Memorial Museums are Built: It’s Who Controls the Narrative This book surveys quite a few memorial museums to genocide and suffering all over the world. However, the most relevant issues revolve…

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Holocaust Indoctrination Via Intense Americanization. Reynolds


Postcards from Auschwitz - Holocaust Tourism and the Meaning of Remembrance, by Daniel P. Reynolds. 2018

Beyond Holocaust Preeminence: The Holocaust Now a Top All-American Institution. Jewish and Polish Ways Fundamentally Incompatible. Canned Polonophobic Memes Most of this book repeats old information. I focus on some issues that are…

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Holocaust Education Inculcates Multiple Fallacies. Totten Feinberg


Teaching and Studying the Holocaust, by Samuel Totten (Editor), Stephen Feinberg (Editor). 2000

Liabilities of Current Holocaust Education: Inculcation of Holocaust Supremacism, of a Whitewashed Jewish Nazi Collaboration, of German-Guilt Diffusion, of anti-Polonism, and of Blaming Christianity Probably without intending to, this book shows what is wrong with today’s…

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Holocaust Education is Indoctrination. Pre-Determined “Correct” Answers. My Newspaper Survey. Fallace


The Emergence of Holocaust Education in American Schools, by Thomas D. Fallace. 2008

Open-Ended Inquiry? Holocaust as Indoctrination: Just Who is Teaching the Holocaust in Accordance With Predetermined Answers? This book includes interesting information. For instance, 120 million Americans saw SCHINDLER”S LIST. (p. 113). THE JEWISH MONOPOLIZATION OF THE…

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Holocaust Education “Universalized”. Holocaust Indoctrination in Poland. Stevick


Holocaust Education: Promise, Practice, Power and Potential, by E Doyle Stevick (Editor), Deborah L Michaels (Editor). 2015

A Rarity! The Majority of British Educators Expand the term Holocaust to Encompass the Polish Victims of Nazi German Genocide--But to No Avail. Holocaust Mis-Education in Poland This recently-published book shows what…

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Holocaust Education: Even Children Discern Its Unfairness. Schweber


Making Sense of the Holocaust: Lessons from Classroom Practice, by Simone Schweber, Gloria Ladson-Billings (Foreword). 2004

Even Children Realize That the Holocaust Supremacism They are Being Taught is Fundamentally Unjust To All the Non-Jewish Genocides Author Dr. Simone Schweber is an authority on Holocaust education. This book is about…

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Holocaust Education: Even Children Discern Its Unfairness. Double Genocide Feared. Zehavit Gross


As the Witnesses Fall Silent: 21st Century Holocaust Education in Curriculum, Policy and Practice, by Zehavit Gross (Editor), E. Doyle Stevick (Editor). 2015

Holocaust Mis-Education: Holocaust Supremacism Imposed Internationally. Even Children Realize Its Unfairness. The Attempted Trivialization of Communist Crimes This book, perhaps without intending to, has a lot…

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Holocaust Education Exclusivist. Others Left Out. Totten


Essentials of Holocaust Education: Fundamental Issues and Approaches, by Samuel Totten (Editor), Stephen Feinberg (Editor). 2016

Includes an Element of Fairness Towards All the Genocides of Non-Jews, But to No Avail. Continued Blame-Christianity Memes This book contains a wealth of information, and numerous references for further study. I focus…

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