Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

German Blame Shifting on Holocaust

Rescue of Jews Very Difficult. “Who Were the Nazis?”: Proof of German Guilt Diffusion Efficacy. Tomaszewski


Zegota: The rescue of Jews in wartime Poland, by Irene Tomaszewski. 1994

Rescue of Fugitive Jews, in German-Occupied Poland, Was Very Difficult. German Guilt-Diffusion Success: “Who Were the Nazis” Regularly Asked at USHMM Zegota was a part of the Polish Underground, and was explicitly devoted to helping Jews. Tomaszewski…

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Polish Death Camp Lie is Serious Niechwiadowicz

The PMI Compendium of Anti-Polish Sentiment, by Jan Niechwiadowicz. 2012

The "Polish Death Camp" Lie is Disturbingly Common in the Media. Who Has an Interest in Promoting This Polonophobia? This issue has commonly been in the news even though this book has now been written 8 years ago. Various media…

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Polish Death Camp Lie An Old Jewish Spin Korbonski

The Jews and the Poles in World War II, by Stefan Korbonski. 1989

The “Polish Death Camp” Mendacity is a Jewish Meme That is Now Several Decades Old. Jews and 1968: Little-Known Facts Although this book was written 30 years ago, it retains its significance--very much so. Its author, Stefan…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Confronted and Repudiated by Holocaust Scholar Gutman

Rescue Attempts During the Holocaust, by Israel Gutman et al. (ed.) 1974

The Earth is Round, and the Death Camps Were German, Not Polish. Nazi Utilitarian Motives in Dealing With Jews as Well as With Poles One malicious Polonophobic Holocaust myth is the one about the Nazis' choice of Poland…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Confronted Zimmerman

Jewish Studies and Holocaust Education in Poland, by Lynn W. Zimmerman. 2014

“Poles Did Not Plan or Carry Out the Holocaust”. Well said! The Rest? All the Standard Judeocentric Pole-Accusing Memes Although this book is free of the strident Polonophobic formulations of many Jewish authors, it consistently repeats the well-worn…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Irony Camps Initially Further East Aly

Final Solution, by Gotz Aly. 1999

Tactical Reasons Made Poles and Jews "Unequal Victims". Ironic to the Oft-Repeated "Polish Death Camp" Lie, The German Extermination Camps Were Initially To Be Built in German-Occupied Belarus! This scholarly work makes it obvious, from many cited German documents that, not only was there…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Irony Were Top Secret Grossman

The Hell of Treblinka, by Vasily Grossman. 1944, 2014

Early (1944) Report on Treblinka. No German Guilt Diffusion. No Blame-Christianity Accusations. Inflated Death Figures Were Jewish Estimates, Not Polish Inventions Author Vasily Grossman was a Soviet Jew, and this book is one of the first, if not the first, account…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Why Camps in Poland DEFINITIVE WORK Khiterer

The Holocaust: Memories and History, by Victoria Khiterer et al. (eds.) 2014

Bombshell: The “Polish Death Camp” Fib--a Serious Matter--Incisively Examined and Soundly Refuted in All Its Manifestations Of all the essays in this anthology, one is eye-opening, and deep in scholarship. I focus on it: (REAL OR IMAGINED) PRE-WWII…

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German Supremacism Long Before Hitler Coole

Thus Spake Germany, by W. W. Coole. Foreword by Sir Robert Vansittart. 1941

A Sound Rebuke to the Nowadays-Customary German Guilt Dilution. Nazism and Nazi Criminality Were Thoroughly German Through and Through Nowadays, most Holocaust materials treat the Nazis as if they were faceless aliens from another planet that landed…

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German Supremacism Long Before Hitler Kaufman

Germany Must Perish!, by Theodore N. Kaufman. 1941

No German Guilt Diffusion Here! The Deep Roots of Nazism in German Thinking: The Popularity (Not Marginalization) of Warmonger Treitschke Among the German Intellectuals and the German Masses Author Theodore N. Kaufman was an American Jewish businessman. He conducted research on Treitschke…

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German Supremacism Long Before Hitler Notestein

Conquest and Kultur, by Wallace Notestein. 1918

The Systematic German Drive for Domination Over Other Peoples. European Union Anticipated This work, originally published in 1918, consists of a series of quotes from prominent Germans. The quotes include those in which Germans openly affirm the use of power, and warfare, as…

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German Supremacism Long Before Hitler Tetens

Know Your Enemy, by Tete Harens Tetens. 1944

No German Guilt Diffusion for the Holocaust. Priceless Insights into German Supremacism, Militarism, and Departure From Christianity The author, Friedrich Tete Harens Tetens, was a German Jew and a journalist. He came to the USA in time to escape Hitler. Nowadays, we…

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German Supremacism Long Before Hitler Vansittart

Black Record: Germans Past and Present, by Robert Gilbert Vansittart. 1941

Prominent WWII British Author With an Excellent Understanding of the Oft-Repeated German Rapacity Against Poland, and the Anti-Christian Character of Nazism This small book packs a punch, and discusses many unpleasant truths about Germany. Agree with Vansittart or not,…

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German Guilt Diffusion Wehrmacht Saved Jews a Myth Neitzel


Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing, and Dying, by Sönke Neitzel, Harald Welzer. 2012

German Guilt Diffusion Fails: No Dichotomy Between Nazis and "Ordinary" German Soldiers. The Near-Myth of German Soldiers Saving Jews. Nazi-Led Germans Just as Anti-Slavic as Anti-Semitic The Allied interviews of captured German soldiers are revealing. There are…

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German Guilt No Retreat Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Inexcusable Zimmels

The Echo of the Nazi Holocaust in Rabbinic Literature, by H. J. Zimmels. 1977

Unequivocal German Guilt. Cruelties of Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Polish Scholar Ewa Kurek Inadvertently Validated. Jewish Law Permits Re-Purposed Christian Tombstones This book presents a great deal of arcane information related to the Shoah. Much of it is…

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German Revanchism Debunked Hirsch

Zemsta Ofiar: Niemcy w Obozach w Polsce 1944-1950, by Helga Hirsch. 1999

1939 German Fifth Column. VOLKSDEUTSCHE. Not Only Jews Were Gassed: Poles Were Too. Postwar German Revanchist German-Loss Claims Debunked THE REVENGE OF THE VICTIMS: GERMANS IN POLISH CAMPS 1944-1950, is the title of this book, whose author is…

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German Supremacism Long Before Hitler No Exculpations Archer

Gems(?) of German Thought, by William Archer. 1917

Leading German Thinkers and the German Drive to Control Others. Exculpations Rejected. Antecedents to the European Union This 1917 work has numerous quotations from leading Germans. It is profusely indexed, giving the source of the quote and a brief biographical blurb about…

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German Guilt Diffusion SMOKING GUN Eder


Holocaust Angst: The Federal Republic of Germany and American Holocaust Memory Since the 1970s, by Jacob S. Eder. 2016

Smoking-Gun Evidence: Germans Are Trying to Shift the Blame For the Holocaust To Other European Nations. Polish Suspicions Confirmed The highlight (or lowlight) of this book is the citation (see…

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German Guilt Diffusion SMOKING GUN Hrynevych


Babyn Yar, by Vladyslav Hrynevych (Editor), Paul Robert Magocsi (Editor). 2016

BOMBSHELL: German Guilt Diffusion Very Real. PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU (Politics of Shame) in Overdrive. Holocaust Symbols: Auschwitz, Now Babyn Yar Too My review is based on the English-language edition. The number of people murdered by the Germans at Babyn…

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German Guilt Diffusion SMOKING GUN Pogrom Trivialities Mixed With 6 Million Dead Jews Kopstein

Intimate Violence: Jewish Pogroms on the Eve of the Holocaust, by Jeffrey S. Kopstein and Jason Wittenberg. 2018.

SMOKING GUN: German Guilt Diffusion. Molehills (Mob Violence), Made Into Mountains, Clumsily Serve This Purpose The attempt to shift the blame for the Holocaust away from the Germans—where it belongs—has gotten so…

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German Guilt Diffusion: Scurrilously Equating Dmowski With Nazism. Krzywiec


Chauvinism, Polish Style: The Case of Roman Dmowski (Beginnings: 1886-1905), by Grzegorz Krzywiec, Jaroslaw Garlinski (Translation). 2016

LEWACTWO Absurdities: German Guilt Diffusion by Equating Polish Patriots With German Nazis To the unsuspecting reader, this LEWAK (leftist) book at first looks like impressive scholarship. It is loaded with mostly-obscure and…

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German Guilt Diffusion We’re All Eichmanns Repudiated Arendt


The Jewish Writings, by Hannah Arendt, Jerome Kohn (Editor), Ron H. Feldman (Editor). 2007

”We’re All Eichmanns” German Guilt Dilution Repudiated. German Contrition Insincere. Judenrat Nazi Collaboration Exculpations Rejected Hannah Arendt’s Shoah-related statements are unwelcome to many, and, for this reason, she has been delegitimized by being called “only…

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German Guilt Diffusion Milgram’s Experiments Doubted Perry


Behind the Shock Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram Psychology Experiments, by Gina Perry. 2012

Sophisticated Deconstruction of Milgram’s “Anyone Can Become a Nazi Killer” Experiments. Implications For German Guilt Diffusion Some critics of this book have implied the author is unqualified. Whether in agreement with her…

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German Guilt Diffusion Orwellian Novelties Levy


Holocaust And Memory In The Global Age, by Daniel Levy, Natan Sznaider. 2005

Newfangled Forms of Holocaust Supremacism, and Novelties in German Guilt Diffusion This book is divided into two main subjects, and my review is accordingly. --------------- PART i of ii. THE CONTINUED ELEVATION OF THE HOLOCAUST OVER…

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German Guilt Diffusion Overt Example “We’re All Eichmanns” Szarota

On the Threshold of the Holocaust, by Tomasz Szarota. 2015

Over-Attention, to Comparatively Trivial Events, Unwittingly or Wittingly Reduces German Holocaust Guilt This book dwells on civil disturbances, including those in which Jews were targets, in such places as Warsaw, The Hague, Amsterdam, Paris, and Kaunas. This alone is problematic.…

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German Guilt Diffusion Rejected. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Cymlich


Escaping Hell In Treblinka, by Israel Cymlich, Oskar Strawczynski. 2007

Jewish Nazi Collaboration at Treblinka. German Guilt Dilution Soundly Rejected Cymlich's account begins with the German-Soviet conquest of Poland in 1939. He witnessed an aerial dogfight between German and Polish planes (p. 6), adding refutation to the perennial myth…

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German Guilt Diffusion Repudiated Bergen


War and Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust, by Doris L. Bergen. 2002

Unequivocally Identifies and Repudiates the De-Germanization of the Nazis; Includes the German Genocide of Poles (Polokaust or Polonocaust)

Author Doris L. Bergen is Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto. This book is…

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German Guilt Diffusion SMOKING GUN Holocaust Scholar Attacked Ambrosewicz Jacobs

The Holocaust: Voices of Scholars, by Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs et al. (eds.) 2009

Smoking-Gun Evidence: Holocaust Establishment Has a Soft-on-Germans Pole-Blaming Agenda, and It Chills Dissent to This Agenda There are two items of fascinating information in this otherwise-mundane book, and I first focus on these. JEWISH HOLOCAUST SCHOLAR TAKES FLAK…

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German Guilt Diffusion Early Consideration Jaspars


The Question of German Guilt, by Karl Jaspers, E.B. Ashton (Translator), Joseph W. Koterski (Introduction). 1946, 2001

Collective German Guilt Rejected. Collective German Liability Accepted. The Long and Deep Nazi Roots, in Centuries of German Thinking, Completely Ignored The following review is based on the original (1947) English-language edition.…

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German Guilt Diffusion Endorsed By Jews Lehrer


Jewish Poland Revisited: Heritage Tourism in Unquiet Places, by Erica T. Lehrer. 2013

Features Candor on the Depths and the Pathology of Modern Jewish Polonophobia. German Guilt Diffusion is Prevalent Among Jews This book can be useful for those readers interested in a compendium of Polish-Jewish interactions in modern…

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German Guilt Diffusion Endorsed by Jews. Poles Now Serve as Scapegoats. Segev


The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust, by Tom Segev, Haim Watzman (Translation). 2000

Open Jewish Support for Shifting Holocaust Blame Away From Germans and Onto Poles. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Real This one volume focuses on Israel from before its beginnings as a nation until the early 1990's. Jewish-Nazi…

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German Guilt Diffusion Endorsed by Jews Steinman


The Crooked Mirror: A Memoir of Polish-Jewish Reconciliation, by Louise Steinman. 2013

Jewish Author Confronts Her Polonophobia. Overt Pole-Blaming German Guilt Diffusion is Entrenched in the Minds of Many Jews This book is not about Polish-Jewish reconciliation per se. It is about the author's discovery of her Jewish roots…

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German Guilt Diffusion Bystander Holocaustspeak Confronted Polonsky


Jews in Poland and Russia: A Short History, by Antony Polonsky. 2013

"Bystander" is Orwellian: German Guilt Diffusion. Understanding Collaboration. 1912 Duma Elections Refreshing Objectivity. Jewish Anti-Assimilation Many Reasons. Not Only Endeks Objected to Jewish Separatist Conduct This encyclopedic work covers a wide range of topics. Owing to the…

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German Guilt Diffusion By Hollywood. BOMBSHELL: How Hollywood Ignores Non-Jewish Genocides. Gonshak


Hollywood and the Holocaust, by Henry Gonshak. 2015

German Guilt Diffusion. Hollywood Promotes Holocaust Supremacy--Almost-Completely Ignoring All Other Genocides This work focuses on questions such as whether or not Holocaust films are historically accurate, whether or not they are primarily entertainment, whether or not they are kitsch, whether or…

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German Guilt Diffusion Confronted. Holocaust Supremacism Unfair to Non-Jews. Laor


The Myths of Liberal Zionism, by Yitzhak Laor. 2010

Jewish Author Confronts Holocaust Supremacism and Subtle Pole-Blaming German Guilt Diffusion Author Yitzhak Laor has been lauded as one of Israel’s most prominent dissidents and poets. Much of his work focuses on what he considers the injustices of Israel against…

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German Guilt Diffusion Jewish-Nazi Collaboration & Zydokomuna Strongly Confronted Wdowinski

And We Are Not Saved, by David Wdowinski. 1963

Zydokomuna Not Marginal. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Faced. German Guilt Diffusion Confronted David Wdowinski and Chaim Lazar cite several sources that describe the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. This book emphasizes the ZZW (rather than the ZOB) and, to a lesser but still notable extent,…

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German Guilt Diffusion: DeGermanized Nazis. Zionist-Nazi Accord. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Falstein


The Martyrdom of Jewish Physicians in Poland, by Louis Falstein. 1963

Early German Guilt Diffusion: The DeGermanization of the Nazis. Zionists Tried to “Tame” the Nazis.  Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Holocaust Survivor Testimonies Unreliable (Contradictory) The book begins with the various medical specialties practiced by the Jewish physicians of pre-WWII Poland.…

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German Guilt Diffusion Various Rhetorical Devices. Kundnani


Utopia or Auschwitz: Germany's 1968 Generation and the Holocaust, by Hans Kundnani. 2009

German Guilt Diffusion for the Jews’ Holocaust: Germans Now Rewrite History By Making Themselves Out to Be Victims of Nazism This book is mainly about German political movements, notably the Baader-Meinhof Gang and its successors. I…

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German Guilt Diffusion A GERMANLESS HOLOCAUST Ezergailis

Nazi/Soviet Disinformation About the Holocaust in Latvia, by Andrew Ezergailis. 2005

THE GERMANLESS HOLOCAUST: A Definitive Work on the German Guilt Diffusion Blame-Others Strategies. Example: So-Called Jedwabne Massacre Holocaust scholar Andrew Ezergailis has written an eye-opening book. He focuses on the blame-the-locals memes energetically and successively promoted by Nazi Germany,…

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German Guilt Diffusion: A Short History Niechwiadowicz


German Camps,Polish Victims: The Irish Independent and its coverage of German-occupied Poland, by Jan Niechwiadowicz. 2012

German Guilt Dilution: A Short History of the Orwellian Redefinitions Behind It. Includes "Polish Death Camp" Lie Alternative Book Title: The Polish WWII Holocaust-Related Experience as Slanted in the IRISH INDEPENDENT Jan Niechwiadowicz…

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German Guilt Diffusion Blaming Generic European AntiSemitism Russell


Teaching the Holocaust in School History: Teachers or Preachers?, by Lucy Russell. 2006

German Guilt Diffusion at the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London This book mostly says things that have been said many times before. For example: SLIPPERY SLOPE: EITHER THE HOLOCAUST REFERS ONLY TO…

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German Guilt Diffusion Bought From Jews Assmann


Memory and Political Change (Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies), by Aleida Assmann (Editor), Linda Shortt (Editor). 2011

German Guilt Diffusion: Did the Germans Effectively Buy the Favor of Jews? This book touches on many different aspects of victimhood. My review focuses exclusively on the Holocaust. The author has much to…

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German Guilt Diffusion Bought From Jews. Talmud Anti-Christian. Menuhin


The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time, by Moshe Menuhin. 1965

German Guilt Diffusion: The Germans Early Bought Jewish Forgiveness for the Shoah. Anti-Christian Aspects of Judaism The author generally shares the belief of Zionists that the world is a very unfriendly place for Jews. His understanding of Jewish…

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German Guilt Diffusion Bought From Jews Sharett

The Reparations Controversy: The Jewish State and German Money in the Shadow of the Holocaust 1951-1952, by Yaakov Sharett (ed.) 2011.

Germans Effectively Bought Israel's Forgiveness for the Holocaust Author Yaakov Sharett discusses the negotiations that led to the Luxembourg Agreement of 1952. In doing so, he makes it obvious…

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German Contrition Dubious and Externally Compelled. German Supremacism. Impending Polokaust. Tetens


The New Germany and the Old Nazis, by T.H. Tetens. 1961

No German Guilt Diffusion. German Repentance Was Forced and Insincere. The Hollowness of De-Nazification. Includes the Polokaust The author, Friedrich Tete Harens Tetens, was a German Jew and a journalist who came to the USA in time. He…

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German Guilt Diffusion Admitted in UNSERE MUTTER… Lower

Lessons and Legacies XII: New Directions in Holocaust Research and Education, by Wendy Lower and Lauren Faulkner Rossi (eds.) 2017

UNSERE MÜTTER, UNSERE VÄTER Admittedly Shifts Blame Away From Germans and Onto Poles. Holocaust Not Especially “Irrational”. Jan T. Gross Dubious Credibility. Grave Robbery Common I focus on the relevant…

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German Guilt Diffusion At Berlin Memorial. Holocaust Was Amateurish. Holocaust Supremacism Disavowed. Fogu


Probing the Ethics of Holocaust Culture, by Claudio Fogu (Editor), Wulf Kansteiner (Editor), Todd Presner (Editor). 2016

Holocaust Preeminence: Old and New. Berlin Memorial Promotes German Guilt Diffusion Consider these salient topics: OLD-FASHIONED FORMS OF HOLOCAUST SUPREMACISM Classically, the elevation of the Holocaust over the genocides of all other…

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German Guilt Diffusion At Yad Vashem: Christianity Blamed Alba


The Holocaust Memorial Museum: Sacred Secular Space, by Avril Alba. 2015

At Yad Vashem: German Guilt Diffusion and Blame-Christianity Approach. Norman G. Finkelstein Was Right About Presumed “Holocaust Uniqueness” as a Rationalization for Holocaust Supremacism In this so-so book, I focus on a few relevant issues: SHIFTING THE BLAME…

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German-Made Genocides Long Before Hitler. Poles Below Blacks! Olusoga


The Kaiser's Holocaust: Germany's Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism, by David Olusoga, Casper W. Erichsen. 2010

A Practice Holocaust and Polokaust: German Exterminatory Nazi-Like Conduct Long Before Hitler. Later, Poles Were Below Blacks in Nazi German Thinking! The events described in this work occurred in a…

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German Contrition Dubious. Was Top Nazi Heydrich Jewish? Wannsee Clarified. Dederichs


Heydrich: The Face of Evil, by Mario R. Dederichs. 2006

Heydrich Jewish? Modern Feminists Repeat Nazi Propaganda. German Guilt Dilution Spurned: Dubious Postwar German Repentance Mario Dederich traces Heydrich's life from his early years in the Nazi Party, through his views on resettlement of Jews (p. 100) which evolved…

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German Contrition Dubious. Holocaust Survivor Testimonies Are Unreliable. Stangneth


Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer, by Bettina Stangneth, Ruth Martin. 2014

German “Repentance” Forced and Insincere. Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Nazism Anti-Christian and Anti Sexual Morality This work is about much more than Adolf Eichmann. The student of WWII may be astonished by the…

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German Contrition Dubious Teschke


Hitler's Legacy: West Germany Confronts the Aftermath of the Third Reich, by John P. Teschke. 1998

Dubious German Contrition for Nazism. Numerous Former Nazis in the Highest Positions in the Adenauer Government There are several noteworthy themes in this book: ADMITTED LENIENCY ON NAZI GERMANY DEFENDANTS The author devotes…

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