Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

Double Genocide Factual (Nazi=Soviet)

Double Genocide Valid: Gulag “Natural Gas Chambers” Exterminated Millions. Solzhenitsyn

Gulag Archipelago Two (1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation III-IV), by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. 1975

Double Genocide Valid: Individual Gulag Camps With 100% Mortality, Just Like Nazi Death Camps There is so much here about Russian history, Soviet thinking and policies, and the situation inside the Gulags. Because there are so…

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Katyn Was Genocide According to International Law: Details. Szonert

Was Katyn Genocide?, by Maria Szonert-Binienda. 2012. CASE WESTERN RESERVE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 44(3)633-717

Katyn Was Genocide According to International Law: It Was An Intentionally Nation-Crippling Act That Targeted a Legally Protected Group (Poles by Nationality) My review consists primarily of direct quotes from Dr. Szonert’s scholarly article. The…

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Nazi Germans Copied the Soviet Communists. 1920 War Russia the Aggressor. Mackiewicz


Triumph of Provocation, by J Mackiewicz. 2010

1920 War Reds, Not Poles, the Aggressors. Soviet Communism Inspired Nazism This work provides countless historical details, a few of which I mention. King Stanislaw August is described as excessively conciliatory to Russia, but not someone who was a puppet of Catherine…

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Stalin Like Hitler. Nazi-Soviet Alliance (1939-1941) Was Very Real. Niekrasz


Dwoj Jezdzcy Apokalipsy: Stalin i Hitlera, Biografia Porownawcza, by Lech Niekrasz.

Hitler and Stalin: Twins in Brown and Red. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939-1941) Had Been Real, and Not Just a Time-Stalling Maneuver THE TWO HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE is the title of this Polish-language book. This scholarly work requires…

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Stalin Like Hitler. Differences Over Jews. Hitler the Atheist. Strasser


Hitler And I, by Otto Strasser. 1940

Nazi Otto Strasser Disagrees With Hitler, and Breaks With the NSDAP (Nazi Party). Includes Different Views on Jews Before discussing the causes of the breach between Strasser and the eventual Fuhrer, I focus on the Jews. ALLEGED JEWISH PROFITEERING FROM GERMAN HYPERINFLATION…

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Nazism Was a Reaction to Communism VERBOTEN Furet Nolte


Fascism and Communism, by François Furet, Ernst Nolte, Tzvetan Todorov (Preface), Katherine Golsan (Translation). 2004

Treading on Holocaust Supremacism and Trying to Discredit the Dissenters: Ernst Nolte is NOT Trying to Lessen the Crimes of Nazism By way of introduction, German historian Ernst Nolte has gotten a lot of…

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Aftermath of Polish Siberian Deportees. White Colonialism in Perspective. Krolikowski


Stolen Childhood: A Saga of Polish War Children, by Lucjan Krolikowski. 2001

Post-Gulag Polish Refugee Children. Catholic Spiritual Leadership. White Colonialism Was Not the Whole Story There are many works about the 1.1 million Poles deported to the Soviet Union in 1939-1941. This one is unusual in that it…

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Kresy Communist Genocide Details Jasiewicz

Zagłada Polskich Kresów: Ziemianstwo Polskie Na Kresach Północno-Wschodnich Rzeczypospolitej Pod Okupacją Sowiecka 1939-1941, by Krzysztof Jasiewicz. 1998


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Katyn Was Genocide. Other Soviet Communist Genocides. Holocaust Supremacism Repudiated. Glaser


Victims of Politics: The State of Human Rights, by Kurt Glaser and Stefan T. Possony. 1979

Katyn Was a Form of Genocide--As Recognized By These German Scholars. No Dichotomizing of the Holocaust and the Many Other (Seldom-Mentioned) Genocides German authors Glaser and Possony present, in this one volume, a…

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Katyn Was Genocide Szonert

Katyn: State-Sponsored Extermination, by Maria Szonert. 2012

Katyn, According to National Law, Definitely Qualifies as Genocide There are many books on the Katyn massacre. [See the Peczkis Listmania: THE KATYN MASSACRE...] This one stands out, providing an up-to-date account of Katyn and its understanding on the international scene. It also…

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Katyn Few Jewish Victims. Classicide: Communist Class Warfare Against Poles. Jasiewicz


Lista Strat Ziemianstwa Polskiego 1939-1956, by Krzysztof Jasiewicz. 1995

Few Jews Murdered at Katyn. A Catalogue of the Polish Landed Gentry, With Data on Their Murderers A LIST OF THE LOSSES OF POLISH LANDED PROPRIETORS 1939-1956, is the title of this Polish-language scholarly work. In the supplement volume, there…

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Katyn. Old Forensic Findings Reaffirmed. For Decades British Refused Justice For Poland. Gould


Disaster Archaeology, by Richard A. Gould. 2007

Modern Forensics Re-Confirms Soviet Guilt For Katyn. British Still More Interested in Pleasing Communists Than Doing Justice to Poland--Even Decades After WWII! Native Americans (Indians)--The Facts Fail the Cultural Marxists This work raises many topics, two of which I emphasize here. It…

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Katyn Was Genocide. Unpunished Communist Murderers. Grave Looting. Kaczorowska


Children of the Katyn Massacre: Accounts of Life After the 1940 Soviet Murder of Polish POWs, by Teresa Kaczorowska. 2006

Katyn Was Genocide. Poles and Jews: Multiple Double Standards. Grave Robbery at Katyn Wes Adamczyk, who wrote the Foreward of this book, provides more historical detail than just about…

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Katyn as Genocide Affirmed By General Wladyslaw Anders. Soviet Guilt Stands. Stahl


The Crime of Katyn: Facts and Documents, by Zdzislaw Stahl. 1965

General Anders Affirms Katyn as Genocide. Document-Filled Book a Boon to Scholars This English-language version was originally scheduled for publication in 1948, but wasn’t actually published until 1965, the 25th anniversary of the crime. General Wladyslaw Anders, who…

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HOLODOMOR Was Genocide: A Clear Anti-Ukrainian Act. Dolot


Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust, by Miron Dolot, Adam B. Ulam (Introduction). 1987

The Holodomor Was No Misstep or Accident. It was an Act of Sustained Genocide This review is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of this tragedy. Miron Dolot is the pseudonym of a Ukrainian who went…

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Holocaust Preeminence Marginalizes Communist Crimes Courtois

The Black Book of Communism, by Stephanie Courtois (ed.) 1999

Double Genocide. Red=Brown. How Holocaust Preeminence Marginalizes the Crimes of Communism and Makes Its Victims Almost Invisible. Holocaust Supremacism Debunked Though some of the groups targeted by the Soviets were in accordance with their ethnicity, and so qualify as Communist…

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Gulags With 100% Mortality Like Nazi Death Camps Zarod


Inside Stalin's Gulag: A True Story of Survival, by Kazimierz Zarod. 1990

Some of the Gulags Approached (or Reached) the 100% of the Mortality of the Nazi German Death Camps. It Just Took Longer The author begins with his experiences during the 1939 German-Soviet conquest of Poland. He joined…

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HISTORIKERSTREIT Holocaust Supremacism Stifled Recognition of Red Crimes Knowlton

Forever in the Shadow of Hitler, by James Knowlton (ed.) 1993

HISTORIKERSTREIT: German Historians’ Debate Challenged: Holocaust Supremacism, the Ignoring of Non-Jewish Victims, and the Devaluation of Communist Genocides. Long-Term Implications: Double Genocide. Red=Brown. Nazi=Soviet This volume consists of English-language translations of the papers of German historians that had participated…

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Gulags With 100% Mortality Like Nazi Death Camps. Communist Apologists Fail. Conquest


Kolyma: the Arctic Death Camps, by Robert Conquest. 1978

Falsely Minimizing the Deadliness of the Soviet Gulags to Whitewash Communism or To Promote Holocaust Supremacism This book is full of disturbing information, but it must be told, especially in the light of today's tendencies to elevate the crimes of…

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Gulags With 100% Mortality Like Nazi Death Camps. Hellish Conditions. DEFINITIVE WORK Buca


Vorkuta, by Edward Buca. 1976

Jewish Inmate of Soviet Gulags and Nazi German Camps Says Gulags Were Worse! Some Gulags Had 100% Mortality, Just Like the Nazi Extermination Camps Author Buca was part of the wave of Polish deportees that was part of the second Soviet occupation of Poland…

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Gulags With 100% Mortality Like Nazi Death Camps Herling


A World Apart, by Gustaw Herling-Grudziński, Andrzej Ciolkosz (Translator), Anne Applebaum (Introduction). 1951, 2005

Double Genocide. Some Gulag Camps Had the 100% Mortality of the Nazi Death Camps This book, originally published in 1951, is one of the first, if not the first, English-language account by a Polish inmate…

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Gulags With 100% Mortality Like Nazi Death Camps. Nazis Slay All Slavic Great Escape POWs. Lisiewicz

Destiny Can Wait, The Polish Air Force In World War II (Aviation Series), by M. Lisiewicz. 1949

Polish Airmen in WWII: Much Detail. Some Gulags (For Poles) as Deadly as the Nazi Death Camps (For Jews). Recaptured Slavic Great Escapees All Murdered Owing to the fact that this book was…

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Gulags With 100% Mortality Like Nazi Death Camps. Gulag “ARBEIT MACHT FREI” Sign. Shifrin


The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union, by Avraham Shifrin. 1982

Soviet Gulag System Long After Stalin. Double Genocide Valid. Red=Brown Some people think that Communism was a great idea until it went bad because of Stalin, and that the Gulag system was a…

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Nazi Germans Copied the Soviet Communists! Koneczny Was Right. Solzhenitsyn

The Gulag Archipelago, by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn. 1974

The Fact of Double Genocide Affirmed. Red=Brown. Soviet Betrayal of Warsaw Uprising Recognized. Author Admits Soviet Guilt for the Katyn Massacre. Feliks Koneczny Affirmed This monumental work provides a great deal of arcane details about Russian history, Soviet thinking and policies, and the…

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Gulags as Genocide. “Holocaust Harmed Nazi Germany” Irony. Polian


Against Their Will: The History and Geography of Forced Migrations in the USSR, by Pavel Polian. 2003

Double Genocide (Red=Brown) Tacitly Validated. No Legitimate Dualism Between Classicide and Genocide. The Systematic, Large-Scale Deportation to Widely-Scattered, Remote Areas Can Itself Be a Nation-Destroying Act (and Therefore a Form of Genocide)

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Poles Delegimitized for Classicide Just Like Jews Delegitimized For Genocide Rossi


The Gulag Handbook: An Encyclopedia Dictionary of Soviet Penitentiary Institutions and Terms Related to the Forced Labor Camps, by Jacques Rossi and Robert Conquest. 1989

Insights into Gulag-Related Vocabulary, Communist Doublespeak, Class-Warfare Anti-Polish Rhetoric, etc. This work, in dictionary format, lists the Russian word written in Cyrillic alphabet, and…

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Gulags With 100% Mortality Like Nazi Death Camps. Never a Nazi-Polish Alliance. Sikorski and Sikorska


The Dark Side of the Moon, by Wladyslaw Sikorski and Helena Sikorska. With a preface by T. S. Eliot. 1946

Polish Deportees in the Interior of the USSR in 1940-1941. Some Gulags Were Almost as Deadly as the Nazi Death Camps This book (review based on 1946 edition) is…

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“Holocaust Obfuscation”: Double Genocide Concept Hysterically Feared Example Donskis

A Litmus Test for Modernity, by Leonidis Donskis (ed.) 2009

Double Genocide. Red=Brown. Controlling the Discourse: An Almost-Paranoid Fear of Anything That Challenges Holocaust Supremacism and Does Justice to the Non-Jewish Victims of Genocide The very title of this book is Orwellian. It equates “modernity” with, among other things, the…

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Communism More Repressive Than Nazism. Arendt Anticipated Holocaust Supremacism. Aschheim


Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem, by Steven E. Aschheim. 2001

Double Genocide (Red=Brown) and (Communism=Nazism) Inadvertently Substantiated. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Avoided by Jews Today This book raises a number of controversial issues. I focus on those that remain relevant to this day. COMMUNISM WAS WORSE THAN NAZISM: STALIN WAS WORSE…

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