Polish-Jewish Relations: 1,300 Keyword-Phrase-Indexed Book Reviews (by Jan Peczkis)

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Double Genocide Valid: Gulag “Natural Gas Chambers” Exterminated Millions. Solzhenitsyn

Gulag Archipelago Two (1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation III-IV), by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. 1975

Double Genocide Valid: Individual Gulag Camps With 100% Mortality, Just Like Nazi Death Camps There is so much here about Russian history, Soviet thinking and policies, and the situation inside the Gulags. Because there are so…

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Holocaust Exceptional All Jews Die a Myth: Nazis Persistently Ambivalent on Extermination or Expulsion. Weissberg

Desperate Mission: Joel Brand’s Story, as told by Alex Weissberg. 1958

Kill Jews or Exile Jews? A Proposed Nazi Amnesty of 100,000 and Eventually 1,000,000 Jews; Nazis Actually Spare 18,000 Jews It was the last year of the war. The Allies smelled victory and the Nazis faced defeat. Over 5…

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Jewish Influence Makes the Holocaust Dominate American Life: DEFINITIVE WORK. Other Nationalities Left Out. Novick

The Holocaust in American Life, by Peter Novick. 2000

Tells Politically-Incorrect Truths About the Holocaust and Its Preeminence This work packs some dynamite information. For example: ONCE UPON A TIME, GENOCIDE-RECOGNITION EQUALITY REIGNED Author Peter Novick rejects the notion that the belatedness of Holocaust preeminence stemmed from a trauma-induced temporary…

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Gassing Poles at Treblinka Seen By This Jewish Eyewitness. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Wiernik

A Year in Treblinka: An Inmate who Escaped Tells the Day-to-Day Facts of One Year of His Torturous Experience, by Jankiel Wiernik. 1944

The Gruesome Workings of the German Nazi Death Camp of Treblinka Jankiel (Yankiel) Wiernik is one of the few Jewish forced laborers at Treblinka to have escaped…

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Censored Investigative Journalist. Terezin Declaration Unseen Danger. Jedwabne German Crime. Sumlinski

Powrot do Jedwabnego, by Wojciech Sumlinski. 2019

The Banned Book That Many Jews Are Afraid Of: Holocaust Industry Terezin Tentacles, and The Jedwabne Lie is Unravelling: Bullet Casings Under Lenin Statue Prove German Guilt RETURN TO JEDWABNE is the title of this Polish-language book. Author Wojciech Sumlinski, in order to…

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Media-Touted US Government Report on Poland and Jews is Recycled Communist Propaganda

The Jews of Poland Since the Liberation. Intelligence Report, United States Government. 1946, 1983

Old Roosevelt Administration Report Sounds Straight Out of Stalin's Mouth This report, originally written in 1946 during the time of the unmentioned Communist subjugation of Poland, was declassified in 1983, and nothing was said about it.…

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NSZ. Looting Treblinka Site Facts. The NSZ on the Jews’ Holocaust: The Facts. Bechta Zebrowski

Narodowy Sily Zbrojny na Podlasiu, by Mariusz Bechta i Leszek Zebrowski (eds.) 1997

Insights into NSZ Guerrilla Warfare, the NSZ and Polish-Jewish Relations, Treblinka-Looting Punishments, etc THE NATIONAL ARMED FORCES IN THE PODLASIE REGION is the title of this Polish-language book. The geographic area in question is in the extreme…

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Leading Polonophiles and Polonophobes: A Who’s Who Nowak

Mysli o Polsce, by Jerzy Robert Nowak. 1994

A Brief Survey of Prominent Polonophiles and Polonophobes in History. Gerald Green's 1978 Television Series HOLOCAUST Taken to Task For Its Grotesque Polonophobia This mini-encyclopedia (titled: THOUGHTS ABOUT POLAND AND POLES) surveys many thinkers and their statements about Poles and Poland. The…

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Censored Holocaust Survivor Shows Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Greatly Exaggerated Gat

Not Just Another Holocaust Book, by Eli Gat. 2014

Suppressed Holocaust Survivor Book Shows the Insignificance of the Jews' Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Poles Betrayed Fugitive Jews in Ignorance The only United States library that owns this book, according to WorldCat, is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Library in Washington.…

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Cultural Marxism. Tikkun Olam: Repair the World Misappropriated. Neumann

To Heal the World: How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism and Endangers Israel, by Jonathan Neumann. 2018

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World): An Ambiguous Phrase Coopted by Jewish Leftist Politics, Old and New This book is relevant to understanding not only Judeo-Bolshevism, but also the successor leftist ideologies, notably neo-Marxism.…

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Katyn Was Genocide According to International Law: Details. Szonert

Was Katyn Genocide?, by Maria Szonert-Binienda. 2012. CASE WESTERN RESERVE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 44(3)633-717

Katyn Was Genocide According to International Law: It Was An Intentionally Nation-Crippling Act That Targeted a Legally Protected Group (Poles by Nationality) My review consists primarily of direct quotes from Dr. Szonert’s scholarly article. The…

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Zydokomuna Denialism Backfires: Jews and Revolutionary Propaganda Spiewak

Zydokomuna: Interpretacje Historyczne, by Pawel Spiewak. 2012

“Refutation” of Jews in Communism Actually Supports It. Communist Propaganda Organs Were 75%-90% Jewish! Author Pawel Spiewak is Director of the Jewish Institute in Warsaw. He is a typical lewak. Everything bad in Polish-Jewish relations is the Poles’ fault, including the Jews’ turn…

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Jews’ Holocaust Rules the British Classroom Foster

What Do Students Know and Understand About the Holocaust, by Stuart Foster et al. (eds.) 2016

BOMBSHELL DETAILED SURVEY: Slav Genocides Are Invisible in the British Classroom! Holocaust Supremacism Rules, as Does German Guilt Diffusion This work is a seldom-done detailed analysis of British children and teens, aged 11 to…

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Highly-Touted Pilecki Book Has Anti-Polish Messages Fairweather

The Volunteer, by Jack Fairweather. 2019

Widely-Publicized Book Smuggles-In Many Pilecki-Irrelevant Statements: Canned Attacks on Poles and Poland There are many better books about Witold Pilecki. For instance, there is BEYOND BRAVERY by Pilecki himself (see my review). The present book is all about author Jack Fairweather including things that…

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Witold Pilecki And His Mission. Poles Were Also Gassed at Auschwitz. Koch

A Captain’s Portrait, by Adam J. Koch. 2018

A Comprehensive Work on the Life and Heroism of Witold Pilecki This book begins with an overview of Polish history before moving to the main subject. Now, Pilecki is best remembered for surviving Auschwitz, and for being tortured and murdered by the…

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Polish Blue Police Not Collaborationist Frydel

Collaboration in Eastern Europe during the Second World War and the Holocaust, by Peter Black et al. (eds.). 2019

No Polish Complicity in the Holocaust: The POLICJA GRANATOWA (“Polish” Blue Police) My review is limited to two articles by Tomasz Frydel, beginning with: Ordinary Men? The Polish Police and the…

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Jewish Collaboration Once Punished By Israel Porat

Bitter Reckoning: Israel Tries Holocaust Survivors as Nazi Collaborators, by Dan Porat. 2019.

Jewish Collaboration Not Only Recognized, But Actively Punished, in Early Israel. The Exculpatory “All Jews Were Victims” Came Later Immediately after WWII, the question of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis was a no-brainer. Jewish survivors of the…

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Zydokomuna Socialist Communist Fuzzy Boundary Fishman


The Rise of Modern Yiddish Culture, by David E. Fishman. 2005

Fuzzy Boundary Between Jewish Socialism and Jewish Communism. Yiddishists and Atheism In my review, I do not limit my analysis to the book itself. I extend the content to broader issues of lasting relevance. This work goes beyond…

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Zydokomuna Soviet Commissars. Undiscipline a Factor in Polish Pogroms. D’Abernon


The Eighteenth Decisive Battle of the World: Warsaw, 1920, by Edgar Vincent D'Abernon. 1931

The Decisive Polish Victory in the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War. The Significance of Jewish Commissars in the Red Army My review of this classic is based on 1931 edition. UNSTINTING CREDIT GIVEN TO POLISH HEROISM The…

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Zydokomuna Top NKVD Leaders DEFINITIVE WORK Petrov

Kto Rukovodil NKVD, 1934-1941? by Nikita Vasilevich Petrov and Konstantin V. Skorkin. 1999

The Massive Overrepresentation of Jews in the Leadership of the Dreaded Communist Secret Police—the NKVD The main source of information for the research article below is this Russian-language book: KTO RUKOVODIL NKVD, 1934-1941, by Nikita Vasilevich Petrov…

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Zydokomuna USA Jews Openly Support. Willful Blindness. Srebrnik

Dreams of Nationhood, by Henry Felix Srebrnik. 2010

Forget Conspiracy Theories. Forget "International Jewry". Open and Large-Scale American Jewish Support for Soviet Communism The amount of research for this work, in old American Yiddish publications, borders on the staggering. It unambiguously shows the vast extent of American Jewish support for…

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Zydokomuna in Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Why Poles Reluctant to Help. Goldstein


The Stars Bear Witness (Unerwünschte Bücher zum Faschismus #3), by Bernard Goldstein. 1949

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Tainted By Communism, For Which Reason Poles Were Reasonably Disinclined to Fully Support It Eyewitness Bernard Goldstein presents a variety of interesting information. For example: AMERICAN JEWISH INDIFFERENCE, AND LOCAL JEWISH-NAZI COLLABORATION The…

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Zydokomuna Permeated Jewish Political Life Arens


Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto: The Untold Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Moshe Arens. 2011

Communism Permeated Much of Pre-WWII Jewish Political Life. Holocaust Uniqueness Upended. The ZZW in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This work focuses on active hostility against the ZZW as the major cause of…

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Zydokomuna Rare Collective Liability Accepted. Talmudic Racism Confronted. Cohen

Insiders and Outsiders: Dilemmas of Eastern European Jewry, by Richard I. Cohen et al. (eds.), 2010

An Exotic Rarity: Jewish Scholar Accepts Collective Jewish Accountability for the Crimes of the ZYDOKOMUNA (Judeo-Bolshevism) In typical discourse, everything negative in past Polish-Jewish relations is reflexively blamed on the Poles. This book is…

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Zydokomuna Russian Revolution. Royal Family Murdered. Jewish First Soviet Government. Wilton


The Last Days of the Romanovs, by Robert Archibald Wilton. 1920

A Lasting Wound: How Jews Played a Leading Role in the Murders of Tsar Nicholas II and His Family. Jewish Leadership of First Soviet Government My review is based on the original 1920 edition. The author was a…

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Zydokomuna Socialist Communist Fuzzy Boundary Bacon


The Politics of Tradition, by Gershon C. Bacon. 1997

The "Polish Friendly" Agudists Were Nevertheless Separatists. Sunday-Closing Law. SCHECHITA Law. Fuzzy Boundary: Jewish Socialists and Communists. Cardinal Hlond Was Right NO BLACK AND WHITE IN POLISH-JEWISH RELATIONS The author begins with a middle view of Polish-Jewish relations, (quote) By…

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Zydokomuna Socialist Communist Fuzzy Boundary. Why 1968 Jews. Brossat

Revolutionary Yiddishland, by Alain Brossat and Sylvia Klingberg. 1983, 2016.

Jewish Democratic Socialists Effortlessly Shed Their Professed Democracy and Became Communists I focus on a few items of lasting importance. DEBUNKING THE SILLY EXCULPATORY ARGUMENT THAT JEWISH COMMUNISTS WERE "NOT REALLY JEWS" Authors Brossat and Klingberg write, "The massive…

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Zydokomuna Jewish Guerillas. Jews Feared Early Nazis a Myth. Porat


The Fall of a Sparrow: The Life and Times of Abba Kovner, by Dina Porat, Elizabeth Yuval (Translator). 2009

Polish Suspicions Confirmed: Jewish Guerrillas Were Steeped in Communism. Author Tiptoes Around Jewish Complicity in the Koniuchy Massacre This book covers Kovner's life in pre-WWII Vilna (Wilno, Vilnius), the Soviet…

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Zydokomuna Jewish Revolutionary Banditry Demonstrated Chodakiewicz

Tajne Oblicze GL-AL i PPR: Dokumenty, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Piotr Gontarczyk, i Leszek Zebrowski (eds.) 1997

Jew-Killing Shocker Unmasks the Tactics of the GL-AL Communist Bands in German-Occupied Poland. Poles Justified in Not Fully Supporting ZOB. Widespread Jewish Revolutionary Banditry Provoked Polish Reprisals THE SECRET FACE OF THE GL-AL…

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NSZ. Zydokomuna Jewish Revolutionary Banditry. Polish Guerrilla Counteractions. Szucki

Narodowe Sily Zbrojne, by Piotr Szucki (ed.) 1992

A 50th-Anniversary Scholarly Study of the Polish-Guerrilla NSZ. Jewish Revolutionary Banditry Provoked the Occasional (Never Systematic) NSZ Killings of Fugitive Jews THE NATIONAL ARMED FORCES is the title of this Polish-language anthology. It features articles by historians, notably by Leszek Zebrowski and…

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Zydokomuna Bloody Crimes: No Justice Done Pluzanski

Bestie Mordercy Polakow, by Tadeusz M. Pluzanski. 2011

Unfortunately, Sweden and Israel Are Dens of Unpunished Murderers of Poles WARNING: This Polish-language scholarly book is not for the politically correct. Nor is it for those steeped in the standard narrative, endlessly promoted by academia and media, of the innocent-victim Jew…

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Zydokomuna Opposes ANY Polish State Friling


A Jewish Kapo in Auschwitz: History, Memory, and the Politics of Survival, by Tuvia Friling. 2014

Double Standards on Jews and Poles? Also: Jewish Communists Oppose a Polish State of Any Kind I focus on the broad-based implications, which go far beyond the experiences of Auschwitz Kapo Eliezer Gruenbaum…

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Zydokomuna Opposes ANY Polish State Minc


The History of a False Illusion: Memoirs on the Communist Movement in Poland, 1918-1938, by P. Minc, Robert Michaels (Translator). 2002

The Zydokomuna, Along With Most Jewish Political Groupings, Opposed the Restoration of the Polish State This book is useful in understanding the "Trotskyite" form of Communism in Poland…

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Zydokomuna Influence Far Beyond Percentages. Aggressive Jewish Separatism. Gitelman

The Quest for Utopia: Jewish Political Ideas and Institutions Through the Ages: Jewish Political Ideas and Institutions Through the Ages, by Zvi Y. Gitelman (Contributor). 1992

Jewish Revolutionaries Had a Much Greater Impact Than Their Numbers Suggest. The Zydokomuna Wore Many Political Guises. Jewish Germanophilia This work is much more…

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Zydokomuna Influence Far Beyond Percentages. Who Was Intolerant? Lindemann


Esau's Tears: Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews, by Albert S. Lindemann. 2001

Especially Valuable in Understanding Jews in Soviet Communism. Their Significance Went Far Beyond Their Numbers This work is richly filled with facts. I focus on distinctive information. Other reviewers have already informed the reader…

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Zydokomuna Influence Far Beyond Percentages. Jews in Illicit Trade. Sarolea


Impressions of Russia, by Charles Sarolea. 1924

Early Soviet Communism: A Largely-Jewish Ruling Elite (Zydokomuna). Holocaust as Revenge Forecast Charles Sarolea (1870-1953) was Professor at the University of Edinburgh, and the Belgian Consul in Edinburgh. Part of this work overlaps the content of Sarolea’s outstanding work on Poland: See…

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Zydokomuna in Jewish Schools. Why Polish Non-Support. Jews and Physical Labor. Eisenstein

Jewish Schools in Poland, 1919-39: Their Philosophy and Development, by Miriam Eisenstein. 1950

Why Should Polish Government Have Supported Jewish Schools That Were Hives of Separatism, Sedition, and Communism? It Did Support Those Jewish Schools That Fostered Jewish Loyalty to Poland This work is important not only in terms of…

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Complicity Accusations. Victimhood Competition and Holocaustspeak. Beorn


The Holocaust in Eastern Europe: At the Epicenter of the Final Solution, by Waitman Wade Beorn. 2018

Are Polish Bystanders “Complicit in the Holocaust”? If So, Then Jewish Bystanders are Also Complicit in the Crimes of the Zydokomuna Author Waitman Wade Beorn is a historian with the University of…

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Bloody Felek DEFINITIVE WORK. Zydokomuna Enchants Dzierzynski and Could Have Been Larger Leggett

Cheka, by George Leggett. 1981

The Zydokomuna Enchants the Pole Dzierzynski, and Makes Him Into a Communist. Some Jewish “Racial Solidarity” in Communism. Overabundance of Jewish Leadership in Communism Could Actually Have Been Greater! This scholarly work presents a variety of interesting information. I focus on a few topics. DZIERZHINSKY…

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Zydokomuna Exculpation: Jews-Didn’t-Know-About-Violence Fails. Yizkor Books Questionable. Heller


Jabotinsky's Children: Polish Jews and the Rise of Right-Wing Zionism, by Daniel Kupfert Heller. 2017

Debunks the Exculpatory Myth That Jews Got Involved in Communism Without Knowing About Its Violent Character This book contains a wealth of information. I focus on a few salient matters. JEWS AND COMMUNISM (ZYDOKOMUNA):…

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Zydokomuna Exculpation: Jews-Didn’t-Know-Communism-Was-Totalitarian Fails. Mendelsohn


Essential Papers on Jews and the Left, by Ezra Mendelsohn (Editor). 1997

Zydokomuna "Poland's Jews Didn't Know Communism Was Violent and Totalitarian" Exculpation Debunked This book centers on personages and political movements. It features the philosophy of Moses Hess and Ber Borokhov, the anti-Semitism of the Jew Karl Marx,…

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Zydokomuna Exculpations Fail. Jews Feared Early Nazis a Myth. Wallach


Bitter Freedom: Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor, by Jafa Wallach. 2006

Zydokomuna Fear-of-Germans Exculpation Exploded: Jews Voluntarily Return to Nazi-Ruled Poland. Jewish Property Issues Not Black and White This work is moving, and includes a good deal of biographical detail. Owing to the fact that there are many reviews…

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Zydokomuna Exculpation: Jews-Had-It-Bad Fails. Jews in Journalism Crucial. Wilton


Russia's Agony (Classic Reprint), by Robert Wilton. Original 1918

On the Eve of Russian Revolution. “Jews Had It Bad” Refuted. Jews and Journalism. Insights Into Polish-Jewish Relations My review is based on the original 1918 edition. This work was written during the pivotal time when Russia’s future was uncertain--after…

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Zydokomuna Gulag Leadership Details Slezkine


The Jewish Century, by Yuri Slezkine. 2006

An Eye-Opening, Candid and Detailed Analysis of the Extensive Role of Jews in Soviet Communism. Jewish Leadership of GULAGS and the NKVD Jewish author Yuri Slezkine has compiled near-encyclopedic levels of information in one volume. It examines virtually every imaginable aspect of…

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Zydokomuna Denialism Backfires: Zydokomuna Elite INDISPENSABLE Gerrits

The Myth of Jewish Communism, by Andre Gerrits. 2009

An Attempt at Debunking the Zydokomuna Actually Validates It! The Indispensable Role of the Jewish Elite in Early Soviet and Soviet-Imposed Eastern European Communism Author Andre Gerrits is Professor of International Studies and Global Politics at The Hague. His work seeks…

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Zydokomuna Elite Poland 1944 Was the Majority Gradzka-Rejak

Elity i Przedstawiciele Spolecznosci Zydowskiej Podczas II Wojny Swiatowej, by Gradzka-Rejak et al. (eds.) 2017

  The Zydokomuna Comprised Over 50% of the Core of the Communist Puppet Government, Eventually Imposed Upon Poland, in 1944, on the Heels of the Red Army My review of this IPN work is limited…

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Zydokomuna Elite USSR. Jewish Separatism. Jewish Economic Hegemony. Hertz


The Jews in Polish Culture, by Aleksander Hertz, Lucjan Dobroszycki (Editor), Richard Lourie (Translator). 1988

Poland Harmed by Jewish Separatism, Jewish Germanophilia and Russophilia, and the Very Real and Substantive Zydokomuna This is a “meaty” book. Its vintage (1961) may be advantageous in terms of a unique perspective that…

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Zydokomuna Elite USSR Elaborated MacDonald

Stalin's Willing Executioners, by Kevin B. MacDonald. 2004

A Detailed and Thoughtful Analysis of What Sometimes is Called the Zydokomuna My review below is that of a review, by Kevin Macdonald, of Yuri Slezkine' s THE JEWISH CENTURY. The MacDonald review is currently available in .pdf online (as of January…

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Zydokomuna Elite USSR Unprecedented Sachar


A History of the Jews in the Modern World, by Howard M. Sachar. 2006

Zydokomuna: The Jewish Presence in the First Soviet Government Was Unprecedented in ANY Government This is a mini-encyclopedia of Jewish history beginning about the 17th century. Sachar's main emphasis is on the Jews of Europe.…

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Zydokomuna Communist Party Poland But Jewish Support for Communism Much Bigger Schatz


The Generation: The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland, by Jaff Schatz. 1991

Jews in the Communist Party of Poland. Ignores Jewish Communism Outside the CP. Exculpations Fail Jewish author Jaff Schatz provides a great deal of information about the Zydokumuna (Jewish Communism in Poland), tracing…

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Zydokomuna Confronted By a Few Modern Jews Laskey


Night Voices: Heard in the Shadow of Hitler and Stalin, by Heather Laskey. 2003

Unusual Zydokomuna Candor: Modern Jews Confront the Jewish Over-Involvement in the Bezpieka (U. B.), the Dreaded Communist Secret Police The Jewish interviewees in this book were Jewish Communists whose lives began in pre-WWII Poland. Mention…

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Zydokomuna Crucial Role in Tsarist Russia Haberer


Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia, by Erich Haberer. 2004

Would Communism Have Died in Its Infancy, in Tsarist Russia, Were it Not For Jewish Revolutionaries (Zydokomuna)? The Jewish revolutionary activity, as discussed in this book, centered on revolutionary Populism. That based on Marxism was not to emerge until…

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Zydokomuna Deep Jewish Roots. Consistent Jewish Hostility to the Polish State. Jacobs


Bundist Counterculture in Interwar Poland, by Jack Jacobs. 2009

Polish Cardinal August Hlond (1936) Was Right: Poland's Jews Were Steeped in Communism, and Were Otherwise Hostile to the Polish Nation. Jewish Disloyalty in 1920 War Although this work does not approach the Bund from the viewpoint of its impact…

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Zydokomuna Deep Jewish Roots. Holocaust Blame Game. Jews are Adam. Porat


Israeli Society, the Holocaust and its Survivors, by Dina Porat. 2008

Holocaust Blame Game (Even Jews Against Other Jews). Zydokomuna Had Deep and Broad Jewish Roots This work begins with basic information on the Holocaust. The reader learns that, although the Nazi decision to exterminate the Jews was not…

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Zydokomuna Deep Jewish Roots. Communization of Poland’s Jewish Masses. Shulman


The Old Country, by Abraham. Shulman. 1974

The Zydokumuna Was Not Something Marginal: It Had Deep Roots in Judaism and a Broad-Based Following Among Poland's Jews The many pictures of this book, generally dating from the period 1860-1920, hearken back to a simpler time. They make it obvious that,…

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Zydokomuna Cause Jewish Elitism and Power Cohen


Jewish Radicals and Radical Jews, by Percy S. Cohen. 1981

Jewish Communism (Zydokomuna) Stems From Jewish Elitism and a Drive For Power, Not Some Special Jewish Sense of Oppression or Injustice The title of this book is a little off. The book is as much about the New Left…

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Zydokomuna Cause Jewish Elitism and Power Liebman


Jews And The Left, by Arthur Liebman. 1979

Jews Better Off Than Most People in Tsarist Russia. Zydokomuna Rooted in Jewish Elitism This work is much more than its title suggests. It includes details about Jewish life in late 19th-century tsarist Russia, and how it impacted the growth of…

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Zydokomuna Cause Mutated Messianism Petuchowski

Prayerbook Reform in Europe: The Liturgy of European Liberal and Reform Judaism, by Jakob J. Petuchowski. 1969

The Jewish Concept of An Earthly, Messianic Kingdom: A Readily-Mutable Antecedent of Modern Zionism and Communism (Zydokomuna) This book gives considerable detail on how early Reformed Judaism, in 19th-century Germany, changed some of…

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Zydokomuna Cause Special Rights Sought Estraikh


Yiddish and the Left: Papers of the Third Mendel Friedman International Conference on Yiddish, by Gennady Estraikh. 2017

The Yiddishist Movement (including in USA) and Its Deep Entanglement With Soviet Communism. Its Goal: Special, Separatist Rights for Jews Consider some salient points relative to the Zydokomuna which, as we…

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Zydokomuna Denialism Rests Largely on Holocaust Supremacism Hanebrink

A Spectre Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, by Paul Hanebrink. 2018

Self-Refuting. Evidently, "Coming to Terms With the Past” is Good for Non-Jews But Not For Jews: A Creative Dodge From the Undeniable Large Scale Jewish Complicity in Communism This book is of little value. Let us, however, begin…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Half Leadership Jewish Steinlauf

Polin Vol. 16, by Michael C. Steinlauf and Antony Polonsky (eds.) 2003

The Zydokomuna in Action: Jews Held Half the Managerial Positions in the Dreaded Post-WWII Communist Security Forces (U. B., or Bezpieka) of Soviet-occupied Poland I focus on a few pertinent issues: THE ZYDOKOMUNA UNDER EARLY SOVIET RULE Andrzej…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Leaders DEFINITIVE WORK Szwagrzyk

Aparat Bezpieczenstwa w Polsce 1944-1956, by Krzysztof Szwagrzyk. 2005

THE Definitive Work on the Communist Security Forces (U. B., or Bezpieka) in Soviet-Ruled Poland: Major Jewish Role THE SECURITY APPARATUS IN POLAND: ITS LEADING CADRES, Volume 1, 1944-1956, is the title of this scholarly Polish-language work. It is published the…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Leaders Szonert

Null and Void: Poland: Case Study on Comparative Imperialism, by M. B. Szonert. 2008

A Broad Overview of Recent Polish History. BEZPIEKA and Zydokomuna This work covers many topics: WWII battles, Katyn, the deportations of Poles into the USSR and Nazi Germany, the Soviet-betrayed Warsaw Uprising, the Roosevelt-Churchill betrayal of…

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Zydokomuna Brains Behind Communism. 1920 Polish-Soviet War. Dukes


Red Dusk and the Morrow: Adventures and Investigations in Soviet Russia, by Paul Dukes. 1922

British Eyewitness to the Aftermath of the Russian Revolution and the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War. The Jewish “Brains” Behind Communism The author, an official of the British intelligence service, visited the new Soviet Union, “not…

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Zydokomuna Brains Behind Communism. Invalid “Tiny Number” Talking Point. Fahey


The Rulers Of Russia, by Denis Fahey. 1938

Not Just High Numbers and Percentages: Jews as the Brains Behind Communism. Also Facts on Freemasonry, Nazism, etc. The author was an Irish Catholic priest. Whether in agreement with the author or not, the reader may be impressed by the vibrancy…

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Zydokomuna Capitalists No Contradiction. 1920 Polish-Soviet War. Pitt Rivers


The World Significance Of The Russian Revolution, by George Pitt-Rivers. 1920

No Contradiction in Jews as Capitalists and Jews as Communists. 1920 Polish-Soviet War: the USSR Was the Aggressor This book makes many interesting points, and I focus on these. [Review based on the original 1920 edition] DESPITE THE…

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Zydokomuna USSR Leadership Details. Promotion of Atheism. Pinkus


The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority, by Benjamin Pinkus. 1990

Refreshing Candor About the Zydokomuna in the USSR. Are Real Jews. Drivers of Militant Atheism, and Overall Soviet Leadership, For Decades After the Russian Revolution Israeli Jewish author Benjamin Pinkus begins with a…

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Zydokomuna Backed Molotov Ribbentrop Pact Frankel


Dark Times, Dire Decisions: Jews and Communism, by Jonathan Frankel (Editor). 2012

Zydokomuna in the USSR, Britain, USA, and in Other Nations. Jewish Communists Supported the Soviet Alliance With Nazi Germany! In the USSR (where Jews constituted 1-2% of the population): “Nonetheless, it was during the years 1918-1920 that…

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Zydokomuna Backed Molotov Ribbentrop Pact. German Guilt-Diffusion Repudiated. Hausner


Justice in Jerusalem, by Gideon Hausner. 1978

German Guilt Diffusion Soundly Rejected. Zydokomuna "We Were Idealists" Hypocrisy: Jewish Support for Nazi Germany During the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939-1941) Gideon Hausner, the chief Prosecutor at the trial of Adolf Eichmann, has produced this one-volume encyclopedia on the Holocaust. It includes countless…

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Zydokomuna Backed Molotov Ribbentrop Pact. Jewish-Christian Mutual Negation. Rubenstein


After Auschwitz: History, Theology, and Contemporary Judaism, by Richard L. Rubenstein. 1992

Jewish Communists Winked at Nazi Atrocities During the 1939-1941 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Planned Nazi German Extermination of Slavs I focus on items of lasting significance in my review: DEBUNKING THE EXCULPATORY MYTH OF THE ZYDOKOMUNA DRIVEN BY IDEALISM…

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Zydokomuna BEZPIEKA Examples Sack


An Eye For An Eye, by John Sack. 1993

Excessively Judeocentric and Especially Germanocentric. Most Victims of Jewish Communists In Poland Were Poles, Not Germans. Update Provided This is the work of a courageous Jewish-American journalist, and he covers the Jewish vengeance against Germans (not some nowadays-amorphous "Nazis") quite…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Jewish Atheism and Communism Go Hand-in-Hand. Biale


Not in the Heavens: The Tradition of Jewish Secular Thought, by David Biale. 2010

The Commonly-Condemned Polish Cardinal August Hlond Was Right About Jews and Freethought This book presents a good overview of its intended subject. SECULAR AND ATHEIST JEWS ARE FULLY JEWS The author cites the "non-Jewish Jew",…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Not Marginal. Jewish Complicity in the HOLODOMOR. Deutscher


The Non-Jewish Jew, by Isaac Deutscher. 1982

Jewish Communist Explodes the Exculpatory Myth That Jewish Communists Were "Not Really Jews". HOLODOMOR: Jewish Complicity. Zydokuma Not Marginal This is a thought-provoking book. The author teaches us what it means to be a non-traditional Jew, and a Communist, but nevertheless certainly…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Broad-Based Jewish Support. Use of Bribery. Kugelmass


From a Ruined Garden: The Memorial Books of Polish Jewry, by Jack Kugelmass (Editor), Jonathan Boyarin (Editor). 1998

Bribery in Action. Economic Rivalry. Evasion of Military Service. Poles Also Experienced WWI Pogroms (But It’s Never Called That). Post-WWII Killings of Unmentioned Poles as Well as Oft-Mentioned Jews This work,…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Judaism is Communized, Not Abandoned. Shternshis


Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939, by Anna Shternshis. 2006

An Inadvertent Riposte To The Rather Silly Exculpatory Argument That Jewish Communists Were “Not Really Jews” The eye-opening book upends the notion that Jews of the Soviet Union had been Jews in name only.…

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Zydokomuna are Real Jews–The PINTELE YID (Spark of Jewishness) Always Remains. Telushkin


Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History, by Joseph Telushkin. 2014

Top Jewish Communist Lazar Kaganovicz Remains a Jew. A Rarity: The Rebbe Supported Public School Prayer. Talmud: Attacking a Jew Equals Attacking God A major theme of this book…

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Zydokomuna Atheism USSR Jews Pushed Husband


Godless Communists: Atheism and Society in Soviet Russia, 1917-1932, by William B. Husband. 1999

An Introduction to Soviet Communist Militant Atheism and the Main Drivers Behind It This work presents a good overview of this subject. I elaborate on a few major themes: MILITANT ATHEISM LARGELY POSTDATED THE RUSSIAN…

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ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters Wieliczka Szarkowa

Żołnierze wyklęci. Niezłomni bohaterowie, by Joanna Wieliczka-Szarkowa. 2013

Polish Irregular Fighters for Freedom Against the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet Government THE CURSED SOLDIERS: INDOMITABLE HEROES is the title of this Polish-language work. It focuses on the post-WWII Polish anti-Communist guerrilla movements, with the book organized according to chapter on 33 specific…

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ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters Zebrowski

Zolnierze Wykleci, by Grzegorz Wasowski and Leszek Zebrowski. 1999

A Photo-Filled One-Volume Encyclopedia on the Polish Guerrilla Resistance Against Soviet Rule THE CURSED SOLDIERS: THE ANTI-COMMUNIST ARMED UNDERGROUND AFTER 1944 is the title of this Polish-language book. It features almost exhaustive biographical detail about Underground guerrilla personages. There is far…

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Zydokomuna 1905 Provoked Pogroms Tsar Nicholas II Bing


The Secret Letters of the Last Tsar, by Edward J. Bing (Editor). 1938

Tsar Nicholas II: Jewish Revolutionaries Provoked the Pogroms of the Revolution of 1905 By way of introduction, the author was head of a special British Mission to the Bolshevik government. Earlier, he had attended the celebrations,…

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Zydokomuna 1939 Was Large Scale. The Nazi “All Jews Die” a Myth. Friedlaender


Nazi Germany and the Jews: The Years of Extermination, 1939-1945 (Nazi Germany and the Jews #2), by Saul Friedländer. 2007

Contrary to Holocaust-Uniqueness Contentions, the Nazis Let Some Jews Go Free. 1939 Zydokomuna Large. Eastern European Common Knowledge of Holocaust Not Until Late 1942 The comprehensive nature of this…

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Zydokomuna 1939 Was Large Scale. Some Jews Refuse Proferred Polish Help. Rosenfeld


From Lwow to Parma: A Young Woman's Escape from Nazi-Occupied Poland, by Klara Rosenfeld. 2005

1939-1941 Zydokomuna Was Not Marginal. It Was Huge The 1939 war caught Rosenfeld by surprise. She was in Lwow (Lviv) and found herself in a series of Luftwaffe bombing raids. In common with countless…

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WWII Humor. Nazis Ridiculed. German Imperialism Mocked. Lipman


Laughter in Hell: Use of Humor During the Holocaust, by Steve Lipman. 1991

Humor Directed Against Nazi Germany, Nazi Personages, and German Policies This work is not just a collection of jokes. It also traces their purposes, and the psychology behind them. Some jokes were forms of satire, and…

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WWII Not Preventable Because of German LEBENSRAUM. Holocaust Supremacism. Rosenfeld


Hi Hitler!: How the Nazi Past Is Being Normalized in Contemporary Culture, by Gavriel D. Rosenfeld. 2014

Holocaust Supremacy Still Reigns. Buchanan Wrong on WWII Being Preventable. LEBENSRAUM was the Key The reader may erroneously get the impression that this book is primarily about the trivialization of the Holocaust,…

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Zbaszyn 1938 Jewish Expellees Facts. Jews in Weimar Germany. Bryant

Unfinished Victory, by Arthur Bryant. 1940

A Non-Nazi View of Jews in Weimar and Early Nazi Germany. Clarity on 1938 Zbaszyn (German Jews Expelled to Poland)

The British author wrote this book just before the Second World War broke out. For this reason, it provides a unique perspective- one that…

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Zbaszyn 1938 Jewish Expellee Details. Earlier Jews Pro-Prussian. Tartakower


Jewish Refugee, by Aryeh Tartakower. 1944

Insights Into Polish Policies Towards THE Third-Reich Jews Dumped at Bentschen (Zbaszyn) 1938 This heavily-documented work contains many facts and figures on the early-middle WWII-related movement of Jews across, Europe, Palestine, the USSR, and other nations. In terms of historical development, the authors…

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ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters. Geographic Details. Instytut Pamieci Narodowej


Atlas polskiego podziemia niepodległościowego 1944-1956/The atlas of the independence underground in Poland 1944-1956, by Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (IPN). 2007

The Zolnierze Wykleci: A Superb, Very Detailed Atlas and Compendium of Polish Guerrilla Action Against the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet Government THE ATLAS OF THE INDEPENDENCE UNDERGROUND IN POLAND 1944-1956 is…

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ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI Freedom Fighters Kurek

Zaporczycy w Fotografii 1943-1963, by Ewa Kurek. 1995

The Zolnierze Wykleci: A Fascinating Photo-Album of Polish Guerrillas Who Fought Against the Nazis and Communists. Decades-Long Combat! THE ‘ZAPORCZYCY’ [MAJOR ZAPORA’S MEN] IN PHOTOGRAPHS 1943-1963, is the title of this 2009 Polish-language book. It has a huge collection of photographs. The…

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Warsaw Uprising 1944 Soviet Betrayal. Nazi-Communist Collaboration. Falsified 1947 Elections. Blazynski

Mówi Józef Światło. Za Kulisami Bezpieki I Partii 1940 1955, by Zbigniew Błażyński. 1985

Jewish Communist From Poland Defects(?) to the USA. Jewish Complicity in the Soviet Betrayal of the Poles' 1944 Warsaw Uprising JOZEF SWIATLO SPEAKS is the title of this Polish-language work. It features Jozef Swiatlo (Izaak Fleischfarb,…

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Wartime Profiteering Jewish. Deceptiveness of Leftist Promises. Lutoslawski

Bolshevism and Poland, by Wincenty Lutoslawski. 1919

Leading Endek Thinker: Nationalism, the Zydokomuna, Wartime Jewish Profiteering, Bogus Pogroms, Nature of Communism, Forecast of German Nazism This classic is packed with sagacious information. For example: UNDEMONIZING ENDEK NATIONALISM: IN NO SENSE A FORM OF WHAT LATER WAS CALLED FASCISM Nowadays, nationalism…

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White Privilege Myth Harms PolAms. Confronting AntiPolonism. Pienkos2


For Your Freedom Through Ours: Polish American Efforts on Poland's Behalf, 1863-1991, by Donald E. Pienkos. 1991

“White Privilege” Myth Applied To Polish Americans. Confronting Anti-Polonism and Holocaust Supremacism—Then and Now This comprehensive work details the life of Poles in America going back to colonial times. Much biographical…

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White Privilege Myth Harms PolAms Pienkos1


PNA Centennial History of the Polish National Alliance of the United States of North America, by Donald E. Pienkos. 1984

This book is a history of the PNA (Polish National Alliance). But it is much more than that. It is, to a certain extent, a history of Polish Americans…

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Wilno 1920 Seizure Myth. Poland the Aggressor Myth. Bogus Plebiscites. Pilsudski


Year 1920, by Józef Piłsudski. 1972, 1924 [translation of Rok 1920]

Bogus Border-Deciding Plebiscites. Wilno 1920 Polish "Seizure" a Myth. Poland Not the Aggressor in the 1920 Polish-Soviet War This work, originally published in 1924 in Polish, is loaded with facts, tables, and maps. The latter are large-scale, foldout…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Nazi Credits Poles More Than Do Many Jews. Moczarski


Conversations with an Executioner, by Kazimierz Moczarski. 1982 [Translation of Rozmowy z Katem. 1977]

Nazi Jew-Killer Juergen Stroop Gave More Credit to Poles, for Overall Jew-Rescue and Substantial Aid to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943), Than Do Far Too Many Jews Today. Go Figure! This fascinating book is packed…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Nazi Credits Poles More Than Do Many Jews. Stroop


The Stroop Report, by Jürgen Stroop. 1979

Nazi German Jew-Killer and Warsaw-Uprising-Butcher Juergen Stroop Gives More Credit to Polish Assistance to the Uprising Than Do Many Jewish Authors Today. For Shame This chilling day-by-day diary recounts the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. The descriptions are methodical. POLES FOUGHT ALONGSIDE,…

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Warsaw STARE MIASTO Destroyed and Rebuilt Zarzad Muzeow


Stare Miasto w Warszawie: Odbudowa, by Poland, Zarzad Muzeow. 1956

POLAK POTRAFI: Warsaw’s Historic Center Re-Created Almost From Scratch after WWII THE REBUILDING OF THE OLD TOWN OF WARSAW is the title of this Polish-language work. Warsaw’s Stare Miasto had many centuries-old buildings. Many of them were destroyed during…

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Warsaw Uprising 1944 Soviet Innocence Two Uprisings Fallacies Countered Zebrowski

Warszawa '44: Krew i Chwala, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2018

How the Soviet-Betrayed 1944 Warsaw Uprising Continues To Be Misused By Those Who Harm Poland Book title: PROPAGANDA SURROUNDING THE UPRISING AS A TOOL OF OLD AND CONTEMPORARY POLITICS Historian Leszek Zebrowski reminds us that, "History is a tool of politics."(p.…

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Warsaw Uprising 1944 Soviet Betrayal Strongly Condemned By RAF Marshal Slessor


The Central Blue: Recollections and Reflections, by John Slessor. 1956

Sir John Slessor, Air Marshal of the RAF, Squarely and Forcefully Confronts the Perfidy of the Soviet Betrayal of the Poles’ 1944 Warsaw Uprising, and the Persistent British Softness on Communism This thick volume raises many topics, and includes…

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Jewish Awareness of Holocaust Came Late. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Clarifications. Edelman


The Ghetto Fights, by Marek Edelman, John Rose (contributor). 1945

Early-WWII Anti-Jewish Riots German-Made. Jews Long in Denial About Unfolding Holocaust. As per Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943), Poles Couldn't Arm Jews More This book was written in 1945 in Poland. [Review based on 1990 English-language reprint.] Owing to the…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Why Poles Not More Helpful. Kazik


Memoirs of a Warsaw Ghetto Fighter, by Kazik (Simha Rotem), Barbara Harshav (Editor). 2001

Implied Candor on the Reasons Behind Poles’ Scaled-Down Support for the Jews’ Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Double Standards on Robbery of Jews (By Poles or By Soviets) While describing the events that led up to and…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Hostile Witness Credits Poles Mark


Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, by Ber Mark, Gershon Freidlin (Translator). 1975

Hostile Witness (Jewish Communist and Rabid Polonophobe) Gives Backhanded Credit to the Poles in the Jews' Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This book is revealing in a number of ways, in that it shows how scurrilous Communist propaganda has…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Inadequate Polish Aid Debunked Grubsztein


Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust, by Meir Grubsztein (Editor). 1971

BOMBSHELL: Why Jews Are Quick to Assume Pogroms. Polokaust To Destroy Polish Population. Polish Aid to Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Was Sincere and Substantial This book, based on a conference in 1968 and published back in 1971, clarifies much anti-Polonism.…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Myth of Long Duration. A Final Solution For Slavs. Reitlinger


Final Solution, by Gerald Reitlinger. 1953, 1987

"The Warsaw Ghetto Fought Longer Than the Polish Army” Myth. Polokaust Factored. Auschwitz Komandant Hoess Was NOT a Christian Reitlinger describes the extermination of Jews in great detail, arriving at a probable range of 4.2 to 5.7 million murdered Jews (p. 501),…

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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Nazi Credits Poles More Than Do Many Jews. Blood


Hitler's Bandit Hunters: The SS and the Nazi Occupation of Europe, by Philip W. Blood. 2006

On Lebensraum and anti-Slavic German Racism. Dutch SS Man Confirms: Poles Fought Alongside Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Hitler discussed Lebensraum in his MEIN KAMPF. (p. 97). However, the concept long predated…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED By Local and International Jews Lacquer


The Terrible Secret, by Walter Lacqueur. 1998

Polish Warnings of the Unfolding Holocaust Were Ignored by Local Jews and Were Ignored by Jews in the West. Yet--Surprise--Poland is the One That Gets Blamed This encyclopedic work, by a French Jew, covers many details about the emergence of news about…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Jews Also Acquired PostJewish Properties. Soifer


Between Life & Death: History of Jewish Life in Wartime Poland, 1939-1945, by Ben A. Soifer. 1995

Zbaszyn 1938. Cardinal Hlond (1936) Right on Jews and Atheism. Just Like Poles: Post-Jewish Property Acquisition—By Jews Themselves! Polish Warnings Ignored This book is not an easy read, and the person who…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Late Jewish Awareness of Holocaust. Zawadzka


Living in Fear on the Aryan Side, by Halina Zawadzka. 2009

Jews Ignored—Even Despised—Polish Warnings About the German Gassing and Cremation of Jews. Why A.K. Sometimes Killed Fugitive Jews Halina Zawadzka described her pre-WWII life as one in which her parents were atheists, hostile to religion, including Judaism. (p.122).…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah: Jan Karski is Belittled! Engel


The Western Allies and the Holocaust: Jan Karski's Mission to the West, 1942-1944, HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE STUDIES 5(4)363-380, by David Engel. 1990

A Belittling of the Pole Jan Karski’s Herculean Efforts to Warn the World About the Unfolding German-Made Holocaust. Ingratitude or What? Silence on Jewish Leaders’ Ignoring of…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah Karski Was IGNORED Wood


Karski: How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust, by E. Thomas Wood (Goodreads Author), Stanislaw M. Jankowski, Elie Wiesel (Foreword). 1994

Americans (Jewish and Non-Jewish) Generally Disbelieved Karski's Warnings. No Evidence That Endeks Summarily Opposed Polish Aid to Jews The book includes interesting details about Polish underground action…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. “Heroic Narrative” Accusations Debunked. Korbonski


Fighting Warsaw: The Story of the Polish Underground State, 1939-1945, by Stefan Korbonski. 2004

Poles Didn't Fail the Jews: The British and Local Jews Failed to Heed Polish Warnings. The "Polish Nationalists Won't Admit Polish Wrongdoing" Canard Debunked Stefan Korbonski, one of the last surviving leaders of the Polish…

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Warnings By Local Poles of Shoah Example. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Dobroszycki


The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944, by Lucjan Dobroszycki (Editor), Richard Lourie (Translator), Joachim Neugroschel (Translator). 1987

Polish Warnings to Jews. Polish-Jewish Relations Generally Positive. Jewish Ghetto Police in Action. Polish Mischlinge Murdered After the German-Soviet conquest of Poland in September-October 1939, the area around Lodz was directly…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah Goebbels Gives More Credit Than Do Many Jews. Semmler


Goebbels, the Man Next to Hitler, by Rudolf Semmler. 1947

Leading Nazi Goebbels Gives More Credit to Polish Warnings, About the Doomed Jews, Then Do Many Jews Today (For Shame). Wartime German Looting, and Not Just Poles From Jews. The Proposed Nazi/Soviet Separate Peace Anticipated the Teheran/Yalta Sellout of…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Arad

Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Operation Reinhard Death Camps, by Yitzhak Arad. 1999

Jews, Both Local and International, Ignored Polish Warnings on the Unfolding Holocaust. And--Surprise--Now Its All the Poles' Fault! 70% Treblinka Fugitive Jewish Survival Rate Yitzhak Arad provides a great deal of information relative to the extermination of Jews…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Bem

Sobibor, by Marek Bem. 2010

Poles Cheering Jewish Deaths Myth. Jews Ignored Polish Warnings. Jew Killings By Unclear Perpetrators or Motives (Do Not Rush to Judgement!). Hiding Jewish Deaths Myth This work provides exhaustive detail on Sobibor. It includes testimonies, archival information, maps and sketches, biographies, and photographs. It also…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Quisling Role Refused. Roosevelt Lies to Poles. Karski


Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World, by Jan Karski, Madeleine K. Albright (Foreword), Zbigniew Brzeziński (Afterword), Timothy Snyder (Contributor). 2013

Karski’s Historic Trip: A Polish Underground Operation (Not the Deeds of a Lone Idealist). Roosevelt Lied to Polish Leaders Jan Karski’s trip to England and…

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Victimhood Competition: For Once Poles Beat Jews Pula


The Polish American Encyclopedia, by James S. Pula (Editor). 2010

Polish Activism Thwarted Holocaust Supremacism For Once. Bravo California Pol-Ams! This single volume packs in a great deal of information-- biographical data on major and minor Pol-Am personages of virtually every walk of life, Pol-Am cultural phenomena, reviews of…

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Victimhood Competition: Poles Beat Jews. Zygmunt


Polish Americans in California, Volume II, by Gene Harubin Zygmunt. 1995

Polish Activism Puts a Dent in Holocaust Supremacism, and Wins the Polokaust (My Term) a Measure of Coverage in California Public Schools This 1995 work is a sequel to the 1977 first volume. Please read the Peczkis review…

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Victimhood Competition: Ukes Beat Jews. Young


The Texture of Memory: Holocaust Memorials and Meaning, by James E. Young. 1994

Babi Yar Memorial Park in Denver: Ukrainian-Americans Push Back Against The Holocaust Monopoly. Also Jewish Cemeteries in Poland, With Unsubstantiated Accusations Against Poles This book includes details on the early-postwar memorialization of what became known as…

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VOLKSDEUTSCHE and Policja Granatowa Bacall-Zwirn

No Common Place, by Alina Bacall-Zwirn. 2000

VOLKSDEUTSCHE. Polish Police” (POLICJA GRANATOWA) Commonly German-Led The author recounts her experiences in a form of interviews given in the 1990's, some fifty years after the events. She also expresses anger over those who deny that the Holocaust ever happened, and lists some…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah British Gag Imposed Fleming

Auschwitz, the Allies, and Censorship of the Holocaust, by Michael Fleming. 2014

Great Britain, and Not Poles, Gagged Incoming Information About the Unfolding German-Made Shoah. This Polonophobic-Lite Work is An Improvement Over Previous Hard-Core Polonophobic Books In this work, historian Michael Fleming contradicts, or at least introduces some nuance into,…

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Warnings By Poles of Shoah Buried By Allies and Scholars DEFINITIVE WORK Plesch

Human Rights After Hitler, by Dan Plesch. 2017

DEFINITIVE WORK: Polish Warnings About Holocaust Suppressed in Holocaust Scholarship. “Polish Authorities Wouldn’t Specify Jewish Deaths” a Myth. “The Allies Did Not Know of the Holocaust Until Near the End” Also a Myth The standard Holocaust narrative posits that the Polish Underground…

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Verhofstadt Full Fledged Belgian Nazis Bruyne de

For Rex and For Belgium, by Eddy deBruyne and Marc Rikmenspoel. 2004

Inadvertent Guy Verhofstadt Tutorial. Beyond Leon Degrelle and Collaboration: Full-Fledged Belgian Nazis Nowadays, images of Nazi collaboration remain topical. Belgian Europarliament leader Guy Verhofstadt has recently (November 2017) called Polish Independence Day marchers Nazis. Besides being an egregious…

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Versailles German Exculpation Debunked Mowrer

Balkanized Europe - A Study in Political Analysis and Reconstruction, by Paul Scott Mowrer. 2009

Polish Anti-Semitism Two Sides. "Polish" Vices. "Terrible" Versailles German Exculpation Debunked The author examines the numerous nations that had arisen after WWI, and other peoples (e.g., the Slovenes) who had not become separate nations. He…

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Victimhood Competition: Provoked By Holocaust Supremacism. Aschheim


In Times of Crisis: Essays on European Culture, Germans, and Jews, by Steven E. Aschheim. 2001

Holocaust Supremacism, By Its Very Nature, Provokes Victimhood Competition. UPDATE (2018): Measured Proof That All Non-Jewish Genocides Are Still Marginalized Author Steven E. Aschheim is now Professor Emeritus of History at Hebrew University.…

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Victimhood Competition: Cambodians Beat Jews. Jinks

Representing Genocide: The Holocaust as Paradigm?, by Rebecca Jinks, Devin O. Pendas (Editor). 2016

Victimhood Competition: Cambodians Beat the Jews. Non-Jewish Genocides Have Admittedly Been Minimized Thanks to Holocaust Supremacism This book focuses on how non-Jewish genocides are sometimes understood and expressed through the Jews’ Holocaust. This fits-in with Michael…

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Victimhood Competition Jews Beat Ukrainians Govier

Victims and Victimhood, by Trudy Govier. 2015

Victim Olympics: Victimhood Competition. Jews Beat Ukes. Holocaust Supremacism: A “Second Wounding” of Peoples Whose Genocides Have Been Ignored or Marginalized The most interesting, and relevant, part of this work discusses the competitive victimhood, between Ukrainian-Canadians and Jews, over the exhibition, of their…

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USHMM Promotes Holocaust Supremacism. Orwellian Holocaustspeak Comedy. Linenthal

Preserving Memory: The Struggle to Create America's Holocaust Museum, by Edward Tabor Linenthal. 1995

Defining "Holocaust": An Orwellian Comedy. Now The Taxpayer-Funded Palace of Holocaust Supremacy (USHMM) Sits Right in the Nation’s Capital The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is the palace—open in 1993. The Nazi German genocide of…

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USHMM Polonophobic Staff. SCHINDLER’S LIST Goodbye Jews! Lie. Trofanenko


Beyond Pedagogy: Reconsidering the Public Purpose of Museums, by Brenda Trofanenko (Contributor), Avner Segall (Editor). 2014

Polonophobia is Alive and Well at the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) This otherwise-unremarkable book inadvertently calls attention to Holocaust-related anti-Polonism among the staff of the USHMM. But first I discuss, for…

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USHMM Slights Gypsies. Nazis Despised Jews, Gypsies, Russians, and Poles Alike. Crowe


The Gypsies of Eastern Europe, by David M. Crowe (Contributor). 1992

Nazi Genocidal Ambitions Against Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies. USHMM Slights Non-Jews, Including Gypsies My review of this anthology is largely limited to the Nazi genocide of the Gypsies (Sinti and Roma). This seldom-publicized genocide has a name: PORAJMOS…

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Usury Unpopularity the Reasons Asala


Polish Proverbs, by Joanne Asala. 2002

Old Polish Wisdom. Insights Into the Unpopularity of Usury, Widely Practiced by Jews This small book (64 pages) packs a wallop! Some of my favorite Polish proverbs are: "In church, at the inn, and in the grave, all men are equal." (p. 23)…

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Verhofstadt Belgian Congo Genocide Vanthemsche


Belgium and the Congo, 1885-1980, by Guy Vanthemsche. 2012

Belgian-Caused Genocide in Congo: An Inadvertent—And Much-Needed--Lesson for Guy Verhofstadt Author Guy Vanthemsche is professor of contemporary history at Free University Brusses (Vrjie Universiteit Brussel). It is packed with information. INTRODUCTION: CURRENT EVENTS IN THE LIGHT OF THE CONGOLESE GENOCIDE…

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Verhofstadt Belgian Nazi Collaborators Conway


Collaboration In Belgium: Léon Degrelle And The Rexist Movement, 1940-1944, by Martin Conway. 1993

Guy Verhofstadt Lesson. The “German-Led New Order In Europe” Mentality Drove Old Nazi Collaboration AND Today’s European Union! It is easy to see that the author of this work is a careful thinker. For instance,…

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Polish Nationalism: No Martyrdom-Centeredness. No Blind Authoritarianism. Jachymek


More Than Independence: Polish Political Thought 1918-1939, by Jan Jachymek. 2003

Debunks Many Myths About the Interwar Polish Right. Endeks Were in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi This anthology features many authors and political movements. Owing to its breadth, I focus on a few items. CONSERVATISM IS NOT SYNONYMOUS…

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Undemonizing Polish Nationalism. Jews Must Accept Their Share of Blame. Rose


Polish Memoirs, by William John Rose, Daniel Stone (Editor). 1976

Polish Nationalism Undemonized and Clarified. The Jewish Share of Blame. Teschen 1938 Justified. Age-Old German Polonophobia William John Rose was a Canadian from Winnipeg who visited Poland around the time just before WWI. He learned much about Poland. Soon…

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Undemonizing Polish Nationalism. Not Jingoism. Super


Twenty-Five Years With the Poles, by Paul Super. 1951

Poland's Interwar Achievements. Undemonizing Polish Nationalism. Teschen/Cieszyn 1938. YMCA in Poland The author arrived in Poland in 1922. At that time, Poland was afflicted with hyperinflation, and would be for at least another two years (for details, see p. 55).…

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Universalism Jewish a Recent Development Sears

Compassion for Humanity in the Jewish Tradition, by Dovid Sears. 1998

Jewish Universalism Mostly a Recent Development. Cheating the GOYIM: Immoral or Unwise? This work is an impressive collection of positive Jewish statements about gentiles. For instance, righteous non-Jews deserve a place in the World to Come (SANHREDRIN 105a). (p.…

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USHMM Holocaust Supremacism. Holocaustspeak. Berenbaum


The World Must Know: The History Of The Holocaust As Told In The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, by Michael Berenbaum. 1993

Correction: The World Must Know ALL Genocides, Not Just the Jews’ Holocaust Jeshajahu Weinberg informs the reader about the scope of the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial…

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Undemonizing Dmowski Zionist Counterpart Kaplan


The Jewish Radical Right: Revisionist Zionism and Its Ideological Legacy, by Eran Kaplan. 2005

Undemonizing Dmowski: The Zionist Jabotinsky Believed (For Jews) Very Much the Same As Dmowski Did (For Poles) The title of this work is a little misleading, if not pejorative, as the Zionist Revisionist movement, according…

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Undemonizing Endeks: Being AntiExploitation Not AntiSemitic Franklin

African Americans and Jews in the Twentieth Century: Studies in Convergence and Conflict, by V.P. Franklin (Editor), Nancy L. Grant (Editor), Harold Kletnick (Editor). 1999

Jewish/African-America Cooperation and Conflict, With Unmentioned Endek Parallels in Pre-WWII Poland This scholarly anthology consists of many articles, of which I discuss a few. One…

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Clarifying Endeks on Partial Expulsion of Jews. Dmowski Accepted Some Jews. Bonsal


Suitors and Suppliants: The Little Nations at Versailles, by Stephen Bonsal. 1946

Soundly Debunks the Myth of Dmowski Wanting All Jews to Leave Poland. Dmowski Actually Believed That the Jews' Liabilities Were Partly Situational, and That Some Jews Could Become a Part of Poland By way of introduction, author…

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Endeks on Partial Expulsion of Jews–Just Like Zionists Expelling Arabs! Finkelstein


Knowing Too Much: Why the American Jewish Romance with Israel Is Coming to an End, by Norman G. Finkelstein. 2012

Most Israeli Jews Want Israeli Arabs Expelled, Just as Pre-WWII Endeks Wanted Poland's Jews (Partly) Expelled This book is primarily about certain Jews' objections to the conduct of the…

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Jewish Foreign Nationals Exempt From Nazi Persecution. Endek-Proposed Partial Expulsion of Jews: A Widely-Held Position. Segal


The New Order in Poland, by Simon Segal. 1942

Some Jews Spared From Nazi Persecution. Mass Emigration of Jews Supported By VARIOUS Poles and Jews! Prewar Poland Had Achieved Much in Agriculture. Because this book was written just before the Holocaust, its analyses were not colored by it.…

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Undemonizing Polish Nationalism Not Fascism Chodakiewicz

Spanish Carlism and Polish Nationalism, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz and John Radzilowski (eds.) 2003

Undemonizing Nationalism: Neither Polish Nationalism Nor Spanish Nationalism Had Been Forms of Fascism. Essential Differences From Fascism Reader: Prepare to learn a lot of things you will never get from the leftmedia or the mostly-leftist academia!…

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Dmowski Confronts 1912 Duma Elections, Judeopolonia, and Jewish Disloyalty in 1920 War. Phillips


The New Poland, by Charles Phillips. 1923

Exonerating Dmowski: Seldom-Told Facts About the 1912 Duma Elections. Judeopolonia. Jewish Disloyalty in the 1920 War The author had been a member of the American Red Cross Commission to Poland. Every imaginable aspect of Polish life is featured in detail in this…

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Undemonizing Dmowski Sorely Needed By Porter

When Nationalism Began to Hate, by Brian Porter. 2000

Left-Wing Hatchet Job on Polish Patriotism. Better Title: When Brian Porter Began to Hate. In Fact, Positions Used By Porter to Demonize Dmowski Were Commonly Held By Jews Themselves! WARNING: Cultural Marxism UWAGA: Kulturowe Marksizm BACKGROUND: Author Brian Porter-Szucs has a…

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Understanding Dmowski. Updating Him. Poles: Stop Serving Others! Ziemkiewicz

Mysli Nowoczesnego Endeka, by Rafal A. Ziemkiewicz. 2012

How Poles Too Often Retain a Creole Mentality--That of a Colonized People Whose Job is To Serve Foreign Interests. Why Dmowski Opposed Jews This book, now a little dated, was written before the election of the PiS (PRAWA I SPRAWIEDLIWOSC) government by…

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Attacking Dmowski: Self-Refuting Statements. Ury

Barricades and Banners: The Revolution of 1905, by Scott Ury. 2012

Jew-on-Jew Violence. Jewish Social Problems. Roman Dmowski Undemonized. Endek Activism and Boycotts of Jews CASUISTRY IN ACTION Scott Ury provides unusual, and sometimes arcane, detail on the social dislocations caused by the rapidly growing Jewish population of Russian-ruled Warsaw…

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Dmowski: The Truth. In No Sense Was He a Hater. Just the Opposite. Wolikowska


Roman Dmowski: Czlowiek, Polak, Przyjaciel, by Isabella Wolikowska. 1961

Roman Dmowski Was a Very Different Man From the Portrayal By His Critics ROMAN DMOWSKI: PERSONAGE, POLE, AND FRIEND is the title of this book in English-language translation. [My review is based on the original 1961 edition.] It was published…

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Blaming Dmowski AND Blaming Jews. Minnen


Van Loon: Popular Historian, Journalist, and FDR Confidant, by Cornelis van Minnen. 2005

Early 20th Century Dutch Journalist: Both Jews and Poles Were at Fault. Dmowski Pro-Russian a Myth This work begins with a biography of Hendrik Willem van Loon, and moves on to his early life in Holland,…

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Contrary to Critics, Dmowski Did Not Believe in Jewish Conspiracy Theories. Dmowski

Polityka polska i odbudowanie państwa, by Roman Dmowski. 1925, 2009

Dmowski Vs. Jews: The Seldom-Told Dmowski Side of the Story. Dmowski Rejected PROTOCOLS-Style Jewish World-Control Conspiracy Theories POLISH POLITICS AND THE REBUILDING OF THE NATION is the title of this 2-volume Polish-language book. (Review based on 2nd, 1937 edition, reprinted…

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Undemonizing Dmowski on Jews Wapinski


Roman Dmowski, by Roman Wapiński. 1979

Undemonizing Dmowski: Reacting Intellectually, and Not Emotionally, to His Statements on Jews This work analyzes the Endek leader, and includes many seldom-published photos of the same. [Review based on 392-page 1988 edition]. The extensive quotations from Dmowski, including from his relatively obscure works,…

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Dmowski Was in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi. Dmowski1


Wybór pism. Tom 1 (Wybór Pism #1), by Roman Dmowski. 2014

Roman Dmowski Was in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi A SELECTION OF THE WRITINGS OF ROMAN DMOWSKI is the title of this compilation of 29 Polish-language articles originally published between 1893 and 1934. THOUGHTS OF A MODERN-THINKING POLE…

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Dmowski Was in No Sense Pro-Fascist or Pro-Nazi. Dmowski2


Duch Europy, by Roman Dmowski. 1938

Dmowski Comments on Nazi-Style Racism--In No Sense Embracing It THE SOUL OF EUROPE is the title of this 45-page book. It was originally published, to a small audience, by Dmowski in 1938. This was less than one year before his death. It is…

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Understanding Dmowski on the New Poland. Strong Jewish Separatism. Dmowski


Problems of Eastern and Central Europe, by Roman Dmowski. 1917

Polish Statesman Dmowski Clarifies Polish Successes Against the Overbearing Prussians, the Kresy, Poland's Boundaries, Jewish Separatism and Overcrowding, etc. This small book packs quite a punch. For example: “COLONIZATION”: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN For a long time,…

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Dmowski and His Well-Reasoned Position on Jews. Minorities Treaty Hypocrisy. Dillon


The Inside Story of the Peace Conference, by Emile Joseph Dillon. 1920

A Non-Pole Rationally Assesses Roman Dmowski and His Well-Thought-Out Position on Jews This book (review based on original 1920 edition) covers many topics, and I focus on a few of them. The author is remarkably even-handed with…

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Dmowski Classic: He Contronts Polish Defeatism. Jews and Poles Have Clashing Interests. Dmowski

Myśli Nowoczesnego Polaka, by Roman Dmowski. 1903, 1933

Dmowski Inveighs Against Polish Passivity and Defeatism. Dmowski's True Views of Jews: Tactical Anti-Semitism Owed to Clashing Polish-Jewish Interests THOUGHTS OF A MODERN-THINKING POLE is the title of this Polish-language book. Originally published in 1903, its 4th edition, the subject of this…

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Jewish: Self-Imposed Apartheid, AntiPolonism, Germanophilia, Zydokomuna. Dmowski


Separatyzm Zydow i Jego Zrodla, by Roman Dmowski. 1909

Some Jews Polish Patriots. Jewish Germanophilia and Identification With Partitioning Powers. Yiddishist Movement. Disloyalty to Poland By Assimilationist as Well as Anti-Assimilationist Jews JEWISH SEPARATISM AND ITS CAUSES is the title of this 19-page Polish-language booklet. Originally published as an…

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Jews Made Into Scapegoats a Myth. Poles are Too Trusting of Moral Correctness. Dmowski


Niemcy, Rosja i Kwestya Polska, by Roman Dmowski. 1908

Roman Dmowski's Sophisticated View of Jews. Poles Partly to Blame. Jews Do Not Take All the Blame in Dmowski's Thinking GERMANY, RUSSIA, AND THE POLISH QUESTION is the title of this Polish-language book, originally published in 1908. It describes a…

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Dmowski Correct on Jewish Cosmopolitanism and Ephemeral Jewish Loyalties. Kolarz


Myths and Realities in Eastern Europe, by Walter Kolarz. 1972

Roman Dmowski Was Right: In Eastern Europe, Jews Have Generally Weak and Often Ephemeral Attachments to the Nations in Which They Live The author surveys the claims of nations and nationalities in some detail. I focus on a few…

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Unassimilability PreWWII Jews Endeks Confirmed Scharf

Poland What Have I To Do With Thee ?: Essays Without Prejudice, by Raphael F. Scharf, Raphael F. Scharf. 1998

Endeks Were Right: Poland's Jews Were Unassimilable. Without Discrimination, Jews Would've Dominated Polish Universities This Jewish author mixes Polonophobic and thoughtful comments. I focus on the latter. WITHOUT RESTRICTIVE QUOTAS…

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Clarifying Balicki’s National Egoism. The Lewak Bogeyman of Nationalism Soundly Debunked. Grott


Zygmunt Balicki: Ideolog Narodowej Demokracji, by Bogumil Grott. 1995

A Selection of The Original Writings of Pioneering Endek Thinker Zygmunt Balicki (1858-1916). Undemonizing Belicki’s “National Egoism” ZYGMUNT BALICKI: NATIONAL DEMOCRAT IDEOLOGUE, is the title of this two-part book. In the first part, Bogumil Grott analyzes Balicki (pp. 5-80). In…

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1912 Duma Elections: Jewish Usurpationist Politics Countered by Dmowski. Corrsin


Warsaw Before the First World War: Poles and Jews in the Third City of the Russian Empire, 1880-1914, by Stephen D. Corrsin. 1989

Includes Corrective, Seldom-Mentioned Details on 1912 Elections to the Duma, and the Much-Condemned Dmowski-Led Boycott of Jews This work provides much data on the development of…

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Understanding Dmowski on Duma Elections. Effective Polish Pushback Against German Rule. Jones


The New Poland, by Paul V. B. Jones. 1919

DUMA Elections Importance. Especially Good on the Effective Polish Pushback Against Prussian Rule Over Northwest Poland This 16-page pamphlet discusses several issues related to Poland’s regaining of independence in 1918. THE PARTITIONS WERE NOT INEVITABLE Author Paul Jones realizes the…

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Background: Dmowski on Duma Elections. Reciprocity of Jewish-Polish Nationalist Antagonisms. Levin


The Third Duma, Election and Profile, by Alfred Levin. 1973

Important Usually-Omitted Information on the Much-Mischaracterized 1912 Duma Election and Retaliatory Dmowski-Led Boycott of Jews This work requires an in-depth knowledge of the political process in the early 20th-century Russian Empire. It focuses on political parties and personages. This…

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An American Historian’s Fair Treatment of Dmowski. Fountain


Roman Dmowski, by Alvin Fountain. 1980

Dmowski's Essential Political Thought. Poles Push Back Against Jewish Separatism and Economic Dominance Author Alvin Fountain is no "Polish nationalist". He is an American historian. This book covers Dmowski's thinking in 1895-1907, well before Poland's regaining of independence (1918). NEITHER ETHNONATIONALISM NOR CIVIC…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Stepanska Huta Piotrowski

Krwawe Zniwa, by Czeslaw Piotrowski. 1995

The Ukrainian OUN-UPA Genocide of Volhynian Poles. Fall of Stepanska Huta. Decades-Later Visits BLOODY HARVESTS BEYOND THE STYR, HORYN, AND SLUCZ RIVERS is the title of this Polish-language book (Review based on 2nd edition, 2004). It describes the unfolding WWII Ukrainian fascist-separatist OUN-UPA genocide…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Very Unlike Operation Wisla Zurek

UPA w Bieszczadach: Straty Ludności Polskiej Poniesione z Rąk Ukraińskich w Bieszczadach w Latach 1939-1947, by Stanisław Żurek. 2007

Do Not Relativize Operation Wisla With the Earlier OUN-UPA Genocide of Over 100,000 Poles! Title: THE UPA IN THE BIESZCZADY MOUNTAINS. This scholarly book traces the course of the Ukrainian fascist-separatist…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Volyn Today Siemaszko

Wolyn Naszych Przodkow, by Ewa Siemaszko. 2010?

Poland's Jews are Not the Only Vanished Communities! The Poles of Wolyn (Volyn, Volhynia) Are a Forgotten Vanished Community. The Ukrainian OUN-UPA Genocide of Poles, the Teheran/Yalta Acquiesed Soviet Confiscation of the Kresy, and the Soviet-Directed Expulsions of Poles Title: VOLYN OF OUR…

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Unassimilability PreWWII Jews Endeks Confirmed Doblin

Journey to Poland, by Alfred Döblin, Joachim Neugroschel (Translator). 1991

Visiting German Jew (1920s) Confirms Endeks on the Overall Unassimilability of Poland's Jews. Poland, Unlike the USA, Lacked the Economic Resources To Drive Jews to Assimilate Nowadays, Poles get a lot of flak for once supporting the ethnonationalism that is…

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Unassimilability PreWWII Jews Endeks Confirmed Lewin

A History of Polish Jewery During the Revival of Poland, by Isaac Lewin. 1990

Militant Jewish Separatism and Its Opponents Among Poland’s Jews. 1918 So-Called Pogroms: Charges and Countercharges This book is fairly shallow. It dwells on statements made by various personages but never goes any deeper. The author makes…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Apologists Debunked Poliszczuk (Polishchuk)

Falszowanie Historii Najnowszej Ukrainy: Wolyn 1943 i Jego Znaczenie. 1996.

All Exculpations for the Ukrainian (OUN-UPA) Genocide of Poles Are Completely Demolished THE FALSIFICATION OF HISTORY BY MODERN UKRAINE: VOLYN 1943 AND ITS MEANING, is the title of this Polish-language book. Ukrainian author Poliszczuk (Polishchuk) shows how, ever since the…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Counteracted Dziemianczuk

Polish Self Defence In Volhynia, by Wladyslaw Dziemianczuk. 1999

How Poles Fought Back Against the Ukrainian (OUN-UPA) Genocide of Poles in Volyn (Wolyn) This is one of the few English-language books on this little-known genocidal event. During the German occupation of prewar eastern Poland during WWII, Ukrainian collaborators massively assisted…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Ethnographic Lands Myth Jastrzebski

Ludobojstwo Nacjonalistow Na Polakach Lubelszczyznie W Latach 1939-1947, by Stanislaw Jastrzebski. 2007

The OUN-UPA Genocide in Post-WWII Poland, Operation Wisla, and the Myth of THE Genocide Driven By “Rightful Ukrainian Ethnographic Territories” Title: THE GENOCIDE CONDUCTED BY THE UKRAINIAN NATIONALISTS ON THE POLES OF THE LUBLIN REGION IN 1939-1947. Consider…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles. Tarnopol. Komanski

Ludobojstwo Dokonane Przez Nacjonalistow Ukrainskich Na Polakach W Wojewodztwie Tarnopolskim 1939-1946, by Henryk Komanski. 2006

Encyclopedia of the OUN-UPA Genocide of the Jews and Poles of Tarnopol (Ternopil) Voivodship This comprehensive work follows a county-by-county, village-by-village format, giving a summary of local events from 1939-1946. Based upon the testimonies of…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles English DEFINITIVE WORK Piotrowski

Genocide and Rescue in Wolyn, by Tadeusz Piotrowski. 2008

The Best English-Language Work on the  OUN-UPA Genocide of the Poles of Volhynia (Wolyn, Volyn) During WWII Scholar Tadeusz Piotrowski's work remains the best-known English language work on this sordid crime. In view of the fact that the UPA butchers are…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles DEFINITIVE WORK Siemaszko and Siemaszko

Ludobójstwo dokonane przez nacjonalistów ukraińskich na ludności polskiej Wołynia 1939-1945, by Władysław Siemaszko and Ewa Siemaszko. 2002

A Magisterial Work That Details the OUN-UPA Genocide of the Poles of Wolyn (Volhynia, Volyn) Under the German Occupation During WWII Title: The Genocide Conducted by Ukrainian Nationalists on the Polish population of…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked. Skrzypek


The Problem of Eastern Galicia, by Stanislaw Skrzypek. 1948

The Myth That Ukrainians Had it Bad in Interwar Poland (1918-1939): Fascinating Facts Nowadays, Poland's onetime possession of the Kresy is portrayed as something intrinsically unworkable that was inevitably doomed to failure. This book features seldom-t0ld corrective information: THE ANCIENT…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked Snyder

Sketches From a Secret War, by Timothy Snyder. 2005

Henryk Jozewski. Ukrainians Had It Bad in Poland Myth: The Many Ways That Poland Benefitted Ukrainians. OUN Separatism, and Planned Genocide, and the Necessary Polish Pacification Response The life of Henryk Jozewski spanned much of modern Polish history. It included the…

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Ukrainians in Poland the Facts Felinski

Ukrainians in Poland, by M. Felinski. 1931

Population Statistics. Ruthenian Nonsynonymous With Ukrainians. Austrian-Driven 1918 Polish-Ukrainian War. Bilingual Schools Much of what is published in the West on this subject is slanted towards a Ukrainian nationalist-separatist pan-Ukrainian view. This book provides somewhat of a counterbalance. However, it is no apologist…

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Ukrainian Culture Stifled in Poland Debunked Paprocki

Minority Affairs and Poland, by Stanislaw J. Paprocki. 1935

"Ukrainians Oppressed in Poland" Soundly Debunked. Despite NUMERUS CLAUSUS, Jews Still Overrepresented at Polish Universities This work surveys Jews, Ukrainians, Germans, Muslim-Tartars, Karaites, Russians, and others. The most interesting details are on the Ukrainians. The facts on Ukrainian cultural growth are…

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Ukrainian UPA Genocide of Poles Apologists Debunked Filar

Wołyń 1939-1944. Historia, pamięć, pojednanie, by Władysław Filar. 2009

The OUN-UPA Genocide of the Poles of Wolyn (Volhynia): All the Canned Exculpations Examined and Refuted This scholarly work utilizes Polish, Ukrainian, German, Jewish, and Soviet sources. Far from being anti-Ukrainian, it acknowledges past Polish wrongs against Ukrainians (p. 26-on), and…

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Tax Cheating By Jews. Jews Were Initially Anti-Assimilationist. Schiff


In Search of Polin: Chasing Jewish Ghosts in Today S Poland, by Gary S. Schiff. 2012

Cheating on Taxes. Evasion of Military Service. Litvak Problem. Strong Jewish Separatism The author started out with the common notion, among Jews, of Poland as nothing more than a vast graveyard of Jews,…

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Tax Cheating By Jews. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Poles Also Nazi Scapegoats Until the Very End. Shatyn


A Private War: Surviving in Poland on False Papers, 1941-1945, by Bruno Shatyn. 1985

Cheating on Taxes. Jewish Betrayers as Well as Polish Betrayers Bruno Shatyn (Szatyn, Schatten) was an atypical Polish Jew who, speaking fluent Polish and lacking Semitic features, survived the Nazi occupation in the open. His…

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Bribery and Tax Cheating By Jews: Talmudic Basis. Noahide Laws Not Universalist. Goldberg

Why Should Jews Survive?, by Michael Goldberg. 1995

Holocaustianity. “Coming to Terms With the Past” Double Standard. Bribery. Tax Evasion. Noahide Laws Not a Form of Early Jewish Universalism This work contains much interesting information—and not only related to theology and the Shoah. Author Goldberg believes that American Jews must…

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Tax Cheating By Jews: Talmudic Basis. Dual Morality. GOY Welcome Into Temple Not Universalist. Porton

Goyim: Gentiles and Israelites in Mishnah-Tosefta, by Gary G. Porton. 1989

Talmudic Dual Morality, Tax Evasion, GOYIM as Animals. Racism and Universalism The author identifies himself as Jewish. (p. x). His work consists of many details on the Jewish provisions, in rabbinical literature, dealing with gentiles. JEWS AND THE EVASION…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked. Kresy History. Ukrainian Separatism Very Recent. Edwards


The Polish Captivity, Vol. 2 of 2: An Account of the Present Position of the Poles in the Kingdom of Poland, and in the Polish Provinces of Austria, Prussia, and Russia (Classic Reprint), by Henry Sutherland Edwards. 1863, 2015

A Fascinating Briton’s Observations in 1860's Partitioned Poland. Poles Did…

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Ukrainians Exploited By Poles Debunked. Persistent Ukrainian Backwardness. Lutoslawski


The Ruthenian Question in Galicia, by Wincenty Lutoslawski, Stanislaw Stronski, Eugeniusz Romer. 1919, 2011

Well-Substantiated Facts: Ukrainian Backwardness; Proofs of Austrian-German (Then Soviet) Intrigue in Turning Ukrainians Against Poles; OUN-UPA Genocide Implicitly Prophesied! This short book (review based on original 1919 edition) is packed with information. Far from being…

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Talmud AntiChristian Deutsch

Toledot Yeshu ("The Life Story of Jesus") Revisited: A Princeton Conference, by Yaacov Deutsch (Editor), Michael Meerson (Editor). 2011

Venomous Jewish “Counter-Gospel”: It Led to Martin Luther’s Retaliatory Venom Against Jews. (Why is Only Luther Blamed Today??) This work contains numerous scholarly articles on TOLEDOT YESHU, and includes historical background…

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Talmud AntiChristian Schafer

Jesus in the Talmud, by Peter Schäfer. 2007

Very Scholarly: Includes an Ironic Counterpart to Christian Charges of Jewish Deicide Agree with this author or not, he is no intellectual lightweight. He teaches Judaic studies at Princeton University, and Rabbi Burton L. Vizotzky (on the outside book cover), calls Schaefer…

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Talmud Anti Christian Frydland

When Being Jewish Was A Crime, by Rachmiel Frydland. 1978

Candor on the Talmud Against Jesus Christ, the Admission of GOYIM to the Temple for Prayer, and the ALEINU The author lived in Lesniczowka, near Chelm. (p. 97). He was an Orthodox Jew. One of the yevishas he attended, in…

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Talmud Uncensored Attacks On Jesus Christ Teppler

Birkat Haminim, by Yaakov Teppler, Susan Weingarten (Editor). 2007

The Uncensored Talmud Condemning and Cursing Jesus Christ--Which Started Long Before Christians Started to Persecute Jews The core of BIRKAT HAMINIM derives from the Babylonian Talmud (Berakhot 28b-29a). (p. 2). It was written in the Yavneh period, after the Second Temple,…

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Targowica: the Facts. Countess Potocka


Memoirs of the Countess Potocka, by Casimir Stryienski (Editor), Lionel Strachey (Translator). 2004

Assessing Targowica, 1794 Russian Massacre of Warsaw’s Poles. Details on Czartoryski, Tsar Nicholas I, etc. My review is based on the original 1900 edition. Most of this work deals with family matters and personages, as seen…

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Talmudic Racism GOYIM as Virtual Animals Rubenstein

The Culture of the Babylonian Talmud, by Jeffrey L. Rubenstein. 2003

The Contempt of Ancient Babylonian Rabbis for Non-Rabbinic Jews Parallels That Against the GOYIM. Both Were Virtual Animals A major theme of this work is that the traditions of the Palestinian Talmud had a much more favorable view of…

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Talmudic Racism Wrestled With Assaf

Untold Tales of the Hasidim: Crisis and Discontent in the History of Hasidism, by David Assaf. 2010

Not Only Christian Authorities Censored Jews: Jewish Authorities Also Censored Jews. Talmudic Racism Confronted This work focuses on the often-disagreeable and sometimes violent antagonisms between different factions of Jews. This includes conflicts between…

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Talmudic Racism Wrestled With Carlebach

New Perspectives on Jewish-Christian Relations, by Elisheva Carlebach (Editor), Jacob J. Schacter (Editor). 2011

Includes Insights on Menahem Ha-Meiri and His Medieval Disavowal of Talmudic Antigoyism Towards Christians This work is more technical than the usual works on this subject. Because it presents so much information, I focus on a…

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Talmudic Sequels Also Contain Racism Blank

Experience of Jewish Liturgy: Studies Dedicated to Menahem Schmelzer, by Debra Reed Blank (Editor). 2011

The ALEINU (a Jewish Prayer) and Its Confessedly anti-Christian and Racist Implications This work is an anthology of many topics. For instance, Neil Gillman repeats the argument that the belief in the immortality of the…

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Talmudic Sequels Also Contain Racism Mahler

Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenment, by Raphael Mahler. 1984

Jewish Racism in Parts of the Midrash and the Kabbalah. Jewish Prosperity in Poland This work focuses on how the Hasidic movement developed, and how it interacted with other Jews, and gentiles. It also provides insight into the situation facing Jews…

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Talmudic Sequels Also Contain Racism Katz

Exclusiveness and Tolerance: Studies in Jewish-Gentile Relations in Medieval and Modern Times, by Jacob Katz. 1983

Talmudic Antigoyism Didn't Die Out in the Talmudic or Medieval Period: It Persisted to Recent Times! Jews and Christians each had stereotypical views of each other (p. xiv), and Jewish views of Christianity were…

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Talmudic Maledictions Against Christians Langer

Cursing the Christians?: A History of the Birkat Haminim, by Ruth Langer. 2011

The Long History of Jewish Malediction Against Christianity--Even Before Christians Were in a Position to Persecute Jews This is a fascinating, technical book. The author traces the history of the BIRKAT HAMINIM from antiquity, through the Middle…

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Talmudic Parallels to DER GIFTPILZ Wasserman

Jews, Gentiles, and Other Animals, by Mira Beth Wasserman. 2017

A Fascinating Work That Confronts the Racist Aspects of the Talmud. Dual Morality Tacitly Accounts for the Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Controversy Author and Rabbi Mira Beth Wasserman is Assistant Professor of Rabbinical Literature at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. This work is…

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Talmudic Racism and Universalism Cohen

Everyman's Talmud, by Abraham Cohen. 1949

Addresses Talmudic Racism and Universalism. Jewish Chosenness. Antigoyism: Torah Umbrella Exculpation There is a wealth of information in this detailed work by Talmudic scholar Abraham Cohen, and I focus on a few items of lasting interest. My review is based on the original 1949…

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Talmudic Racism and Universalism Stern

Jewish Identity in Early Rabbinic Writings, by Sacha Stern. 1997

British Jewish Scholar Analyzes Talmudic Racism and Universalism. A Talmudic Basis For Some Forms of Holocaust-Related Jewish Anti-Polonism The author is Professor of Rabbinic Judaism at University College London. He identifies himself as an Orthodox Jew. (p. xxii). In his…

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Talmudic Racism Examples Cohen

The Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Berakot, by Abraham Cohen. 1921

Racist Memes in the Talmudic Tractate Berachoth (Berakot): Stars Were Created Only for the Jews, and the GOYIM as Virtual Animals My review is based on the original 1921 edition. Talmudic scholar Abraham Cohen provides the reader with the entire Tractate…

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Talmudic Apologetic Presented Cohon

Why Do the Heathen Rage?, by Samuel Solomon Cohon. 1939

A Talmud Apologetic With Considerable Speculation and Special Pleading. Deals With Jews and GOYISCH Life and Property Consistent with my Judeorealist position (which strives to avoid the extremes of philosemitism and antisemitism), I examine both sides of controvertial issues, such…

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Talmudic Apologetic Presented Katz

From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti-Semitism, 1700-1933, by Jacob Katz. 1982

Includes an Inadequate Talmud Apologetic This book is primarily about anti-Semitism, but the author's treatment of the Talmud overshadows everything else. For this reason, as well as the fact that other reviews already inform the reader about the general contents…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Fraade

From Tradition to Commentary: Torah and Its Interpretation in the Midrash Sifre to Deuteronomy, by Steven D. Fraade. 1991

Talmudic Dual Morality Governing Jews and the GOYIM: “It Depends on Whose Ox is Gored” The foregoing teaching appears not only in the Talmud, but in other rabbinical literature. By way…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Katz

Tradition and Crisis: Jewish Society at the End of the Middle Ages, by Jacob Katz, Bernard D. Cooperman. 1994

Jews and the GOYIM: Candor About the Ongoing Implications of Talmudic Dual Morality. Jews and Commerce: Why Endek-Led Boycotts Were Necessary This work is mostly about the internal affairs of Jewish…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Oz

Jews and Word, by Amos Oz, Fania Oz-Salzberger (Goodreads Author). 2012

Insights Into Chutzpah, What "Whoever Saves One Soul" Really Means, and Talmudic Dual Morality The authors are identified as a father and daughter--one a historian and the other a writer and literary scholar. (p. ix). This volume is a…

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Talmudic Dual Morality Silberstein

The Other in Jewish Thought and History: Constructions of Jewish Culture and Identity, by Laurence J. Silberstein (Editor). 1994

Rabbinic Dual Morality Governing Jews and Gentiles: A Real Issue. Futility of Exculpations Of this anthology, I focus on the scholarly work of Steven D. Fraade. He squarely faces the double…

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Nazi Germans Copied the Soviet Communists. 1920 War Russia the Aggressor. Mackiewicz


Triumph of Provocation, by J Mackiewicz. 2010

1920 War Reds, Not Poles, the Aggressors. Soviet Communism Inspired Nazism This work provides countless historical details, a few of which I mention. King Stanislaw August is described as excessively conciliatory to Russia, but not someone who was a puppet of Catherine…

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Stalin Like Hitler. Nazi-Soviet Alliance (1939-1941) Was Very Real. Niekrasz


Dwoj Jezdzcy Apokalipsy: Stalin i Hitlera, Biografia Porownawcza, by Lech Niekrasz.

Hitler and Stalin: Twins in Brown and Red. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939-1941) Had Been Real, and Not Just a Time-Stalling Maneuver THE TWO HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE is the title of this Polish-language book. This scholarly work requires…

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Stalin Like Hitler. Differences Over Jews. Hitler the Atheist. Strasser


Hitler And I, by Otto Strasser. 1940

Nazi Otto Strasser Disagrees With Hitler, and Breaks With the NSDAP (Nazi Party). Includes Different Views on Jews Before discussing the causes of the breach between Strasser and the eventual Fuhrer, I focus on the Jews. ALLEGED JEWISH PROFITEERING FROM GERMAN HYPERINFLATION…

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Nazism Was a Reaction to Communism VERBOTEN Furet Nolte


Fascism and Communism, by François Furet, Ernst Nolte, Tzvetan Todorov (Preface), Katherine Golsan (Translation). 2004

Treading on Holocaust Supremacism and Trying to Discredit the Dissenters: Ernst Nolte is NOT Trying to Lessen the Crimes of Nazism By way of introduction, German historian Ernst Nolte has gotten a lot of…

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Stinking Jewish Ingratitude Example Gutman


Resistance: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Israel Gutman. 1998

ZOB-Centered Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Narrative. This Eminent Holocaust Scholar Shows a Frankly Disgusting Ingratitude to Poles Who Died in Behalf of the Jews This book is of variable quality. Let us examine a few salient issues: A FUNCTIONALIST APPROACH TO…

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So Few Jews Saved Talmudic Irony Cadaver Affair Barilan

Jewish Bioethics, by Michael Barilan. 2013

“Poles Rescued Too Few Jews” Hypocrisy. Cadaver Affair in 1920s Poland—Driven By Recalcitrant Rabbis And Racist Jewish Theology Yechiel Michael Barilan is professor of medical education at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Nowadays, the once-militant Polish opposition to 1920s Jewish…

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Spanish Inquisition Antecedent Events. Only Some Jews Forcibly Converted. MacDonald

Separation and Its Discontents, by Kevin B. MacDonald. 1998

Jews Who Believed Jews Were a Race. Voluntary Jewish Conversions Before the Forced Conversions of 1391 Spain. Jews in Hollywood Resource This is essentially a scholarly reference work. It contains hundreds of references for further study. Because there is so much…

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Spanish Inquisition Greatly Exaggerated. Only 3,000 Deaths. Peters

Inquisition, by Edward Peters. 1989

The Spanish Inquisition--a Monstrous Exaggeration That is a Mainstay of Attacks on Christianity Peters has provided an invaluable analysis of the Inquisition. For the longest time, the Inquisition (especially the Spanish Inquisition) has been a mainstay of rationalistic mythology in its attacks on Christianity. It…

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Spanish Inquisition Undemonized. Voluntary Conversions. Kol Nidre Invalidates Prospective Vows. Alenu. Hoffman


All These Vows: Kol Nidre, by Lawrence A. Hoffman. 2011

KOL NIDRE Does Cover Promises Made to Other People. Author Shows Fairness to Christianity RE: Spanish Inquisition As per the title of this book, KOL NIDRE is Aramaic for KOL HAN’DARIM “all the vows”. (Hoffmann, p. 7). This work…

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Spy Thriller: Poles Crack ENIGMA Code. Garlinski

The Enigma War, by Józef Garliński. 1983

Spy Thriller! R. V. Jones, ENIGMA-Codebreaking Participant, Affirms the Crucial Pioneering Successes of the Poles This fascinating book is of enduring value. Nowadays, British films and articles about Enigma typically downplay or ignore the pivotal role of the Poles, or overemphasize the work…

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Spy Thriller: Poles Crack ENIGMA Code. Kahn


Seizing The Enigma: The Race To Break The German U-boat Codes, 1939-1943, by David Kahn. 1998

Non-Polish Author Gives Unstinting Credit for Cracking ENIGMA To Where It Belongs—The Poles Nowadays, many British productions ignore or downplay the Polish achievement in cracking Enigma. The focus is customarily on gay British…

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Slav Genocides By Nazis Summarized Wytwycky

The Other Holocaust, by Bohdan Wytwycky. 1980

A Short Summary of the Nazi Holocausts of Gypsies and Slavs; Eventual Nazi Murder of Hundreds of Millions of Slavs The author, a Ukrainian, summarizes the fates of 9-10 million non-Jews (mostly Slavs) who were murdered alongside the 5-6 million Jews. He does…

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Vienna 1683: Sobieski Saves Europe From the Muslims. Millar


Vienna 1683: Christian Europe Repels the Ottomans, by Simon Millar. 2008

Polish King John Sobieski Defeats the Muslim Turks at Vienna, Saving Austria and Europe. Short Austrian Gratitude and Then Long-Term Austrian Ingratitude, Even to This Very Day This short, easy-reading book packs a lot of detail into relatively…

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Sonderkommando Revolt Auschwitz Polish Aid Impossible. Poles Gassed at Auschwitz. Garlinski

Fighting Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement In The Concentration Camp, by Józef Garliński. 1975

Refutes Complaints that the Polish Underground Willfully Failed to Support the Jewish SONDERKOMMANDO Revolt Jozef (Joseph) Garlinski, a member of the Polish Underground, former inmate of Auschwitz, and subsequently a historian, has written an invaluable account about…

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So Few Jews Saved Intense German Occupation of Poland. Westermann


Hitler's Police Battalions: Enforcing Racial War in the East, by Edward B. Westermann. 2005

Intense German Occupation of Poland: Why "So Few" Jews Saved. The Nazi German Racial War Against Slavs as Well as Jews Most books on WWII in Europe typically dwell on the Holocaust, and any mention…

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So Few Jews Saved Much Needed Context. Danish Rescue Iconoclasm. Robinson


And the Crooked Shall Be Made Straight: a New Look at the Eichmann Trial, by Jacob Robinson. 1965

"So Few Polish Jews Saved" Irony. Advantages of Dutch, Bulgarian, and Danish Rescuers. Impending Polokaust Acknowledged Robinson believes that the Madagascar plan had been a real plan. It was not merely…

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SHOAH Lanzmann Polonophobia Confronted By Israeli Human-Rights Activist Shahak


Life of Death: An Exchange, by Israel Shahak. 1987

Iconoclasm of Lanzmann's SHOAH: Jewish Polonophobia Confronted By a Courageous Polish Jew (a Holocaust Survivor and Subsequent Israeli Human Rights Activist) The article in question, "The Life of Death: An Exchange", is published in THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS…

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SHOAH Lanzmann Polonophobia Exposed. Some Quoted Jews Repudiate Holocaust Supremacism. Nowicki


The Defamation of the Poles, by Stefan Nowicki. 1989

Deconstruction of Claude Lanzmann’s SHOAH, and The Legacy of Polonophobia Although nearly 30 have passed since this book was published, it remains relevant. This owes to the fact that SHOAH is still widely used, and because the same anti-Polish themes…

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SHOAH Lanzmann Wealthy Jew Facts. Dual Ledger System. Jew-on-Jew Profiteering. Assaf

A Journey to a Nineteenth-Century Shtetl: The Memoirs of Yekhezkel Kotik, by David Assaf (Editor). 2002

Lanzmann SHOAH Rich-Jew Corrective, PROPINACJA (Liquor Trade), Jew Against Jew Profiteering and Violence, Anti-Christian Memes The setting of this work is the town of Kamenets (Kamyenyets, Kamieniec), which is located not far south of…

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SHTETL Marzynski Wrongheaded. Kerner


Film and the Holocaust: New Perspectives on Dramas, Documentaries, and Experimental Films, by Aaron Kerner. 2011

The Mystification of the Holocaust in Holocaust Filmography. SHTETL: Marian Marzynski’s Misconduct Candidly Acknowledged and Analyzed This book examines scores of Holocaust films, dissecting them from every angle imaginable. [Needless to say, no…

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Aftermath of Polish Siberian Deportees. White Colonialism in Perspective. Krolikowski


Stolen Childhood: A Saga of Polish War Children, by Lucjan Krolikowski. 2001

Post-Gulag Polish Refugee Children. Catholic Spiritual Leadership. White Colonialism Was Not the Whole Story There are many works about the 1.1 million Poles deported to the Soviet Union in 1939-1941. This one is unusual in that it…

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Polish Collaboration With 1940 Soviet Communists Very Rare. Sword


Deportation and Exile: Poles in the Soviet Union, 1939-48, by Keith Sword. 2014

A Comprehensive Analysis of 1939-1941 and 1944-on Deportations. Clarifies Jewish Deportees and the “Fear of the Nazis” Zydokomuna Exculpation This work by a British author provides details of not only the deportations and “amnesty”, but also…

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SCHINDLER’S LIST: Jews Saved For Fear of Factory Closure and Being Sent to the Russian Front. Topas


The Iron Furnace: A Holocaust Survivor's Story (New Edition), by George Topas. 2014

Civil Disturbances Were Not the Holocaust! Oskar Schindler's Heroism Dubious. Postwar Jew-Killing From Banditry, Not Some Mythical "Holocaust After the Holocaust" This work is lucidly written. The author was an assimilated Polish Jew whose parents had…

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SCHINDLER’S LIST AntiPolish Scene. African-Americans Object to Holocaust Supremacism. Loshitzky

Spielberg's Holocaust: Critical Perspectives on Schindler's List, by Yosefa Loshitzky (Editor). 1997

Schindler’s List is the Crown Jewel of Holocaust Supremacism. African Americans, Poles, and All Other Victims of Genocide, Are Slighted. Polonophobic Innuendo HOLOCAUST AND HOLLYWOOD By way of introduction, Yosefa Loshitzky uses the term Schindlermania (p. 6) and…

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Secular Education Jews Long Spurned Nathans

Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia, by Benjamin Nathans. 2004

Jewish Separatism: Old and New. Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in 1812 and 1830. Zydokomuna This book includes details about Jews that lived within the Pale of Jewish Settlement. However, it notably features the Jews of St.…

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SHOAH Lanzmann Fallacies. Corrective Sources Provided in Review. Liebman


Claude Lanzmann's Shoah, by Stuart Liebman (Editor). 2007

Christian Blame, Selective Pole-Blaming Sound Bites. Rife With Distortions: Wealthy Jews, Cut-Throat Gesture, etc. Corrective Sources Included in Review Below This entire work is centered on the premise that Jewish suffering was special, and above that of other peoples. This…

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SHOAH Lanzmann Lies Exposed. Poles Sometimes Denounced Fugitive Jews Out of Fear. Szpilman

The Pianist: The Extraordinary Story of One Man's Survival in Warsaw, 1939–45, by Władysław Szpilman, Anthea Bell (Translator). 1946

The Lies of Claude Lanzmann and His SHOAH Exposed. German Death Penalty Was Decisive. Polish Betrayers of Fugitive Jews Were Animated by Fear Polish Jew Wladyslaw Szpilman has written an outstanding…

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Ritual Murder Some Credibility. Judaism Does NOT Always Forbid Consumption of Human Blood. Toaff

Blood Passover, by Ariel Toaff. 2014

The Relationship of Medieval Jews to the Consumption of Blood: Not a Black and White Deal. Why the Fuss Over This Scholarly Work? My review is based on the November 10, 2014 version of this book—a version that replaced all earlier versions up to…

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Ritual Murder Trials Way Overblown. Church Enfores Orthodoxy Within Judaism. Maciejko


The Mixed Multitude: Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement, 1755-1816, by Pawel Maciejko. 2011

Jacob Frank the Opportunist. Jewish Assimilation Complex. Ritual-Murder Trials Are Greatly Exaggerated This work goes deep into theology, and focuses on the interface of Christianity and Judaism in the 18th century. Owing to the breadth…

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Round Table Agreement 1989 Deception Gontarczyk

Najnowsze Klopoty z Historia, by Piotr Gontarczyk. 2013

Revealing Information on Communist Agent Lech Walesa, the Round Table Agreement, and Jan T. Gross' Attacks on Poland

THE NEWEST TROUBLES WITH HISTORY is the title of this Polish-language book, written by historian Piotr Gontarczyk. It is an anthology of various articles…

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Saint Maksymilian Kolbe Calumnies Answered. Jewish Voters Endorsed Hitler. Foster


Mary's Knight: The Mission And Martyrdom Of Saint Maksymilian Maria Kolbe, by Claude R. Foster. 2002

Detailed Study Soundly Refutes the Calumnies Directed Against Saint Maksimilian Kolbe This work is very in depth. It is head and shoulders above those who write ill of Father Kolbe. CANNED ACCUSATIONS AGAINST…

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Schechita Law 1937 Demythologized. So-Called Minorities Treaty. Orlicki


Szkice z Dziejow Stosunkow Polsko-Zydowskich, 1918-1949, by Jozef Orlicki. 1983

Insights into the 1918 Pogrom Horror Stories, the So-Called Minorities Treaty, and the 1937 Schechita Law ESSAYS ON POLISH-JEWISH RELATIONS, by Joseph Orlitzky, is the English-language citation of this Polish-language work. My review is based on the original 1983…

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SCHINDLER’S LIST: Jews Saved For Fear of Factory Closure and Being Sent to the Russian Front. Crowe


Oskar Schindler: The Untold Account of His Life, Wartime Activities, and the True Story Behind the List, by David M. Crowe, Steve Catalano (Editor). 2004

Oskar Schindler a Hero? Not Quite. He Saved Jews in Part to Maintain His Workshop, To Avoid Becoming Superfluous and Sent to the Russian…

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Ritual Murder Jews Accused Others. Jews Once Persecuted Christians. Abbott


Israel in Europe, by George Frederick Abbott. 1907, 1972

Jews Also Accused Others of Ritual Murder. Why Jews Avoided Farming. Jewish Autonomy and Power in Poland This work covers a broad swath of Jewish history beginning with antiquity. It is rather philosemitic in tone, with a tendency towards a…

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Ritual Murder Jews Believed Similar About Gypsies. Mielnicki


Bialystok to Birkenau: The Holocaust Journey of Michel Mielnicki, by Michel Mielnicki, John Munro. 2000

Jews Against Romani (Gypsies): Jews Had Their Own Version of Accusations of Ritual Murder. Jews, and Not Only Poles, Did Looting True to his earlier Communist ideation, Michel Mielnicki liberally uses the phrase "Polish…

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Ritual Murder Jews Believed Similar About Gypsies. Wells


The Janowska Road, by Leon Weliczker Wells. 1963

Jews Had Their Own Version of Ritual Murder Accusations. "On to Berlin!" Polish Slogan. German-Murdered Polish Intellectuals Wells describes Hasidic Jewish life in the Lwow-area prewar Poland. The awfulization of the Jews' experience is conspicuously absent from his book. Just as…

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Ritual Murder Jews Believed Similar About Gypsies. Apostate Jewish Communists Remain Jews. Zborowski


Life is With People: The Culture of the Shtetl, by Mark Zborowski, Elizabeth Herzog. 1952. 1995

Jews Had Their Own Counterpart to Accused Ritual Murder. Jewish Communists are Still Jews. Jewish Elitism Based on Learning My review is based on the original 1952 edition. The shtetl had been vanishing…

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Ritual Murder Some Credibility: Jewish Magical Cults. Extensive Pre-Christian Anti-Semitism. Lazare

Antisemitism, by Bernard Lazare. 1903

Don’t Blame Christianity: Considerable Detail on Anti-Semitism in Pre-Christian Antiquity. Ritual Murder Conducted by Cult-Offshoots of Judaism? The author was a French Jew, and professed to offer a middle view--between that of the anti-Semite and the philo-Semite. (p. 5). My review is based on the…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Dwork

Auschwitz, by Deborah Dwork and Robert van Pelt. 2002

Severe Postwar Housing Shortage Explains Why Poles Were Not Delighted When Jewish Survivors (Owners) Turned Up Alive This book is much more than about Auschwitz. For example: IMPERIALISTIC NATIONALISM AND EMANCIPATORY NATIONALISM: A FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE "Nationalism" nowadays is often a dirty…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Lane

I Saw Poland Betrayed, by Arthur Bliss Lane. 1948

A True Friend of Poland. Postwar Housing Shortage (Why Poles Not Thrilled By Jewish Survivors). Kielce Pogrom No Spontaneous Anti-Semitic Riot. Poland Sold-Out by Churchill and Roosevelt This seminal work is nothing less than a one-volume history of Poland from 1944-1947.…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Vachon

Poland 1946, by John Vachon. 1995

Occasional Polish Hostility to Holocaust Survivors: the Real Reason (Postwar Housing Shortage). Pro-Communist Author is Candid on Poland's Wartime Destitution I give this work two stars because, while the photos are priceless, the text is of little value. The author comes across as a…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Few Postwar Houses Zajaczkowski

Martyrs of Charity, by Waclaw Zajaczkowski. 1988

Why Jews Were Betrayed. Why Property Disputes. Kielce Pogrom Subterfuge at the USHMM. Thousands of Poles Lost Their Lives Aiding Jews In this painstakingly-detailed work, Zajaczkowski catalogues over 700 locations (listed alphabetically) where Germans murdered Poles for aiding Jews (pp. 119-291). In most…

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Returning Survivors Resented Because Poles Picked Clean by Germans and Russians Johnston

Poland 1945: A Red Cross Diary, by Russell R. Johnston. 1973

An Eyewitness Account. Forced Communization of Poland. The Crushing Oppression of Postwar Poles and Rampant Disrespect of  Polish Property: Why Occasional Polish Reluctance to Return Post-Jewish Properties This diary covers the Middle East, Russia, and Poland. My review is…

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Ritual Murder Accusations From Jewish Child-Killing Martyrdom. Jesus in the Talmud. Yuval


Two Nations in Your Womb: Perceptions of Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, by Israel Jacob Yuval, Jonathan Chipman (Translator), Barbara Harshav (Translator). 2006

Ritual Murder Accusations: Their Actual Origin. The Reciprocal Enmity of Judaism and Christianity From the Beginning. Exterminatory Wishes Clarified Israeli Jewish…

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Polish “Jews Getting Burned Like Bugs” Used By Poles on Themselves! Jewish Collaborators Deadly. Cyprys


A Jump for Life: A Survivor's Journal from Nazi Occupied Poland, by Ruth Altbeker Cyprys. 1946, 1997

The “Poles Rejoiced at Jewish Deaths” Myth: The Much-Misrepresented “Jews Are Getting Burned Like Bugs” Remark, During the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Then Applied By Poles To Themselves in THEIR Uprising (1944)! Originally…

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Polish Rejoicing at Jewish Deaths a Myth Ehrenburg


The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry, by Ilya Ehrenburg, Vasily Grossman. 1980, 2003

The Myth of Poles Mixing Up Polish and Jewish Deaths. Jedwabne Unclear. Non-Cheering of Jewish Deaths. Substantial Polish Aid to Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This book provides considerable detail on the German murders of Jews in…

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Rescue of Jews Very Difficult. “Who Were the Nazis?”: Proof of German Guilt Diffusion Efficacy. Tomaszewski


Zegota: The rescue of Jews in wartime Poland, by Irene Tomaszewski. 1994

Rescue of Fugitive Jews, in German-Occupied Poland, Was Very Difficult. German Guilt-Diffusion Success: “Who Were the Nazis” Regularly Asked at USHMM Zegota was a part of the Polish Underground, and was explicitly devoted to helping Jews. Tomaszewski…

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Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Hefty-Paid Rescuers. Unreturned Jewish Property. Yahil

Rescue of Danish Jewry, by Leni Yahil. 1984

Poles and Danes: Selective Indignation About Anti-Semitism, Paid Rescuers, Dangerous Informers, Nazi Collaborators, Underground Priorities, Refusals to Return Jewish Property This fascinating book is packed with information. Because Poland is often compared unfavorably with Denmark in terms of the rescue of Jews,…

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Poles to Returning Survivors “You Still Alive!” Statements Mischaracterized by Critics Richmond

Konin, by Theo Richmond. 1995

Pre-WWII Sunday Closing Laws Demystified. Have "You Still Alive!" Polish Remarks to Returning Holocaust Survivors Been Misinterpreted as Hostility When They Were Not? If you are interested in various arcane details about Jewish life in the past, this book is for you. This work is…

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Psychoanalysis Freud Criticisms Valid Cocks

Psychotherapy In The Third Reich: The Göring Institute, by Geoffrey Cocks. 1984

Nazi German Attitudes on Freudian Psychoanalysis. They Have Parallels Today One striking feature of this book is the fact that many of the Nazi criticisms of Freud and psychoanalysis are still seriously voiced today—minus of course the fact…

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No Polish Quisling Because Poles Unworthy Fallacy Kay

Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front, by Alex J. Kay. 2014

Post-Barbarossa Genocides. The Term Holocaust Politicized. The Fallacy of "No Polish Quisling Because The Germans Thought Poles Too Low To Deserve One" This work takes the position that Hitler’s invasion of the USSR was doomed from the start. Within…

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RADIO MARYJA Clarified Nowak

Alleluja i Pod Prad, by Jerzy Robert Nowak. 2009.

Information About, and Correct Understanding of, RADIO MARYJA. The Never-Ending Left-Wing Dream of Discrediting RADIO MARYJA ALLELUJA AND LET’S PROCEED UPSTREAM: WITNESSES TO RADIO MARYJA, is the title of this eye-opening book. It contains numerous statements of support of RADIO MARYJA…

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Railroads To Death Camps Not Destroyed Fallacy Bruhl


Firestorm: Allied Airpower and the Destruction of Dresden, by Marshall De Bruhl. 2010

Rebutting the Silly Complaint That the Polish Underground Did Not Destroy the Railroad Tracks To the Nazi German Death Camps. The Dresden Firestorm in Broader Context This book summarizes the history of Dresden and recounts its…

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Reconciliation Idealism of Pope John Paul II. Unilateral Polish Concessions. Kluger


The Pope and I: How the Lifelong Friendship Between a Polish Jew and Pope John Paul II Advanced the Cause of Jewish-Christian Relations, by Jerzy Kluger. 2012

The Deep Idealism of Pope John Paul II and—Unfortunately—Its Clash With the Realities of Polish-Jewish Relations Owing to the fact that there…

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Polish Rejoicing at Jewish Deaths During Warsaw Ghetto Uprising a Myth Borowiec


Destroy Warsaw!: Hitler's Punishment, Stalin's Revenge, by Andrew Borowiec. 2001

The Myth of Poles Cheering at Jewish Deaths During the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising One especially valuable aspect of this book is its detailed introduction to the beginnings of the Polish Underground. Concrete Polish guerrilla strategy was planned even before…

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Property Restitution Unjust Enrichment Jews Did Also To Other Jews Eldad

The First Tithe, by Israel Eldad. 2008

“Acquisitiveness” of “Post-Jewish” Property By Jews Themselves! Jewish Spies for USSR. Jews Desert Anders’ Army en Masse: No Concept of Loyalty to Poland The translator points out that Eldad was born in 1910 in Eastern Galicia, and his family lived in Lvov (p.…

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Property Restitution Unjust Enrichment Meme Pounded Into Eastern Europeans Desbois

In Broad Daylight: The Secret Procedures Behind the Holocaust By Bullets, by Patrick Desbois. 2018

Holocaust By Bullets. Veiled Holocaust Industry Claims. German Guilt Diffusion. Like Stalin Like Hitler. Blaming Christianity The subtle messages of this book must be examined—all the more so because it is very engaging, and well…

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Property Restitution US Courts Tool For Usually-Extralegal Pressure Goda

Rethinking Holocaust Justice, by Norman J. W. Goda (ed.) 2017

Holocaust Industry Uses the U. S. Legal System Against Its Targets, With Pressure to Settle Out of Court. Holocaust Industry’s Aggression Against Poland This book raises diverse topics, and I focus exclusively on so-called Holocaust restitution. Author Michael J. Bazyler…

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Property Restitution Warnings to Poland By Norman Finkelstein Niekrasz

Operacja "Jedwabne" Mity i Fakty, by Lech Niekrasz. 2001

Norman Finkelstein's Specific Warnings to Poland. Jedwabne Massacre: Little-Known Facts OPERATION "JEDWABNE": MYTHS AND FACTS, is the title of this Polish-language book. Owing to the vintage of this book, much of its information has been expanded upon, and will generally not…

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Przytyk Pogrom: Jews Were the First To Resort to Murder. Gontarczyk

Pogrom? Zajscia Polsko-Zydowski w Przytyku 9 Marca 1936, by Piotr Gontarczk. 2000

The Przytyk Pogrom: What Actually Happened? First and Foremost a Homicidal Jewish Riot The English-language title of this book is: Pogrom? The Polish-Jewish Incident at Przytyk on March 9, 1936. Myths, Facts, and Documents. It contains an English…

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Property Restitution Primarily Benefits Jews Bazyler

Holocaust Restitution, by Michael J. Bazyler (ed.) 2005

The Holocaust Industry in Action: International Politics, Intimidation, Fundamental Inequality of Victim-Claims (With Jews Favored) This book highlights the cases involving Swiss Bank and German companies. It includes a testimony of Judge Edward R. Korman. However, the most interesting information is of…

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Holocaust Industry Did NOT Open the Door to Others’ Restitution Efforts Ludi

Reparations to Nazi Victims in Postwar Europe, by Ludi Regula. 2012

The False Notion of the Holocaust “Opening the Door” To Non-Jewish Restitution Efforts This book is quite French- and Swiss-centered on the question of non-German reparations to victims of the Nazi era. Its value is that it provides some…

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Property Restitution Europeans are Thieves Holocaust Industry Propaganda Beker

The Plunder of Jewish Property During the Holocaust, by Avi Beker (ed.) 2001

Effectively a Holocaust Industry Promo: It Lumps Nazi Germany and Nazi-German-Conquered Nations Together as “Robbers”, and "Jews are Owed" The very title of this book is Orwellian. It conflates ALL forms of acquisition, of post-Jewish property, regardless…

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Property Restitution Propaganda in Holocaust Textbook Cesarani

Final Solution, by David Cesarani. 2015

This Holocaust Textbook a Thinly-Veiled Promotion of the Holocaust Industry: Combines Insight and Orwellian Cant in Analyzing Locals’ Acquisition of Post-Jewish Property To begin with, what does Holocaust mean? Many Jewish historians say it refers exclusively to the Nazi German genocide of Jews, while…

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Holocaust Industry Property Restitution Propaganda: So Poles Feel Guilty, and Must Pay. Jan T. Gross

Golden Harvest by Jan T. Gross. 2012

Creatively Transforms Normal and Universal Wartime Behavior Into Polish Catholic Thievery and Villainy Neo-Stalinist Jan T. Gross has outdone himself. He gives us story after story of Poles acquiring post-Jewish property, effectively making Poland a nation of thieves, and the Jews a nation…

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Property Restitution Needy Holocaust Survivors Bait. Bullying Poland. Bazyler


Holocaust, Genocide, and the Law: A Quest for Justice in a Post-Holocaust World, by Michael J. Bazyler. 2016

The Shoah and Law. Holocaust Industry Update. French Railroad Settlement. Non-Submissive Poland Author Michael Bazyler is a Professor of Law, and a leading lawyer in Holocaust restitution cases. This book features…

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Property Restitution NonJews Paid For Tactical Reasons Wunberg

Restitution and Memory: Material Restoration in Europe, by Gotthard Wunberg (Editor), Dan Diner. 2007

Holocaust Industry: Only Some Monies Benefit Holocaust Survivors. Non-Jews Also Compensated In Order to Deflect Argument. Holocaust Supremacism Actively Promoted I focus on some notable themes in this otherwise-mundane book, dividing my review into three main…

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Property Restitution Only Certain Jews Are “Victim Enough” To Qualify Boum

The Holocaust and North Africa, by Aomar Boum (ed.) 2018

Holocaust Industry: The Built-in Inequities in Suffering-Compensation and Property-Restitution Claims. Which Victims Were “Victim Enough” to Qualify? Only Jews Collectively? Only Certain Jews? Why Not Muslims? Victimhood Competition in Detail This book presents a lot of information, and I focus…

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Property Restitution Only Certain Jews Qualify Slyomovics


How to Accept German Reparations, by Susan Slyomovics. 2014

Victimhood Competition and Restitution Monies: Which Jews are Worthy? Gentiles Excluded. Orwellian Notions Susan Slyomovics is the descendant of Czech Jews who had been under the Nazis. She focuses on the initial conflicts, faced by her mother, over the acceptance…

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Property Restitution Ownership Changed Multiple Times Cichopek Gajraj

Beyond Violence: Jewish Survivors in Poland and Slovakia, 1944-48, by Anna Cichopek-Gajraj. 2014

"Property Restitution"--Jewish Claims Convoluted. Zydokomuna Real. Postwar Jew Killings Contextualized. Post-Holocaust Jews Remain "The Other"--By Choice This book features seldom-available information. On the other hand, author Anna Cichopek-Gajraj drifts into many of the standard Judeocentric constructs, and…

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Property Restitution Poland Owes Jews Nothing Lisiak

Nie Musimy Placic Zydom!, by Ireneusz T. Lisiak. 2013

Holocaust Industry Update: The All-Bogus Jewish Property Restitution Claims Against Poland, and Ongoing Blackmail Attempts Against Her WE HAVE NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO THE JEWS! is the title of this Polish-language anthology. I focus on author Ireneusz T. Lisiak's articles on…

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Property Restitution Demands Devious. Weaken Poland’s Catholicism SMOKING GUN. Lehrer


Jewish Space in Contemporary Poland, by Erica T. Lehrer (Editor), Michael Meng (Editor). 2014

Holocaust Industry and The 1997 Communal-Property Restitution Law. Poland’s Jewish Revival Openly a Tool Against Poland’s Catholic Culture In my review, I focus on matters of the greatest importance in Polish-Jewish relations. HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY: UNCLEAR…

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Property Restitution Holocaust Industry Classic. Holocaust Supremacism Confronted. Finkelstein


The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, by Norman G. Finkelstein. 2000

Courageous Jewish Author Confronts the Property Restitution Extortion Racket and Holocaust Supremacism. Poland in the Crosshairs of the Holocaust Industry Although now written over a decade ago, this book is very timely. The trend…

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Jews Also Were Reluctant to Return Entrusted Possessions. Blame All Around. Soifer


Between Life & Death: History of Jewish Life in Wartime Poland, 1939-1945, by Ben A. Soifer. 1995

Zbaszyn 1938. Cardinal Hlond (1936) Right on Jews and Atheism. Just Like Poles: Post-Jewish Property Acquisition—By Jews Themselves! Polish Warnings Ignored This book is not an easy read, and the person who…

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Property Restitution Lack of Transparency. Jewish Influence is Key. Eizenstat


Imperfect Justice: Looted Assets, Slave Labor, and the Unfinished Business of World War II, by Stuart E. Eizenstat. 2002

Germans, Swiss, and French. Now the Holocaust Industry Targets Nazi-German-Victim Poland. Political Strong-Arm Tactics, and Lack of Transparency—Then and Now—in So-Called Property Restitution Claims My review focuses on items largely…

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Property Restitution Like Switzerland Like Poland Codevilla

Between the Alps and a Hard Place: Switzerland in World War II and the Rewriting of History, by Angelo M. Codevilla. 2000

Like Switzerland (1990s) Like Poland (2020): Tactics of the Holocaust Industry—Valuable Lessons for Today I focus on the machinations of the Holocaust Industry, as described in this 2000…

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Property Restitution and Polish Death Camps Lie are Connected Dean

Robbery and Restitution: The Conflict Over Jewish Property in Europe (War and Genocide), by Martin Dean (Editor), Constantin Goschler (Editor), Philipp Ther (Editor). 2008

SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE: Direct Connection of the Holocaust Industry With the "Polish Death Camps" Lie. Squatters Rights Disregarded in Property Restitution Claims The title of this…

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Property Restitution: Polish Guilt Myth. Polish Threats to Jews Greatly Exaggerated. Rice


What! Still Alive?!: Jewish Survivors in Poland and Israel Remember Homecoming, by Monika Rice. 2017

A Rather Prejudicial Title. Rest OK. Confutes Jan T. Gross on “Polish Guilt” For Acquiring Post-Jewish Property This book is a somewhat better than the standard Holocaust fare, except for the title, which is…

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Property Restitution an Introduction Jewish Racist Undertones Miszalski

Zydowskie Lobby Polityczne w Polsce, by Marian Miszalski. 2017

A Comprehensive Analysis of Polish-Jewish Relations to the Present. Holocaust Supremacism, Holocaust Industry. 1968 Jews THE JEWISH POLITICAL LOBBY IN POLAND is the title of this Polish-language book. This work focuses on specific Jewish organizations in Poland. However, this book goes…

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Property Restitution BOMBSHELL Jewish Law Contradicts Holocaust Industry Rosenbaum

The Holocaust and Halakhah, by Irving Rosenbaum. 2011

Bombshell! Jewish Law on Property Restitution is Diametrically Opposite of Today’s Claims of the Holocaust Industry Against Poland This work is centered on the Kovno ghetto in German-occupied Lithuania. The persecuted Jews had especially sought the advice of the highly regarded and…

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Property Restitution Built in Inequities. Strasbourg Court a Tool of Holocaust Industry. Kuti


Post Communist Restitution And The Rule Of Law, by Csongor Kuti. 2009

Trying to Get Poles to Pay For the Consequences of German Crimes, and For Decisions of Unelected Soviet-Imposed Polish Leaders. 1997 Law Foibles Without intending to, author Kuti alludes to the many problems and inequities that are…

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Property Restitution Claims Internally Inconsistent. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Often Voluntary. Levin


Walls Around: The Plunder of Warsaw Jewry During World War II and Its Aftermath, by Itamar Levin, Rachel Neiman (Translator). 2004

Poles AND Jews Did Grave Robbery. Holocaust Industry Claims Against Poland Are Not Even Internally Consistent. So-Called Property Restitution Demands Only Create New Injustices. This work presents…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Smolen


State Museum in Oswiecim Auschwitz Birkenau Guide-Book, by Kazimierz (translator: Lee, Stephen) Smolen. 1965

Once Again Debunks the Myth That Polish Authorities Tried to Hide Jewish Deaths. [Is It a Jewish-Promoted Role-Reversal, a Diversion From Jews Hiding Polish Deaths?] According to a well-worn Polonophobic meme, Poles, in the first…

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Pre-Partition Poland’s Internal Weakness Not Unusual. Example From British History. Patterson


Pilsudski: Marshall of Poland, by Eric James Patterson. 1934

Poland's Pre-Partition Weaknesses Were Nothing Unusual Among Nations. 1926: The Myth of Pilsudski the Dictator: Poland's Democracy Was Never Abolished This delightful book spans the life of Pilsudski from before his birth, his revolutionary days in tsarist-Russian occupied Poland, the…

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Property Restitution 1997 Law Baseless. Which Jew is “Victim Enough”? Jews 1968 BOMBSHELL. Tych


Jewish Presence in Absence: The Aftermath of the Holocaust in Poland, 1944-2010, by Tych Feliks & Adamczyk-Garbowska Monika Tych. 2015

Holocaust Industry 1997 Act is Legally Baseless. Polish-Jewish Two-Way Prejudices. 1968 Jew-Removal Insights--Not All the Fault of the Poles Most of this work is nothing new: It largely consists…

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Property Restitution 50 Million Uncompensated WWII Losers Hayes

How Was It Possible?: A Holocaust Reader, by Peter Hayes (Contributor). 2015

Not Only the Jews Lost Property. Did You Know That 50 Million Human Beings Became Homeless Because of WWII? The very title of this book partakes of the mystification of the Holocaust: It tacitly assumes that the Nazi…

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Property Restitution and Heirless Property “Issue” Bazyler

Searching for Justice After the Holocaust: Fulfilling the Terezin Declaration and Immovable Property Restitution, by Michael J. Bazyler et al. 2019

The Holocaust Industry is After Poland Big Time! Communal and Heirless Property "Issues" The authors repeat the canned meme that, whereas 90% of Polish gentiles survived, 90% of Poland's…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Chrostowski


Extermination Camp Treblinka, by Witold Chrostowski. 2004

Hiding Jewish Deaths Myth. The Polish Underground (ARMIA KRAJOWA) Helped the Jewish Escapees After the Treblinka Revolt Chrostowski's work is a concise overview of the planning, construction, and modus operandi of the Treblinka death camp. An extensive bibliography is provided for further…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Ciborowski


Warsaw: A City Destroyed and Rebuilt, by Adolf Ciborowski. 1964

No Attempt to Hide Jewish Deaths! Warsaw Rebuilt in Painstaking Detail Virtually every imaginable detail is provided on the reconstruction of Warsaw following her razing by the Germans during WWII. There are also countless photographs, many of them showing…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Datner


Genocide 1939-1945, War Crimes in Poland, by Szymon Datner. 1962

Jewish Victims Explicitly Identified as Jews. A Polokaust Primer This book, though dated (1962), and of course tainted by the Communist censorship of the time, has good basic information. THE HIDING JEWISH DEATHS MYTH Contrary to recent allegations about…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Friedman

This was Oswiecim: The Story of a Murder Camp, by Filip Friedman.1946

Very Early Post-WWII Auschwitz Account Debunks the Hiding Jewish Death Myth of Which Poles are Accused Modern Holocaust fare commonly accuses the Polish authorities, in the years and then decades after WWII, of trying their best to hide…

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Postwar Poland Hid Jewishness of Deaths Myth Debunked Gumkowski


Treblinka, by Janusz Gumkowski. 1961

Debunks the Hiding Jewish Deaths Myth. At No Time Were Murdered Jews Lumped With Murdered Poles In recent years there has been the curious argument which posits that, until recently, Polish books and media used to treat the Nazi policies towards Jews and Poles…

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Polonophobic Memes Repeated Jedwabne Bikont

The Crime and the Silence: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Poland, by Anna Bikont. 2016

Obsolete and Incomplete Information. Polonophobic To the Core. Ignores the Other Side of the Coin: Jewish Murders of Poles Bikon't book is merely a translation of articles written way back in 2000-2001—with a…

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Polonophobic Memes Ritual Murder Tokarska Bakir

Pogrom Cries, by Joanna Tokarska-Bakir. 2019

A German-Published, Holocaust-Industry, Gross-Grabowski Rerun. Ritual-Murder Pole-Blaming Narrative Avoids Facts and Similar Jewish Beliefs The very title of this book is misleading and inflammatory. (Very little of this book is actually about pogroms). To make the point, imagine this alternative title: POLISH-INMATE CRIES IN…

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Polonophobic Meme Carousel Warsaw Ghetto Burning Borowski


This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, by Tadeusz Borowski, Barbara Vedder (Editor/Translator), Jan Kott (Introduction), Michael Kandel (Translator). 1959, 1992

Attempted Entertainment Under Horrible Conditions: Repudiates Anti-Polish Accusations About Poles Enjoying Themselves on a Carousel (Made Famous by Czeslaw Milosz in His CAMPO DEI FIORI) While the…

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Polonophobic Meme Carousel Warsaw Ghetto Burning. German Fifth Column. Holocaust Was “Rational”. Hart


I Am Alive, by Kitty Hart. 1975

Auschwitz Jewish Survivor Indirectly Debunks the Polonophobic Meme of Poles Enjoying Themselves on a Carousel While Jews Suffered and Died. Recreation Despite the Horrors Is Completely Normal! This book predates political correctness, and includes fascinating perspectives that upend certain anti-Polish Holocaust myths.…

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Polonophobic Meme Carousel Warsaw Ghetto Burning. Jews Promote Nazi Propaganda. Szarota

Karuzela na Placu Krasińskich. Studia i szkice z lat wojny i okupacji, by Tomasz Szarota. 2007

The Polonophobic Legend of the Heartless, anti-Semitic Poles Enjoying Themselves on a Carousel While the Near Warsaw Ghetto Burned THE CAROUSEL AT KRASINSKI SQUARE is the title of this Polish-language book. The author, Tomasz…

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Postmodernist Attacks On Poland Porter-Szücs

Poland in the Modern World: Beyond Martyrdom, by Brian Porter-Szucs. 2014

Very Shallow Analyses. Partakes of Postmodernist Relativism. Dusts Off Old Myths. Belittles Poland’s History The content of this book is pedestrian. The book begins with the Partition period, proceeds through WWII, and then sort of peters out as it…

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Polonophobic Memes Only Poles Were Prejudiced Cala


The Image of the Jew in Polish Folk Culture, by Alina Cala. 1995

Typical Superficial Blame-Poles "Analysis" That Avoids the Fact of the Reciprocity of Jewish-Polish Antagonisms and the Underlying Realities of the Huge Jewish Presence in Pre-WWII Poland This book repeats and reinforces the standard Polonophobic memes,…

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Polonophobic Memes Propounded. Extreme Polish Starvation. Deak Gross


The Politics of Retribution in Europe: World War II and Its Aftermath, by István Deák, Jan Tomasz Gross (Editor). 2000

Combines Facts and Gross Mischaracterizations (Pardon the Pun). Attempted German Hunger-Genocide of Poles. Two chapters of this book detract from whatever is worthwile in the rest. They repeat the…

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Jewish Survivorship Unrelated to Locals’ AntiSemitism Snyder

Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning, by Timothy Snyder. 2016

AntiSemitism Irrelevant to How Many Jews Survived the Nazis. Has Orwellian-Unperson Historians, and Major Distortions and Omissions of Important Facts on Jedwabne, Nazi Collaboration, Exclusive Jewish Innocence, and 1938 Teschen/Cieszyn The informed reader, familiar with Holocaust-related works, will…

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Polonophobic Memes Repeated Selective Indignation on Injustices Holc

The Politics of Trauma and Memory Activism, by Janine Holc. 2017

“Confronting Injustice”? Same-Old Song: Everything Blamed on Poles and Catholics. Judeocentric anti-PiS Politics The same small circle of authors is behind books of this nature. Thus, for example, author Janine Holc has especial thanks for Brian Porter-Szucs, whose views…

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Polonophobic Memes. Pedagogika Wstydu. Mystification of the Holocaust. Communist Propaganda Recycled By Gross


Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz: An Essay in Historical Interpretation, by Jan Tomasz Gross. 2006

Recycled Old Communist Propaganda from Polonophobic Jewish Author Shnayderman (Shneiderman) The reader of this book will be hard-pressed to avoid thinking that he or she is reading Shnayderman's 1947 pro-Communist screed, BETWEEN FEAR…

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Polonophobic Memes Old Pogrom Stories Dusted Off Hagen

Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914-1920, by William W. Hagen. 2018

Revived 1918-Era Pogrom Tales. Much Ink About a Few Poles Knocking Around a Few Jews. Holocaust Industry. Is Predictably Silent About Earlier Jewish Violence to Poles This book has one finding of value: THE MYTH OF THE JEW AS THE…

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Polonophobic Memes Fugitive Jews Killed Facts and Fantasies Engelking

Such a Beautiful Sunny Day, by Barbara Engelking. 2016

Much Ado About Normal Wartime Behavior. Same Media-Quoted Fantastic Numbers of Fugitive Jewish Deaths In every war, some members of the population act in a dishonorable manner. This is nothing new. It is also very easy for those who have never…

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Polonophobic Memes. Owellian Unperson Scholars. Bashing Poland’s Heroic Narrative. Gross


Holocaust in Occupied Poland: New Findings and New Interpretations, by Jan Tomasz Gross (Editor). 2012

Misleading Title (Nothing New). Unwelcome Scholars Disregarded. Sham Communist Trial Results as Truth. Polish Sufferings Discounted. Standard Polonophobic Memes The reader, having seen the catchy title, and expecting something novel (as I initially did),…

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Polonophobic Memes Holocaust. Hollowness of Polish-Jewish Dialogue. Kozlowski


Difficult Questions In Polish Jewish Dialogue, by Mariej Kozlowski. 2006

The Same Canned Judeocentric and Endlessly-Repeated Polonophobic Memes. So-Called Polish-Jewish Dialogue This book is in a question-and-answer format, encompassing very basic matters, with answers that don't go deep. For instance, the 1968 expulsion of Jews is barely connected to…

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Polonophobic Memes Jews Never Wrong Forecki

World War II and Two Occupations: Dilemmas of Polish Memory, by Anna Wolff-Poweska and Piotr Forecki (eds.) 2016

The Zydokomuna (Judeo-Bolshevism) Whitewashed and Exculpated. OUN-UPA Genocide Relativized Let me begin saving the reader some time. A much better book, on this overall subject, is FORGOTTEN HOLOCAUST, by Lukas. The very…

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Polonophobic Memes Antisemitism (What Else?) Blobaum


Antisemitism and Its Opponents in Modern Poland, by Robert Blobaum (Editor). 2005

The Standard Blame Everything on Poles Narrative. Overlooks Essential Facts Let me begin by saving the serious reader some time. The reader who is interested in a balanced Jewish viewpoint of Polish-Jewish relations, and Polish anti-Semitism, should…

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Polonophobic Memes Antisemitism (What Else?). Blames Poles For Jewish Separatist Choices. Michlic


Poland's Threatening Other: The Image of the Jew from 1880 to the Present, by Joanna Beata Michlic, Blake Allmendinger. 2006

Very Polonophobic. Hatchet Job on Poles Ignores Mountains of Contrary Evidence, Some of Which I Present To correct the countless errors and partial-facts of this book would require a…

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Polonophobic Memes AntiSemitism (What Else?) Accusations of Intolerance Can Backfire. Michnik vel Szechter


Against Anti-Semitism: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Polish Writings, by Adam Michnik (Editor). 2017

Stale, Rehashed Accusatory Anti-Polish Memes—Coming From Morally-Disqualified Critics. Much Better Works Available (Listed) This is mostly a set of old articles, originally in Polish, translated into English. Some of the authors are real winners. For instance,…

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Polonophobic Memes Poles Are Bad…Bad…Bad…By Adam Michnik vel Szechter


In Search of Lost Meaning: The New Eastern Europe, by Adam Michnik, Irena Grudzińska-Gross, Roman S. Czarny. 2011

Adam Michnik vel Szechter, Still Failing To Do Any Moral Reckoning Over the Crimes of His Unrepentant Stalinist Half-Brother Stefan Michnik, Waxes Eloquent in His Polonophobic Dump Adam Michnik (vel Aaron…

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Jan T. Gross Copied This Communist Propaganda. Kielce Pogrom Hostile Witness. Shnayderman (Shneiderman)


Between Fear and Hope, by Shemu'el-Leyb Shnayderman. 1947

This Post-WII Pro-Communist Jewish Author Evidently Served as a Template for Jan T. Gross (FEAR) and His Attacks on Poland Today. Uncanny Similarities! See for yourself. Read this 1947 book by Shneiderman (Shnayderman) and then read Jan T. Gross 2007 book,…

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Polonophobia in Academia and Media DEFINITIVE WORK Goska

Bieganski: The Brute Polak Stereotype  in Polish-Jewish Relations and American Popular Culture, by Danusha V. Goska. 2010

The Well-Substantiated Hostility, in Academia and Media, Towards Poles and Poland Despite the fact that I had studied anti-Polonism for a long time (see the Amazon Wish List: Exposing Polonophobia...), even I was…

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Polonophobia: How PolAms (Polish Americans) Fought It Radzilowski


The Eagle and the Cross: A History of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, 1873-2000, by John Radzilowski. 2003

Peasants, PROPINACJA, and Polonophobia. The PRCUA (Polish Roman Catholic Union of America): A History This work covers a broad sweep of Polish-American history, beginning about 1850 and ending with…

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Polonophobia Russian. Pilsudski: Injuries Forgiven But Insults Not. Russia Dumps Jews on Poland. Gillie


Joseph Pilsudski: The Memories of a Polish Revolutionary and Soldier, by Jozef PIlsudski, Darsie Rutherford Gillie. 1931

Joseph Pilsudski Grew Up With a Love for Poland and a Passionate Hatred of Poland's Enemies. Oppression of Poland Was Bad Enough, But Contempt for Poland Was Unbearable English woman D. R.…

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Polonophobic AntiCatholic Memes But Assorted Valuable Information Modras


The Catholic Church and Antisemitism ... Poland 1933-39, by Ronald Modras. 1994

Blames Everything on Poland's Catholicism. A Mile Wide and Inch Deep. Confessedly Cherry-Picked Data. No Context or Significant Analysis Provided This work flits from topic to topic, making it a many-topic compendium that is lengthy but very…

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Polonophobic Holocaust-Related Memes Answered Lukas

Out of the Inferno: Poles Remember the Holocaust, by Richard C. Lukas. 1989

A Book Degraded, By Some Jews, Because It Does Not Fit the Standard Narrative That Blames Everything on the Poles Richard C. Lukas has provided a detailed anthology of Poles that had undergone the brutal German conquest…

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Polonophobic Memes Virulent AntiCatholicism Porter Szucs

Faith and Fatherland, by Brian Porter-Szucs. 2011

Cultural Marxism: One Long, Rather Scurrilous, Hatchet Job On Polish Roman Catholicism The author consistently oversimplifies the views with whom he disagrees, and fails to provide the reader with the kind of in-depth analysis needed to understand properly the topic. BLAMING THE VICTIM…

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Polonophobia Confronted by Edward Moskal. Mocha


American "Polonia" and Poland: A Sequel to Poles in America, by Frank Mocha (Editor). 1999

Me-262 Warning. Edward Moskal Stands Up For Poland and Catches Flak for It. Had Pulaski Not Died, Poland Could Have Averted the Final Partition This book packs some little-known information. For example: WARNING THE…

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Polonophobia Confronted By Marie Curie. Dry


Curie (Life & Times), by Sarah Dry, Sabine Seifert. 2005

Marie Curie: Defiant Polish Patriot and Scientist. The Young Marie Curie Used to Spit on the Obelisk of the Russian Tsar This book goes beyond discussing the scientific achievements of Marie Curie, as well as the many tragedies she…

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Polonophobia Cure Polish Achievements. Russians Steal Polish Ballet and Polish Libraries. Cameron


The New Poland, by Charles O. Cameron. 1919, 2012

Polish Achievements: A Cure for Polonophobia. Undemonizing Dmowski: The Importance of the Duma Elections to Polish National Aspirations OLD POLAND: IN NO SENSE A DEN OF BACKWARDNESS, ESPECIALLY ON HUMAN RIGHTS The author describes the first few centuries of Poland's…

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Polonophobia Cure Polish Achievements. Michinski: A Polish Paul Revere. Corsi


Poland, Land of the White Eagle, by Edward C. Corsi. 1933, 2017

Former Kosciuszko Squadron Commander Assesses Poland's Many Achievements: A Cure for Polonophobia My review is based on original 1933 edition. The author was a Polonophile American who was obviously fascinated with Poland. In a spirit of repaying…

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Polonophobia Cure Polish Achievements. Poles Win Battle of Britain. Efficacy of Polish Guerrilla Warfare. Olson


A Question of Honor: The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II, by Lynne Olson, Stanley Cloud. 2003

Polish Achievements: ENIGMA Code Cracked, the Battle of Britain won, Polish Guerrilla Warfare Crucial. Teheran/Yalta Doublecross. Polonophobic Memes Repudiated, Embraced Olson and Cloud provide a broad overview of Polish history.…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Detail Poprzeczny

Odilo Globocnik: Hitler's Man in the East, by Joseph Poprzeczny. 2015

The Polokaust: "Operation Zamosc" a Practice Run of GENERALPLAN OST--The Eventual Extermination of Tens of Millions of Poles and Other Slavs In this book, there are numerous biographical details given about Globocnik, especially his early life, but these are…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Polish Guerrilla Counteraction Gmitruk

Chlopi w Obronie Zamojszczyzny, by Janusz Gmitruk (ed.) 1985

Striking Back at the Polokaust: Polish-Guerrilla Peasant Battalions (BCh) Against the German-Nazi and OUN-UPA Genocides in the Zamosc Area PEASANTS IN DEFENSE OF THE ZAMOSC REGION is the title of this Polish-language anthology. It combines valuable information on the Polish Underground…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Guerrilla Counteraction Gmitruk2

Powstanie Zamojskie, by Janusz Gmitruk (ed.) 2003

Organized and Patriotically-Active Polish Peasantry. The Polokaust Partly Thwarted Locally: The “Zamosc Uprising” by Polish BCh (Peasant Battalion) Guerrillas THE ZAMOSC UPRISING, a Polish-language book, is the most recent in a series of BCh (Bataliony Chlopskie) studies Janusz Gmitruk, all reviewed by me.…

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Polonophobes Leading Jewish: A Whos Who Aleksandrowicz


Memory and Neighborhood: Poles and Poland in Jewish American Fiction After World War Two, by Lucyna Aleksandrowicz-Pędich. 2013

The Bieganski Stereotype. Leading Polonophobic Jewish Writers: A Who s Who. MAUS Deconstructed Author Aleksandrowich-Pedich is heavily indebted to Danusha Goska's seminal work, Bieganski: The Brute Polak Stereotype in Polish-Jewish Relations…

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Polonophobia and Poland’s Betrayal at Yalta Confronted Jeffery


Red Runs the Vistula, by Ron Jeffery. 1985

Escaped British POW in German-Occupied Poland. Unstinting Credit For Polish Bravery. Briton's Shame Over Poland's Betrayal Talk about adventure! Author Jeffery, a British POW in German hands, ends up in German-occupied Poland, escapes, becomes a member of the AK (ARMIA KRAJOWA)…

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Polonophobia a Primer Michalkiewicz Sommer

Antypolonizm Michalkiewicz, by Tomasz Sommer and Michal Krewicz. 2016

An Introduction to Modern Polonophobia: Jedwabne Weaponized, Holocaust Preeminence, Holocaust Industry, Cultural Marxism ANTIPOLONISM: EIGHT CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE HATRED FOR POLAND is the title of this Polish-language book. Stanislaw Michalkiewicz is the interviewee, and author Tomasz Sommer is the interviewer. German,…

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Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Frank

In the Shadow of the Reich, by Niklas Frank. 1991

Why the Polokaust Destroyed "Only" 10% of Ethnic Poles: Hans Frank Complained That He Was Not Given Sufficient Manpower To Exterminate All the Poles! Jews remind us that, whereas 90% of Poland's Jews fell victim to the Holocaust, "only" 10%…

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Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Fritz

Ostkrieg, by Stephen G. Fritz. 2011

Polokaust Not More Severe Because USSR Didn't Collapse. France Could've Helped 1939 Poland. Red Army Could've Taken Warsaw in Mid-1944 For Warsaw Uprising THE POLOKAUST WAS NOT WORSE OWING TO MILITARY EVENTS True to the title, Fritz goes beyond military events and focuses on…

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Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Giziowski

The Enigma of General Blaskowitz, by Richard Giziowski. 1996

Why the Polokaust Did Not Proceed to the Complete Extermination of the Poles: Insufficient German Manpower to Put Down the Expected Polish Resistance! "Hans" Blaskowitz was descended from a family of recently-Germanized Slovenians that had settled in East Prussia. (p. 18).…

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No Polish Collaboration. Polokaust Why Tens of Millions of Poles Not Murdered Piotrowski

Hans Frank's Diary, by Stanislaw Piotrowski. 1961

Top SS Man Schongarth: Virtually No Polish Collaboration! Why the Polokaust Did Not Exterminate All Poles: Need of Forced Laborers. For Shame: Nazi German Candor on Polish Suffering Exceeds Jewish Recognition of the Same Stanislaw Piotrowski, the only Polish delegate at the Nuremberg…

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Polokaust Zamosc Operation Detail Kozaczynska

Losy Dzieci Zamojszczyzny Wysiedlonych, by Beata Kozaczynska. 2006

The Polokaust in the Zamosc Region of German-Occupied Poland. Many Poles Just as Dead as the Jews Who Went to the Gas Chambers. Mass Sterilization of Slavs Planned  My review is based on the original Polish-language edition, whose title I had earlier…

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Polokaust Palliation By Polish Guerrillas. Stop Holocaust Railroads Myth Debunked. Jekielek

Bataliony Chlopskie w Malopolsce i Na Slasku, by Wojciech Jekielek. 1987

Polish Guerrillas Counter the German-Sponsored Alcoholism, Confiscations of Feedstuffs, and Polish Collaborators. The Mythical Possibility of Death-Camp-Bound Trains Destroyed By the Polish Underground Title: THE PEASANT BATTALIONS IN THE MALOPOLSKA REGION AND IN SILESIA: A CALENDAR. This work follows…

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Polokaust Population Transfers Hryciuk

Wysiedlenia, Wypedzenia, i Ucieczki, 1939-1959 by Grzegorz Hryciuk et al. (eds.) 2008

Not Only Jews Lost Property. Millions of Poles Were Translocated During and After World War II POPULATION TRANSFERS, EXPULSIONS, AND ESCAPES, 1939-1959 is the title of this Polish-language annotated encyclopedic atlas. Every imaginable form of population relocation that…

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Polokaust Slighted By Jews Admitted By Rabbi Sherwin


Sparks Amidst the Ashes: The Spiritual Legacy of Polish Jewry, by Byron L. Sherwin. 1997

German Guilt Dilution and the Jewish Slighting of the Polokaust Are Freely Acknowledged by This Rabbi Whether or not one agrees with everything he says, one can feel enlightened and uplifted by Sherwin's refreshingly-different…

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Polokaust Slighted By Media DEFINITIVE WORK Niechwiadowicz


German Camps, Polish Victims: The BBC coverage of German-occupied Poland, by Jan Niechwiadowicz. 2012

Polokaust Slighted: A Devastating Strongly-Supported Indictment of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and Its Distorted Portrayal of Poles During WWII If anyone has any doubt about the extent of Polonophobia in action, this work is…

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Polokaust Summary of Losses Poland Survey

Statement on War Losses and Damages of Poland in 1939-1945, by Bureau Odszkodowan. 1947

The Polokaust: Early Post-WWII Polish Government Survey. Staggering Polish Losses. The Myth of Jewish Deaths Ignored, or Mixed Up With, or Hidden Among, Polish Deaths Since this Polish government report was published before the Soviet puppet…

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Polokaust Passive Genocide and Wearing Letter P Knab

Wearing the Letter P, by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab. 2016

Parallelism Between the Experiences of Poles and Jews in Nazi Germany. Forced Labor as Passive Genocide--Part of the Polokaust Author Knab cites German historian Ulrich Herbert. He stated that over 7.6 million foreign workers were registered for the territory of the…

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Polokaust Negationism: Poles Killed Only For Cause Myth. Polokaust. Gumkowski


Poland Under Nazi Occupation, by Janusz Gumkowski, Kazimierz Leszczynski. 1961

Holocaust and Polokaust: Not True That Jewish and Polish Deaths Were Lumped Together in the Communist-Ruled Era. Not True That Germans Only Murdered Poles Only "Because They Broke German Rules" About 3 million Polish Jews and 3 million Polish…

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Polokaust Negationism Poles Killed Only For Cause Myth Debunked. Mulley


The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville, by Clare Mulley (Goodreads Author). 2013

Understanding Poland’s Nobility. Contrary to Holocaust Myths, Poles Did NOT "Have to Do Something" To Be Put to Death By the Germans! The Espionage Adventure This fascinating book is much more than…

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Polokaust Negationism Refuted. Valuable Jewish Worker Arbitrary. Double Genocide Affirmed. Sofsky


The Order of Terror: The Concentration Camp, by Wolfgang Sofsky, William Templer (Translator). 1999

Soundly Debunks the Myth That “Jews Were Killed Because They Were Jews and Poles Were Killed Because It Was War”. Red=Brown: Double Genocide Affirmed. Holodomor Was Genocide The author, a German scholar, surveys the Nazi…

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Polokaust Orwellian Minimization: A Prelude to the Holocaust. Rutherford


Prelude to the Final Solution: The Nazi Program for Deporting Ethnic Poles, 1939-1941, by Phillip T. Rutherford. 2007

Orwellian Title Relegates the Polokaust To a "Practice Genocide" For the "Real" Genocide That Was to Come--That of the Jews' Holocaust The title of this book is not saying anything new.…

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Polokaust Outline Of Events Jewish Star No Worse Than Polish “P” Epstein

Model Nazi, by Catherine Epstein. 2010

The Polokaust: Artur Greiser and the Mass Murder of Polish Intelligentsia, Cultural Genocide, Passive Biological Genocide, and Eventual Postwar Extermination. Not All Poles Wear "P" Because Too Many of Them, Not Because Nazis Favored Them Over the Jews This work presents a great deal…

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Polokaust Driven By LEBENSRAUM. Poles Too Were Scapegoats. Hitler

The Words of Hitler, by Adolf Hitler. 1942

Lebensraum. Hitler Blaming Jews and Blaming Poles. Nazism Clashed With Both Capitalism and Communism This book is full of quotes from Hitler. For example: DRIVE FOR LEBENSRAUM CAUSED WORLD WAR II Hitler made it obvious that his main geopolitical orientation was not…

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Polokaust Long Term By Mass Sterilization Lengyel

Five Chimneys, by Olga Lengyel. 2011

At Auschwitz. The Eventual Full-Fledged Polokaust By Mass Sterilization. The Nazis Were Not Consistently More Cruel to Jews Than to Non-Jews THE ONGOING NAZI GERMAN MURDER OF POLISH PRIESTS AND OTHER POLES Large numbers of Polish clergy were sent to Auschwitz in the early…

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Polokaust Long Term By Mass Sterilization Spitz

Doctors From Hell, by Vivian Spitz. 2005

German Guilt Diffusion Rejected: No Dichotomy Between Nazis and "Ordinary" German Doctors. Himmler: Long-Term Polokaust By Mass Sterilization The reader of this book quickly learns that the gruesome experiments conducted against helpless victims were not just done by a few "warped" Nazi ideologues,…

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GENERAL PLAN OST Polokaust Slow Holocaust Fast the Only Difference Weiss-Wendt

Racial Science in Hitler's New Europe, 1938-1945, by Anton Weiss-Wendt and Rory Yeomans (eds.) 2013

The Ubiquity and Sophistication of Nazi Racial Concepts and Practices. The Polokaust: Slav-Exterminatory Implications of GENERALPLAN OST This work is an anthology of scholarly articles dealing with the practical, rather than theoretical, aspects of Nazi…

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Gross Polokaust Negationism and Gross Illogic by Jan T. Gross


Polish Society Under German Occupation: The Generalgouvernement, 1939 1944, by Jan Tomasz Gross. 1979

Nazi German Terror in Poland Made Into a Joke. I Provide Rebuttal By Polish Underground Leader Stefan Korbonski, Who, Unlike Gross, Actually Lived Under the Nazi German Occupation Neo-Stalinist Jan T. Gross, who later overtly…

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Polokaust Holocaust Intertwined. Polish Smugglers Important. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Lewin


A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto, by Abraham Lewin, Christopher Hutton (Translator). 1989

Polish Smugglers Crucial. Holocaust and Polokaust Intertwined. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Abraham Lewin kept a diary from early 1942 through early 1943. He focused on the mass deportation of Warsaw's Jews to their deaths…

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Polokaust Holocaust Intertwined. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Rhodes


Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust, by Richard Rhodes. 2003

The Polokaust and the Holocaust Were Intertwined in Nazi Ideology and Practice This book mixes theory and history. It covers the development of Nazi ideology, details about the Einsatzgruppen operations in the wake of…

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Polokaust KL WARSCHAU Death Camp(?) Trzcinska

KL Warschau w Swietle Dokumentow, by Maria Trzcinska. 2007

Biala Plama (Orwellian Memory Hole): A Nazi German Death Camp, for Ethnic Poles, in Warsaw Itself? This controversial book has now supposedly been discredited. However, owing to the near-hysterical reaction of some Jews to it, based on the threat to Holocaust…

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Polokaust LEBENSBORN Child Kidnapping Goggin

Death of a Jewish Science, by Eileen Brockman Goggin and James E. Goggin. 2000

German Psychologists Kidnap Polish Children for the LEBENSBORN Program. Frankfurt School (Neo-Marxist) USA Legacy This is primarily a book on psychoanalysis. Goggin and Goggin suggests that the Nazi ideology concerning the VOLKSGEMEINSCHAFT (the people’s community) denied…

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Same Nazi Racist Contempt for Poles as For Jews. Polish Quisling Attempt Fails. Goebbels


The Goebbels Diaries, 1939-1941, by Joseph Goebbels. 1982

Polokaust and Holocaust: Nazi anti-Semitic, anti-Polish, and anti-Christian Attitudes (1939-1941) This review can only briefly address a little of the wealth of information herein. Shortly after the German-Soviet conquest of Poland (Fall 1939), Goebbels paid the Poles a backhanded compliment for…

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Polokaust Holocaust Intertwined. Efficacy of Polish Guerrilla Warfare. Housden


Hans Frank: Lebensraum and the Holocaust, by Martyn Housden. 2003

No Dichotomy Between the Fates of Poles and Jews. The Polokaust and the Holocaust Were Theoretically and Practically Intertwined at Numerous Successive Levels This book contains one-of-a-kind information. GERMANS, STOP WHINING. IT WAS THE GERMANS THAT SET THE PRECEDENT…

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Polokaust German Individuals’ Material Gain Mass Thievery of Polish Property Aly

Hitler's Beneficiaries, by Gotz Aly. 2008

Individual Germans Profited From Confiscated Polish Property as Well as Confiscated Jewish Property. Will Germans Pay Property Restitution to Poles? Alternative Title: Hitler’s Satisfied Thieves: Actually, the Case for Nazi German Larceny-and-Genocide Policies can be Made Stronger German author Gotz (Goetz) Aly describes National…

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Polokaust Good Overall Introduction Lukas

The Forgotten Holocaust, by Richard C. Lukas. 1997

Though a Bit Dated, Still an Excellent Primer on the Forgotten Holocaust of Poles [Now Known as the Polokaust] This work, written decades ago, still serves as an excellent, comprehensive introduction to this subject. Owing to the fact that Jews have now…

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Polokaust Early a Summary Poland. Germans Wanted Polish Quisling. Polish Ministerstwo

The German New Order in Poland, by Ministerstwo Informacji. 1942

The First Few Years of the Polokaust: A Detailed and Graphic Summary This book addresses the German rule over Poland--but only from September 1939 through the end of June 1941, which is just when Operation Barbarossa had begun. There were…

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Polokaust GENERALPLAN OST Details Madajczyk

Vom GENERALPLAN OST, by Czeslaw Madajczyk (ed.) 1962

The Polokaust if Totally Fulfilled: Initial Blueprint for Nazi German Extermination of at Least Tens of Millions of Slavic Peoples My review is based on the English-language article: GENERALPLAN OST, published by historian Czeslaw Madajczyk in the 1962 issue of POLISH-WESTERN AFFAIRS,…

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Polokaust DEFINITIVE WORK Up to 8 Million Poles Perished Materski

Polska 1939-1945, Straty Osobowe..., by Wojciech Materski. 2009

The Definitive Work on the Polokaust (Polonocaust). Not "Only" 1.5--3.0 Million Ethnic Poles Died in World War II. Even 8 Million is Possible! The usually-Judeocentric books in the West tend to minimize the Nazi German genocide of ethnic Poles during WWII. In…

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Polokaust Details Operation Zamosc Why Poles Not Exterminated Cultural Marxism Buchheim

Anatomy of the SS State, by Hans Buchheim (ed.) 1968

The Polokaust From a German Perspective. Jews and Poles Exterminated Differently--For Tactical Reasons. Thought Control From Cultural Marxism: A Warning This anthology, written by German scholars, provides invaluable information about German Nazi policies and conduct. THOUGHT CONTROL IS MORE IMPORTANT…

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Holocaust Supremacism Arose Long After WWII. Auschwitz Belatedly Monopolized by Jews. Cole


Selling the Holocaust: From Auschwitz to Schindler, How History is Bought, Packaged, and Sold, by Tim Cole. 2000

The Gradual Development of the Holocaust “Myth”. Jews Started Monopolizing Auschwitz: The Carmelite Convent Controversy Author Tim Cole traces the development of popularization of the Holocaust in the US, Israel, and…

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Polokaust Disenfranchised By Holocaust. Germanless Holocaust. Jedwabne German Guilt. Plavnieks


Nazi Collaborators on Trial During the Cold War: Viktors ARājs and the Latvian Auxiliary Security Police, by Richards Plavnieks. 2017

How Holocaust Preeminence Has Disenfranchised Eastern Europeans. Germanless Holocaust! Jedwabne: German Guilt Substantiated Author Plavnieks describes the sympathy Americans felt for Latvians [and, of course, other Eastern Europeans] before…

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Polokaust Disenfranchised By Holocaust SMOKING GUN. Poles Shut Out of Academia. Cherry


Rethinking Poles and Jews: Troubled Past, Brighter Future, by Robert D. Cherry (Editor). 2007

SMOKING GUN: The Holocaust Establishment Disenfranchises Poles and Cultivates Polonophobia, Notably in Academia Robert Cherry is identified as Koppelman Professor in the Economics Department at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center at the City University…

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Early Polokaust. A Wannsee For Poles. Poles Not Just Killed For Cause. German Secretiveness. Matthaus

War, Pacification, and Mass Murder, 1939, by Jurgen Matthaus. 2014

The Early Polokaust: The Systematic Nazi German Mass Murders of Poles in 1939. Nazis Also Used PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU This work surveys the murders of Polish and Jewish civilians during the 1939 war, and in the remaining two months of 1939.…

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Polokaust By Starvation. Interwar Land Reform Fallacies Refuted. Taylor

The Economic Development of Poland 1919-1950, by Jack Taylor. 1952

Polokaust By Starvation. Seldom-Told Polish Achievements (1918-1939) Debunk Communist Propaganda This scholarly work begins with portioned Poland, and then moves on to the resurrected Polish state and the interwar period. It then discusses conditions under the German Nazi occupation followed…

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Polokaust By Starvation. Was Thwarted By Black Market. Brzeska

Through a Woman's Eyes: Life in Poland Under the German Occupation, by Maria Brzeska. 1944

The Unfolding Polokaust in Eyewitness Detail. Exposes the Holocaustspeak Nonsense of "Poles as Spectators and Bystanders", "Polish Complicity in the Holocaust", etc. Nowadays, the Nazi German genocide of Poles (Polokaust) is all but forgotten in…

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Polokaust By Starvation Thwarted By Black Market. Fake Epidemic Fools Germans. Lazowski

Private War: Memoirs of a Doctor Soldier 1933-1945, by Eugene Slawomir Lazowski. 1991

Gross Overabundance of Jews at Universities Provoked the Ghetto Benches. The Polokaust By Starvation German Plan Was Largely Thwarted By Courageous Polish Black Market Activity. Fake Epidemic Fools the Germans The author, a medical doctor, starts with…

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Polokaust: Cultural Genocide at Warsaw. Poles Also Persecuted Europe-Wide (Not Only Jews). Lorentz

Walka o Dobra Kultury Warszawy 1939-1945, by Stanislaw Lorentz. 1970

Holocaust Uniquenss Myth (Only Jews Persecuted All Over Europe) Upended. The Polokaust: Detailed Focus on the Cultural Genocide of Poles. Afterwards, Poles Loot Poles, and Not Only Jews THE FIGHT TO SAVE WARSAW' S CULTURAL GOODS, 1939-1945 is the title…

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Polokaust Cultural Genocide Example Warsaw Kuhn Ludewig

Displaced Books, by Maria Kuhn Ludewig. 1999

A Taste of the Culture Genocide Aspect of the Polokaust: The Systematic German Burning of Warsaw's Libraries and Archives After the Fall of the Soviet-Betrayed Warsaw Uprising My review is of the 1999 edition of this book, which is 99 pages long. Owing…

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Polokaust As Exterminatory in Character as Holocaust Majer

"Non-Germans" and the Third Reich, by Deimut Majer. 2003

The Unfolding Polokaust. The Same Nazi German Exterminationist Philosophy Behind the Holocaust Was Also Behind the Polokaust. Wannsee Protocol: Polish Death Camp Lie is Ironic This scholarly work (1,033 pages long) presents an immense amount of information, largely based on archival…

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Polokaust As Exterminatory in Character as Holocaust Tooze

The Wages of Destruction, by Adam Tooze. 2008

The Polokaust: Includes Fascinating Insights into GENERALPLAN OST as Vast and Systematic Planned Nazi Extermination of Slavs Without necessarily intending to, this work soundly puts Holocaust supremacism to rest. VERSAILLES DEMYTHOLOGIZED: THE MYTH OF INORDINATELY PUNITIVE REPARATIONS ON DEFEATED WWI GERMANY Conventional…

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Polokaust as Significant as Holocaust According to Genocide Scholars Lemkin and Bloxham

The Oxford Handbook of Genocide Studies, by Donald Bloxham (ed.) 2013

The Original Definition of Genocide (Raphael Lemkin) Recognized the Equality of Genocides of Poles and Jews--the “Universal Targeting” of Jews Notwithstanding. HOLODOMOR Was Genocide This book presents thought-provoking information. For example: HOLOCAUST SUPREMACISM, BY ITS VERY NATURE, DIMINISHES ALL…

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Polokaust A Genocide Lemkin Updated Confino

Foundational Pasts, by Alon Confino. 2011

Lemkin “Updated” on the Polokaust as Genocide. The Presumed Exceptionality of the Holocaust is Not Self-Evident. It is a Decades-Later Post-WWII Invention! Author Alon Confino is a professor of history, and a specialist on the Holocaust. My main interest is the justice customarily denied…

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Polokaust A Genocide Recognized Classic Lemkin

Axis Rule in Occupied Europe, by Raphael Lemkin. 1944

The Term Genocide Coined, and Applied Not Only to Jews (Now: Shoah or Holocaust) But Also to Poles (Now: Polokaust) Raphael (Rafal, Rafael) Lemkin, a Polish Jew, is well known for coining the term genocide. This reprint of his 1944 classic…

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Polokaust By Starvation and Cultural Genocide Nicholas

The Rape of Europa, by Lynn H. Nicholas. 1995

The German Plunder of Poland, and the Planned Extended Polokaust Author Lynn Nicholas traces the plunder of cultural treasures Nazi Germany followed the Allies' efforts to locate and return the booty. The Germans also engaged in the wanton destruction of others'…

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Polokaust Already in 1939 War Datner

Crimes Committed by the Wehrmacht During the September Campaign, by Szymon Datner. 1962.

The First Stages of the Polokaust: A Summary of German (Not “Nazi”) Crimes During Their 1939 Conquest of Poland This small book represents a summary of detailed ongoing research on the German Army’s (not only SS and…

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Polokaust Antecedent German Thinking Baranowski

Nazi Empire: German Colonialism and Imperialism From Bismarck to Hitler, by Shelley Baranowski. 2010

The Deep, Pre-Nazi German Roots of the Polokaust. GENERALPLAN OST and the Death of Tens of Millions of Slavs The roots of modern German genocidal imperialism followed not only the unification of Germany, but also her…

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Polokaust Antecedent German Thinking Cultural Marxism Kolnai

The War Against the West, by Aurel Kolnai. 1938

Germany and LEBENSRAUM. Nazism vs. Christianity. Nazism Anticipated Modern Western Hedonism (Cultural Marxism) My review is based on the original 1938 edition. Owing to the fact that this work precedes WWII and the Holocaust, it has the advantage of not being…

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Polokaust Antecedent German Thinking Kopp

Germany's Wild East, by Kristin Kopp. 2017

Antecedents To the Polokaust and Nazi Dreams of LEBENSRAUM: Centuries of German Racist and Imperialist Thought Against Poles The informed reader may be struck at just how unoriginal were the thoughts, against Poles and Poland, of Hitler and the other Nazis. They went…

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Polokaust An Introductory Summary Biskupski

The History of Poland, by Mieczyslaw B. Biskupski. 2000

An Overview of the Polokaust: The Staggering Losses Inflicted By the Nazi Germans on Poland The author generally provides a balanced account of Polish history. This book encompasses pre-Partition Poland, Poland under foreign rule, the resurrection of the Polish state (1918)…

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Polish Middle Class Jews Delayed By Jews, Contributing to the Partitions. Whitton


A History of Poland: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day, by Frederick Ernest Whitton. 1917, 2015

Jews Delayed the Development of a Polish Middle Class. Poland Less Feudal Than Most Other European Societies. Opportunistic Tsarist Russian Abolition of Serfdom This work (review based on the original 1917…

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Polish Nationalism Never Imperialist. Double Genocide Valid. Jewish Victimhood Politics Rejected. Arendt


The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt. 1973

Rejecting the Cult of Jewish Suffering. The 1937-1938 Slaughter of Soviet Poles Was An Act of Genocide. The Nazi Polokaust Was Not Utilitarian. Polish Nationalism Correctly Understood Hannah Arendt was a German Jew who wrote many political works of enduring interest.…

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Polish Nation Once Only the Nobility: a Myth. “Poland” Always Included the Peasantry. Althoen


NATIONE POLONUS and the NARÖD SZLACHECKI. Two Myths of National Identity and Noble Solidarity, by David Althoen. 2003

Bombshell! The Polish Nobility NEVER Thought That “Polish Nation” Referred Exclusively to the Nobility, or That the Peasantry Was Not Part of the Polish Nation This review is of a paper…

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Polish Soviet War 1920 Facts. Poles Were Not the Aggressor. Pilsudski-Petlyura Alliance. Zamoyski


Warsaw 1920: Lenin’s Failed Conquest of Europe, by Adam Zamoyski. 2008

An Outstanding Work That Addresses Common Misconceptions About the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War The Soviet Union was the aggressor, and there is no contradiction between the wartime emaciation of Russia and her expansionist ambitions. To the contrary: The commentary…

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Political Correctness Invented By Communists. Polish Collaboration Clarified. Milosz

The Captive Mind, by Czesław Miłosz, Jane Zielonko (Translator). 1990

Insights Into Wartime Demoralization as a Cause for Polish Betrayals and Killings of Jews. Political Correctness, Now Part of Cultural Marxism, Originated From Communism The author touches on many matters related to different periods of Polish history. For instance, he…

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Polokaust 75% of Poles Lost Close Loved Ones. Poles Died Because It Was War Debunked. Gorski

Warszawa w Latach 1944-1949: Odbudowa, by Jan Gorski. 1988

Polokaust: >75% of Young Poles Had Lost at Least One Close Loved One. Germans Massively Pillage Poles, and Not Only the Jews We Keep Hearing About. Warsaw: The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes THE REBUILDING OF WARSAW IN THE YEARS 1944-1949…

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Polish Death Camp Lie is Serious Niechwiadowicz

The PMI Compendium of Anti-Polish Sentiment, by Jan Niechwiadowicz. 2012

The "Polish Death Camp" Lie is Disturbingly Common in the Media. Who Has an Interest in Promoting This Polonophobia? This issue has commonly been in the news even though this book has now been written 8 years ago. Various media…

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Polish Guerrillas Too Distant To Aid By Allied Airdrops Myth Debunked. Forczyk


Warsaw 1944: Poland’s bid for freedom, by Robert Forczyk. 2009

Debunks the "Poland Too Far Away To Aid" Myth, With a Concise History of the Soviet-Betrayed Warsaw Uprising (1944) in Outline Format This work is quite compact. There are separate chapters on the origins of the campaign, the opposing…

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Polish Indifference to Holocaust a Myth Mayer


Why Did The Heavens Not Darken?: The "Final Solution" In History, by Arno J. Mayer. 1990

Poles' Trauma Under Nazi Germany, and Not Polish Anti-Semitism, Bred Polish "Indifference" to Jews Author Arno J. Mayer perceptively writes: "The local populations became indifferent to the torments of the Jews less because…

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Polish Middle Class Delayed By Jews. Poles First Boycotted by Jews. Hundert


The Jews in a Polish Private Town: The Case of Opatow in the Eighteenth Century, by Gershon David Hundert. 1992

Jews Started the Boycott Process With Poles. Jews Inhibited Development of a Polish Middle Class. An Irony to Complaints About Expulsions of Jews Correction in book title as listed:…

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Polish Middle Class Delayed By Jews. Ethical Universalism a Disguise For Jewish Interests. MacDonald

Cultural Insurrections, by Kevin B. MacDonald. 2007

Non-Polish Author Confirms That Jewish Economic Hegemony, Over Poland, Greatly Delayed the Development of a Polish Middle Class Much of this work overlaps that found in Kevin MacDonald’s earlier books, especially CULTURE OF CRITIQUE and UNDERSTANDING JEWISH INFLUENCE. [Please see all my reviews…

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Polish Death Camp Lie An Old Jewish Spin Korbonski

The Jews and the Poles in World War II, by Stefan Korbonski. 1989

The “Polish Death Camp” Mendacity is a Jewish Meme That is Now Several Decades Old. Jews and 1968: Little-Known Facts Although this book was written 30 years ago, it retains its significance--very much so. Its author, Stefan…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Confronted and Repudiated by Holocaust Scholar Gutman

Rescue Attempts During the Holocaust, by Israel Gutman et al. (ed.) 1974

The Earth is Round, and the Death Camps Were German, Not Polish. Nazi Utilitarian Motives in Dealing With Jews as Well as With Poles One malicious Polonophobic Holocaust myth is the one about the Nazis' choice of Poland…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Confronted Zimmerman

Jewish Studies and Holocaust Education in Poland, by Lynn W. Zimmerman. 2014

“Poles Did Not Plan or Carry Out the Holocaust”. Well said! The Rest? All the Standard Judeocentric Pole-Accusing Memes Although this book is free of the strident Polonophobic formulations of many Jewish authors, it consistently repeats the well-worn…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Irony Camps Initially Further East Aly

Final Solution, by Gotz Aly. 1999

Tactical Reasons Made Poles and Jews "Unequal Victims". Ironic to the Oft-Repeated "Polish Death Camp" Lie, The German Extermination Camps Were Initially To Be Built in German-Occupied Belarus! This scholarly work makes it obvious, from many cited German documents that, not only was there…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Irony Were Top Secret Grossman

The Hell of Treblinka, by Vasily Grossman. 1944, 2014

Early (1944) Report on Treblinka. No German Guilt Diffusion. No Blame-Christianity Accusations. Inflated Death Figures Were Jewish Estimates, Not Polish Inventions Author Vasily Grossman was a Soviet Jew, and this book is one of the first, if not the first, account…

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Polish Death Camp Lie Why Camps in Poland DEFINITIVE WORK Khiterer

The Holocaust: Memories and History, by Victoria Khiterer et al. (eds.) 2014

Bombshell: The “Polish Death Camp” Fib--a Serious Matter--Incisively Examined and Soundly Refuted in All Its Manifestations Of all the essays in this anthology, one is eye-opening, and deep in scholarship. I focus on it: (REAL OR IMAGINED) PRE-WWII…

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Occasional Polish Collaboration Perhaps But No Polish SS Stein


Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-1945, by George H. Stein. 1984

Guess Which Major German-Ruled European Nation Had No SS Units. Give Up? It’s Those Leftmedia-Maligned “Fascist” Poles Probably the most eye-opening contribution of this scholarly and comprehensive book is the list of non-German nationalities represented in…

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Polish Collaboration Sporadic Ezergailis

The Holocaust in Latvia, by Andrew Ezergailis. 1997

German Guilt Diffusion: The Nazi and Soviet (Now Jewish) Blame-the-Locals Holocaust Tactic. So Germanless Holocaust. Implications for Jedwabne. No Organized Polish Collaboration in the Holocaust Author Andrew Ezergailis is a Holocaust scholar. My review is limited to the implications of Ezergailis’s findings…

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Polish Collaboration Very Rare Holocaust Supremacism in Action Polonsky

New Directions in the History of the Jews in the Polish Lands, by Antony Polonsky (ed.) 2018

No Significant Polish Collaboration With the Nazis. The Rest of the Volume is the Standard Judeocentric Narrative on Jews and Poles This volume is hardly “new directions” as advertised, but does have a…

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Polish Collaboration With 1920 Soviet Communists Very Rare Wandycz


Soviet Polish Relations, 1917-1921, by Piotr Stefan Wandycz. 1968, 2013

Very Low Rates of Polish Collaboration Demonstrated. Poland Not the Aggressor in the 1920 Polish-Bolshevik War This work is overflowing with biographical and historical information. Owing to its comprehensiveness, I limit my review to a few issues. THE EARLY…

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Polish Blue Police Not Collaborationist Friedman

Martyrs and Fighters, by Filip Friedman.1954

The Peripheral Role of the Polish Blue Police in the Suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This book cites numerous sources published soon after the war. Commonly-available ones, notably those of Marek Edelman, Yitzhak Zuckerman, Bernard Goldstein, and Emmanuel Ringelblum, were or are to…

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Polish Blue Police POLICJA GRANATOWA Not Collaborationist Hempel


Pogrobowcy Kleski, by Adam Hempel. 1990

The Polish Police, Under the Nazi German Occupation, Were Not a Collaborationist Force The 40,000-strong (p. 23) Polish Police (hereafter PP) acquired the appellation Blue Police (POLICJA GRANATOWA) from the color of its uniforms, and primarily from the partly-justified taint of collaborationism. PASSIVE…

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Polish Blue Police Not Collaborationist Pinkus


The House of Ashes, by Oscar Pinkus. 1990

As at Warsaw, THE Polish Blue Police (POLICJA GRANATOWA), at Losice, Was Not Trusted By the Germans for Collaborationist Purposes Against Jews Oskar Pinkus is a Polish Jew who lived in Losice, located 85 miles east of Warsaw and 10 miles…

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Polish Collaboration an Excellent Introduction Piotrowski

Poland's Holocaust: Ethnic Strife, Collaboration With Occupying Forces, and Genocide in the Second Republic, 1918-1947, by Tadeusz Piotrowski. 1997

A Solid, Objective Introduction to the Second Polish Republic (1918-1939), and to WWII Collaboration By All Nationalities. Polish-Jewish Relations: In 20 Years Nothing Has Changed This book, now written over twenty…

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Polish Collaboration Driven By German Tortures Przesmycki


The Sold Out Dream: Memoirs of a Polish Freedom Fighter, by Julius F Przesmycki. 1991

The 1939 War, Zydokomuna Enmity, Radio-Hiding (vs. Jew-Hiding), Polish Nazi Collaboration By Poles Broken By German Tortures, A.K. Guerrilla Combat, Permanent-Exile Status, etc. The title of this comprehensive English-language book refers to the selling…

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Polish Collaboration Like That of Jews. The Psychology Behind It. Gondek

Polska Karząca 1939-1945: Polski podziemny wymiar sprawiedliwości w okresie okupacji niemieckiej, by Leszek Gondek. 1988

The Psychology of Collaboration (Like Poles Like Jews): Seeking Power in the Face of Powerlessness. Doesn't Forget That Polish Blackmailers of Jews Also Blackmailed Poles.

PUNITIVE POLAND 1939-1945 is the title of this Polish-language book.…

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Poles and Jews in Palestine. Westerplatte and Hel 1939. Polish Navy: WILK and ORZEL. Pruszynski

Poland Fights Back, by Ksawery Pruszyński. 1944

Fills-in the Gap Between the 1939 War and the 1940 Battle of Britain. Jewish-Polish Relations in WWII Palestine

This gem of a book covers a lot of ground, and I focus on a few items.


Here is a direct quote:


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Poles Were AntiNazi But AntiSemitic Like Jews Were AntiNazi But AntiPolish. Haar


German Scholars and Ethnic Cleansing, 1919-1945, by Ingo Haar (Editor). 2005

Poles Anti-Nazi Yet Anti-Semitic? Big Deal. Jews Anti-Nazi Yet Anti-Polish. Endeks Not Nazis or Fascists. Operation Zamosc. No Valid Nazi/German Dualism Consider some salient facts: A POLE CAN BE ANTI-NAZI AND STILL ANTISEMITIC. SO WHAT? A GERMAN JEW…

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Poles Had Long Ignored Holocaust A Total Myth Haltof

Polish Film and the Holocaust, by Marek Haltof. 2012

Debunks the Oft-Repeated Holocaust Myth That, Until Recently, Poles Had Disregarded or Marginalized the Jews' Holocaust In this review, I focus not on Holocaust filmography, but on historical trends. THE "JEWS WERE IGNORED" MEME: AN INTRODUCTION The Communist puppet state, the…

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Poles Refuse To Return Jewish Belongings Wartime Trauma Context Waddell

Through the Eyes of a Survivor, by Colette Waddell and Nina Morecki. 2007

Includes Rarely-Provided Wartime German-Terror Context for Poles Denouncing Fugitive Jews, Refusing to Return Jewish Belongings Entrusted to Poles, etc. Nina Gruetz-Morecki was a gentile-looking well-to-do Polish Jew from Lwow (Lvov, Lviv). Her experiences touch on several issues…

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Polish 1609 Grab of Moscow Not Imperialist. Lutoslawski


The Polish Nation (Classic Reprint), by Wincenty Lutoslawski. 1917, 2018

Leading Endek Thinker Clarifies Misconceptions About Polish Nationalism, of the SZLACHTA, of Polish "Imperialism" and the 1609 "Seizure" of Moscow, and of Poland as “Jesus Christ of Nations” The author, Wincenty Lutoslawski (1863-1954) was a National Democrat (Endek), and…

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Poland Communized By Force. Jews in Communist GL-AL Gontarczyk

Polska Partia Robotnicza. Droga do Wladzy 1941-1944, by Piotr Gontarczyk. 2015

Early Stages of the Soviet-Imposed Communization of WII Poland. Includes Revolutionary Banditry. Jews in Communist GL-AL 

THE POLISH WORKERS’ PARTY: ITS RISE TO POWER 1941-1944 is the title of this Polish-language book. This work combines the use of archival…

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Poland Communized By Force Vast Crimes Zebrowski

W Szponach Czerwonych: Komunizm I Postkomunizm w Polsce po 1944, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2015

The Crushing Scale of the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet Government on Poland (1944-on). Never-Punished Communist Crimes

IN THE TALONS OF THE REDS, COMMUNISM AND (POST)COMMUNISM IN POLAND AFTER 1944, is the title of this book by historian…

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Poland Interwar Hyperinflation: German Exculpation Fails. Taylor


The Downfall of Money: Germany’s Hyperinflation and the Destruction of the Middle Class, by Frederick Taylor. 2013

Hyperinflation Exculpation for Nazism Fails. Poland and Many Other Countries Also Had Hyperinflation, Yet Never Produced a Hitler This work focuses not only on monetary issues, but also the entire history of…

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Poland Mistreats Minorities: Propaganda Used By Hitler, and Reused Nowadays. Hitler


The Speeches Of Adolf Hitler, April 1922--August 1939: An English Translation Of Representative Passages, by Adolf Hitler. 1942

Hitler Blackened Poland Over "Horrible Treatment of Minorities" Just Like Cultural Marxists, and Certain Jews, Do Today. Nazism Was Leftist, Not Rightist. German LEBENSRAUM Ambitions, and Not "Polish Intransigence", Caused WWII

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Poland Too Judeocompliant Michalkiewicz Sommer

Nie Bojcie Sie Prawdy, by Stanislaw Michalkiewicz and Tomasz Sommer. 2009.

A Variety of Politically-Incorrect Truths About Poland Today. ZYDOKOMUNA is a Legitimate Term. GAZETA WYBORCZA Agenda DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH is the title of this Polish-Language book. This work overlaps that of a more recent book…

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Not Only Jews: Poles Also Nazi Scapegoats Until the Very End! Yalta Presciently Anticipated. Goebbels


Final Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels, by Joseph Goebbels. 2008

Jews and Poles Remain Scapegoats; Goebbels Perceives Actual Soviet Intentions That Culminated at Yalta  In the closing weeks of the European component of WWII, Goebbels’s attitude towards the Jews remained unchanged: (April 3, 1945): “The Jews have…

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POLAK POTRAFI: Poles Beat Prussians at Their Own Game. Trzeciakowski


The Kulturkampf in Prussian Poland, by Lech Trzeciakowski. 1990

POLAK POTRAFI: Poles Beat Bismarck and the Prussians Through Practical Activism This book is a translation from the Polish. The author places the Polish struggle against Bismarck's KULTURKAMPF [Culture War] in the broader context of German attempts to centralize the…

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POLAK POTRAFI: Poles Beat Prussians Via School Strikes. Kulczycki


School Strikes in Prussian Poland, 1901-1907, by John J. Kulczycki. 1981

Polish Power and the School Strikes: The Anatomy of Polish Resistance to Prussian De-Polonization Policies in the VOLKSSCHULEN Poland had been entirely under foreign rule since the 1790's. By the 1850's, Bismarck's associates were promoting the suppression of…

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Poland’s Heroic Narrative Even Nazis Admired. Iranek-Osmecki


The Unseen and the Silent: Adventures From the Underground Movement Narrated by Paratroops of the Polish Home Army, by Kazimierz Iranek-Osmecki. 1954

No "National Myths" or "Heroic Narrative": The German Enemy Gives More Credit to the Polish Underground Than Do Many Jews and LEWAKS The title of this book…

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Poland’s Heroic Narrative Long Derided By Jews. Keane


Skamander: The Poets and Their Poetry 1918-1929, by Barry Keane. 2004

Poland's So-Called Heroic Narrative Has Long Been Under Attack, Especially By Certain Jews. Why Endeks Did Not Think Much of Assimilated Jews Becoming Poles This book is mainly about poetry and poetic themes. However, since this is not…

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Kuklinski Espionage: Prevented Poland From Becoming a Sacrificial Lamb in a NATO-Soviet War. Weiser


A Secret Life: The Polish Officer, His Covert Mission, And The Price He Paid To Save His Country, by Benjamin Weiser. 2005

Move over, James Bond! Ryszard Kuklinski Prevented Poland From Being Incinerated in The Event of a Soviet-NATO War Those who ask if Kuklinski was a patriot or…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Halkin


Jabotinsky: A Life (Jewish Lives), by Hillel Halkin. 2014

Pogroms—Jews Against Jews. Insights into Jabotinsky, the Betar, and Revisionist Zionism In history books, we hear a lot about pogroms. How about some attention to another kind of pogrom—that of Jew against Jew. This book does so. A SAMPLE OF…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Jewish Disloyalty to Poland Confronted. Hoffman


Shtetl: The Life and Death of a Small Town and the World of Polish Jews, by Eva Hoffman. 1998

Jewish Loyalty and Disloyalty to Poland Through 1918 and 1920. Bialystok Sedition. Internecine Jewish Violence. Jewish Gestapo Agents. No Polish Death Camps Hoffman traces the experience of Jews in pre-modern…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Fear-of-Nazis Zydokomuna Excuse Fails. Pomerantz


Run East: FLIGHT FROM THE HOLOCAUST, by Jack Pomerantz, Lyric Winik. 1997

Pogroms in Context, Including Jewish Pogroms Against Other Jews. Zydokomuna Fear of Nazis Exculpation Fails This book touches on several relevant issues, and I discuss them: LONG-SIMMERING TENSIONS BETWEEN POLES AND JEWS COULD TOUCH OFF POGROMS Nowadays,…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Fear-of-Nazis Zydokomuna Excuse Fails. Tracy


To Speak for the Silenced, by A. Tracy. 2007

Jew Against Jew Pogroms in 1939. Zydokomuna. Poles NOT Condemned For Refusing To Risk Their Lives to Save Jews The author lived in a shtetl at Skala, on the Zbrucz River. He describes: The Soviet and Nazi occupations, the latter's…

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Pogrom Propaganda of 1918 Harmed Poland. Fisher


America and the New Poland, by H. H. Fisher. 1928, 2007

1918 Massive Pogrom Falsehoods Harmed Poland (as Intended). Consequences of Jewish Separatism. Poles Thwart Prussian Designs This book devotes considerable detail to the history of the Polish nation since the early part of the 20th century. [Review based…

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POLAK POTRAFI: Poles Beat Prussians at Their Own Game. Gardner


Poland, a Study in National Idealism, by Monica Mary Gardner. 1915, 2018

An English Author Focuses on the Defiant Successes of Poles Under the Prussian Boot. The Indomitable Polish Spirit is Not Just Reactive or Defensive: It is a Positive Spirit The author provides a snapshot of Poland prior…

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Pogroms Drove PostWWII Polish Jews Away Myth Debunked. Brant


The New Poland, by Irving Brant. 1946

Mass Post-WWII Jewish Flight From Poland Planned Long Before Kielce. Communist-Apologist Tract Has Revealing Comments on Red Staging of Krakow Pogrom and Kielce Pogrom, etc. This short book was clearly written by a Communist or Communist sympathizer. Because of this, the factual…

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Pogroms Drove postWWII Polish Jews Away Myth Debunked. Property-Ownership Changes. Redlich


Life In Transit: Jews In Postwar Lodz, 1945-1950 (Studies In Russian And Slavic Literatures, Cultures And History), by Shimon Redlich. 2010

Zionists, and Not Polish Anti-Semitism or Pogroms, Drove Most Holocaust-Surviving Jews From Post-WWII Poland. Property Losses: Not Only Jews The author elaborates on his experiences in Lodz in…

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Pogroms in Poland Were Rare. Jewish Passivity. Holocaust Supremacism Repudiated. Baron


History and Jewish Historians, by Salo Wittmayer Baron. 1964

Beyond the Cult of the Perpetual Jewish Victim: Jewish-Christian Relations Usually Harmonious. Polish Pogroms Way Overblown Jewish historian Salo Baron has much to say about such things as the definitions of a Jew, the Bible, medieval Judaism, Jewish-Muslim relations, Jewish-Christian…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Anti-Polish Selective Indignation. Fishman


East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914, by William J. Fishman. 2005

Seldom-Told Jew on Jew Pogroms: Atheist Jews and Religious Jews Fight It Out. Double Standards: If Poles Did Such Acts To Jews, We Would Not Hear the End of It! The usage of the term pogrom, in customary reference…

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Jew-on-Jew Violence: Are These Pogroms Too? Bund Steeped in Communism. Goldstein


Twenty Years with the Jewish Labor Bund: A Memoir of Interwar Poland, by Bernard Goldstein. 2016

The Bund and Communism: Little Practical Difference. Jew-on-Jew Violence Dwarfs Pole-on-Jew Violence. The Militant Atheism of the Bund This work is the memoir of Bernard Goldstein (1889-1959). He also wrote THE STARS BEAR…

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PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU Vivid Example. Cultural and Classical Marxism. Great Chinese Famine. Jisheng


Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine, 1958-1962, by Yang Jisheng, Stacy Mosher (Translation), Jian Guo (Translation). 2012

Insights Into the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU. The Ideologically-Caused Great Chinese Famine (1958-1962), With Tens of Millions Dead, Dwarfs the Jews’ Holocaust For all the inordinate attention, in the West, to the Shoah, we rarely…

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Early Polokaust. Phony Indignation: Non-Ethnographic PreWWII Boundaries of Poland. Evans


The Nazi New Order in Poland, by Jon Evans. 1941

The Early Polokaust: An Overview of the First Two Years of the German Occupation of Poland. “Non-Ethnographic Poland” Bogus Issue The title of this book is a bit Orwellian: It creates the impression that Nazism was some kind of…

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Piast Poland: Rebutting German and Ukrainian Revisionism. Koneczny


Dzieje Polski za Piastów, by Feliks Koneczny. 1902, 1997

Territories East of the Elbe River Were Not Originally German. They Were Slavic. Upper Dniester Was Not “Eternally Ukrainian” Title: THE DEEDS OF POLAND DURING THE TIME OF THE PIAST DYNASTY. This work, originally published in 1902, surveys the first…

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Pilsudski the Visionary Leader. Pilsudski Repeatedly Compared to Washington. Humphrey


Pilsudski: Builder of Poland, by Grace Humphrey. 1936

Excellent Detail About the January 1863 Insurrection, Pilsudski as a Revolutionary, etc. This book devotes considerable attention to the failed January 1863 Insurrection, in which a small force of Poles took on the tsarist armies. The severe Russian repressions in the…

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Piotr Rybak: Effigy of a Jew Hullabaloo and Irony. Mirsky


Rav Kook: Mystic in a Time of Revolution (Jewish Lives), by Yehudah Mirsky. 2014

Litvaks. Anti-Christian Memes. Piotr Rybak Effigy Double Standard: Jews Burned in Effigy Without Any Outcry. Organized Draft Dodging This work is much more than biography. It offers a pulse of the state of Judaism in…

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Pogroms: Don’t Blame Christianity For Instigating Them. No Scapegoating. Klier


Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881-1882, by John Doyle Klier. 2011

Christianity Did Not Cause or Promote Pogroms. Jews and the Liquor Trade (Propinacja). Jewish Overcrowding in the Pale (Eventual Eastern Poland) This work examines the pogroms in tsarist Russia, and does so from various angles. Author John…

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Partitions: Jewish Complicity. Tennant


Studies in Polish Life and History, by A.E. Tennant. 1924

Pre-Mieszko Slavic Achievements. Jews and the Pre-Partitions Decay of Poland. Jews and the Crusades This work is a Scottish perspective on the history of Poland. It covers many subjects in its broad sweep of Polish history (review based on…

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Peasant National Consciousness is Old. Nations and Nationalism are Ancient. Gat


Nations, by Azar Gat, Alexander Yakobson (Contributor). 2013

Nations and Nationalism Go Back to Antiquity: They are Not Recent Inventions! Early Peasant National Consciousness Demonstrated This work presents a series of fascinating, myth-shattering information, and I focus on some of it. THE REIGNING BIASES AGAINST THE RECOGNITION OF THE…

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Peasant National Consciousness is Old. Stauter-Halsted


The Nation in the Village: The Genesis of Peasant National Identity in Austrian Poland, 1848-1914, by Keely Stauter-Halsted. 2011

Polish Peasant National Consciousness Long Preceded Emancipation and Literacy. Some Jews Used Bribery and Political Pressure to Thwart Newcomer Polish Peasant Businessmen The term "peasant", a somewhat ambiguous term, refers…

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PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU: Politics of Shame anti-Polish Example. Holocaust Industry Pushed. Meng

Shattered Spaces: Encountering Jewish Ruins in Postwar Germany and Poland, by Michael Meng. 2011

Poland’s “Guilt”: PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU (Politics of Shame) Yet Again. A Thinly-Veiled Support of the Holocaust Industry. Another Boring Re-Run of Jan T. Gross Having read and reviewed hundreds of works on Poland's Jews, being unfamiliar with…

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PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU: Shaming as a Political Tool. DEFINITIVE WORK. Friman


The Politics of Leverage in International Relations: Name, Shame, and Sanction, by H. Richard Friman (Editor). 2015

The Politics of Shame [What Poles Call the PEDAGOGIKA WSYTDU] is Not Only Real: It is a Fundamental Tool in International Politics! The promotion of adverse publicity against a group, in order…

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PAINTED BIRD Fraud Evil Murderous Peasants Holocaust Lies Siedlicka

The Ugly Black Bird, by Joanna Siedlecka and Chester A. Kisiel. 1994, 2018

Exposes Falsehoods of Poles Killing Jews (Jerzy Kosinski vel Lewinkopf: PAINTED BIRD). Just Like Those "200,000 Jews Killed By Poles During WWII" (Jan Grabowski vel Abrahamer in JUDENJAGD) My review is based on the 1994 version of…

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PAINTED BIRD Fraud Evil Murderous Peasants Sloan

Jerzy Kosinski: A Biography, by James Park Sloan. 1996

The Widely-Read and Highly-Acclaimed Jerzy Kosinski vel Lewinkopf: A Rescued Polish Jew Who Expressed His Gratitude By Slandering His Rescuers. His Priests-Are-Evil and Peasants-Are-Evil Mendacity Lives on in the Recent Media-Touted Pronouncements of Jan T. Gross, Jan Grabowski, and Barbara Engelking

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PAINTED BIRD Lies Are Perennial Holocaust Memes Kosinski Lewinkopf

The Painted Bird, by Jerzy Kosinski. 1965

Here We Are 50 Years Later, and the Very Same Lurid Anti-Polish Accusations, of This Highly-Acclaimed But Demonstrably-Fraudulent Book, Are Freely Repeated By Far Too Many Jewish Authors and Journalists as Fact

My review is based on the original 1965 Edition of PAINTED…

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Partitions: British Complicity. Belloc


Return to the Baltic, by Hilaire Belloc. 1938

Candor on British anti-Polish Attitudes. British Complicity in the Partitions of Poland Author Hilaire Belloc, a French-born British-French writer, described his travels to the Scandinavian nations and Poland. My review focuses on the latter, and is based on the 1938 edition…

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Partitions: Jewish Complicity. Why Polexit Needed. Michalkiewicz and Sommer

Wariant Rozbiorowcy Michalkiewicz, by Tomasz Sommer. 2011

A Prophetic Book! Insights into the European Union, Jewish Complicity in the Partitions of Poland, etc. A VARIATION OF PARTITION is the title of this Polish-language book. It contains a variety of information. DONALD TUSK, ANGELA MERKEL, AND THE EUROPEAN UNION. WHY POLEXIT…

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Partitions: Jewish Complicity. Stern


Gold and Iron: Bismarck, Bleichröder and the Building of the German Empire, by Fritz Stern. 1979

Jewish Complicity in the Partition Rule Over Poland: Bismarck and the German-Jewish Symbiosis This book focuses on the German Jew Gerson Bleichroeder, Bismarck's chief banker, and gives much insight into the situation facing…

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Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth. Rescue Payments Well Deserved! Dobroszycki


Survivors of the Holocaust in Poland: A Portrait Based on Jewish Community Records, 1944-47: A Portrait Based on Jewish Community Records, 1944-47, by Lucjan Dobroszycki. 1994

The Paid Greedy Polish Rescuer Notion Soundly Repudiated. Holocaust Survivorship in Poland: Facts and Figures If you enjoy figures and tables, this book…

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Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth. Jewish Separatism Maintained. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Malevolence. Kornbluth


Sentenced to Remember, by William Kornbluth. 1994

Paid Greedy Polish Rescuer Myth. Jews Prefered Separatism to Full Equality and Civil Rights. German-Imposed Death Penalty Appreciated The author discusses his experiences in Tarnow. He elaborates on the 1939 war, and the local VOLKSDEUTSCHEN serving as a fifth column. Days before…

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Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth. Holocaust Industry Publicity. Nazis Sexually NonTraditional. Petropoulos


Gray Zones: Ambiguity and Compromise in the Holocaust and Its Aftermath (War and Genocide), by Jonathan Petropoulos (Editor). 2006

Holocaust Supremacism and the Holocaust Industry Feed Each Other. Paid Polish Rescuers of Jews Had Acted Properly Because this anthology has many topics, I focus on a few that are…

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Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth Promulgated By Grabowski


Rescue for Money: Paid Helpers in Poland, 1939-1945, by Jan Grabowski. 2008

"Greed and (What Else?) Anti-Semitism” For Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers. (Were the Usually-Paid Endlessly-Glorified Danish Rescuers of Jews Also Animated by Greed and Anti-Semitism?) This book repeats one of the accusations of neo-Stalinist Jan T. Gross, and suffers…

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Paid Greedy Polish Rescuer Myth. Not Only the Jews Lost Property! Star-Wearing Clarified. Rosen


The Wonder of Their Voices: The 1946 Holocaust Interviews of David Boder, by Alan Rosen. 2010

No "Greed" and "Anti-Semitism": Poles Requiring Payment for Hiding and Housing Fugitive Jews Were Acting Entirely Properly. Payment was Logically Expected. Demystifying the Star of David David Boder (Aron Mendel) was a Latvian-born…

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NSZ-ONR Rejects Nazi Policies on Jews. NSZ-ONR Members Rescued Jews. Chrzanowski

Związek Jaszczurczy i Narodowe Siły Zbrojne na Pomorzu 1939-1947: nieznane karty pomorskiej konspiracji, by Bogdan Chrzanowski. 1997

Polish ONR Anti-Semitism Not Nazi-Like. Amazingly, ONR-NSZ Guerrillas Functioned Effectively Even in Polish Territory Annexed By the Third Reich The literally-translated title of this Polish-language work is: THE ORDER OF LIZARDS AND NATIONAL…

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ONR Openly Repudiates Nazi Policies on Jews. Assimilated Jews Can Remain Hostile to Poland. Hartglas


Na Pograniczu Dwoch Swiatow, by Apolinary Hartglas. 1996

Far From Being Nazi-Imitating, the ONR Defiantly Told Off the Nazis on Jews! Assimilated Jews Can Retain a Hostility to Poland IN THE NO-MAN’S-LAND BETWEEN TWO WORLDS is a nonliteral, but perhaps the most informative, translation of this Polish-language work. It…

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OZON Government Didn’t Imitate Nazi Germany. Jewish, German, Ukrainian Minorities All Chided. Buell


Poland - Key to Europe, by Raymond Leslie Buell. 1939

Interwar Poland: The OZON Government's anti-Jewish Policies Were NOT an Imitation of Those of Next-Door Nazi Germany In this mini-encyclopedia of Poland (1918-1939), [review based on 1939 edition], one learns about matters as diverse as the Polish achievement in…

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OZON Gov’t Didn’t Try To Expel All Jews. Cieszyn 1938 Reasonable. 1939 Govt Evacuation Was Preplanned. Beck


Final Report, by Józef Beck. 1957

Jozef Beck’s Memoirs: Polonized Jews Not To Be Expelled; Teschen (Cieszyn) 1938 Detail; Nonaggression Pacts; 1939 Myth on "Chaotic" Government Evacuation Corrected This work provides Jozef Beck’s perspective on such things as the Pilsudski coup of 1926, interwar Poland, international diplomacy and Poland’s…

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OZON Government Was Not Fascist. Not Only Jews: Slavs as Scapegoats Until the Very End! Nolte


Three Faces Of Fascism: Action Francaise, Italian Fascism, National Socialism, by Ernst Nolte.

This Scholar Censored Because Crimes of Nazism are Like Those of Communism. Verboten! Pre-WWII Polish Government Was in No Sense Fascist German scholar Nolte first points out that the term fascist has been widely over-used, and…

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Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth. Jewish Separatism Maintained. Dembowski


Christians in the Warsaw Ghetto: An Epitaph for the Unremembered, by Peter F. Dembowski. 2005

Jewish Anti-Assimilation, Paid Rescuers' Mortal Risk, and the Rationality of Prewar Polish Antagonisms to Jews According to the German-developed Nuremberg Laws, Jewish Christians were considered Jews, and treated accordingly by the Nazis in German-occupied…

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ONR Never Fascist or proNazi Muszynski

Duch Mlodych, by Wojciech Jerzy Muszynski. 2011

Contrary to the Smears of Leftists and Certain Jews, the Polish Patriotic ONR Was Never Fascist or Pro-Nazi. Nor Was it "Reactionary" or Ethnonationalist THE SPIRIT OF THE YOUNG: THE POLISH NATIONAL RADICAL CAMP IN THE YEARS 1934-1944: FROM STUDENT REVOLTS TO CONSPIRACY…

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ONR Not Unilaterally AntiMinority Kawecki

Dzialalnosc i Mysl Spoleczno-Polityczna Obozu Narodowego-Radykalnego ABC 1934-1939, by Krzysztof Kawecki. 2013

A Short Introduction to the Polish “Far-Right” ONR (Oboz Narodowo-Radykalne). In No Sense Fascist or Pro-Nazi, as Alleged by LEWAKS (Leftists) and Certain Jews. ONR Not a Monolith. Complex Relationships With Poland’s Minorities THE SOCIO-POLITICAL THOUGHT AND POLICIES…

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ONR Not Unilaterally AntiMinority. Loyal Minorities Tolerated. Rudnicki


Oboz Narodowo-Radykalne, by Szymon Rudnicki. 1985

The ONR (OBOZ NARODOWO-RADYKALNE) Was in No Sense Fascist or Nazi-Imitating. Even Extreme Polish Nationalists Were Not Unilaterally Anti-Minority Author Rudnicki wrote this book while Poland was still under Communist rule, and this colors it. However, it does provide a short introduction to…

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NSZ-ONR Not Unilaterally AntiMinority Nor Pro-Wealthy. Nazi Solutions Decisively Rejected. Siemaszko

Narodowe Siły Zbrojne, by Zbigniew S Siemaszko. 1982

ONR Platform: Not Fascist or Nazi-Imitating, Not Pro-Privileged, Not Unilaterally Anti-Minority, and Not an Advocate of Imperialistic Nationalism THE NATIONAL ARMED FORCES is the title of this Polish-language book, although it gives few details about the WWII combat operations of the NSZ…

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ONR Classic: Reasons For Antisemitism Elaborated By Author Gluzinski (Rolicki)


Zmierzch Izraela, by Henryk Rolicki. 1933

An ONR Perspective on Jewish History--From Antiquity Until the Pre-WWII Period. Jews’ Holocaust Anticipated THE MEASURE OF ISRAEL is the title of this Polish-language work (review based on 1933 edition). The author, aka Tadeusz Gluzinski, was a leading thinker in the ONR (Oboz…

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No Suicidal ProJewish Polish Uprising Silly Complaint. Polish Guerrilla Summary. Ney-Krwawicz


The Polish Resistance Home Army, by Marek Ney-Krwawicz. 2001

The Polish Underground Didn't Launch a Suicidal Uprising on Behalf of Millions of Murdered Poles, So Why, According to Jewish Accusations, Were the Poles "Supposed" To Do So On Behalf of the Jews? This book presents an excellent English-language summary…

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NSZ. Saved Jews. Other Jews Became Enemies of Poland Through Communism. Bohun Dabrowski


Bylem Dowodca Brygady Swietokrzyskiej, by Antoni Bohun-Dabrowski. 1984

Polish Guerrilla Leader Tells How His "Anti-Semitic" Unit Saved a Large Group of Jewish Women From Being Burned Alive by the Germans This action-packed memoir covers the prewar period, the 1939 campaign, guerilla actions in the region of Kielce, and the…

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NSZ. Welcomed Jews: Jewish Member Pisarewski Parry

Orly i Reszki, by Pisarewski-Parry, Feliks. 1984

A Jewish Member of the "anti-Semitic" NSZ. Rescue of Fugitive Jews Was Very Difficult EAGLES AND TAILS--a Polish-language book. The NSZ has frequently been accused, in Communist and Jewish writings, of being systematically anti-Semitic, and out to kill fugitive Jews. This work goes…

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NUMERUS CLAUSUS at Universities Necessary Dyboski

Poland, by Dyboski, Roman. 1933

Why Sunday Closing Law Was Necessary. Why NUMERUS CLAUSUS at Universities was Necessary. Polish Insurrections Had Value Even Though They Failed This single volume is a mini-encyclopedia on pre-WWII Poland, and I can only touch on a few issues. There is much detail on notable…

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Odra Nysa Boundary DEFINITIVE WORK. German Revanchism Debunked. Giertych


Poland and Germany, by Jedrziej Giertych. 1958

Combatting German Revanchism Regarding the Odra-Nysa (Oder-Neisse) River Eastern Boundary of Germany. The Polish Landlord Myth This book is quite lucid, and I focus on a few issues: ONGOING RELEVANCE OF THE RECOVERED TERRITORIES At times, Poland has come under attack for…

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ONR Anti-Jewish Violence Rare. German Minority Had It Bad Myth Debunked. Segal


The New Poland and the Jews, by Simon Segal. 1938

Atypicality of Anti-Jewish Violence, Privileges of the German Minority, and Rarity of "Polish Settlers" in the Kresy This Jewish author is quite hostile to Poland. For this reason, the facts he presents, and which I quote, are not likely…

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Nobility Polish Undemonized. Achievements of Second Republic (1918-1939). Statkowski


Poland: History, Culture, Civilisation, by Joseph Statkowski. 1935

Corrects the Common Awfulization of Poland’s Onetime Nobility and Negativisms About Interwar Poland (1918-on) This small book packs quite a punch. It provides basics about Polish history, Polish culture, and Polish culture. It contains historical tidbits, such as the fact that…

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Nobility Polish Very Inclusive. Polish Women Drive Polish Patriotism. Brandes

Poland: a Story of the Land, People, and Literature, by Brandes, Georg. 1903

January 1863 Insurrection Aftermath.The Unprecedented Extent of Ennobled Poles: A Virtual Polish Middle Class This 1903 book [review based on original edition] was published at a time when the Kingdom of Poland had become a distant memory,…

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Nobility Polish Very Inclusive. Borscht Was Originally Polish. Vraniak


The Polish Trivia Book, by John M. Vraniak. 1988

Huge Polish Nobility. Borscht Was Originally Polish, Not Russian. Assorted Polish Achievements Though the book is a bit dated (1988), every imaginable aspect of Polishness is covered: Polish language, history, culture, immigration to America, Polish-American personages, customs, etc. This book…

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No Suicidal ProJewish Polish Uprising Silly Complaint Bartal


Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 12: Focusing on Galicia: Jews, Poles and Ukrainians 1772-1918 (Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry #12), by Israel Bartal (Editor), Antony Polonsky (Editor). 1999

Poles Would Not Have Committed Collective Suicide on Behalf of a Few Million Murdered Poles, But Now We Hear That…

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Nobility Polish Gradually Emancipates Serfs. Edwards


The Polish Captivity: An Account of the Present Position of the Poles in the Kingdom of Poland, and in the Polish Provinces of Austria, Prussia, and Russia, Volume 1, by Henry Sutherland Edwards. 1863, 2015

A Fascinating Visiting Briton’s Observations of 1860's Partitioned Poland. Reputed Polish Noble Severity to…

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Nobility Polish Kresy Landowner Myth. Many Poles, and Not Only Jews, Lost Property. Brown


A Biography of No Place: From Ethnic Borderland to Soviet Heartland, by Kate Brown. 2005

Poles Equal Landowners Half-Truth. The Fate of Soviet Poles East of the Riga Line. Polokaust and GENERALPLAN OST Although Kresy often is used by Poles in reference to the eastern half of Poland confiscated…

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Nobility Polish Kresy Landowner Myth. Stop Awfulizing the Ukrainian Experience in Poland. Zoltowski


Border of Europe, by Adam Zoltowski. 1950

Polish Nobility Landlords Half-Truth. Early Eastern Galician Ukrainian Separatism. Minorities Treaty Special Separatist Rights For Jews This work provides a good deal of information about Poland's eastern half, which was confiscated by the Soviet Union in 1939 (and reaffirmed in 1944). Zoltowski…

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Polish Serfdom Demystified. Do Social Classes Cause Social Inequality, or Is It the Other Way Around? Kieniewicz


The Emancipation of the Polish Peasantry, by Stefan Kieniewicz. 1970

An Encyclopedic Gem: The Complex Nature of Serfdom in Poland and the End of It. Reciprocal Cause-Effect in Social Reform Instead of listing the many individuals and events in this book, I focus on certain themes. In addition, I…

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Nobility Polish Supported American Revolution. Przygoda


Polish Americans in California, 1827-1977 and Who's Who, by Jacek Przygoda. 1978

The Flourishing California Polonia: Sketches of Shared Polish-American History. Polish Nobility Supported the American Revolution (sic) The American West is thought of primarily in terms of Anglo-Saxon settlers and Indians. However, as pointed out in a quote…

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Nobility Polish Undemonized. Agrarian Reform Details. Helping Jews: Difficulties. Potocki


Master of Lancut, by Alfred Potocki. 1959

Undemonizing Poland's Nobility. Hunting Parties Were Not Implicitly Pro-Nazi. Aiding Fugitive Jews Very Difficult Potocki lived through a large swath of Polish history. He traced his life in Austrian-ruled Galicia (Lancut), Poland's reacquired independence, the 1920 Bolshevik War, interwar Poland, the 1939…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Lukas

Forgotten Survivors: Polish Christians Remember the Nazi Occupation, by Richard C. Lukas (ed.) 2004

Implications of the Preeminence of the Holocaust Over All Other Genocides. Nazi Concentration Camps Little Better Survivorship Than Death Camps. An Introduction to the Polokaust Owing to obvious misunderstandings, the very title of this book needs…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Maciuszko

Poles Apart, by Jerzy Janusz Maciuszko. 2013

Nazi Death Camps Were Not Much Deadlier Than "Ordinary" Concentration Camps. Warsaw Uprising Daring Raid This book is an anthology of Poles and their experiences during WWII. They are mainly those who are relatives of the author, and mainly are Poles from the…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Malak

Shavelings in Death Camps, by Fr. Henry Maria Malak. 2012

No Valid Polarity in the Nazi Treatment of Jews and Non-Jews, or Between Death Camps and Concentration Camps. Poles Gassed at Dachau. High Concentration Camp Mortality Rate (86%) This book presents much seldom-known or appreciated information. I focus on some…

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Nazi Racism Partly of Jewish Origin Myerson Goldberg


The German Jew, by Abraham Myerson, Isaac Goldberg. 1933

Nazi Racism Partly a Jewish Invention. The Prolific Contributions of German Jews to Germany This work was written in 1933 (my review based on the original 1933 edition), soon after Hitler had come to power. In fact, this book is…

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Nobility Polish Grants Peasant Liberties. Devine


Scotland and Poland: Historical Encounters, 1500-2010, by T.M. Devine (Editor). 2011

Scots in Poland: Poles in Scotland. Good Detail on Polish Peasant Liberties (Undemonizing the Polish Nobility) This work covers both the positive and negative aspects of Polish-Scottish relations. Many Scots moved to Poland centuries ago. Poles came to…

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Nazi AntiSemitic Platform Not Christian Eckhart Verlag


Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany, by Eckhart Verlag. 2013

Don't Blame Christianity: The Actual Roots of the Popularity of the Nazi Movement, As Directed Against Jews, in Weimar Germany I approach this book for its historical value. [My review is based on a condensed, 31-page version of Eckhart’s “The…

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Nazi AntiSemitic Platform Not Christian Wiehe


Germany and the Jewish Question, by Friederich Karl Wiehe, Francis Dupont. 2014

Do Not Blame Christianity: A Detailed, Scholarly Nazi Analysis of the Jews of Weimar Germany Nowadays, academics (most of whom are leftists), and many Jews, are prone to blame the Nazi movement in general, and the Holocaust…

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Nazi Book Burning Symbolic Ranicki

The Author Of Himself: The Life Of Marcel Reich-Ranicki, by Marcel Reich-Ranicki. 2001

1938 Bentschen (Zbaszyn): The Sudden Nazi German Expulsion of “Polish” Jews. Zydokomuna Exculpation Fails. Extortionist/Benefactor Coexistence in the Same Person I mainly discuss particular issues. NAZI GERMAN BOOK-BURNING DID NOT MAKE UNDESIRABLE BOOKS UNAVAILABLE While focusing on…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Garlinski

Hitler's Last Weapons, by Jozef Garlinski. 1978

Espionage Thriller: Poles Steal Fallen German V2 Rocket. Nazi Concentration Camps and Death Camps: Comparable Mortality. Yalta Inexcusable This book provides a detailed history of the German Nazi development of the V1 and V2 weapons, and the role of the Allies (notably the…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship. Leniency on Mischlinge. Kogon

The Theory and Practice of Hell, by Eugen Kogon. 2006

Forget the Death Camps: Low Survivorship in Many "Ordinary" Nazi Concentration Camps. Jews Not Necessarily Treated Worse Than Poles Eugen Kogon, the author or this book, was a left-wing German political prisoner at Buchenwald concentration camp. Throughout this book, he…

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Nazi Concentration Camps Low Survivorship Levi

Survival in Auschwitz, by Primo Levi. 1995

Death Camps Not Special: "Ordinary" Nazi German Concentration Camps Had 90%-98% Mortality. Animosities Between Western Jews and the OSTJUDEN. Italian Jew and author Primo Levi wasn't sent to or near the gas chambers and crematoria. Instead, he was diverted into forced labor…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles As Racial Enemies of the Third Reich. Rossino


Hitler Strikes Poland: Blitzkrieg, Ideology, and Atrocity, by Alexander B. Rossino. 2003

Similar German Attitudes to Poles and Jews. Leading Nazis Openly Rejected Christianity. “Poles Nazi-Sympathetic on Jews” Turned Around. Early Polokaust NAZISM ANTI-CHRISTIAN. MANY LEADING NAZIS HAD SPECIFICALLY REPUDIATED CHRISTIANITY Nowadays, Christianity is sometimes blamed for the Jewish…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies. Nazism anti-Christian. Rich


Holocaust Perpetrators of the German Police Battalions: The Mass Murder of Jewish Civilians, 1940-1942, by Ian Rich. 2018

No Polokaust Negationism: Nazi German Attitudes To Poles and Jews Were Very Similar. Nazi Killers Reject Religion: Do Not Blame Christianity For the Holocaust This work is largely Judeocentric, and its…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies To Be Exterminated. Black Market Facts. Warfield


Call to Witness: A Polish Chronicle, by Gaither and Hania Warfield. 1945

American Eyewitness German-Occupied Poland. Poles and Jews--No Dualism. Myths on Looting, Black Market, Blue Police, Debunked Author Gaither Warfield was the pastor of a Methodist Church in Poland, and Hania was his wife. Both were American citizens.…

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Nazis Treated Jews and Poles Similarly. Nazi Respect Polish Heroic Narrative. Winiewicz


Aims and Failures of the German "New Order", A Study, by J. M. Winiewicz. 1943

The DRANG NACH OSTEN. Nazis Admired Polish anti-Prussian Successes. The Early Polokaust: Largely Passive Genocide To avoid charges of pro-Polish bias, author Jozef Winiewicz bases his work almost entirely on German sources. (p. 1).…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies. A Final Solution For Poles After All. Breitman


The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution, by Richard Breitman. 1992

Victimhood Competition: Holocaust Vs. Polokaust. Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly Unfortunately, Breitman repeats the Nazi-propaganda canard of Poles killing several thousand Germans, at Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) as fact (p. 70). Otherwise, this book seems to be…

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Wannsee Clarified. All Jews Die a Myth. Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm. Rees

The Holocaust: A New History, by Laurence Rees. 2017

De-Mystifies the Holocaust. Implicitly Challenges Holocaust Preeminence and the All-Jews-Must-Die Argument for Holocaust Supremacism. Wannsee Demystified. Cold Water on Danish Jew-Rescue At the end of his book, Laurence Rees repeats the standard line about Jews being in the core of Nazi…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Comparative Victimhood Details. Fulbrook


A Small Town Near Auschwitz: Ordinary Nazis and the Holocaust, by Mary Fulbrook. 2012

Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly, and Showed It In Their Actions. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Once Treated Just Like Any Others' Collaboration This work centers on the Jews of Bedzin (Bendzin). It touches on pre-WWII…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Germans Persecute Catholic Church. Hlond


Persecution of the Catholic Church in German Occupied Poland, by August Hlond. 1941

The Early Polokaust: The Systematic Annihilation of Polish-Ness in the German-Occupied Territories Annexed to the Reich. Nazis Treated Jews and Poles Similarly Readers accustomed to think of Jews as the only victims of the Nazis are…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Both Jews and Poles Faced Abject German Terror. Huneke


The Moses of Rovno: The stirring story of Fritz Graebe, A German Christian who risked his life to lead hundreds of Jews to safety during the Holocaust, by Douglas K. Huneke. 1990

The Holocaust By Bullets. No Dividing the Dead: A "Good" German Affirms the Terror Experienced by Poles…

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Nazis Saw Jews and Poles Similarly. Germans Hated Poles More Than Jews! Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Kaplan


Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan, by Chaim Aron Kaplan, Abraham I. Katsch (Translator ). 1999

No Polish Quisling. Anti-Jewish Riots. Jewish Nazi Collaboration Confronted. Similar Nazi Attitudes Towards Poles and Jews. Early Polish Warnings of Shoah This classic if full of fascinating information. Its…

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Nazism Austrian Overabundance Clark

Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600–1947, by Christopher Clark. 2006

Austrians Were Not Even 10% of the Population of the Third Reich After the Anschluss, Yet Were 50% of Top Nazi Killers I first focus on WWII, and then move on to earlier periods. TOP NAZIS WERE…

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Nazism Leftwing Not Rightwing Goldberg

Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, by Jonah Goldberg. 2008

Nazism Was Left Not Right. Defining Fascism, Correcting Misconceptions, Focus on the Culture War, Allusions to Cultural Marxism, and Anticipating the Critics Having read this work, and those of the…

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Nazis Interested In Not Only Overseas Jews But Also Overseas Poles Burleigh


Germany Turns Eastwards: A Study of Ostforschung in the Third Reich, by Michael Burleigh. 1990

Anti-Polish Nazi German Propaganda Re-Used By Modern Holocaust Narratives. For Shame. Nazis Monitored Overseas Poles, and Not Only Overseas Jews as Told By the Media This work, which focuses on German scholars in the…

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Nazis Saw Jews AND Poles as Racial Enemies. Black


Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Ideological Soldier of the Third Reich: Ideological Soldier of the Third Reich, by Peter R. Black. 1984

No Mystification of Nazi Anti-Semitism: It was Comparable to Old Germano-Austrian Anti-Slavism This book is an excellent antidote to the usual tendency of portraying the Nazi hatred of Jews as…

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Mit Brennender Sorge: (With Burning Concern), by Pope Pius XI. 2018

Nazism Anti-Christian. MIT BRENNENDER SORGE Unequivocally Condemned Nazi Racism. It Affirmed the Equality of All Human Beings The encyclical of Pope Pius XI, MIT BRENNENDER SORGE (“With Deep Anxiety”), was issued on Passion Sunday, March 14, 1937. The reviewed…

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Nazism AntiChistian Steed

The Meaning of Hitlerism, by Wickham Steed. 1934

Especially Insightful on the Nazi Efforts to Re-Imagine and Redefine Christianity This book (review based on the original 1934 edition) is valuable, because it was written soon after Hitler came to power. Since it long predated WWII and the Holocaust, it offers…

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Nazism AntiChistian von Lang

Top Nazi: SS General Karl Wolff: The Man Between Hitler & Himmler, by Jochen von Lang, MaryBeth Friedrich (translator). 2005

Nazism anti-Christian. Nazism Did Not Promote Traditional Marriage. “Separate Peace” Fears No Valid Excuse For the Churchill-Roosevelt Sellout of Poland There is much more to this book than the life…

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Nazism AntiChistian Weikart

Hitler's Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich, by Richard Weikart. 2016

Hitler No Christian. Hitler the Pantheist (Essentially An Atheist). Hitler Redefines "God" One must understand this book in the context of the customary German guilt diffusion, in which blame for the Holocaust is shifted onto Christianity.…

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Nazism AntiChristian Lorimer

What Hitler Wants, by E.O.Lorimer. 1939

Nazism Anti-Christian. Nazism Before WWII. National Socialism as a Manifestation of Socialism This work has the advantage that it precedes WWII and the Holocaust, and so is not colored by these events. It does not spend much time on Nazi anti-Semitism. However, Hitler, in…

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Nationalism Polish Detailed Facts and History Chodakiewicz

Polska Dla Polakow! Kim Byli i Sa Polscy Narodowcy? by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Jolanta Mysiakowa-Muszynski, i Wojciech Muszynski. 2015. 

A One-Volume Encyclopedic Analysis of Polish Nationalism, Old and New. The Truth at Last. Endek Thinking is Demystified


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Polish Nationalism: Completely Unlike Fascism. Why Rooted In Catholicism. Grott

Nacjonalizm chrześcijański: narodowo-katolicka formacja ideowa w II Rzeczypospolitej na tle porównawczym, by Bogumił Grott. 2006

Polish Christian Nationalism Clarified and Demystified. Is Very Different From Fascism Title: CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM. In modern politically-correct times, nationalism has become a dirty word, unilaterally and thoughtlessly condemned as intolerant, and confused with fascism and…

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Nazism AntiChistian Bartlett

Nazi Germany Explained, by Vernon Bartlett. 1933

The Neo-Pagan Aspects of German Nazism, Far From Being Marginal, Were Having a Major Impact on German Thinking Already by 1933 The author provides an early-1930s British perspective on the Nazi movement in Germany. Owing to the fact that it long precedes WWII…

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Nazism AntiChistian Billinger

Hitler Is No Fool (Classic Reprint), by Karl Billinger (Pseudonym), Paul W. Massing. 2018

Insights into Nazi Anti-Christianity. “Grave Injustice of Versailles” Exculpation Fails. Pre-WWII German Designs on Poland My review is based on the original 1939 edition. Author Karl Billinger is identified as a young German now living in…

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Nazism AntiChistian Cardinal Faulhaber

Judaism, Christianity and Germany, by Cardinal Faulhaber, Rev. George D. Smith (Translator). 1934

German Catholic Cardinal Opposes the Anti-Christian and Hateful Aspects of Nazism Some atheists have falsely argued that the Church did not care about the Nazi persecution of Jews and other racial “undesirables”, and was anti-Nazi only insofar…

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Nazism AntiChistian Kersten

The Kersten Memoirs, 1940-1945, by Felix Kersten. 1992

Nazism Anti-Christian and Anti-Sexual-Morality. Was Heydrich Jewish? This review is based on the original (1957) edition. Felix Kersten, Himmler's personal physician, had numerous heart-to-heart conversations with him. Historian Trevor-Roper credits Kersten's intervention with the saving of the lives of 60,000 Jews (p.…

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Muslims in Old Poland Loyal Unlike Jews Bohdanowicz

Muslims in Poland, Their Origin, History, and Cultural Life, by Leon Bohdanowicz. 1942

Early Polish Muslims, Unlike the Jews, Were a Minority Group Very Faithful to Poland This was originally an article in the October 1942 issue of the JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY. It features Poland’s indigenous Muslims,…

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Mystification of Holocaust Extreme Example: Jan Blonski. Polonsky

My Brother's Keeper: Recent Polish Debates on the Holocaust, by Antony Polonsky (Editor). 1990

The Mystification of the Holocaust, by Jan Blonski, Taken to Rather Creative Extremes (Holocaustianity) WARNING: The reader of this book will experience a rather strong dose of the mystification of the Holocaust. It is part of…

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Narutowicz Assassination Early Politicized Krynski

Politics and Poetry: The Case of Julian Tuwim, by Magnus J. Krynski. 1973

Julian Tuwim and the Skamanders in the Light of Their Endek Critics. Endeks Were in No Sense Nazis or Nazi-Like. Early Politicization of the Narutowicz Assassination Author Magnus J. Krynski, attempts to defend Julian Tuwim from Endek…

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Narutowicz Assassination: A Minorities Bloc Provocation. Jewish Economic Dominance. Mendelsohn


The Jews of East Central Europe Between the World Wars, by Ezra Mendelsohn. 1987

The Minorities' Bloc, the Antecedent to the Narutowicz Assassination, Was Admittedly a Grave Provocation. Jewish Economic Hegemony: Why Endek-Led Boycotts Were Necessary Owing to the breadth of the topics covered by this work, my review…

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Narutowicz Assassination Politicized Blame Game Example Brykczynski

Primed For Violence: Murder, Antisemitism, and Democratic Politics in Interwar Poland, by Paul Brykczynski. 2016

A Revival of the Decades-Old Politicization of Political Assassinations. Obvious Parallels With Old Communist Propaganda

This book is telling nothing new. The authors whom Brykczynski admires or cites (p. xiii, pp. 202-208) are themselves instructive.…

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Minorities Can Be Wrong Efron

Ultra-Orthodoxy in Urban Governance in Israel, by Yosseth Shilhav. 1998

Minorities are Not Always Right. The Haredim, in the USA and Israel, and Public Policies. Implications for 1918 Minorities Treaty: Jews in Conflict With Poland This work does not provide many details about the positions of the haredim on various…

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Minorities Treaty 1918: A British Political Tool. Narutowicz Assassination Clarified. Giertych


Dmowski Czy Pilsudski?, by Maciej Giertych. 1995

Why Not Dmowski AND Pilsudski? Insights on the Much-Politicized Narutowicz Assassination DMOWSKI OR PILSUDSKI is the title of this Polish-language book. It contains helpful timelines of major events in the lives of both Dmowski and Pilsudski. (pp. 131-133). The author sees Dmowski…

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Minorities Treaty 1918 Expansive and Unworkable. Double Standards. Miller


My Diary at the Conference of Paris, With Documents, by David Hunter Miller. 1924

The Definitive Work on the So-Called Minorities Treaty (1918), and Its Expansive Provisions for Unprecedented Separatist Rights for Jews, at Poland's Expense This prodigious diary consists of 21 thick volumes. They feature the implications of…

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Modern Polish Nationalism DEFINITIVE MANIFESTO Bosak

Suwerenny Narod w XXI Wieku, by Krzysztof Bosak, Witold Tumanowicz, Michal Wawer, i Robert Winnicki. 2016

Fixing Poland: A Polish Nationalist Manifesto. The Many Ways That the European Union Has Harmed Poland. Polexit Needed THE SOVEREIGN NATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY: THE PROGRAM OF THE NATIONAL MOVEMENT, is the title…

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Monte Cassino Taken By Poles. Majdalany


Cassino: Portrait of a Battle (Cassell Military Classics), by Fred Majdalany. 2004

British Eyewitness: Poles Took Monte Cassino Author Majdalany begins with a history of the monastery at the top of Monte Cassino. The Benedictines put it there not only for religious purposes, but also because they realized that…

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Gassing Poles at Treblinka. Late Jewish Awareness of Holocaust. Why Poles Looted Jews. Zabecki


Wspomnienia Dawne i Nowe, by Franciszek Zabecki. 1977

Polish Underground Eyewitness Near Treblinka. The Polonophobic Myth of Poles Cheering Jewish Deaths. Local Poles, Driven By Destitution, Bought the Belongings of Murdered Jews RECOLLECTIONS OLD AND NEW is the title of this Polish-language book. Considering all the non-English Holocaust-related books…

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MAUS Pigs Exceptionally Abominable. Jewish Oral Law Tenuous Evidence. Steinsaltz


The Essential Talmud, by Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, Chaya Galai (Translator). 2006

The Jewish Abomination of Pigs—Far Stronger Than That Against Any Other TREYF (Non-Kosher) Animal. Poles=Pigs in MAUS: Inadvertent Implications This book, authored by Talmudic scholar Adin Steinsaltz, provides a useful general overview of Jewish beliefs and customs, notably…

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McCarthyism a Bogeyman. Molotov-Ribbentrop CP Flipflop. Horowitz


Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey, by David Horowitz. 1998

Jews in Communism, the McCarthyism Bogeyman, Political Correctness, and Cultural Marxism Owing to the fact that there already are many reviews that describe the main contents of this work, I do not repeat them. Instead, I focus on a few…

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Medical Schools Cadaver Affair 1920s Poland. Talmudic Racism. Bleich


Contemporary Halakhic Problems, by J. David Bleich. 1995

Jewish Teachings Behind the Medical-School “Cadaver Affair” in 1920s Poland (Jewish Medical Students Dissected Only Polish Cadavers): A Dual Morality Governing the Jewish Dead and the Non-Jewish Dead This work discusses many topics, of which I mention a few. There is…

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Minorities Can Be Wrong Effron

Real Jews: Secular Versus Ultra- Orthodox: The Struggle For Jewish Identity In Israel, by Noah J. Efron. 2003

Inadvertent Model for Polish-Jewish Relations: Pushy Minority Vs Majority Rather Than Aggrieved Minority Vs Intolerant Majority Although this is not a book on Jewish-Polish relations, I write this review from that vantage…

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Minorities Can Be Wrong Flanzbaum

The Americanization of the Holocaust, by Hilene Flanzbaum (Editor). 1999

Should Minority Groups Be Exempt From Criticism? Jews, Holocaust Preeminence, and The Politics Behind the Construction of the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) This anthology of articles emphasizes the Holocaust in literature and the arts. I focus on a…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Roosevelt’s Sycophantic Pro-Soviet Attitude Discerned. Lerski


Herbert Hoover and Poland: A Documentary History of a Friendship, by Jerzy J. Lerski. 1977

On Polonophile Herbert Hoover. Bogus 1918 Pogroms Unmasked. Insights into Capitalists Supporting Communists. Yalta Alternative History? This work details some of the deeds Herbert Hoover did for Poland. The reader soon realizes that they…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News Morgenthau


All In A Life-Time, by Henry Morgenthau Sr., 1922, 2007

1918-Era “Massive Pogroms in Poland” Fake News Debunked by Wilson-Administration Investigator Morgenthau. Pogrom an Orwellian Term. Both Sides Blamed for Polish-Jewish Antagonisms This review is limited to Jewish-American Morgenthau's 1919 mission to Poland (pp. 348-384) and his report on…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Haller’s Blue Army. Valasek


Haller's Polish Army in France, by Paul S. Valasek. 2006

WWI-Era Emerging Poland, the 1920 Polish-Soviet War, and the Media-Mythologized So-Called Pogroms. Polish Nobility Clarified This work informs the reader of many aspects of Haller's Army. It includes statistics, testimonies, descriptions of battles, reprints of 1920s-era reports, and much…

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MAUS Art Spiegelman Admits His Polonophobia Spiegelman


MetaMaus: A Look Inside a Modern Classic, by Art Spiegelman. 2011

Acclaimed and Widely-Read Author Art Spiegelman Openly Admits His Anti-Polish Bias in the Classroom-Used MAUS Art Spiegelman makes no effort to correct the falsifications of history in MAUS in this METAMAUS volume. Instead, Spiegelman advances the following rather…

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MAUS Major Polonophobic Memes Spiegelman


The Complete Maus (Maus #1-2), by Art Spiegelman. 2003

Distorts Basic Facts As Part of Its Pro-Jewish, Anti-Polish Narrative. Is Predictably Silent About Jews Killing Poles This highly regarded cartoon series has been widely used in the classroom, where only the highest standards of factuality should prevail, especially when…

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MAUS Pigs Irony: AntiSemites Once Called Jews Pigs–That Won’t Eat Their Own Relatives. Geis


Considering Maus: Approaches to Art Spiegelman's "Survivor's Tale" of the Holocaust, by Deborah R. Geis (Editor), et al. 2010

Ironic to Poles=Pigs Racism, Antisemites Once Called Jews Pigs. But Now It Is Just Fine to Call Poles Pigs This book is rather abstract in its text. Let us focus…

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Holocaust Exploited. Malign Equivalence and LEWACTWO. Alexander


With Friends Like These: The Jewish Critics of Israel, by Edward Alexander (Editor). 1992

This Israel-Centered Focus Has Inadvertent Implications for Polish-Jewish Relations. Implications of the Leftist Doctrine of Malign Equivalence Author Edward Alexander lumps the modern critics of Israel with past Jews who actually had advocated persecution of…

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Not Only ENIGMA: Many Polish WWII Espionage Achievements. Stirling


Intelligence Co-operation between Poland and Great Britain during World War II: The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee Volume 1, by Tessa Stirling (Editor). 2005

The Many Polish Espionage Successes in WWII. Poland's Reward? Betrayal The average reader not have imagined half of the information contained in this first…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Persistent Jewish Separatism. Corwin


The Political History of Poland, by Edward H. Lewinski-Corwin. 1917, 2015

Nowadays-Called Fake News of 30,000 Jews Killed By Poles (1918). [Like 200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles Fake News in 2018]. Jewish Separatism is What Caused Endek Anti-Semitism Lewinski-Corwin covers a lot of Polish history and, owing to…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Haller’s Blue Army. International Pogrom Hysteria. Haller


Józef Haller Pamietniki, by Józef Haller. 1964

Jozef Haller Refutes Jewish Accusations of Pogroms and Beard-Cutting By His Men. He is Beset By Confrontational Jewish Groups, and Gives Them a Sound Rebuff MEMOIRS WITH A SELECTION OF DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOGRAPHS is the title of this Polish-language book. To this…

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Massive Pogroms 1918 Fake News. Morgenthau Ostracized by Fellow Jews For Telling the Truth. Kapiszewski


Conflicts Across The Atlantic: Essays On Polish Jewish Relations In The United States During World War I And In The Interwar Years, by Andrzej Kapiszewski. 2004

Horrible Poland! Nowadays-Called Fake News of 30,000 Jews Killed By Poles (1918). [Like 200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles Fake News in 2018]

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Looting Normal Wartime Conduct Crawley


Escape From Germany, by Aidan Crawley. 2015

Universality of Looting—Not Some Kind of Polish Disease Aimed at Jews. Fascinating Details on The Great Escape This work includes fascinating information. But first some media distortions that needs correction: UNIVERSALITY OF LOOTING. NOT ONLY JEWS WERE VICTIMS Crawley’s fascinating work provides…

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Looting Normal Wartime Conduct–Even for the “Disciplined” Germans. Irving

The Destruction of Dresden, by David Irving. 1963

The Dresden Firestorm. Wartime Looting is Common in Wartime, and Has Nothing to Do With Poles and Jews! This book focuses on the mass fires raised by Allied bombing in February, 1945. The German death toll, cited in this 1963 book by…

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Looting Normal Wartime Conduct. Nazi-Soviet Anti-Polish Cooperation after 1941. Khrushchev


Khrushchev Remembers, by Nikita Khrushchev. 1970

Includes NKVD-Gestapo Cooperation, Initial Jewish Lack of Fear of Nazis, Normalcy of Wartime Looting (Not Only Poles From Jews), etc. This work focuses on personages. It requires a good deal of background knowledge to fully appreciate. I discuss a few matters. Nikita Khrushchev…

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Looting Robbery Not Only Jews Were Victims Szwajger


I Remember Nothing More: The Warsaw Children's Hospital and the Jewish Resistance, by Adina Blady Szwajger. 1992

Not Only Fugitive Jews: Poles, Too, Were Subject to Robbery. Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Irony The author's work as a nurse gave way to that of a courier girl during the Warsaw Ghetto…

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Looting Wartime Jews Massively Robbed Palestinians Segev

1949 the First Israelis, by Tom Segev. 2018

Looting Was No More a Polish Disease Than it Was a Jewish Disease. Implications of the Deir Yassin Massacre. Early Israel and Communism—Their Relationship There is more to this eye-opening book that Palestinian-Israeli relations: LOOTING: A COMMON OCCURRENCE. JEWS DID IT TOO…

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Looting Jews Rob Deported Jews. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Klonicki


The Diary of Adam's Father, by Aryeh Klonicki, Avner Tomaschoff (Translator), Malwina Klonicki. 1973

Jews, Like Poles, Helped Themselves to the Belongings of Nazi-Murdered Jews. Grave Robbery: Jews as Well as Poles Aryeh (Leon) Klonitski (Klonicki), towards the end of the book, provides the reader some background on his…

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Looting: Jews Rob Poles. “All Jews Must Die” Argument Demonstrably False. Berg


The Diary of Mary Berg: Growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto, by Mary Berg, Norbert Guterman (Translator), Susan Lee Pentlin (Introduction), S.L. Shneiderman (Editor), Sylvia Glass (Translator). 2007

Looting a Common Wartime Event, Not Something That "Poles Did to Jews". Holocaust Uniqueness Argument (Universal Targeting of Jews) Clearly Invalid

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Looting Jews Rob Poles. Late Jewish Awareness of Holocaust. Katz


Gone to Pitchipoi: A Boy's Desperate Fight for Survival in Wartime, by Rubin Katz. 2013

Looting and Grave Robbery: Jews Also Did it to Poles. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust By way of introduction, the title "Gone to Pitchipoi", is based on a Yiddish phrase that means, "Gone…

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Looting Jews. Selling Post-Jewish Belongings. Why Poles Did It: Wartime Demoralization. Strong


I Saw The New Poland, by Anna Louise Strong. 1946

Extreme Wartime Brutalization Accounts For Poles Denouncing Jews As Well As "Polish Greed" for Post-Jewish Properties The only redeeming value of this pro-Communist post-WWII book [Review based on original 1946 edition] is its description of the aftereffects of the…

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Looting Murder Postwar Not Only of Jews. Unreliability of Soviet Archives. Naimark


The Establishment Of Communist Regimes In Eastern Europe, 1944-1949, by Norman M. Naimark (Editor). 1998

30,000 Poles Murdered During Forced Communization. Soviet Archives Unreliable. Looting and Murder All Around, and Not Just Something Poles Did to Jews This work has a chapter on almost every eastern European country. However,…

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Like Jews Like Endeks DEFINITIVE WORK Hart

Social Science and the Politics of Modern Jewish Identity, by Mitchell Hart. 2000

The Otherization of the Jews. Pre-Nazi Essentialist, and Even Racial, Views of Jews Held by Jews Themselves! The author, Hart, identifies himself as Jewish. (p. viii). By way of introduction, "As we shall see, just how to…

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Like Jews Like Endeks Deutsch

The Jewish Dark Continent: Life and Death in the Russian Pale of Settlement, by Nathaniel Deutsch. 2011

Some Jewish Self-Criticism. Jewish Anti-Christianity. Jews Are An Indelibly Oriental People (Confirms Endeks) Consistent with the premise that the Jew answers every question with another question (p. 1), the bulk of this work…

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Like Jews Like Endeks Yiddishist Prylucki Weiser

Jewish People, Yiddish Nation: Noah Prylucki and the Folkists in Poland, by Kalman Weiser. 2011

Endek Mirror-Image. Poland's Jews: The "Other", a Nation-Within-Nation, a VOLK (Quasi-Race). Jewish Soul is Not Polish Soul. Polonized Jews Retain Jewish--Not Polish--Spirit This book is much more than a biography of long-term Yiddishist activist Noah…

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Liquor PROPINACJA Exploits Peasants Dynner

Yankel's Tavern, by Glenn Dynner. 2013

PROPINACJA: Poland’s Jews and the Liquor Trade—A Very Lucrative Trade—Which Jews Performed and Jews Were Not Forced Into The author has written a fascinating study that exhibits an obvious attempt at even-handedness. However, in common with many works on this subject, it treats Jews…

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Litvak Self Otherized a Tool of Russia Wynot

Warsaw Between the World Wars, by Edward D. Wynot Jr.. 1983

The Litvak (Litwak) "Other" in Warsaw, a Tool of the Russian Oppressors of Poland This scholarly book, obviously not for the casual reader, packs an astonishing amount of information into a relatively small volume. THE JEWS BECOME A TOOL…

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Looting Jews Rob Deported Jews. Jewish Ghetto Police Could Disobey The Germans. Bender


The Jews of Bialystok During World War II and the Holocaust, by Sara Bender, Yaffa Murciano (Translator). 2008

Jews (and Not Only Poles) Looted Deported Jews. Germans Apprehended Fugitive Jews Without Locals' Help. Bialystok-Area Jews Didn't Support Poles' 1863 Insurrection Israeli historian Sara Bender traces the life of Bialystok's…

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Kresy Rightfully Polish. Then-Low Ukrainian National Consciousness. Grabski


Polish-Soviet Frontier, by Stanislaw Grabski. 1944

The Case For the Kresy Rightfully Belonging to Poland Stanislaw Grabski summarizes the Polish claims to the Kresy. Besides the Polish cultural dominance and significant ethnic Polish minority status, the Polish presence in the Kresy, and further east, is illustrated by the large…

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Latin Civilization Poland. Plurality of Civilizations Classic. Koneczny


The Plurality of Civilizations, by Feliks Koneczny. 1935, 1962

A Fascinating Taxonomy of Civilizations. Poland is the Eastern Output of Latin Civilization This work, originally published in 1935 in Polish and reprinted in this 1962 English-language edition, contrasts with the "all peoples are basically the same" thinking of modern…

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LEWACTWO Egregious Example. Fascist! Fascist! Fascist! Minkenberg


The Radical Right in Eastern Europe: Democracy Under Siege?, by Michael Minkenberg. 2017

Tells Us More About Far-Left Ideology Than About the “Radical Right” Bogeyman in Eastern Europe The author gets one thing right as he admits that, “In the research on the radical right, definitions of right-wing radicalism…

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LEWACTWO Egregious Example. Media Darling Pankowski


Populist Radical Right in Poland: The Patriots, by Rafal Pankowski. 2010

A Far-Left Operative With Ties to the Notorious SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) Pankowski is idolized by the media as some kind of exquisite authority figure on (what else?) hate in Poland. He has ties to the SPLC…

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Like Jews Like Endeks Poland Was Bad Hypocrisy Aleksiun

Polin, Volume 29, by Natalie Aleksiun, Brian Horowitz, and Antony Polonsky (eds.) 2017

Includes Insights into Jewish Endek-Mirror-Image Attitudes; the Bund; Jews Flee the USSR for Poland (Anti-Semitism Hypocrisy); and the POLIN Museum in Warsaw Like other volumes of the POLIN series, this one is often a mile wide and…

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Kielce Pogrom Soviet Staged. Zydokomuna are Real Jews. Poles and June 1967 War. Irwin Zarecka


Neutralizing Memory: Jew in Contemporary Poland, by Iwona Irwin-Zarecka (Editor). 1990

Loaded Title: WHOSE Memory is Being Neutralized? Kielce Soviet-Staged. Poles and June 1967 War The title of this book is biased. It implies that a neutralization of Jewish memory had taken place. This is nonsense. Neutralization is not…

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Vienna 1683: King John Sobieski’s Victory Saves Europe From the Muslims. Slocombe


History of Poland, by George Slocombe. 1981

Broad-Based Polish History Through the Start of WWII. Especially Good on King John Sobieski and His Victory at Vienna. Major Challenges Facing the Newly-Resurrected Polish State (1918-on) This book is very “meaty”. Having read numerous works on the history of Poland, I…

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Kol Nidre Vows To Humans and Not Only to God Affirmed Gershon


Kol Nidrei: Its Origin, Development & Significance, by Stuart Weinberg Gershon. 1977

Talmudic Origins of KOL NIDREI. Medieval Jews Did Understand KOL NIDREI in Relation to Vows Before Courts and Governments, Not Just Vows Before God My review is based on the 1994 edition. This work is filled with…

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Kresy Ancient Polishness. Armstrong


Nations Before Nationalism, by John Alexander Armstrong. 2011

Poles Were Not Recent Arrivals in the (Former) Kresy: An Ancient Polish Presence in Present-Day Ukraine My review is based on the 1982 edition. This work is less about nations and early nationalism, and more about history in general. The author…

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Kresy Communist Genocide Details Jasiewicz

Zagłada Polskich Kresów: Ziemianstwo Polskie Na Kresach Północno-Wschodnich Rzeczypospolitej Pod Okupacją Sowiecka 1939-1941, by Krzysztof Jasiewicz. 1998


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Kresy Confiscation Real Reason a Weakened Poland Kemp-Welch


Stalinism in Poland, 1944-56: Selected Papers from the Fifth World Congress of Central and East European Studies, Warsaw, 1995, by A Kemp-Welch (Editor). 1990

Kresy Confiscated: Real Reason Was a Weaker Poland. Collective Farming, Under the Soviet-Imposed Communist Puppet, Encounters Successful Polish Resistance This work has many papers. Owing…

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Early Polish Warnings of Holocaust Praised. Kielce Pogrom Soviet-Staged Clue. Giladi


Ben-Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews, by Naeim Giladi. 2006

Did David Ben Gurion Ignore Polish Warnings on Doomed Jews? The Kielce Pogrom: Part of a Larger Terrorize-the-Jews Communist-Zionist Program? Naeim Giladi presents a variety of information on the conduct of David Ben Gurion, and…

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Kielce Pogrom Essential Facts and Coverup. Kakolewski

Umarly Cmentarz, by Krzysztof Kąkolewski. 2008

Kielce Pogrom Coverup, Secrecy, and Long-Term Tool in Propaganda Against Poland THE CEMETERY THAT DIED is the English-language translation of this Polish-language book (review based on the 2004 edition). The title refers to a cemetery in Kielce, where Jewish and Polish victims of Nazism…

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Kielce Pogrom Inconvenient Facts Sledzianowski

Pytania Nad Pogromem Kieleckim, by Jan Sledzianowski. 1998

Kielce Plot Thickens: Agent Provocateurs in Action. Long-Term Death Threats Against the Onetime "Kidnapped Boy". Greatly Exaggerated Participants and Onlookers (Surprise) QUESTIONS ABOUT THE KIELCE POGROM is the title of this Polish-language work. The author, Jan Sledzianowski, is a Catholic priest who…

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Kielce Pogrom Jews Steal Children Some Factual Basis. Wiacek


Zabic Zyda: Kulisy i Tajemnica Pogromy Kieleckiego 1946, by Tadeusz Wiacek. 1996

So-Called Kielce Pogrom: Much Not Known. "Jews Steal Children" Factual, and Not Just an Atavistic Medieval Legend KILL THE JEW! SCENES AND SECRETS OF THE 1946 KIELCE POGROM, is the title of this Polish-language work. [Review based…

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Kielce Pogrom Soviet Staged Chodakiewicz

After the Holocaust, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. 2003

Kielce Pogrom: Soviet Staging Indicators. Jews as Well as Poles Engaged in Collectivist Reprisals in Which Innocent People Were Killed The imposition of a Soviet puppet government was a painful chapter in Poland's history. In response to the usual anti-Polish bias of…

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Katyn Was Genocide. Other Soviet Communist Genocides. Holocaust Supremacism Repudiated. Glaser


Victims of Politics: The State of Human Rights, by Kurt Glaser and Stefan T. Possony. 1979

Katyn Was a Form of Genocide--As Recognized By These German Scholars. No Dichotomizing of the Holocaust and the Many Other (Seldom-Mentioned) Genocides German authors Glaser and Possony present, in this one volume, a…

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Katyn Was Genocide Szonert

Katyn: State-Sponsored Extermination, by Maria Szonert. 2012

Katyn, According to National Law, Definitely Qualifies as Genocide There are many books on the Katyn massacre. [See the Peczkis Listmania: THE KATYN MASSACRE...] This one stands out, providing an up-to-date account of Katyn and its understanding on the international scene. It also…

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Khmelnitsky Pogrom Greatly Exaggerated Petrovsky-Shtern

Polin Vol. 26, by Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern and Antony Polonsky (eds.) 2014

Includes Especial Insight into the Large-Scale Jewish Complicity in the HOLODOMOR. On Another Subject, the 17th-Century Khmelnitsky Pogrom Has Been Greatly Exaggerated This book spans ancient times to the present, and focuses on historical, social, political, and literary events.…

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Kielce Pogrom Circumstantial Evidence. Jewish Candor on Zydokomuna. Checinski


Poland, Communism, nationalism, anti-semitism, by Michael Checinski. 1982

So-Called Kielce Pogrom: Circumstantial Evidence Points to Soviet Involvement of Some Kind The tale of the Kielce Pogrom is well known. Someone started a rumor that a Polish boy had been kidnapped by Jews and killed for his blood to be…

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Kielce Pogrom Circumstantial Evidence For Soviet Guilt. Mikolajczyk


The Rape of Poland: Pattern of Soviet Aggression, by Stanislaw Mikolajczyk. 1948, 2010

Kielce Pogrom Staging: The Circumstantial Evidence. Why Poles Were Not Thrilled When Holocaust-Surviving Jews Came Back to Reclaim Their Property This work is a classic. I focus on a few issues that have relevance to this…

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Kielce Pogrom Circumstantial Evidence Wat


My Century, by Aleksander Wat, Richard Lourie (Translator), Czesław Miłosz (Foreword). 2003

Anti-Semitism (What Else?) in Anders Army Debunked. Kielce Pogrom Staged: Circumstantial Evidence. Red=Brown Affirmed The author, a Jewish Communist, had a large number of opinions of various prominent individuals and nationalities. Since the reader is likely to…

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Katyn Few Jewish Victims. Classicide: Communist Class Warfare Against Poles. Jasiewicz


Lista Strat Ziemianstwa Polskiego 1939-1956, by Krzysztof Jasiewicz. 1995

Few Jews Murdered at Katyn. A Catalogue of the Polish Landed Gentry, With Data on Their Murderers A LIST OF THE LOSSES OF POLISH LANDED PROPRIETORS 1939-1956, is the title of this Polish-language scholarly work. In the supplement volume, there…

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Katyn. Old Forensic Findings Reaffirmed. For Decades British Refused Justice For Poland. Gould


Disaster Archaeology, by Richard A. Gould. 2007

Modern Forensics Re-Confirms Soviet Guilt For Katyn. British Still More Interested in Pleasing Communists Than Doing Justice to Poland--Even Decades After WWII! Native Americans (Indians)--The Facts Fail the Cultural Marxists This work raises many topics, two of which I emphasize here. It…

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Katyn Jewish Complicity Montefiore


Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, by Simon Sebag Montefiore. 2005

Crucial Jewish Complicity in the GULAGS, and in the Decision to Murder Tens of Thousands of Polish Officers at Katyn The author, a Briton of Jewish descent, minces no words about the Zydokomuna (Judeo-Bolshevism). One of the…

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Katyn Jewish Complicity Rees


Iron Lazar: A Political Biography of Lazar Kaganovich, by E.A. Rees. 2012

Lazar Kaganovich: The Chief of Stalin’s Willing Executioners. Highly Complicit in the Holodomor, Great Terror, and Katyn Massacre This work presents a great deal of information not only on leading Communist personages, but also on the functioning…

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Katyn Was Genocide. Unpunished Communist Murderers. Grave Looting. Kaczorowska


Children of the Katyn Massacre: Accounts of Life After the 1940 Soviet Murder of Polish POWs, by Teresa Kaczorowska. 2006

Katyn Was Genocide. Poles and Jews: Multiple Double Standards. Grave Robbery at Katyn Wes Adamczyk, who wrote the Foreward of this book, provides more historical detail than just about…

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Judeopolonia: PostWWII. Ben Gurion


Ben Gurion Looks Back In Talks with Moshe Pearlman, by Moshe Pearlman and David Ben-Gurion. 1965

Ben Gurion Pro-Russian and Polish-Averse. Later, a British-Proposed Post-WWII Judeopolonia (East Prussia) There are many subjects raised in this book, and I focus on two distinctive ones. By way of introduction, David Ben…

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Judeopolonia: During WWI. Bodenheimer


Prelude to Israel, by Max Bodenheimer. 1963

No anti-Semitic Imagination: Zionist Bodenheimer Speaks: A WWI-Era German-Ruled Judeopolonia! This work includes Bodenheimer's conversations with fellow Zionists such as Teodor Herzl and Max Nordau, his ideas about such developments as the Jewish farming colony in Argentina, his interactions with top…

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Judeopolonia WWI Kielce Pogrom Pogonowski

Jews in Poland, by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski. 1998

The Reality of a WWI Judeopolonia. The Soviet-Staged Kielce Pogrom: Why and How This 1998 edition contains several articles not found in the original hardback edition. The authors trace many mischaracterizations of Polish-Jewish history in the American press. The informed reader can…

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Katyn Aerial Photography Alone Debunks Russian Apologists. Fox


God's Eye: Aerial Photography and the Katyn Forest Massacre, by Frank Fox. 1999

Aerial Photography Alone Debunks the Soviet Blame-Shifting to Germans. Jewish Victims of Katyn This work honors the work of Polish-American photo-interpreter Waclaw Godziemba-Maliszewski, whose painstaking work was exploited by others without proper attribution or credit. Aerial…

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Katyn: A Detailed American’s Analysis. The Sikorski “Accident”. Paul


Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Triumph of Truth, by Allen Paul. 2010

Katyn Was Genocide. The Sikorski Airplane “Accident”. Kresy Misconceptions Need Correction Allen Paul not only discusses the genocidal Katyn massacre itself in considerable detail, but also gives a thorough review of Polish history in WWII and the…

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Katyn as Genocide Affirmed By General Wladyslaw Anders. Soviet Guilt Stands. Stahl


The Crime of Katyn: Facts and Documents, by Zdzislaw Stahl. 1965

General Anders Affirms Katyn as Genocide. Document-Filled Book a Boon to Scholars This English-language version was originally scheduled for publication in 1948, but wasn’t actually published until 1965, the 25th anniversary of the crime. General Wladyslaw Anders, who…

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Judeopolonia: Early Jewish Proposals. Mandel


The Militant Messiah: Or, The Flight From The Ghetto: The Story Of Jacob Frank And The Frankist Movement, by Arthur Mandel. 1979

Ennobled Jews. Russian Mystics Also Accused of Ritual Murder. Early Judeopolonia. Two-Way Polish-Jewish Prejudices This work provides a fine introduction not only to Jacob Frank and the…

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Judeopolonia: Example From Jewish Fiction. Holocaust a Political Weapon. Roth


Operation Shylock: A Confession, by Philip Roth. 1994

A Jewish Version of Jews Massively Moving Back to Poland, and Potentially Forming a Ruling Class (Judeopolonia) Many reviews already describe the main features of this book, and my review tackles it from a different angle. By way of introduction, some…

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Judeopolonia Model: Birobidzhan. Maroney


The Other Zions: The Lost Histories of Jewish Nations, by Eric Maroney. 2009

Soviet Birobidzhan as an Inadvertent Model for Judeopolonia Owing to the many topics addressed by this book, I focus on only a few, and, unlike the author, assess the significance of Birobidzhan beyond its immediate impact.…

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Judeopolonia Model: Birobidzhan. Weinberg

Stalin's Forgotten Zion: Birobidzhan and the Making of a Soviet Jewish Homeland: An Illustrated History, 1928-1996, by Weinberg. 1998

A Jewish Nation-Within-Nation (Birobidzhan) Did Happen. So Obviously a Jewish Nation-Within-Nation (Judeopolonia) Could Also Have Happened Birobidzhan is a territory, in the Soviet Far East, near the Sino-Soviet border, which became…

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Judeopolonia: Nazi German Lublin Reservation. Nazis Long Retained Jewish Bankers. Chernow


The Warburgs, by Ron Chernow. 1993

Cemeteries are Not Eternal; Lublin Reservation Judeopolonia. German Guilt Diffusion: No Valid Dichotomy Between Germans and Nazis. Nazi Leniency on German Bankers. German "Repentance" Insincere

Author Ron Chernow makes many Jewish-exculpatory statements with regards to the Warburgs,…

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JUDENRAT Opposed Jewish Flight and Fight. Ewa Kurek Correct. Cholawsky

The Jews of Bielorussia [Belarus] During World War II, by Shalom Cholawski, Yehuda Bauer (Foreword), Shalom Cholawsky. 1997

The Ambivalent Attitude, of the JUDENRAETE, to Jewish Flight From the Ghettos, and To Fighting the Nazis. Media-Criticized Polish Scholar Ewa Kurek Was Right This book has a rather anti-Polish tone. However,…

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Judeopolonia Advocated By Jews Themselves! Wysocki


Zydzi w Dziejach Polski, by Stanislaw Wysocki. 1995

Candor on Jewish Disloyalty to Poland. The Possibility of Judeopolonia Was Very Real: Some Jews Openly Advocated a Judeopolonia JEWS IN THE DEALINGS OF POLAND is the title of this Polish language book. It starts with the beginnings of the Jewish…

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Judeopolonia Out of Bialystok 1918. Outright Jewish Sedition. Kobrin


Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora, by Rebecca Kobrin. 2010

An Attempted Literal Judeopolonia Out of Bialystok. Organized Jewish Disloyalty to Poland in 1918-1920 Although this work is centered on the Jews of Bialystok, it is useful to the reader for understanding the situation facing Jews in Russian-occupied Poland. Less…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration is a Legitimate Issue. It Was Confronted At One Time Stauber


The Holocaust in Israeli Public Debate in the 1950s: Ideology and Memory, by Roni Stauber. 2007

When Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis Was Grappled-With, Before It Became Excused and Explained Away My review is based on this 2007 English-language edition. The original edition had come out in 2000 in…

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JUDENRAT Congeniality to Germans. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Hilberg


The Politics of Memory: The Journey of a Holocaust Historian, by Raul Hilberg. 2002

Squarely Faces Jewish Congeniality to the Germans--Even Nazi Germans. Hilberg Implicitly Confronts German Guilt Diffusion for the Holocaust This work is semi-autobiographical in nature. It provides insights into how the Jewish author Hilberg developed and…

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JUDENRAT Early Model Tsarist Khappers. Solzhenitsyn Correct. Emerging Jewish Intelligentsia Anti-Polish. Stanislawski


Tsar Nicholas I and the Jews: The transformation of Jewish society in Russia, 1825-1855, by Michael Stanislawski. 1983

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn Was Right: Jews at First Generally Resisted Modernization, and Then Became Separatist (Jews as Nationality). Khappers: An "Early Judenrat" in Tsarist Russia When Tsar Nicholas I reigned (1825-1855), Poland…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Stock Exculpations Rejected. German Contrition Doubted. Arendt


The Jewish Writings, by Hannah Arendt, Jerome Kohn (Editor), Ron H. Feldman (Editor). 2007

”We’re All Eichmanns” German Guilt Dilution Repudiated. German Contrition Insincere. Judenrat Nazi Collaboration Exculpations Rejected Hannah Arendt’s Shoah-related statements are unwelcome to many, and, for this reason, she has been delegitimized by being called “only…

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JUDENRAT High-Level Collaboration Detailed. Inconsistent Nazi Killings of Jewish Laborers. Railroad Holocaust-Priority Myth. Silberklang


Gates of Tears, by David Silberklang. 2014

Squarely Faces Jewish-Nazi Collaboration in Significant Detail. Mischaracterizes Jedwabne and the JUDENJAGD (Hunt for the Jews) This work covers all phases of the German occupation of Poland, and its effect on Jews. It is best suited for the Holocaust-familiar reader. THE INTENSITY…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration SS Patronage Kasztner. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Bogdanor


Kasztner's Crime, by Paul Bogdanor. 2016

Jewish Complicity in the Holocaust: The JUDENRAT, and Nazi-Collaborator and Deceiver Kasztner—Exonerated by Platitudes. Hungarian Jews Long in Denial About the Unfolding Holocaust Equal justice for all peoples is my main concern, with no double standards for Jewish and non-Jewish collaborators with the…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Kasztner Inexcusable. Germans Buy Jewish Favor. Hecht


Perfidy, by Ben Hecht. 1961

German Guilt Diffusion and Rudolf Kasztner's Jewish-Nazi Collaboration This work indicts both non-Jewish and especially Jewish leaders (e. g. Yitzhak Gruenbaum: p. 50, 258) for having failed to have alleviated the Holocaust. THE CONVENIENT “SELF-HATING JEW” ACCUSATION AGAINST THE AUTHOR Hecht's critics do the…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Obey-or-Die Exculpation False. Goda

Jewish Histories of the Holocaust, by Norman J. W. Goda (Editor). 2014

Not Instant Death for Jewish Ghetto Police Disobeying German Orders to Ship Jews to the Death Camps

The reflexive response to Hannah Arendt (EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM), on the excessive obedience of the JUDENRAETE and Jewish Ghetto Police to…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans. Judenrat Were Rascals and Promoters of German Lies. Tenenbaum


Zloczow Memoir: 1939-1944 a Chronicle of Survival, by Samuel Tennenbaum. 2001

The “Jews Had It Bad in Poland” Myth. Not Only Poles: Jews Looted Too. Jewish Nazi Collaboration. Hitler and Big Capitalism: The Facts This book touches on many issues related to Polish-Jewish relations and of general interest. For…

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JUDENRAT a Decisive If Not Crucial Help to Germans In Holocaust Zuckerman

A Surplus of Memory, by Yitzhak "Antek" Zuckerman. 1993

Eyewitness Author Refutes the Notion That Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Had an Insignificant Outcome on the German-made Holocaust. The Polish Blue Police and the Jewish Ghetto Police: No Double Standard on German-Serving Poles and German-Serving Jews!  This work presents a wealth of information.…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Arendt Answers Her Critics. Jews Not Totally Powerless. Baehr


The Portable Hannah Arendt, by Hannah Arendt, Peter Baehr (Editor). 2003

Hannah Arendt--"Only a Philosopher" Owing to Her Unwelcome Findings on Jewish-Nazi Collaboration, Shows a Clearly Sophisticated Understanding of It, Putting Her Critics in Their Place Evidently, for some, whenever you dislike the message, go after the messenger. In…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Zeal And Cruelty Condemned. Abba Kovner Iconoclasm. Schonfeld


The Holocaust Victims Accuse, by Moshe Schonfeld. 1977

1933 Boycott. Questionable Zionist Actions. JUDENRAT Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Unequivocally Condemned Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld has written a hard-hitting book, one that inadvertently undermines many of the canons of modern Holocaust education. While he does repeat stereotyped criticisms of Christians, the Vatican, etc.,…

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JUDENRAT Collaboration Once Single and Now Double Standards Jockusch


Jewish Honor Courts: Revenge, Retribution, and Reconciliation in Europe and Israel After the Holocaust, by Laura Jockusch (Editor), Gabriel Finder, et al. 2015

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis: How Jews Once Tried to Deal With It. Jewish anti-Christian Teachings A Jewish honor court was one that determined whether a…

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Arendt and Edelman Censored. JUDENRAT Collaboration Exculpated. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Overhyped. Zertal


Israel's Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood, by Idith Zertal. 2005

The Legacy of the Holocaust on Israeli Society. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. The Kafr Qasim Massacre This work focuses on the Holocaust as the raison d’etre of the State of Israel. It discusses Holocaust survivors, Israel’s wars with her neighbors…

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JUDENRAT Big Help Perhaps Crucial Help to Germans Classic. Full-Blown Polokaust Next. Arendt


Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, by Hannah Arendt. 1963

A "Controversial" Work Because It Told the Inconvenient Truth About Not-Always-Coerced Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis This classic provides a wealth of information, and upends many of the Holocaust myths that have accreted in the…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans Arendt Clarified MacDonald

Discriminations: Essays and Afterthoughts, by Dwight MacDonald. 1974

Hannah Arendt Clarified on Jewish Nazi Collaboration. Polish Historian Ewa Kurek is Correct, Notably on Some Jews Turned Over, By Jewish Leaders, for Death This is an anthology of essays by Dwight Macdonald, and I focus exclusively on his analysis of Hannah…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans. Only Gradual Jewish Realization of Unfolding Holocaust. Gutman

Patterns of Jewish Leadership in Nazi Europe, 1933-1945, by Yisrael Gutman (Editor). 1979

The Judenrat and the Jewish Ghetto Police: Various Motives of Jews Serving the Nazis. Same is Applicable to Polish Denouncers and Killers of Fugitive Jews

The highlight of this book, on Jewish leadership and the Shoah, is…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans: Power and Control. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Lubetkin


In the Days of Destruction and Revolt, by Zivia Lubetkin, Yehiel Yanay (Editor), Ishai Tubbin (Translator). 1981

Jewish Nazi Collaboration: No Softening the Blow. Jews Slow to Accept Fact of Holocaust. No Denouncers Needed: Germans Found Fugitive Jews Directly Themselves The author provides much detail on Jewish political movements…

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JUDENRAT Big Help to Germans. Make Deportations Possible. Find Jewish Hideouts. No Exculpations. Ringelblum


Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto, by Emmanuel Ringelblum. 1952, 2006

Candor on Jewish-Nazi Collaboration and Its Big Help to the Germans in the Holocaust. The Canned Serve-or-Die Exculpation Fails This volume, written by a Jewish historian in hiding during the Shoah, is full of interesting information. IN THE FIRST…

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Journalism and Jews Segel

Stranger in Our Midst: Images Of The Jew In Polish Literature, by Harold B. Segel (Editor). 2015

Journalism and Jews: Pre-WII Disrespect Towards Polish Catholicism This book is not one that analyzes images of the Jew in Poland per se. Rather, it is an anthology of otherwise-disconnected separate articles about…

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Judaism Christianity At Odds. Jews Not Older Brothers in the Faith. Confronting Talmudic Racism. Berger

Persecution, Polomic, and Dialogue, by David Berger. 2010

Judaism and Christianity Are Fundamentally Incompatible. Includes Detailed Analysis of Rabbi Ha-Meiri’s Attempts to Confront Talmudic Antigoyism, and to Disavow It Relative to Christians This work is packed with much interesting information. For instance, the term MINIM probably referred mainly to Jewish…

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Judaism Christianity Fundamentally Incompatible Chazan

Fashioning Jewish Identity in Medieval Western Christendom, by Robert Chazan. 2003

A Doctrine-Based Analysis of Jewish-Christian Religious Disputes in the Middle Ages. TOLEDOT YESHU anti-Christian Author Robert Chazan begins with an introduction to early Christianity. He acknowledges the sometimes-denied fact that TOLDOT YESHU (TOLEDOT YESHU) was in fact a derogatory…

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Judaism Christianity Incompatible. Jewish Legalism Details. Fine


Judaism in Practice: From the Middle Ages Through the Early Modern Period, by Lawrence Fine (Editor). 2001

Medieval Jews in Often-Creative Antagonism Towards Christianity This work covers many topics, and has a few chapters on women in Judaism. It has sections dealing with the life cycle, Torah and learning,…

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Judaism NonPersecutory No Credit to Jews Brown

Confronting Scandal: How Jews Can Respond When Jews Do Bad Things, by Erica Brown. 2010

The Long History of Jewish Nonviolence Is Not Necessarily of Moral Credit to the Jews This book examines such things as Jewish gangsters in early 20th century USA, financial scandals involving Jews (e. g, Bernie…

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Judaism NonPersecutory No Credit to Jews Laursen

Beyond the Persecuting Society: Religious Toleration Before the Enlightenment, by John Christian Laursen (Editor), Cary J. Nederman (Editor). 1997

Judaism Non-Persecutory By No Choice. Medieval Rabbi Moses Maimonides, a Progressive for His Time: Punish Christians as Idolaters! This work consists of a series of essays on the subject of religious…

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Journalism and Jews Dresner

Can Families Survive in Pagan America?, by Samuel H. Dresner. 1995

A Jewish View of the Breakdown of the American Family. Sabbatianism. Inadvertent Insights into 1936 Cardinal Hlond on Jews and Morality Rabbi Dresner points to the divine origins of the family. He also gives the reader a sense of…

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Journalism and Jews Gordon

Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin (Expanded Edition), by Mel Gordon. 2006

Weimar Berlin: The Sodom on the Spree, and the HAUPTSTADT of Commercial Sex (p. 108) Author Mel Gordon is identified as professor of theater arts at the University of Berkeley in California. (p. 305). This book…

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Journalism and Jews Hamerow

Remembering a Vanished World: A Jewish Childhood in Interwar Poland, by Theodore S. Hamerow. 2001

Crushing Peasant Poverty Explains Polish "Greed" For Post-Jewish Properties. Why Jewish Influence on Polish Culture Was Seen as Harmful Although Hamerow left Poland when he was ten years old, he manages to recreate pre-Holocaust Poland…

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Journalism and Jews Marcus

The Rise And Destiny Of The German Jew. With A Postmortem, by Jacob Rader Marcus.

Includes a Lucid, Detailed Summary of Reasons for the Nazi German Position on Jews. Goebbels: West’s Concern for Jews Was Hypocritical This book was published in 1934, just after Hitler had come to power. It…

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Journalism and Jews Prager

Why the Jews?: The Reason for Antisemitism, by Dennis Prager.

The Cynicism of Many Influential Jews, and Its Impact on Journalism, Academia, and the Entertainment Industry. Communism, Weimar Germany, USA. Why Polononophobia This work is a curious mixture of the very astute and the very superficial. I focus on a…

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NSZ. Jew Killing WWII By Poles–When Real–Was Justified. Forged Communist Documents. Zebrowski

Narodowe Sily Zbrojne: Dokumenty, Struktury, Personalia (3 Volumes), by Leszek Zebrowski. 1994

  The Polish Underground NSZ--Dealing With Communist and Jewish Propaganda This Polish-language book, NATIONAL ARMED FORCES, focuses mainly on the SN (Stronnictwo Narodowe--NATIONAL PARTY) and its guerrilla-arm NSZ, whose positions overlap those of the ONR, as elaborated in…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Only Jews Matter Levine


Fugitives of the Forest: The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War, by Allan Levine. 2008

ARMIA KRAJOWA (A. K.) Killing Jews: Better Than Most Jewish Authors, But With a Frankly “Only Jewish Lives Matter” Approach Other reviews already inform the reader about the…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Warsaw ’44 Myth Zebrowski

Paszkwil Wyborczej, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2013

Michal Cichy Unmasked: False Accusations of Poles Killing Jews During the Soviet-Betrayed 1944 Warsaw Uprising THE SLANDER BY GAZETA WYBORCZA is the title of this Polish-language work. This work is a sequel to the author's 1995 work of the same title, Paszkwil Wyborczej. This…

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Journalism and Jews Aly

Why the Germans? Why the Jews?: Envy, Race Hatred, and the Prehistory of the Holocaust, by Götz Aly. 2014

Scholar Suggests That Jewish-Gentile Competition—Not Jewish Success—Animates Anti-Semitism. Jewish Cynicism, Exhibited in the Press, Offended Even Some Liberals The author at first repeats the standard trope of anti-Semitism driven by the…

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Journalism and Jews Belloc

The Jews, by Hilaire Belloc. 1986

A Well-Reasoned 1920’s Catholic Traditionalist View of Jews. Insights into Polish-Jewish Antagonisms Nowadays, the pre-Vatican II view of Jews is unilaterally demonized. In light of this, the reader may be surprised at the measured reasoning and even-handedness of this devout Catholic author. He lets…

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Journalism Jews and Ongoing Polononophobia Biskupski

Polin, Vol. 19, by Mieczyslaw B. Biskupski and Antony Polonsky (eds.) 2007

For Well Over a Century, Jewish Influence Has Been Instilling Negative Images of Poles in the American Public Mind. Common Polonophobic Holocaust-Related Memes Repudiated I focus on several items of lasting interest: JEWS IN JOURNALISM AND EDUCATION: SHAPING…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified By German Terror Meed


On Both Sides of the Wall, by Vladka Meed, Feigele Peltel Miedzyrzecki, Steven Meed (Translator), Elie Wiesel (Introduction). 1999

When Poles Were Justified in Denouncing or Killing Fugitive Jews: It’s Either My Life (a Pole) or Your Life (a Jew). Otherwise, is the Life of a Jew More…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified. Jewish Passivity. Sakowicz


Ponary Diary, 1941 - 1943: A Bystander's Account Of A Mass Murder, by Kazimierz Sakowicz, Yitzhak Arad, Laurence Weinbaum (Translator). 2005

Jedwabne Nonmention Doesn't Absolve the Germans. Polish Killings of Fugitive Jews Well Justified. Jews Betray Other Jews The diary of the Pole, Kazimierz Sakowicz, is unique in that…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Repeats Nazi Propaganda. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Donat


The Holocaust Kingdom, by Alexander Donat. 1978

Modern Jew-Killing Accusations Against Poles a Repetition of Nazi Propaganda. Looting and Grave Robbery Done By Jews as Well as Poles Alexander Donat recounts his experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (notably the role of the Z.Z.W.; pp. 107-108…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Not By Underground Glazar


Trap with a Green Fence: Survival in Treblinka, by Richard Glazar, Roslyn Theobald (Translator), Wolfgang Benz (Foreword). 1995

Jew-Killing Done By Bandits, Not the Polish Underground. Polonophobic Jewish Preconceptions Limited Jews Saved (But Nowadays Only Poles Get Blamed For It) Richard Glazer, a Czech Jew, mentions his life in…

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NSZ. Jew Killing WWII By Poles Contextualized. Women Saved From Fiery Death. Zebrowski

Brygada Swietokrzyska NSZ w Fotografiach i Dokomentach. 2017

A Polish NSZ Guerrilla Brigade Fights the Germans, Traverses Czechoslovakia, and Frees Women About to Be Burned Alive By the Germans at a Concentration Camp (Holyszow)


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Grabowski JUDENJAGD Wanton-Jew-Killing Debunked Frydel

The Holocaust and European Societies, by Frank Bajohr and Andrea Low (eds.) 2016

  The German-Terror Object Lesson at Podborze: The REAL Reason That Poles Started Killing Jews My review is limited to the eye-opening chapter Tomasz Frydel, titled “The PAZIFIZIERUNGSAKTION as a Catalyst of Anti-Jewish Violence. A Study of…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Because Jews Denounced Polish Rescuers. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Tushnet


To Die With Honor: The Uprising of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, by Leonard Tushnet. 1965

Jewish Collaboration With the Nazis. Substantial Polish Aid Recognized. Rescued Jews Denounced Polish Rescuers This book touches on several issues that are relevant to Polish-Jewish relations, and I discuss some of them: CAPTURED…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Demystified in Detail DEFINITIVE WORK Frydel

Microhistories of the Holocaust, by Claire Zalc and Tal Bruttmann (eds.) 2018

  Direct, Very-Specific German Terror, and Not "Polish Anti-Semitism" is What Induced Poles to Denounce or Kill Fugitive Jews My review is limited to Tomasz Frydel and his chapter: “The ‘Hunt for the Jews’ as a Social Process,…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Frivolous Accusations Example Donat


The Death Camp Treblinka, by Alexander Donat. 1988

Frivolous Jew-Killing Accusations Against Poles. Jews, and Not Only Poles, Blackmailed Jews This book is a compilation of six eyewitness accounts from Treblinka escapees, an English translation of Rachel Auerbach's investigation, and description of the 1960's trails of Treblinka Nazis in…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified Because of Banditry Klukowski

Diary From the Years of Occupation, 1939-1944, by Zygmunt Klukowski. 1959, 1993.

Corrected Misquotes of Jan T. Gross and Jan Grabowski. Poles Started Killing Jews in Order to Protect Themselves From Jewish Banditry. Otherwise, Some Poles Denounced and Killed Fugitive Jews Just Like They Denounced or Killed Other Poles This…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Justified. Other Jew-Killing Stories Are Farfetched. Kuperhand


Shadows of Treblinka, by Miriam Kuperhand, Saul Kuperhand. 1998

Polish Killings of Fugitive Jews Were Justified. Zydokomuna "Fear of Nazis" Excuse Doesn't Hold This account of Treblinka escapees Miriam and Saul Kuperhand (hereafter MK and SK), contains seldom-told ancillary details about Polish-Jewish relations during the German-made Holocaust. THE ZYDOKOMUNA:…

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NSZ. Dealing With Collaborators. Jew Killing WWII By Poles: Why Children Were Sometimes Killed. Kolacinski

Miedzy Mlotem a Swastyka, by Wladyslaw Kolacinski "Zbik". 1961, 2018

INSTRUCTIVE! Why Polish Guerrillas Were, in Rare Circumstances, Forced to Kill Innocent Relatives of Collaborators [Including Potentially Jewish Ones]. NSZ Combat Against the Nazi German Occupant and the Communist GL-AL Bands and Their " Revolutionary Banditry"


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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Bogus Order Blamed on AK Leader Bor Komorowski


The Secret Army, by Tadeusz Bór Komorowski. 1951, 1984

The Falsehood of Commander Bor Komorowski Giving an Order For Poles to Kill Fugitive Jews. The Soviet-Betrayed Warsaw Uprising Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski was, after the capture of Grot Rowecki by the Germans, the head of the entire AK (ARMIA KRAJOWA) Underground…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Contextualized. AntiSemitism Accusations Double Standard. Appleman


Alicia, by Alicia Appleman-Jurman. 1989

Wartime Looting Universal. Jew Killings From Protection of Homesteads. Double Standard on anti-Semitism. Canned Polonophobic Memes Alicia was born in Buczacz, Tarnopol area, eastern Galicia. While growing up, she did not classify her friends as Jews or gentiles. Her family did not experience anti-Semitism…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Contextualized. General “Grot” Captured. Williamson


The Polish Underground 1939-1947, by David G. Williamson. 2012

Finally! Polish Denunciations and Killings of Fugitive Jews are Contextualized. No Death Penalty Fear Double Standard. Comparing Danish and Polish Rescuers is Ridiculous This single volume covers major developments and actions of the Polish Underground State, largely from a British…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles Exaggerated Hirschfeld


The Policies Of Genocide: Jews And Soviet Prisoners Of War In Nazi Germany, by Gerhard Hirschfeld. 2014

Counterintuitively-High Survival Rates of Treblinka Escapees in German-Occupied Poland This book is primarily about the EINSATZGRUPPEN shootings of Jews and Russians in the wake of Operation Barbarossa. However, there is something else…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Nixed Paulsson


Secret City: The Hidden Jews of Warsaw, 1940-1945, by Gunnar S. Paulsson. 2003

Upends the Media Narrative of 10% Jew-Escape Rates--The Foundation of the Fantastic "200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed by Poles”. Fact: No Consensus on Fugitive-Jew Escape Rates From Even the Best-Studied Large Concentration of Jews—the Warsaw Ghetto--Let Alone…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Declared and Promoted By Grabowski


Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland, by Jan Grabowski. 2013

Anti-Polish Hatchet Job Makes Mountains Out of Molehills. Ignores Wartime Context. "200,000 Jews Killed By Poles" Voodoo Numbers UPDATE (Nov. 2017). A new scholarly book soundly debunks the "Polish Complicity in the Holocaust" canard. See…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Source Datner


Las Sprawiedliwych, by Szymon Datner. 1968

These Completely-Misquoted Works Are the Ultimate Origin of the Fake News That Poles Killed 150,000 or 200,000 Fugitive Jews During WWII (LAS SPRAWIEDLIWYCH. Title in English: The Forest of the Righteous--is an allusion to the then-new Yad Vashem). Author and Holocaust scholar Szymon…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Spun. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Ringelblum


Polish-Jewish Relations During the Second World War, by Emmanuel Ringelblum, Joseph Kermish (Editor), Yad Vashem (Editor), Shmuel Krakowski (Editor), Dafna Allon (Translation), Danuta Dąbrowska (Translation), Dana Keren (Translation). 1992

Jew Killing By Poles: Has Voodoo Numbers That Have Since Been Exploited By Those Who Attack Poland Today The main…

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NSZ. Jew Killing WWII By Poles, By AK and NSZ, Mostly a Myth Tec


In the Lion's Den: The Life of Oswald Rufeisen, by Nechama Tec. 1990

Rejecting the Accusation That the ARMIA KRAJOWA (AK) and the NARODOWE SILY ZBROJNE (NSZ) Commonly Killed Fugitive and Postwar Jews, and Without Reason This book contains a number of items of lasting relevance. For example: POLISH…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles AK and NSZ: The Factor of Faulty Information. Willenberg

Surviving Treblinka, by Samuel Willenberg. 1989

Polish Killing of Fugitive Jews Potentially Driven By Faulty Intelligence Samuel Willenberg is one of the few Jews who escaped from the Treblinka death camp. He provides gruesome details of what took place there. About 870,000 Jews were gassed or shot. The bodies were…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles in the Context of Postwar Lawlessness Klukowski


Red Shadow: A Physician's Memoir of the Soviet Occupation of Eastern Poland, 1944-1956, by Zygmunt Klukowski, Andrew Klukowski (Editor), George Klukowski (Translator). 1997

Extensive Postwar Looting and Sporadic Killings All Around, Not Something That "Poles Did to Jews" That Had Survived the Holocaust This work is a natural sequel…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles Explained. In-Your-Face Zydokomuna. Kaminski

Reflections On The Kielce Pogrom, by Łukasz Kamiński. 2006

Poland' s Holocaust-Surviving Jews Publicly Backed Soviet-Imposed Communism in a Very Overt Manner. Postwar Jew-Killings By Poles Contextualized This book is of variable quality: Hence the 3-star rating. Unfortunately, none of the authors attempt to come to grips with the manifold…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Arbitrary Figure Zimmerman

Contested Memories: Poles and Jews During the Holocaust and Its Aftermath, by Joshua D. Zimmerman et al. 2003

Pick Your Arbitrary Numerical Figure of Fugitive Jews in German-Occupied Poland: 300,000? 200,000? Or Maybe 100,000 (Or Less)? So How Many of These Imagined Jews Were Killed or Denounced by Poles? Most…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Nixed Berendt

Zydowski Uciekinierzy i Tulacze w Okupowanej Polsce, by Grzegorz Berendt. 2017

Noted Historian Debunks the Media-Promoted Falsehood of 200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles in WWII Accusations of Poles killing 200,000 Polish Jews were popularized by Jan Grabowski in his media-touted JUDENJAGD (Hunt for the Jews). They also have been…

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Jew Killing WWII By Poles 200,000 Fake News Nixed Gutman


Unequal Victims: Poles And Jews During World War Two, by Israel Gutman, Shmuel Krakowski

Inadvertently But Soundly Discredits Jan T. Gross’ and Jan Grabowski “200,000 Fugitive Jews Killed By Poles” Fantastic Numbers Szmuel Krakowski had been a long-term Jewish Communist functionary in Soviet-ruled Poland. Most of this book consists…

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Jew Killing By Christians Greatly Exaggerated Chazan


Reassessing Jewish Life in Medieval Europe, by Robert Chazan. 2010

Christian Persecutions of Jews Have Been Way Overblown. Prejudices Were Fully Reciprocal This work is part of a series of books that challenges the lachrymose version of Jewish history. This includes accounts of Jews prospering in medieval Christendom. However,…

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Jew Killing By Christians Exaggerated. Do Not Read History Backward. Elukin


Living Together, Living Apart: Rethinking Jewish-Christian Relations in the Middle Ages, by Jonathan Elukin. 2007

An Eye-Opening and Long-Overdue Corrective to the Portrayal of Jews as Victims of Christian Hate and Persecution By way of introduction, Jewish author Jonathan Elukin comments, (quote) Seeing medieval Europe as a persecuting society…

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Bogus Massive Pogroms Are Common: Iconic “6 Million Figure” Predates WWII. Heddesheimer

The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I, by Don Heddesheimer. 2003

Beyond Holocaust Denial. Easily-Verifiable Proof That Jews Have Often Greatly Exaggerated Pogrom Death Tolls. Implications for Old and New Accusations Against Poland The author presents an impressive set of WWI-era…

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Jew Killing Post-WWII: Jews Also Kill Jews. Unreliability of Holocaust Survivor Testimony. Lubling


Twice-Dead: Moshe Y. Lubling, the Ethics of Memory, and the Treblinka Revolt, by Yoram Lubling. 2007

Not Only Poles Sometimes Killed Holocaust-Surviving Jews: Jews Also Sometimes Killed Holocaust-Surviving Jews. We Never Hear About That Yoram Lubling is the son of Holocaust-survivor Pinchas Lubling and the grandson of Treblinka-revolt leader…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles Contextualized. Nazi-Soviet 1939-1941 Alliance Was Real. Applebaum


Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956, by Anne Applebaum. 2012

Atypical Jewish Fairness to Poles on the Question of Postwar Killings of Jews By Poles Applebaum examines many different matters related to the imposition of Communism: the wartime devastation, Yalta, religion, culture, and much more. THE NAZI-COMMUNIST…

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Jew Killing PostWWII By Poles Parczew Pogrom Full Story Bechta

Pogrom Czy Odwet? by Mariusz Bechta. 2014

  The ZOLNIERZE WYKLECI in Action. The Truth About the So-Called Parczew Pogrom in Post-WWII Poland. Fighting the Communists and the Jews That Served Them POGROM OR REPRISAL? is the title of this scholarly, Polish-language work. This work is timely. The LEWACTWO and…

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Like Jews Like Endeks Samuel

You Gentiles, by Maurice Samuel. 1995

Zionist Author Defends Jewish Elitism and Separatism. He Concurs With the Endeks (Polish Nationalists) That the Jewish Soul is Indelibly Different From the GOYISCH Soul Maurice Samuel (1895-1972) was a Jewish writer and Zionist. He identified himself as a freethinker. (p. 74, 76). He…

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Jews Treated Worse and Poles Treated Worse By Nazis Chylinski


Poland Under Nazi Rule 1939-1941: A Report by Thaddeus Chylinski, American Vice Consul in Warsaw, by Thaddeus Chylinski. 1941, 2018

Jews Treated Worse: Poles Treated Worse. Declassified Late-1941 CIA Document on the Unfolding Polokaust in Nazi German-Occupied Poland. Polish Pogrom Nazi Propaganda (Still Repeated Today). POLICJA GRANATOWA Details The…

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Jews vs Dmowski. Polish Middle Class Delayed By Jews. Massive Pogrom 1918 Fake News. Jews Criticize Others, But Cannot Be Criticized. Sarolea


Letters on Polish Affairs, by Charles Sarolea. 1922

An Eye-Opening Non-Polish Perspective on Polish-Jewish Relations, Roman Dmowski, the Silesia-Plebiscite Farce, etc. Charles Sarolea (1870-1953) was Professor at the University of Edinburgh, and the Belgian Consul in Edinburgh. This 1922 work is head and shoulders above the customary Anglo-American schlock…

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Jews Want To Be Own VOLK Brenner

The Renaissance of Jewish Culture in Weimar Germany, by Michael Brenner. 1998

Jews Thought of Themselves a Separate VOLK--Long Before Hitler. HEIL Greeting Used By Some Jewish Groups This book contains a wealth of interesting information. For example, the Talmud (Makkot 10a) states that one learned much Torah from one’s…

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Jew Killing BOMBSHELL Why Jews ASSUME Pogroms Grubsztein


Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust, by Meir Grubsztein (Editor). 1971

BOMBSHELL: Why Jews Are Quick to Assume Pogroms. Polokaust To Destroy Polish Population. Polish Aid to Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Was Sincere and Substantial This book, based on a conference in 1968 and published back in 1971, clarifies much anti-Polonism.…

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Jews Persecuted Christians and Murdered Tens of Thousands of Christians Horowitz


Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence, by Elliott Horowitz. 2006

Eye-Opening Book Presents Both Sides of Jewish-Christian Hostilities. Upends The Cross-is-Anti-Judaic Narrative of the Auschwitz Carmelite Convent Controversy Usually, all we hear is that Christians thought of Jews as responsible for deicide. Throughout this book, Horowitz…

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Jews Persecuted Christians Before Christians Persecuted Jews Wilde


The Treatment of the Jews in the Christian Writers of the First Three Centuries, by Robert Wilde. 1949

Jewish Complicity in the Persecution of the Early Christians in the Ancient Roman Empire Volumes upon volumes have been written about Christian persecution of Jews, and this has sometimes even been…

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Jews To Madagascar Idea Not Polish. Zionists Invented It. Eichmann


Eichmann Interrogated: Transcripts from the Archives of the Israeli Police, by Adolf Eichmann, Claus Sybyil (Editor), Jochen von Lang. 1999

Jews To Madagascar Idea Originated Not From Poles But From the Pioneering Zionist Teodor Herzl This book contains assorted interesting information. I focus on a few matters of lasting…

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Jews Transform Societies Ahad Ha’am

Selected Essays by Ahad Ha 'Am, by Ahad Ha'am, Leon Simon (Translator). 2005

How Jews Transform Societies. Jewish Germanophilia This work includes a selection of items written by Ahad Ha-Am (Asher Ginzberg), a native of tsarist Russia, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The issues brought up include Diaspora…

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Jews Transform Societies Bloom

Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America, by Stephen G. Bloom. 2001

Refreshing Candor! An American Setting for "Polish" Anti-Semitism. How Jews Transform Societies There are many reviews of this book available and, instead of repeating them, I review this book in terms of deeper implications. This book, written…

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Jews Transform Societies Hess

Rome and Jerusalem a Study in Jewish Nationalism, by Moses Hess, Meyer Waxman (Translator). 2005

Early Zionist Moses Hess: Jews Transform Societies Rather Than Conforming to Them This book [review based on 1943 reprint] provides a variety of interesting information. For instance, author Moses Hess accepted the Talmud as referring…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Levine


Economic Origins of Antisemitism: Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern Period, by Hillel Levine. 1991

Pre-Partitioned Poland: Jewish Middlemen, the Liquor Trade (PROPINACJA), and the Delayed Modernization of Polish Society This work surveys Polish-Jewish relations in the centuries before the Partitions of Poland. It requires a specialized…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. PROPINACJA Detail. Veidlinger


Jewish Public Culture in the Late Russian Empire, by Jeffrey Veidlinger. 2009

The Litvaks (Litwaks): The Russification of Erstwhile Polish Jews in the 19th Century. Jewish Tavern Owners Promote Alcohol Usage This work provides considerable detail on the cultural and educational movements among the Jews of tsarist Russia. It…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Thomas and Znaniecki


The Polish Peasant in Europe and America: a classic work in immigration history, by William I. Thomas, Florian Znaniecki. 1918, 1956

Valuable Insights into Early 20th-Century Polish-Jewish Relations, Polish Society, Peasant Thinking and Habits, etc. My review of this 5-volume work is limited to the 1st volume of the…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Prospective Quisling Refuses. Witos


Moje Wspomnienia, by Wincenty Witos. 1964

Prominent Polish Government Peasant Leader on Polish Peasants. Features Their Repudiation of Communist Propaganda. The Peasant and the Church, Jewish Economic Hegemony, etc. MY RECOLLECTIONS is the title of this Polish-language book. My review is limited to Volume 1. Its coverage ends about…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Jews Block Polish Progress. Znaniecki and Thomas


The Polish Peasant in Europe and America: Monograph of an Immigrant Group, Volume 2, by Florian Znaniecki, William I. Thomas. 1927, 1958

Inequality Caused Social Classes as Much as Social Classes Caused Inequality. The Polish Peasant Was Locked in an Often-Harmful Codependency With the Jew This second volume has…

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Jews Forced Into Commerce a Myth. Polish AND Jewish Cemeteries Desecrated. Hauser


Ilustrowany Przewodnik po Zabytkach Galicji Wschodniej, by Zbigniew Hauser. 2004

Kresy Revisited. Desecration of Not Only Jewish But Also Polish Cemeteries. Jews Forced Into Usury, etc., a Myth This work consists of an alphabetical list of cities and towns in the Ukrainian portion of the Kresy, specifically the city…

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Jews Forced Into Commerce a Myth. Wynne


The Galitzianers: The Jews of Galicia, 1772-1918, by Suzan F. Wynne. 2006

The Myth of Jews Uncommon as Farmers Because They Were Barred From It. Early Atheism Among Galicia's Jews This work covers the years 1772-1918, which is the time that Poland as a state did not exist, and…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Questionable Jewish Business Practices. Adeney


The Jews of Eastern Europe, by J. H. Adeney. 1921

Jews and Partitioning Powers. Jews and PROPINACJA, and Questionable Economic Practices My review is based on the original 1921 edition. The author, John Howard Adeney, had much firsthand experience with the Jews of Romania. Nowadays, the subject of Jews…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Khmelnitsky Uprising. Graetz


History of the Jews, Vol. V (in Six Volumes): From the Chmielnicki Persecution of the Jews in Poland (1648 C.E.) to the Period of Emancipation, by Heinrich Graetz, Bella Lowy (Editor). 1895

The Truth About Jews and the Khmelnitsky Uprising (1648-1657). Do Not Blame Everything on the Polish Nobility!

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Jews Not Forced Into Commerce. Klier


Russia Gathers Her Jews: The Origins of the "Jewish Question" in Russia, 1772-1825, by John Doyle Klier. 2011

The Myth of Jews Forced Into Commerce. Exploitation of the Peasants: Less the Fault of the Magnates and More the Fault of the Jews Author John Doyle Klier provides historical background…

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Jews Not Nobility Exploited Peasants. Questionable Jewish Business Practices. Krall


Shielding the Flame: An Intimate Conversation with Dr. Marek Edelman, the Last Surviving Leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Hanna Krall, Lawrence Weschler. 1986

Jewish Business Practices Under the Spotlight. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Steeped in Communism This interview raises some interesting issues. For example: JEWISH SHOPKEEPERS: QUESTIONABLE BUSINESS…

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Jews Buy Up Landed Estates. Swindling. 1918 Pogroms Also Targeted Poles! Bussgang


Dzialoszyce Memorial Book - An English Translation of Sefer Yizkor Shel Kehilat Dzialoshitz Ve-Ha-Seviva, by Fay Bussgang (Editor), Julian Bussgang (Editor). 2012

Jews Acquire More and More Landed Estates. Bogus 1918 Pogroms. Generalized Wartime Violence: Poles Also Were Victims This YIZKOR Book has less of a provincial tone than…

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Jews and Modern Capitalism. The Question of Cheating. Sombart


The Jews and Modern Capitalism, by Werner Sombart. 1911, 2007

Jewish Economic Successes, Jewish Habits, Accusations of Cheating, and the Jewish Intellect Werner Sombart was a German economist who published this book in 1911. (My review is based on the 1982 edition). I summarize the relevant points. Far from…

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Jews Confront Jewish Prostitution: A Conference


Official Report of the Jewish International Conference on the Suppression of Traffic in Girls and Women, by Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls and Women. 1910

Jews as Victimizers and Victims of Prostitution: A 1927 International Conference My review is based on the 1927 edition. In a…

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Jews Forced Into Commerce a Myth. DEFINITIVE WORK. Botticini


The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492 (Princeton Economic History of the Western World), by Maristella Botticini, Zvi Eckstein. 2012

Jews Forced Into Commerce a Myth: An Eye-Opening Account of How Jews Actually Became a Merchant Class This fascinating, scholarly work begins with a large amount of…

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Jews Forced Into Commerce a Myth. Chajes


The Students' Guide Through the Talmud, by Zevi Hirsch Chajes. 1952

Jews Had Neither Been Forced Into Commerce Nor Prevented From Engaging in Farming This is a 1952 English-language translation of the work of Zevi Hirsch Chajes (1805-1855), who had been a leading Talmudic scholar in Austrian-ruled southeastern Poland…

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Jews 1968 Facts. AntiSemitism! A Silencing Tool. Muravchik

Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel, by Joshua Muravchik. 2014

Refreshing Candor on Jews, Communism, the Events of 1968 in Poland, and "Anti-Semitism" as a Shaming and Silencing Weapon I focus on matters that go far beyond the State of Israel and its conduct. FRANKNESS ABOUT…

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Zolnierze Wykleci. Communist Terror. Jews 1968 Got Taste of Their Own Medicine. Kowalski


Korpus Bezpieczenstwa Wewnetrznego a Zolnierze Wykleci, by Lech Kowalski. 2016

Jews 1968 Complaints Irony: Jews First Offenders. Rampant Communist Terror. Guerrilla Heroism. Post-WWII Looting (Not Only of Jews) Completely Normal THE INTERNAL SECURITY CORPS AND THE CURSED SOLDIERS is the title of this Polish-language work. However, it is about…

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Jews 1968 Misconceived Wolak


Forced Out: The Fate of Polish Jewry in Communist Poland, by Arthur J. Wolak. 2004

Some (Not All) Jewish Communists Lost Their Privileges to Ethnic Polish Communists. A Double Standard of Concern? Author Arthur J. Wolak realizes that, in the “purge” of 1968, not all Jews were removed from…

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Jews and Draft Dodging. Militant Jewish Separatism. Hoffman


The Revolution of 1905 and Russia's Jews, by Stefani Hoffman (Editor). 2008

Jews and Military Service. Jewish Separatism: The Yiddishist Movement This is a very “meaty” book, not for the casual reader that goes far beyond the 1905 Revolution. Owing to the wealth of information presented, I touch on…

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Jewish-Nazi Collaboration: A Moral Reckoning. Journalism and Jews. Jewish Grave Robbery. Opoczynski


In Those Nightmarish Days: The Ghetto Reportage of Peretz Opoczynski and Josef Zelkowicz, by Peretz Opoczynski, Josef Zelkowicz, David Suchoff (Translation), Samuel D. Kassow (Editor). 2015

Not Only Poles: Jews Robbed Jewish Dead. Candor on and "Coming to Terms With the Past" on Jewish-Nazi Collaboration This work features the…

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Jews Bankers: the Facts. Quigley


Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, by Carroll Quigley. 1966

International Bankers. Not Only Jews. Post-WWI German Reparations (the Versailles Exculpation) Were Not Onerous This very detailed, scholarly book, is a tour de force. It is best known for its analysis of international capitalism.…

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All Jews Die Myth: Jewish Survivorship Through Labor For Nazis Diner


Beyond the Conceivable: Studies on Germany, Nazism, and the Holocaust (Weimar and Now: German Cultural Criticism), by Dan Diner. 2000

The Nazis Did Not Murder All Jews, Even When They Easily Could Have Done So. Surprisingly-High Survival Rates of Some Jews in Nazi German Forced Labor This book raises…

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Jews 1968 DEFINITIVE WORK Zebrowski

O Najnowszej Historii Polski 1939-1989, by Leszek Zebrowski. 2018

At Last: The Truth About March 1968. The Accused Killing of Jews By NSZ, and During the Warsaw Uprising (1944), is Debunked

ON THE NEWEST HISTORY OF POLAND 1939-1989, is the title of this Polish-language work. Author and historian Leszek Zebrowski…

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Jews 1968 Detailed Facts. Germany Buys Forgiveness of Jews. Polish Association in Great Britain


Jews in Poland (Yesterday and Today), by Polish Association in Great Britain. 1969

German Guilt Diffusion. Seldom-Appreciated Facts on March 1968, Including Jewish “Cosmopolitanism” and “Zionism”. Jewish Disloyalty Even to Communist Poland Nowadays, on the 50th anniversary, the events of 1968 are usually presented in a simplistic, accusatory, context-free…

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Jews 1968 Double Standard. Polokaust Losses. Woods


Poland: Eagle in the East: A Survey of Modern Times, by William Howard Woods. 1968

The Myth of Jews as Special Victims of Intra-Communist Turmoil in 1968. Causes of "Polish" Vices This British author is generally well informed about Poland's history and sufferings during WWII. He also has an…

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Jews 1968 Ephemeral Poles Polonsky


Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 4: Poles and Jews: Perceptions and Misperceptions (Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry #4), by Antony Polonsky (Editor), Władysław Bartoszewski (Editor). 2004

Modern Polish Jews, Upon Leaving Poland, Very Soon Stop Being "Poles". Egregious Mischaracterization of Endeks This book offers disappointingly little that is…

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Jewish Soul is Not Polish Soul Admitted By Tuwim

My, Żydzi polscy.... We, Polish Jews...., by Julian Tuwim, Chone Shmeruk (editor). 1984

Famous Polish Jew Julian Tuwim Admits That He is Not a Pole, Thus Validating the Much-Criticized Endek Opinions of Him

This work is simultaneously published in Polish, English, and Hebrew. It contains a moving tribute to Poland'…

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Jewish Soul is Not Polish Soul Horowitz

Empire Jews: Jewish Nationalism and Acculturation in 19th- And Early 20th-Century Russia, by Brian Horowitz. 2009

Jewish Soul is Not Polish Soul. Mid-19th Century Polish Jews Divorced From Poland. Jews in Unproductive Occupations. Early Zydokomuna This work is a biographically-oriented one. It features the ideas of notable Jews such as…

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Jewish Soul is Not Polish Soul Shanes

Diaspora Nationalism and Jewish Identity in Habsburg Galicia, by Joshua Shanes. 2012

Like Endeks Like Jews: The Immutability of the Jewish Soul, Assimilation Notwithsta